Script: Crisis Core Mail

The game script in this page was extracted from the English European version of Crisis Core. The text has been copied exactly and even line breaks have been preserved.

Textual differences with the North American release are shown in the Crisis Core Version Guide, along with some key discrepancies with the Japanese version.

Zack can receive 119 unique mails, though a player may at the end hold no more than 117 mails total. This is because the final message from Zack’s fan club has three different variations, depending on if certain events were cleared.

The mails are listed here same as they are in-game, in regards to their individual placements in their respective folders. See quick-links below to each folder.

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Subject: Congrats on your first mail!
From: Kunsel

Kunsel here.
Now that you’ve got your mail account ready,
allow me, your loyal and well-connected pal,
to give you lots of insider info. Why? Because
I’m such a nice guy…and I know you and your
one-track mind don’t know what I know!

Subject: What I think about Angeal
From: Kunsel

It seems every SOLDIER 1st Class has a quirk
or three, but I think Angeal has a lot of
common sense and is a trustworthy fellow.
Let’s face it: Genesis never found group
activities appealing, so Angeal is, in fact,
the spiritual leader of SOLDIER.
I’ve got a lot of respect for him, too.
And I envy you for getting to work with him
so often.

Subject: Mmmm… Apples
From: Kunsel

You got an assignment in Banora, right?
How is the place?
I hear there are a lot of Shinra people there.
Apparently, the village’s main source of income is the
production and processing of apples. The rest of their
budget is made up of subsidies from Shinra.
Now, why would Shinra care about such a tiny village?
Could it have something to do with mako? Or…
There’s gotta be something fishy going on there.
I’m gonna look into it.

Subject: Angel in white?
From: Kunsel

Have you seen a guy wearing a white coat and
glasses, with dark hair in a ponytail?
That’s Hojo, head of the Science Department.
He rose to the top when he established the method
of using Jenova cells to create SOLDIER operatives.
It was more than 20 years ago that scientists vying
for the top spot apparently had a mudslinging feud.
Hojo is in the training room now.
I wonder what he could be studying…
Maybe I’ll sneak into the training room later.

Subject: Went to see LOVELESS
From: Kunsel

Genesis, K.I.A?
Yeah, right. Who do they think they’re trying to fool?
Just got back from seeing the stage production of
LOVELESS in Midgar. Genesis was a big fan, wasn’t he?
I usually don’t care for classic drama, but it was pretty
damned good. The guy is the hero in the original, but
the play was more from the viewpoint of the girl who
helps the guy. When I heard that last line:
“Of course… I’ll come back to you. Even if you don’t
promise to wait. I’ll return knowing that you’ll be here.”
Aw, man, that’s when I lost it and just started bawling.

Subject: Hollander’s T-shirt
From: Kunsel

It seems Hollander’s favorite T-shirt is the one
with a logo of Banora’s famous canned apples.
Can a guy love apples that much?
Or do you suppose he has other ties to Banora?
Apparently, with all the confidential information
they handle, guys in the Science Department
aren’t allowed to leave the company even if they
screw up or lose out in the rat race, and that puts
them under a lot of stress. Maybe Hollander’s
T-shirt helps him relieve some of that, huh?

Subject: Sephiroth’s whereabouts
From: Kunsel

You were complaining about not being able to get
in touch with Sephiroth, but he’s in the data room.
It looks like he’s going through all the research papers
on a series of experiments called “Project G,” as well
as other experiments conducted around the same time.
But Project G took place over 20 years ago, and
Hollander has taken some of that data with him.
I even hear that the really important data isn’t
even here, but hidden away in some other place.
I don’t know if anyone is ever going to understand
the full scope of those experiments.

Subject: From Luxiere
From: Luxiere

Hello, Zack!
I’m Luxiere, SOLDIER 2nd Class.
We just met on the SOLDIER floor.
I’m the one who told you about Sephiroth.
I just wanted to say that I have a lot of respect for you.
Your strength in spirit comes through in the
way you never seem to lose your smile, and that’s
why I want to assist you in any way I can.
Since you’re always on the go, I thought you might
like to be filled in on the goings-on in Midgar!

Subject: Snowy village
From: Kunsel

So now you’re in Modeoheim, eh?
Isn’t that near Icicle Inn, the permafrost area?
It must be freezing cold out there!
That area was once a candidate for mako excavation,
when it was abuzz with construction workers and
scientists around the Shinra facility.
But after the plans for a mako reactor were canned,
the village was deserted. That is, until reports of
disturbing activity started popping up recently.
The seclusion and harshness of the environment must
make it a convenient location for anti-Shinra groups.

Subject: Simultaneous attacks
From: Kunsel

Zack, where are you?
SOLDIER operatives are being sent out because
we’re getting attacked from all over the place.
I’m on a chopper myself, on my way to an assignment.
You were on vacation, weren’t you?
Did it get cut short?
These recent attacks may spell real trouble for us.
What’s worse, the chain of command is in shambles
since Director Lazard suddenly disappeared.
Nobody seems to know where anyone is!

Subject: How was your vacation?
From: Kunsel

Haven’t arrived at my post yet.
Could the director’s absence be having this much
of an impact on the operation’s lack of finesse?
By the way, how was the beach?
You looked awfully stressed out before you went.
Did the waves and the sun help ya at all?

Subject: Your words
From: Luxiere

SOLDIER members are being deployed in response to
the simultaneous attacks that have been hitting
I’m mailing you from the helicopter that’s taking
me to my assignment.
By the way, I just heard about what you told the rookies
on your first mission after you changed your hairdo.
“Embrace your dreams. And, whatever happens,
protect your SOLDIER honor.”
…I was so moved when I heard this,
it’s been my personal motto ever since.
I’m following you until the end, Zack!

