Chapter 40 – Under Junon

Chapter 40 – Under Junon

Translated by Mecorx, Proofread by Crashouch

Reno and Rude were bored. As instructed by the director, they took position at the beach house, waiting for their former colleagues to show up, but no one had arrived yet.

“I knew this would be impossible.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Like, how could information about Jenova really be that easy to get a hold of?.”

“Well, yeah.”

“The Turks are all about finding things by flying around and scoping them out, right? ?”


“You going?”

“Any idea what you’re doing?”

“Not at all.”


With his eyes trained on the entrance of the village, Rude pointed his chin towards where two men were standing. They looked around with unease. It seemed they were searching for someone.


Reno raised his hand and called out towards them. One of the men―Doyle―took notice, and quickly approached the beach house.

“Reno, Rude. What are you doing here?”

“Before that, introduce us. Who’s the tough guy over there?”

“I’m Leslie. I’m a friend of Evan and Kyrie’s”

Rude eyed the left hand of the man who introduced himself as Leslie. His hands, covered with black leather gloves, reeked of violence. This guy looked like he might not be an amateur.

“What’s the hurry, yo?”

“We’re looking for Evan. Oh, we borrowed the truck that was in the square.”

Doyle answered.

“We were told that he said he was going to Nibelheim.” Leslie said, staring straight at Rude. “He would have needed to stop by here before crossing the sea. So, we thought that he could be…””

“What’d you say about Evan?”

“If we leave him alone, he’ll die.”

“What’s that?!”

“Isn’t it all because you hit him?”

Leslie fronted up to him, but Doyle gently held him back.

“What’s… the hell.”

“The day before Fabio died…” Doyle said. “He brought his little brother to the hospital. Apparently the doctor told him that he needed to examine Evan ASAP. So, he was going to try looking for Evan with the helicopter…”

“Where did you get that story from?”

“Fabio’s little brother.”

Doyle answered. Leslie glared at Reno and Rude in silence. Rude glared back, through his sunglasses.

“But, if that was the case, couldn’t he have just told us, plain and simple? Why throw a bomb!?”

“To Fabio, you lot were revenge for his parents.”

Leslie said, accusingly. Reno could only stay silent.

“Let’s go.” Listening to the conversation, Rude stood up. “We’re going after Evan.”