Chapter 46 – A Few Epilogues

Chapter 46 – A Few Epilogues

Translated by Mecorx, Proofread by Crashouch

Even though most of the houses had burnt down in Icicle Inn, not a single person was killed.

I couldn’t really say that it was a silver lining, when I thought of the people who lost their homes in the bitterly cold village. Our group… Kyrie, Leslie, Doyle, Reno, myself, and Rude, who came to pick us up in the helicopter, left the village like we were fleeing. On the way, we shared information with each other. Then, we went to Under Junon, where we reunited with Tseng and Elena. Elena apologized for having shot me in the shoulder, but as before, it was reluctantly. I doubt we’re going to become BFFs. Tseng addressed me in a formal manner, more than ever. However, when I spoke about my illness and surgery, he not only introduced me to Dr. Eugene, but he also provided the payment that my mother should have received.

“But, I thought that wasn’t gonna be enough. I spent the money my mother had saved…”

“I’m sure you can make things work out with someone who’s a former Shin-Ra doctor. Let’s go.”

Dr. Eugene, of course, was that doctor from Under Junon.

“You know, I think I’ll pass.”

“You’ll die if you don’t get the surgery, won’t you?”

“My mom worked hard not to use her connections. She probably only relied on them once when I was five. In exchange for my life, she bowed her head to someone she couldn’t even bear to look at. I think mom saw that as a failure. So…”

“But she went to work for Shin-Ra again in the end.”

“She was trying to do honest work, not make use of connections.”

“So you’re saying you’d take a payment for honest work, too?” Tseng asked.

I didn’t like that he looked like he was suppressing a laugh, but begrudgingly responded ‘yes’.

“Then, let’s call it a payment for the work.”

“What did I do?”

“Let’s see….hostile forces appeared, potentially posing a threat to the President’s life, but you drew the attention of the enemy, and the President survived without incident. Let’s say you acted as a stand-in.”


“Alright, let’s go with that.” Kyrie went and made the decision for me. “Anyway, we better go to the doctor ASAP. Evan, just because you’ve been alright so far, doesn’t mean nothing’s gonna happen tomorrow, you know?”

“Guess I have no choice, then.”

Even I didn’t want to die.

The facts conveyed by Eugene Dimitri spoke of the worst. When Tseng and I went to the clinic to explain the situation, the doctor nervously went in and out of the examination room, before he eventually forced a smile, and said. “I didn’t expect the Turks to be with you, too. I guess I won’t be able to talk myself out of this one.”

“What do you mean?”

“I was the surgeon who performed the operation on you as a child. I heard you were President Shinra’s illegitimate child, and figured I had struck gold. After the surgery was completed, I told your mother that you had a brain disorder, which likely only I could treat, and that it would be rather expensive to operate on. I remember now. I believe she collapsed on the spot, and had to stay in bed for 2 or 3 days. I thought maybe I had gone too far.”

I was left speechless. Tseng asked in my stead. “And then?”

“Well, back then, I sometimes did things like that. I was always dissatisfied with my salary, after all. But I had forgotten what I said to your mother for a while. Until she contacted me around two years ago, that is. Your mother asked whether the promise back then was still valid. About the cost of the surgery. Prices on goods had changed a fair bit, so no doubt she was worried. Then, she said she knew how to get the money, and wanted me to perform the surgery. That was as far as it got, though.” He said it was like it was my mother’s fault.

“You mean, I was never sick to begin with?”


My mother was deceived, and as a result, she worked tirelessly and ultimately lost her life. It was all because of the man who stood before me.

“I did something terrible to you and your mother. Although, it’s quite rare for someone to stay deceived for this long. Well, I do hope you forgive me. I’m asking you in earnest.”

The doctor lowered his head. I clenched my fist, and tried to approach the doctor, but I was stopped by Tseng.

“Was a young man named Fabio involved in this matter?”

“No… I can’t say I’ve heard of him.”

“What about a doctor named Drake?”

“Oh, Drake. That guy was my assistant for a long time. He contacted me a few days ago. Who would have thought a kid we performed heart surgery on would show up as a patient, all grown up. We were just reminiscing, you see.”

“Maybe… you spoke about my head? You know, that condition I never had in my head.”

“I guess so. I might have told him to send you my way. This clinic isn’t all that profitable,”

I held my head in my hands. Fabio had heard that from Dr. Drake, and looked for me so he could take me to Under Junon. That was why he had tried to get his hands on the helicopter, and ended up dying.

“Dr. Eugene. It was nice of you to tell us this.” Tseng said in a monotone voice.

As I stared at the linoleum floor, I thought to myself, I can’t just go back like this, but what could I do? Just then, glass and metal clashed, producing loud crashing sounds. When I looked up, the doctor had just fallen from his chair. It looked like Tseng had hit him or something.

“Wh-What are you—” It was the doctor’s frightened voice.

What followed was the dull sound of Tseng’s shoes being driven into a human body. Over, and over. I heard a low groan. Then, I realized I felt joy over hearing his pained voice. Chills ran up my spine. This was not a world I belonged in. This wasn’t the world my mother believed in.