Subject: I see everything
From: Kunsel

Hmmm, I wonder where you might be.
Wait, let me guess…
You’re hanging out with that Aerith girl again,
aren’t you?
I bet you’re wondering how I got that information.
See, I know everything about you,
even if you never tell me anything.
In other words, it’s no use keeping secrets from me,
because I know how to get information.
So talk to me, Zack. You can tell me anything.
Tell me about all the things that are wearing you down.

Subject: Falling apart
From: Kunsel

Those copies Hollander made that attacked Shinra…
Did you know that Director Lazard financed Hollander
with money he embezzled from the company?
Seems revenge against the company was
the motivation for both of them.
I can understand Hollander wanting revenge, but why would Lazard?
He climbed up the ladder while he was still young. And he was
always a decent guy. What could he have had against the company?
I do remember him writing about “ill blood” in one of his mails.
Speaking of climbing up, the president’s son’s already made
vice president. You think Lazard was after the VP’s chair…?

Subject: Change in chain of command
From: Luxiere

Zack, where are you?
Have you heard that Director Lazard passed away?
He was such a good man… May he rest in peace.
I wonder what’s going to become of
SOLDIER’s chain of command?
I’m actually a little worried about the future.
Who do you think I should follow?
I think you, with your sunny disposition, would be the man
to look up to for leadership in these uncertain times.
I’m following you until the end, Zack!

Subject: A message for you
From: Kunsel

Working hard at your assignment, I assume.
I guess it was longer than we thought it would be.
I thought I’d look after Aerith while you were gone,
but the Turks were already there guarding her.
I don’t know why.
Anyway, she says the tire came off her flower
wagon, and now the thing’s useless.
I offered to fix it for her, but she refused.
She’s waiting for you to come back and fix it,
so hurry up and get back here already.

Subject: Working with Sephiroth!
From: Luxiere

Hello again, Zack!
I heard you were on an assignment with Sephiroth.
I remember you were trying to get in touch with him,
so I’m guessing you can finally talk to him now!
I also heard Sephiroth hand-picked you for this assignment.
With the main SOLDIER 1sts gone missing, and Sephiroth
not being the type to look after subordinates,
I’m thinking it’s you who’s gonna lead us.
You’re moving up the chain!
And I’m following you until the end, Zack!

Subject: Tell me they’re lying
From: Kunsel

Got an announcement from General Affairs
that you were killed in action.
But those announcements are never true, are they?
Where are you? What are you doing?
What did you have to do for the company
to reclassify yourself as a dead man?
Let me help you if you’re in a jam.
Talk to me. I’ll be waiting.

Subject: You can’t fool me
From: Kunsel

Zack, where could you possibly be?
Let me know if you’re reading this.
You’ve gone missing since your mission with Sephiroth.
Do you have anything to do with Sephiroth being
killed in action?
I heard rumors about something going down in Nibelheim.
Are you there right now?

Subject: I have a plan
From: Luxiere

Zack, how have you been all this time?
I was so worried about you!
Please tell me where you are. I’ll come and get you.
In fact, let’s put on an act for everyone, okay?
If you let me catch you, it would score me a
promotion for sure. Then with my newfound authority,
I might be able to spare your life. Please, just tell
me where you are!

Subject: Just as I thought
From: Kunsel

I hear two research samples have escaped from Nibelheim.
And might you be one of them, Zack?
If you are, watch your back, because now a whole
battalion of infantrymen has been called in.
They’re coming after you in crazy numbers.
Man, what in the hell did you do to deserve this?
I don’t care if you’ve made an enemy out of Shinra.
I’ll always be waiting for you to come back.
Just make it back alive, buddy. Promise me.

Subject: A SOLDIER legend, so they say
From: Kunsel

Someone apparently took care of this thing that’s
been on the back burner forever. All the bigwigs
and everyone in SOLDIER are freaking out that
it’s the return of the SOLDIER legend.
The source of the problem was apparently more powerful
than a summon. Its materia reaction was so beyond measure,
the gauge started to smoke. In fact, the materia power
was so intense that other monsters, and even robots,
became overloaded with mako and started going berserk.
Anyway, I was thinking… This SOLDIER legend…
Could everybody be talking about…YOU?

Shinra News

Subject: Midgar Construction Project
From: Shinra News

Midgar is a city floating approximately 50 meters in the air,
linked to the ground by train and highway transit.
We utilize a total of eight mako reactors, sequentially numbered
starting with the #1 northern reactor, to supply electricity to
the city.
Construction continues smoothly; Shinra Company Headquarters
and Sector 4 are the last on the schedule to be completed.
The headquarters interior in Sector 0 is complete and already
in operation. The exterior is slated for completion in two years,
while the surrounding city will be finished in seven years.

Reeve Tuesti, Director of City Planning

Subject: Situation with Wutai
From: Shinra News

We have received reports from the Security and
SOLDIER departments on the state of war with Wutai.

We have been in negotiations with Wutai for years in
order to peacefully resolve the long dispute regarding
mako extraction in the region. However, Wutai’s steadfast
refusal has resulted in aggravated tensions.
In order to break through this impasse, we have decided
to resume military action. A special attack force of the
smallest size has been mobilized to keep the scale of
operations to a minimum.

Subject: Personnel Announcement 0012
From: Shinra News

Official Personnel Announcement

Effective today, Rufus Shinra has been appointed to
Vice President and Corporate Officer.

Additionally, Rufus Shinra has departed on a
long-term business trip, the details of which cannot
be disclosed for security reasons.

Subject: President’s declaration
From: Shinra News

We hereby declare the end of the war with Wutai.
Worthy of note is Sephiroth, SOLDIER 1st Class, whose
contributions were instrumental in bringing about a
peaceful resolution with a minimum of casualties.
The end of this war marks the beginning of distribution
and further development of mako throughout all regions.
The Shinra Company is dedicated to these goals and
will continue to achieve them by any means possible.

