Dirge of Cerberus


History of Deepground Revealed (see also in Canon of FFVII)

Interview: The Creation of DoC (see also in Guide Book Translations)

Term List (page 318) (see also in Guide Book Translations)


Dirge of Cerberus

Playlist: Japanese FMVs
Upscaled to 1080p. No subtitles. Uploaded by Cloud_S on his YouTube channel GB452.

Playlist: English Cutscenes (no subtitles)
Uploaded by painful 112.

Script: Omega Reports & G Reports
Compiled by Shademp.

Online Mode

Event Translations
The following script is from the Online Multiplayer Mode of Dirge of Cerberus. Since it only exists on the Japanese version of the game, there is no English version of these scenes available. The script was graciously translated from its original Japanese by Souya so that English-speaking fans can experience the events of Dirge of Cerberus’s multiplayer mode.

Please note that while creating your character for the Multiplayer Mode, you have the option to be either male or female. However, for simplicity’s sake, throughout the script the player character will be referred to solely as “she.”
Online Mode Events 1-6
Online Mode Events 7-12

Online Mode Cutscenes & Gameplay
FFVIIExcavation kindly provides a playlist for not just the cutscenes, but also gameplay of DoC’s discontinued online mode! All recordings are from the original Japanese release.
See Video Playlist.

PlayOnline Cutscenes, High Quality (Original)
binnsennto’s Playlist. The same cutscene recordings as those on FFVIIExcavation, but in higher quality and without English subtitles.

PlayOnline Cutscenes, High Quality (from DC:International)
Shademp’s Playlist. Cutscenes unlocked in DC:International by shooting the correct memory capsules.
Currently no English subtitles available. Recorded by Shademp, uploaded to his second YouTube channel.

The -Dirge of Cerberus Multiplayer- Archives

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Service Timeline & Version History

Lost Episode

FFVIIExcavation has the biggest gallery of media on this lost mobile entry.
Lost Episode Playthrough Video – English Subtitles
Complete Official English Script
Art & Snapshots
Trailer and Demo Gameplay


The Unlocked Deepground Lobbies, by Shademp.
By using a cheat code, the four cardinal lobbies can be accessed and explored.

US Edition Artwork Rips, by Suzaku.
Completing extra missions in the English edition of DoC unlocks an art gallery with concept artwork for the enemies, items, locations and weapons shown within the game.

Extra Mission Strategies: YouTube Playlist, uploads by YouTube user fiel2c.
Strategies and records for 18 of the 46 Extra Missions.

How to get the Chapter 11 mid-air item case, video uploaded by Shademp.