“That’s enough! Please, stop!” I yelled at Tseng’s turned back.

“I’ll get Rude to take you. Get out.”

Just as I was about to quietly make my way toward the exit of the hospital, I remembered and reported that I had seen a Jenova-like object, and that I had caused it to fall into the lifestream beneath the snowfield. I felt I had a duty to do so.

“Is that so?” That’s all Tseng said, then fell silent.

I left the clinic, hearing the doctor beg for his life behind me.

* *

In the Turks’ absence, the monument had mostly been finished. Even without the supervision of the Mayor or the Turks, the volunteers seemed to have pushed ahead steadily. They weren’t weaklings who clung to on Shinra for survival. They were determined and capable individuals, who had gathered in support of the monument.

We bid farewell to Reno and Rude, who were thanking the volunteers for their work, and went to Dr. Drake’s clinic. People who had been under the care of Dr. Drake were gathered in the clinic, nursing him. Apparently, the doctor had been discovered, collapsed in a pool of blood, by a visiting patient. He had stopped the bleeding by himself, and it even looked like he was preparing sutures. Dr. Drake really was one hell of a doctor. Upon hearing that, doctors from all around Edge came to treat him. His life was saved, despite the severity of his injuries. I was so relieved.

For the time being, I settled down in Fabio’s house, and lived together with Vits. Leslie and Marle used my home, and I figured Vits would be better off in his own room, I decided to consult with my friends. Vits had fallen into a deep depression with the loss of his brother, and his Geostigma symptoms remained the same as before. I was worried that this child might end up dying, as well. As all this was going on, Kyrie would visit almost every day. When Vits begged her not to leave, she ended up staying the night. After just a few days of this, she came with a big bag of clothes, and started only going back to her house once in awhile. The room, which was all green, started to be filled with vibrant colours.

One day, Vits, who was delirious from a high fever, suddenly said in a clear voice, that he was going to the church in the slums. Kyrie and I were at a loss as we tried to calm Vits, who was attempting to go out in the rain that had suddenly started to fall. As evening approached, Leslie visited with the unbelievable news that the Geostigma would be healed if we went to a miraculous spring that formed in the church in the slums. Apparently, the Church was packed with people who had heard the news. Remaining skeptical, we headed for the slums with Vits on my back. The rain had stopped.

On the way, we passed the central square. The monument had been destroyed, and was gone. We heard that an incident—where a monster known as a summon had destroyed the monument and a partially completed building—had occurred in the square. I hadn’t realized this at all. The square was filled with people, but I saw no sign of the Turks. I was shaken by a complicated mix of relief and disappointment. Surely, the ruthlessness that Tseng displayed in Under Junon on the day we had parted was also present within Reno, Rude and Irina. At times they were fun and seemed like real friends. Well, there must have been moments where we were friends, too. Also, I felt like I wanted to see them. But, I couldn’t right now. I would have to gain the fortitude to overcome my fear of them. With Vits and, of course, Kyrie by my side, I now believed that this was possible.

“Think we’ll see them again?”

Kyrie said, looking toward where the monument was.

“You want to see them?”

“Of course. I get all sorts of angry when I think about them. I just have to give them a piece of my mind.”

Yeah. Kyrie was strong. I was impressed

“No making friends with the Shinra,” said Vits, on my back.

“Yeah, I know.”

For now, I had no choice but to say that. Seeing as Vits was someone who made no effort to hide his hatred for the Shinra Company, I would need to sit down and have a good talk with him. Given my relationship with Shinra, I didn’t think things would go smoothly. But, I chose to believe. I was sure there would come a day when we are able to see eye to eye.

* *

The area around the church was filled with joy and hope. We lined up in a queue, and waited. We heard cheers coming from inside the building. Just then, I heard a voice calling my name.

“Oh, the Strife Delivery Service!” I raised my voice unintentionally.

“Er, sorry. It’s Cloud, right? Of course, I remember.”

“The kid has Geostigma?”

“Yeah, he does.”

“You heal it in the church, right?” Vits confirmed with Cloud.

“Yeah, you do.”

“See, that’s what I’ve been telling you. Evan and Kyrie didn’t believe me,” Vits appealed to Cloud.

“Well, that’s not very nice.” Cloud’s expression seemed relaxed. It was a gentle smile. Then, he looked at me. “Did you go to Nibelheim?”

“Yeah, thanks to you.”

“I figured it would be too tough for you. Sorry about that.”

“You gotta say stuff like that, or else nobody will know.” Vits said in a grown up tone.

“I’ll remember that,” Cloud smiled.

“My dead brother was like that, too.”

Cloud looked perplexed.

“Oh, the kid on my back, who seems too well for someone with Geostigma, is Vits. He’s my friend’s little brother.”

“I see.”

“This is Kyrie.” Vits introduced her. “She’s Evan’s girlfriend.”