President Shinra

Subject: Personnel Announcement 0103
From: Shinra News

This is an official notification of the change
in status for the following personnel.

Angeal Hewley – SOLDIER 1st Class:
Killed in action

Genesis Rhapsodos – SOLDIER 1st Class:
Killed in action

Subject: Personnel Announcement 0104
From: Shinra News

Official Personnel Announcement

Effective today, Zack Fair has been promoted to
SOLDIER 1st Class.

Subject: Analysis of the Midgar attacks
From: Shinra News

The recent attacks came in two stages.
The first stage was the attack on headquarters and
the entire Midgar region. Our forces were dispersed
to respond to these initial attacks.
The second stage consisted of additional attacks on
headquarters as we attempted to recover.
Although the damage dealt was costly, its overall
impact on company operations is minimal.

Heidegger, Director of Security

Subject: Personnel Announcement 0207
From: Shinra News

This is an official notification of the change
in status for the following personnel.

Lazard Deusericus – Director of SOLDIER:
Killed in action

Hollander – Science Department:
Killed in action

Subject: Space development report
From: Shinra News

Space Development Status Report

Shinra fully plans to establish the rocket engine
as the next step in industrial development.
Manned rocket Shinra #26 is in full production,
with a projected launch within a few years.
The proposed model for Shinra #26 is on display
in the Exhibit Room in the Shinra Building.
Development is proceeding steadily, and our pilot,
Cid Highwind, has begun training.

Subject: Analysis of the simultaneous attacks
From: Shinra News

We have determined that the simultaneous attacks on five
locations, including Junon and Costa del Sol, were the
criminal acts of an anti-Shinra organization.
Their goal was to release a group of their own activists
in Shinra captivity, and display a show of force–
but thanks to the quick response by SOLDIER operatives,
the situation was quickly brought under control.
Even in Junon, the target of the heaviest attacks,
damage was kept to a minimum.

Subject: Budget report
From: Shinra News

After exhaustive engineering by the Arms Development Department,
prototypes of the next generation of weapons are feature-complete
and being tested in the slums. Once mass production becomes
feasible, it would enable us to lower human resource costs by
drastically cutting down on the number of personnel. With high
expectations for these new weapons, we announce the following
changes to the budget:
[Security Department]
7 billion gil (Original: 10 billion gil)
[Arms Dev. Department]
11 billion gil (Original: 8 billion gil)

Subject: Personnel Announcement 0210
From: Shinra News

This is an official notification of the change
in status for the following personnel.

Sephiroth – SOLDIER 1st Class:
Killed in action

Zack Fair – SOLDIER 1st Class:
Killed in action

Two infantrymen were also killed in action.


Subject: SOLDIER responsibilities
From: Lazard

SOLDIER members, I thank you for your daily hard work.
As you all well know, a great number of our comrades
have left the company.
There is now some concern within the company whether
this will lead to a decline in SOLDIER’s combat abilities.
However, we can also take this pressure as a chance to
prove how indispensable we are to the company by proving
our strength as a small but elite group.
I hope you take advantage of this mission, where we
will be bringing an end to the war with Wutai,
to do your best and prove yourselves.

Subject: Our new direction
From: Lazard

SOLDIER members, I thank you for your daily hard work.
Upon receiving a report on an unspeakably tragic incident,
I find myself thinking about parental bonds.
Just as happiness can be found in non-biological ties,
parent and child can be unhappy even if tied by blood.
The difference is whether or not there are feelings of
respect and appreciation. Without them, “ill blood” is born.
Ill blood is prone to lead to tragedy, and
ill blood sometimes affects our missions.
While SOLDIER must always execute its missions quickly,
we must also focus on risk prevention in the future.

Subject: At the end of war
From: Lazard

SOLDIER members, I thank you for your daily hard work.
The long war has finally come to an end, all thanks to
the heroic efforts by Sephiroth and everyone in SOLDIER.
However, the air around Shinra remains tense.
Threats from powerful armed forces and anti-Shinra
elements are too numerous to list.
We could deem these “distortions” born out of Shinra’s
meteoric rise to glory. And we, as members of Shinra,
must always face these distortions with integrity.
I hope you keep this in your hearts as you continue
in your duties.

Subject: Children in the slums
From: Lazard

SOLDIER members, I thank you for your daily hard work.
On the ground, beneath our aerial city of Midgar
and in the shadow of its plates, lie the slums.
They also symbolize one of Shinra’s “distortions.”
There are reports of children forming gangs in the
harsh environment they call home.
To look away from this will surely cast a
large shadow on Shinra’s future growth.
It is my hope that we members of SOLDIER
can rise up to address this “distortion.”

Subject: Shinra’s shadows
From: Lazard

SOLDIER members, I thank you for your daily hard work.
Shinra’s rapid growth has given birth to
“distortions” in many parts of our world.
They are Shinra’s shadows–dark entities that the
president and the vice president must confront.
That, in turn, may define us as victims of
Shinra’s shadows.
However, we, as employees of the Shinra Company,
must act with accountability. And I trust that you
will do just that, even without my leadership.
Thank you, and good luck.


Subject: I’ll give you a hint
From: Cissnei

If you can’t get these “fans” of yours
out of your head, I suggest you visit headquarters.
Whoever knows the most about company goings-on
just might know something about a few of them.
Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Subject: You’re not busy, are you?
From: Cissnei

I guess SOLDIER is in a state of utter chaos
without Director Lazard.
It’s certainly more than the president can handle,
so now he gives us Turks all the work.
Even just the other day, I had to cut my vacation short.
Well, that last one…I guess you knew all
along that I was on assignment. I’m sorry.
How are you doing these days? Still smoldering, I bet.
Why don’t you try the beach again?
You need to take a break once in a while
if you want to put in quality work.