“Ehhhh…” Kyrie denied it cheerfully. Without knowing her intentions, I looked at Kyrie. Then, she turned to Cloud…

“We’re already family. We’re not related by blood, but we’re family.”

“Cloud, let’s go home!”

A child’s voice called to Cloud. A blonde boy. He was probably about the same age as Vits.

“Oh, you must be Denzel!” I said with certainty. “I talked to you on the phone before… you don’t remember, huh?”

“…Yeah. I’m sorry.”

Denzel hid behind Cloud, I guess out of shyness.

“Oh, the detective people! Evan and Kyrie.”

Next was the voice of a girl. It was Marlene. Marlene, who was looking on from outside the store, seemed just like an ordinary child, it was strange.


Then, Tifa appeared.

“Oh, eh, h-hi.”

As I stammered, feeling somewhat embarrassed, Kyrie snuggled up to me. Tifa gave me a teasing look.

“There’s so much I wanna ask you. Come by the shop again some time,” she said, giving a smile to both Kyrie and I.

“Oh, but not today.” Marlene butted in. “It’s reserved. My dad said he was going to drink all the liquor in the store.”

Marlene’s dad? I must have had a puzzled look on my face. Cloud, who had stayed silent this whole time, spoke.

“We’re not related by blood, but we’re family. Just like you.”

“Well, see you soon.” Marlene said goodbye with childlike impatience, and pulled on Cloud’s hand. Once Cloud gave us that ‘see ya’ look with his eyes, he surrendered to Marlene and turned around.

“Today’s special. Even Vincent said he was coming,” Marlene reported to Cloud.

“Well that’s a surprise,” Cloud replied.

“Hey, Evan. That Vincent she was talking about just now…”

Vincent. It was the name in my mother’s letter.

“Yeah. But it’s not exactly an uncommon name.”

“Wanna go check later?”

“But, they said it’s reserved.”

“We can always just barge in. Have you counted how many times you’ve lost a chance by putting things off?”

* *

A large hole had opened up in the floor near the center of the church, and filled with water. Aha, it was a spring. The water was crystal clear, you couldn’t see the bottom for some reason. I couldn’t tell how deep it was, so I held Vits with my hands on both sides, and lowered him into the water. My hand got wet, too. Then I thought, yeah, this will heal him. Before my eyes, Vits’ Geostigma disappeared, without a trace.

“Wow! Evan, Kyrie, look! Hey, Evan, lift me out.”

When I lifted him out of the water and set him on his feet on the floor, Vits rolled up his shirt, and showed us his back.

“It’s perfect!”

Vits ran around, weaving through the masses around us, yelling, ‘Perfect!’ over and over.

“Hey, Kyrie. Try touching this.”

I held out my right hand, which was still wet from the water in the spring. Kyrie touched it. She raised her eyebrows and opened her eyes wide, then crouched in front of the spring, and put her hand in.

“It’s the lifestream…”

* *

We left Vits with Leslie, and went to the Mireille Detective Agency. Both of us got into the bed in Kyrie’s room, and wrapped ourselves up in the blanket. My new jacket hung on the wall. It was a simple jacket, made of a soft material.


Kyrie cheerfully picked up a letter from the bedside. She had already read it many times, but it seemed she was going to read it again. The letter had come from Tyran Arde, letting us know that he was contacted by his son, Gould Arde, and that they would be seeing each other again soon. Then, there were words expressing his gratitude and thanks to Mireille Detective Agency. It was what he had pushed through the gap in the door, along with quite a lot money.

“He said to give him a call. I think he wants to treat us to a meal.”

“We’re taking payment, plus a meal? Wonder if that’s not too shameless.”

“That just tells you how happy Mr. Arde is, right? Joys are meant to be shared with everyone!”

“Well, maybe soon, then.”

“I’ve already called.”

“That was quick.”

“Lunchtime tomorrow. He said we could bring Vits, too.”


We still hadn’t returned the cellphone we borrowed from Tseng at Icicle Inn. They hadn’t said anything, either, but maybe it was bad idea to let Kyrie hold on to it.

“Also, I actually called Reno, too.. He was at Icicle Inn.”

I sat up in surprise. Kyrie protested, pulling the blanket to her body.


“Don’t be so surprised. I’m sure he was helping out in the village.”

“No, I meant why did you call him?”

“…Well, um, the day Reno and Rude first came to your place, it was your birthday, right?”


“I had remembered, but things happened and I wasn’t able to congratulate you. So, I was like, maybe it would be nice to have a party or something some other time.”

“You were going to invite the Turks?”

“Well, Turks as in your brother, Evan.”

“…I can’t believe you thought of that, Kyrie.”

“Reno was delighted. Then they gave me a call back. It was from your brother himself, of all people.”

“Stop it with the “brother” thing. It sounds weird. Anyway, what did he say?”

“He said he’d pass because it was too much trouble.”

“He would say that”

“Then, he said, “It’s not because I’m jealous or anything”. I wonder what that means.”

My belly twitched, and I burst into laughter. Maybe it would be nice to go and see him some time…