Subject: I wanted to tell you
From: Cloud

We’ve been on a few missions together, and
there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you.
I was thinking about telling you once we were
in my hometown, but it’s a little embarrassing,
so I’m going to write it out and send it to you.
The day you changed your hair, when you wished us rookies
good luck before our sortie–I’ll never forget your words.
Remembering what you said that day gives me the courage
to stay strong.
So…thanks, Zack.

Subject: When you come back
From: Cissnei

Are you in Nibelheim about now?
I’ve got business in another freezing locale myself.
By the way, I couldn’t help but notice that you were
reading LOVELESS while you were in Costa del Sol.
That was Genesis’s favorite work, wasn’t it?
So have you finished it yet? I bet you got bored
of it in the middle and just tossed it away.
But there’s a stage production of
LOVELESS now playing in Midgar. Let’s go see it
when you get back. Who knows? It might just give
you the hint you’re looking for.

Subject: If you’d like…
From: Cloud

Hey, do you want to come over to my house?
I want you to try Mom’s cooking.
The thing is, I haven’t been home yet since
I’ve been here. I hadn’t been able to make up
my mind about it, but I decided that I should
show my face…but going home alone is a bit
uncomfortable, so I was hoping you could join me.

Subject: Is he all right?
From: Tifa

Is that guy all right? I’m a little worried,
because it looked like he got hurt pretty bad.
I’m glad you were there. Thank you, Zack.
I had heard of SOLDIER and how tough they are.
I hope we can talk a little bit more about SOLDIER
one of these days, because there’s something I want
to ask you.

Subject: I can fight, too
From: Tifa

Sephiroth–I don’t get him at all.
Is everyone in SOLDIER like him? Oh, and
are there any blond guys in SOLDIER? Well,
it’s just a dream… Any girl would love to have a
blond SOLDIER guy protect her when she’s in a pinch.
Well, it’s no good just waiting for my
blond knight in shining armor to show up,
so I’ve started learning how to fight, myself.
My teacher tells me I’ve got a knack for it.

Subject: Don’t tell anyone
From: Tifa

I almost forgot.
Please don’t tell anyone in SOLDIER that
I asked about the blond guy. Okay?

Subject: Where are you!?
From: Cloud

Zack! Where are you!?
Sephiroth set the whole village on fire!!!
Tifa and her dad went chasing after him.
You’ve got to stop them!

Subject: The last wonder
From: Wonder Hunter

Hey, big guy. It’s been a long time. How are you?
Me and my mom ran away from the village when the fire spread.
But when we came back after a really long time, everything
in the village was back to normal! How could that be after
such a nasty fire? But I didn’t know anybody there.
Fake people and fake buildings… It’s all Shinra’s fault,
isn’t it? I hate them! But you were always nice to me,
so I left you a thank-you gift. There’s a treasure
hidden somewhere in the village. I hope you find it.
I guess we never got around to finding all seven wonders…
But we can call the village itself the last wonder, can’t we?

Shinra Truths

Subject: The truth about SOLDIER A!
From: Reporter

Two SOLDIER operatives reported as K.I.A. were spotted
alive. Both Genesis and Angeal were seen entering the
apple processing factory in Banora. In fact, my source
tells me he saw MORE than one Genesis appearing–one
after another in succession. Hollander of the Science
Department was also present.
One can assume that Genesis and Angeal are involved in
clandestine experiments taking place at the factory.
I have since lost contact with my source, and I
can only pray that he is safe.

Subject: Investigation reveals Shinra’s lies!
From: Reporter

It seems that SOLDIER Director Lazard, who was recently
reported as killed in action, simply vanished instead.
Sources say Lazard has been embezzling company
money to fund Hollander’s attack on Shinra.
It is also believed that Hollander, who was held
captive in Junon, has fled with Lazard’s aid.
An investigation has revealed that both men have
held ill feelings towards Shinra. This comes as a
great shock to the parties involved, as members of
SOLDIER have had the utmost confidence in Lazard.

Subject: Hot on the trail of the missing pod!
From: Reporter

I have received word of recent activity in Modeoheim.
The area was once a candidate for mako excavation,
but now it’s nothing but a deserted village.
This reporter actually found a piece of equipment–
a pod, to be exact–used in the experiments. When
I revisited the facility at a later date for a more
thorough investigation, the equipment was gone.
A full-scale effort to follow the pod’s trail revealed
that it made a stop at Nibelheim before it was carried
to another location.

Subject: Links to dead SOLDIER operative!
From: Reporter

The recent string of destruction has thus far been
pinned on an anti-Shinra group, but new findings
point to Genesis–the SOLDIER operative who was supposedly
killed in action–as being tied to all of the incidents.
First of all, the targets were not limited to
Shinra facilities. Additionally, all of the targeted
locations have clues indicating that the perpetrator
was searching for something.
Genesis is known to have been a devotee of LOVELESS;
some believe LOVELESS may hold the key to solving the
mysteries behind this violent string of events.

Subject: Flying SOLDIER man: Dead or alive?
From: Reporter

Unidentified flying objects are being reported from every
town and borough. Witness accounts point to several common
traits–and lead to the conclusion that it is, in fact, Angeal.
Angeal’s death was thought to be certain after Zack had
inherited Angeal’s Buster Sword, so what could these
sightings mean?
Have reports of the highly-regarded SOLDIER member’s
death been greatly exaggerated–or, perhaps, has
Shinra perfected the technology of bringing back the dead!?
This reporter is committed to bringing you the truth,
no matter how sinister it may be.

Subject: The village: What they’re not telling!
From: Reporter

Sephiroth is reported as killed in action,
but there has been no word on how or where he died.
When our investigative team went to “N,” the village
rumored to be where Sephiroth died, it was in an
abnormally heightened state of alert.
We were finally able to sneak in, only to be faced with
residents who seemed to know absolutely nothing about the
incident. Their blank expressions did not indicate they
were lying, but the speech and accents indigenous to the
region were oddly missing.
What could these changes to the village signify?

Subject: SOLDIER man too weak to fight dog!?
From: Reporter

Angeal sightings continue to pop up, but many
are suspect–such as the most recent one,
which claims he was taken down by a stray dog.
Assuming Shinra does have the technology to raise the
dead, is this technology actually reliable? Or could
illness or injury be responsible for the SOLDIER
hero being subdued by a mangy mutt?
Or could these be nothing but groundless rumors?
This reporter shall stop at nothing to get to the
bottom of this mystery.


Subject: Angeal Fan Club Newsletter 311
From: Keepers of Honor

Hello, fan club members!
Let’s take another peek into Angeal’s “unauthorized” profile!
Favorite hobby: Doting over dogs
The bigger the hassle, the cuter the dog.
Favorite read: “Famous Gardens Monthly”
A magazine on various flora, published by Shinra.
Now, isn’t that just like the noble,
nature-loving man we all know and love?
That’s all for this update.
We’ll let you know when we have more to share with you!

Subject: Angeal Fan Club Newsletter 312
From: Keepers of Honor

Hello, fan club members!
Let’s take another peek into Angeal’s “unauthorized” profile!
Most valued possession: His camera
A gift from his mother, he uses it to take shots of
the scenery whenever he goes on a mission.
Most valued skill: Cooking with leftovers
Self-catering is essential in frugal living.
Housewives in our readership should take note!
That’s all for this update.
We’ll let you know when we have more to share with you!

Subject: Angeal Fan Club Newsletter 313
From: Keepers of Honor

Today’s update features a conversation between Angeal and Genesis.
G: You’d better do something about those plants in your room.
A: Those plants represent nature. Some of us converse with
nature to hone our spirit and honor.
G: And some of us are getting bugs in our rooms because of those
blasted things.
A: Come on. Don’t you remember? We used to have bugs in our
rooms all the time when we were kids.
G: That’s why I hate them. And the past? It can stay there.
We’re in Midgar. We’re not supposed to have nature here.
City-boy Genesis, and nature-lover Angeal: so completely
different, yet friends all the same.

Subject: Angeal Fan Club Newsletter 314
From: Keepers of Honor

Dear fan club members:
We have some very sad news to share with you today.
We have decided to dissolve “Keepers of Honor” upon
receiving word that Angeal was killed in action.
We sincerely thank you for your membership.
Our last event as a fan club will be a memorial service
near the church, organized by club volunteers.
This will be an opportunity for us to gather one last
time and pray that he rests in peace.
We look forward to seeing you there.

Subject: Sightings
From: Keepers of Honor

We continue to receive reports of Angeal sightings.
Contained in this update is the most credible
information we can deliver to our former club members.
A large man believed to be Angeal was spotted in the
church near the slums.
Seen alongside him was a woman wearing a white
one-piece dress.
Could it be that our Angeal is seeking sanctuary
with a mysterious girl?
We wish he would show us that he is alive and well.

Subject: Sightings: Continued
From: Keepers of Honor

Angeal sightings keep pouring in, but the previously
reported Angeal near the church turned out to be a
large animal with a pattern on its hide that looked
like Angeal. The woman at the church tells us that she is
looking after the creature, which seems to have settled there.
Our latest credible source tells us that Angeal was
attacked by a pack of wild dogs. Perhaps he is very weak,
but not at death’s door yet…
Then again, it could be an entirely different person.
Stay tuned for updates!

Genesis Girls

Subject: Genesis Fan Club Newsletter 666
From: Red Leather

This issue is for newcomers to Red Leather. As a welcome
gift, here is some basic information about Genesis.
Hobby: Reading. He happened upon a copy of LOVELESS
in his parents’ study. It has been his favorite work
ever since.
Why he joined SOLDIER: The heroics of Sephiroth, who
is the same age as Genesis, inspired him to work for the
good of the world.
We will update you on any new information as it
becomes available.

Subject: An invitation to LOVELESS
From: Study Group

LOVELESS on stage is as popular as ever.
This year’s production retains the love story from
the female point of view, with the focus on
Acts II and III, as usual. This interpretation features
additional scenes of the two friends, making it
closer to the original text.
Acts II and III of LOVELESS have become famous
thanks to the plays, but pundits agree that the
story’s true value lies in Act IV.
Could this year’s production make up for it?
Join us at the theater as we decide for ourselves.

Subject: Genesis Fan Club Newsletter 667
From: Red Leather

We have received word that our dear Genesis has
been killed in action.
Though we still find this report hard to believe,
members are planning a get-together for one last
farewell at the foot of the bridge in Sector 8.
During the event, we will be selling apple jewelry,
created as an homage to Genesis.
Please buy the apple-shaped accessory, wear it,
and let us always feel Genesis inside our hearts.

Subject: Declaration
From: Study Group

The reason Genesis adored LOVELESS so much? He
claimed it provided answers to so many of the
mysteries in our world regarding history, science,
art, and astronomy.
But experts agree that the answer to the biggest
mystery was in the final act, which was scattered
and lost–and is thus worthy of further study.
Our dear Genesis also devoted his life to interpreting
the missing final act. As a devoted study group,
let’s inherit his life’s work in his memory!

Subject: Genesis Fan Club Newsletter 668
From: Red Leather

This is a report on our memorial service.
All of us in attendance read from LOVELESS,
Genesis’s favorite work, and prayed for his soul.
On a lighter note, we are happy to report that
the apple jewelry was a smashing success!
We are planning to sell them online to those of
you who could not attend the event. If you would
like one, please reply to this address.
Supplies are limited. Order now!

Subject: Message to members
From: Study Group

We have managed to compile Genesis’s theories
on LOVELESS’s final act into a single volume.
We are going to publish this book ourselves,
and decided that the book will be the basic
text for our future studies.
Participants in the LOVELESS study group are
required to purchase a copy.

Subject: Mystery of the final act
From: Study Group

Our self-published book on Genesis’s LOVELESS
theories has become a runaway bestseller.
Let’s use this momentum to move forward in
our studies of the final act.
The biggest mystery of the final act is
what happens to the world after the “gift of
the goddess” is given.
The key to understanding this is in how we
interpret “the goddess” in this context, but
experts still cannot come to a consensus.

Subject: Thoughts on “the gift of the goddess”
From: Study Group

The “gift of the goddess,” the source of life, is said
to bring immortality. The most widely accepted theory
equates the gift of the goddess to the Banora White.
There is, however, another theory which advocates that
it is the planet, not any human, that becomes immortal.
This suggests two other interpretations of the gift.
One is an all-consuming destruction;
the other is an all-healing salvation.
Genesis believed in the latter, predicting some sort
of salvation from the gift of the goddess.

Subject: Breaking news
From: Red Leather

Here at Red Leather, we have received
numerous reports of Genesis sightings.
If Genesis does indeed live, despite
being reported as killed in action,
has he perhaps solved the riddles that
surround the “gift of the goddess”?
Genesis can never do wrong, and he
deserves our support!

Subject: Our upcoming secret event!
From: Study Group

Fellow Genesis fan club members:
Our annual memorial event is coming soon!
Of course, with all the witness accounts that keep
pouring in, it won’t be so much a memorial for Genesis
as a gathering to wish his full-fledged return.
As for our always-popular goods for sale,
this year we have prepared copies of
LOVELESS bound in custom leather.
We look forward to your attendance, and
don’t forget to buy your special LOVELESS!

Subject: Resurrection Fest!
From: Red Leather

Fellow Genesis fan club members:
It’s time for our annual Genesis Resurrection Fest!
Witness accounts are still coming in, renewing our
hope that his return is near. Let us come together
and strengthen our faith in his resurrection!
As for this year’s special goods,
we have prepared faithful replicas
of Genesis’s leather coat.
We look forward to seeing you all in
these leather coats at the festival!

Hero News

Subject: The scent of silver winds
From: Silver Elite

Dear members of the Silver Elite:
In this update, we present another piece of Sephiroth
trivia–the secrets to his beautiful long hair.
The hair products he uses are of the highest grade,
made and supplied by the Shinra Company.
He seems to use one whole bottle of both shampoo
and conditioner every time he washes his hair.
They are scented with thirteen kinds of perfumes,
including Rose and Vanilla.
Apparently, the scent in the air after
Sephiroth tosses his hair changes daily!

Subject: The memory of silver winds
From: Silver Elite

Sephiroth is known to value his private life, but there was
a time when he had two best friends. We’d like to share a
story of this threesome guaranteed to raise a smile.
The SOLDIER trio would use the training room exclusively as
their playground, but in order to retain their 1st Class
dignity, they would sneak in only after the 2nd Class
members had gone home. Then they would proceed to have one
of the three stand with a dumbapple on his head, while the
other two would throw their swords at the apple to pierce it!
Sephiroth always won, his Masamune always striking
every dumbapple dead center.

Subject: Now accepting applications
From: Zack Fan Club

We have a new fan club for the new 1st Class star on
the block, Zack! Why? Because there wasn’t one until now!
Your membership number: 012
Let’s start with Zack’s official profile:
Birthplace: Gongaga
Family: Mother and father
Hobbies: Traveling, and anything involving physical activity.
Quote: “I want to join SOLDIER and fly all over the world.
I’m gonna make friends everywhere I go.
Then I’m gonna swim to each place where they live!”

Subject: Insider information
From: Zack Fan Club

We received the following information from a
member of our word-of-mouth network:
Zack’s favorite swimsuit has embroidered sunflowers.
Isn’t that perfect for someone as sunny as Zack?
He was spotted in Costa del Sol on a break. It was then,
on the day of the simultaneous attacks, that he was
seen fighting foes on the beach with a parasol!
Isn’t that WILD? With all this vitality, you might expect
Zack to be a flirtatious player when it comes to romance,
but apparently he’s actually very sweet and naive.
Thanks to Black Suit for the info!

The final mail from Zack’s fan club exists in three variations. Which mail Zack receives depends on these three events:
– Chapter 5: Joining the Sephiroth fan club “Silver Elite”.
– Chapter 7: Setting up a merger between the two Genesis fan clubs “Red Leather” and “Study Group”.
– Chapter 7: Convincing the Angeal fan to be a proper mother.

The conditions are thusly:
– Clear 0-1 event(s): Receive mail variation A, where Zack’s fan club has a total of 1,024 members.
– Clear 2 events: Receive mail variation B, where Zack’s fan club has a total of 51,836 members.
– Clear all 3 events: Receive mail variation C, where Zack’s fan club has a total of 109,348 members.

Subject: Notice
From: Zack Fan Club

We continued running the fan club after Zack’s untimely
death, but we have to disband due to financial reasons.
We would like to share one last comment from his
mother back home:
“It’s nice to know that my boy is loved by so many
people. Thank you all for your continued support.”
She must not have heard what happened–making
her comments all the more poignant.
Our thanks go out to all 1,024 members out there.
May Zack always live within our hearts.

Subject: Sad news
From: Zack Fan Club

We continued running the fan club after Zack’s untimely
death, but we have to disband due to financial reasons.
We would like to share one last comment from Black Suit,
the secret informant who shared so much with us:
“It was very sudden for us, but I’m sure
Zack now has the wings he always wanted,
flying the great big skies…with that great
big sunflower smile.”
Our thanks go out to all 51,836 members out there.
May Zack always live within our hearts.

Subject: All things must pass
From: Zack Fan Club

We continued running the fan club after Zack’s untimely
death, but we have to disband due to financial reasons.
We would like to share one last quote from a woman
who had a close relationship with Zack:
“My wagon broke, so I’m going to use a basket
to sell the flowers. I hope you can join me
when you’re back from your tour.”
She must not have heard what happened–making
her comments all the more poignant.
Our thanks go out to all 109,348 members out there.
May Zack always live within our hearts.

Subject: The proclamation of silver winds
From: Silver Elite

Today, we have a message from our chairwoman that
we would like to share with our members:
“Sephiroth will never die.
As long as I live, so will he!
At least in our minds–but fret not.
Because I have a plan.
I shall let you know when it comes to fruition.
You can look forward to that day.”
– Chairwoman H.
Her style of writing is rather stiff, but her
message is encouraging. See you next time.


Subject: Recruitment
From: Treasure Princess

I’m looking for someone who would go on treasure hunts
with me. How would you like to team up?
If you’re interested, I want you to prove yourself first.
Somewhere out in the fields, there’s supposed to be
a treasure hidden by Shinra’s General Affairs Department.
If you manage to find it, I’ll let you in.
You can get your hands on some really
rare items by becoming a treasure hunter.
Not a bad deal, is it? No…no, I didn’t think so.
Good luck.

Subject: Directive
From: Treasure Princess

You passed the test, so you’re now my ally,
and as my ally, you’d better start working.
Somewhere in the ravine, there’s supposed to be a
treasure hidden by Shinra’s Accounting Department.
Go dig that sucker up!
The boss’s orders always stand, and I’m the boss,
naturally. You have no right to refuse. Got it?
Good luck.

Subject: Directive
From: Treasure Princess

That chest buried by the Accounting Department had
nothing but a receipt inside! And I blame it on you!
You’d better find a real treasure this time! :(
Somewhere out in the fields, there’s supposed to be
a treasure hidden by Shinra’s PR Department.
Go find it.
I hear there are lots of nasty monsters in the area,
but I’m sure you’ll be all right if you’re careful.
Good luck.

Subject: Special assignment!
From: Treasure Princess

What’s with the PR Department’s thinking?
Nothing but a public relations magazine inside a chest!?
I want a REAL treasure this time! >:(
Somewhere in the marine caves, there’s supposed to
be a treasure hidden by Shinra’s HR Department.
Go find it.
You can bet there are lots of nasty monsters in
the area, but I’m positive you’re used to that by now.
This one had better be good, or else!

Subject: Orders!!
From: Treasure Princess

There was nothing but a roster inside that HR chest!
Oooh, this is making me so mad! >:(((
If you botch this next one, you’re fired, buster!
Somewhere in the coal mines, there’s supposed to be
a treasure hidden by Shinra’s secretaries.
Find it…but it isn’t gonna be easy.
I’d say you better be prepared for the worst.
Then again, you could die before you’re prepared.
The coal mines are famous for having really
mean monsters inside.

Subject: Letter of challenge!!!
From: Treasure Princess

Nasty pictures! Ewww!!! Sickos!
Are Shinra employees trained to put
TRASH in their treasure chests!? :P
That’s it! Everyone in Shinra’s gonna get it someday!
Somewhere in the marine caves, there’s supposed to
be a treasure hidden by Shinra’s Science Department.
And I’m taking it.
If you don’t want me to take it, come and claim it!
I challenge you to a duel!
Winner takes all! It’s go time!!!

Subject: Just between you and me
From: Anonymous

I can’t tell you my name, but
I know something of interest to you.
I heard there’s a secret item
somewhere in the fields.
If this got into the hands of an anti-Shinra
group, Shinra would be finished.
I suggest you find it before it’s too late.

Subject: Confidential
From: Anonymous

I can’t tell you my name, but
I know something of interest to you.
I’m not the same person as the sender of the
last anonymous message, so don’t be alarmed.
I heard there’s a secret item
somewhere in the marine caves.
If an anti-Shinra entity got its hands on it,
it would spell the end for Shinra.
You really should find it before it’s too late.

Subject: For your eyes only
From: Anonymous

I can’t tell you my name, but
I know something of interest to you.
I’m not the same person as the sender of the
last two anonymous messages, so don’t worry.
I heard there’s a secret item
somewhere inside some cave.
If an anti-Shinra entity finds this,
then stick a fork in Shinra–it’s done!
You really should find it before it’s too late.

Subject: Something you might want to know
From: Anonymous

I can’t tell you my name, but
I know something of interest to you.
I’m not the one who usually sends you guys
all those anonymous messages, so relax.
I heard there’s a secret item
somewhere in the coal mines.
If an anti-Shinra group obtains it,
Shinra will be crushed like an eggshell
beneath a jackboot!
You should look for it before it’s too late.

Subject: A good deal
From: Anonymous

I can’t tell you my name, but
I know something of interest to you.
This is the first anonymous message I’ve
ever sent, so don’t sweat it.
I heard there’s a secret item
somewhere in the plate interior.
If an anti-Shinra entity got it, Shinra
would be dead meat in a pressure cooker!
I suggest you should look for it
before it’s your head on the plate.

Subject: Too good to miss
From: Anonymous

I can’t tell you my name, but
I know something of interest to you.
No, I’m not the same person as the sender of the
last anonymous message, so stop thinking that.
I heard there’s a secret item
somewhere inside some cave.
If an anti-Shinra group obtains it,
Shinra will be a thing of the past!
You’d better look for it before you and
your crew are made obsolete.

Subject: Notice
From: Yuffie

I heard there’s a fantastic treasure
deep in the caves.
I’m just letting you know that it’s MINE!
There’s just no way I’m letting you have it!
Absolutely no way! Sorry to spoil your
good mood, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s
gotta do. Haw haw haw!
Love, Yuffie

Subject: Another notice
From: Yuffie

The last treasure is yours to keep.
It wasn’t worth much, anyway.
But the one down in the marine caves
is supposed to be something else,
and it’s got my name all over it!
At least you won’t be getting it for sure.
I’m just mailing you as a courtesy so you
don’t embarrass yourself.
Love, Yuffie

Subject: This one’s for real
From: Yuffie

I’m gonna let you keep that last one,
cuz I didn’t want it anyway. Yeah, I’ve
got a closet full of ’em!
But another one down in the coal mines
is gonna be mind-blowing.
I’m not letting you get this one,
pretty boy! Nar har har!
Love, Yuffie

Subject: I’m all right
From: Yuffie

I’m in the wasteland looking for treasure.
Haven’t found anything yet, but I know I’m gonna,
cuz I’m not lost or anything.

Subject: Don’t come
From: Yuffie

I’m in the slums on a treasure hunt.
Haven’t found anything yet, but I know I’m gonna,
cuz it’s not like I’m surrounded by monsters or anything.
I swear I’m not, so the treasure’s mine.
Um I gotta go now something in the shadows is drooling

Subject: (no title)
From: Yuffie


Shop News

Subject: The best shop in the world
From: Shop News

I thank you for taking on combat missions on
behalf of the City Planning Department.
I hope you accept, as a token of our appreciation, this
flyer for the newly reopened materia shop in Sector 8.
It’s a very famous (and convenient!) shop that ranks
#1 in the world in materia sales.
It was closed for some time during remodeling,
but now it’s back in business.
Feel free to use the services this shop has to offer,
and I hope you continue your duties for our company.

Subject: A shop with a long tradition
From: Shop News

I thank you for continuing to take on so many missions
on behalf of the City Planning Department.
I’m sending you a flyer for the materia shop in Sector 5.
As the world’s first materia shop, not only does it have
historic value, but they are a membership-based business,
limiting their dealings to customers of their choosing.
With that kind of exclusivity, you can be
sure of the quality of their goods.
Feel free to use the services this shop has to offer,
and I hope you continue your duties for our company.

Subject: Your favorite accessories
From: Shop News

I thank you for having taken on so many missions
on behalf of the City Planning Department.
With the last mission completed, the series of
city development projects is over.
We could not have come this far without you, Zack.
In thanks, I am sending you a flyer for the
accessories shop in Sector 6. They are known to
carry all the accessories anyone would want.
Feel free to use the services this shop has to offer,
and I hope you continue your duties for our company.


Subject: Controls during battles
From: Tutorial

Use the directional buttons or the analog stick to move.
Use the L button or the R button to select commands.
Use X to execute the command.

Use △ to guard, and □ to evade.
These actions expend AP, and are unavailable if your AP is zero.

You will automatically target the enemy in the direction Zack is facing.

You can flee a battle by running away from the battle area, but you
will be unable to escape some battles.

Subject: Parameters 1
From: Tutorial

HP: The game is over when HP reaches zero
and you are incapacitated.

MP: Some commands expend MP, and therefore
will be unavailable if MP is zero.

AP: Some commands expend AP. Some actions,
such as Guard and Evade, also expend AP.
These commands will be unavailable
if AP is zero.

Subject: Parameters 2
From: Tutorial

SOLDIER points are what make the DMW spin.
When SP reaches zero, the DMW stops spinning,
therefore halting Zack’s growth as well.

As you progress through the game, there will be
more uses for SP besides spinning the DMW.

SP can be gained through DMW results and by
defeating monsters.

Subject: Status ailments
From: Tutorial

Status changes can occur during battle.
The list below shows the statuses that are detrimental.
Some effects such as Poison, Silence, and Curse will
last even after the battle is over. Be sure to use a
remedy or other methods to cure these status ailments.

Poison: Gradually drains HP at regular intervals
Silence: Prevents use of magic
Curse: Prevents DMW rotation
Stun: Temporarily prevents action
Stop: Temporarily halts the flow of time

Subject: Status changes
From: Tutorial

Here are statuses that can give you the edge in battle.

Endure: Prevents falling from damage received
Barrier: Halves damage from physical attacks
MBarrier: Halves damage from attack spells
Regen: Gradually recovers HP
Raise: Recovers from incapacitation, valid even after battle
Critical: All attacks become critical hits
No MP/AP Cost: Stops expending MP and AP
Null Physical/Magic: Nulls damage from physical and magic attacks
Invincible: Nulls all damage

Subject: DMW 1
From: Tutorial

The DMW reel is located in the upper-left corner of the screen.
Combinations of aligned “7’s” during battle will activate
these status effects.

77-: AP and MP cost zero
7-7: Null physical damage
-77: Null magic damage
7–: AP cost zero
-7-: MP cost zero
–7: Endure
“-” can be filled by any number.

Subject: DMW 2
From: Tutorial

Other number combinations can align during battle
to activate the following status effects.

777: Invincible
666: All attacks critical
555: Null physical damage
444: AP cost zero during battle
333: Null magic damage
222: MP cost zero during battle
111: Invincible

Subject: Limit breaks
From: Tutorial

When the left and right image reels match on the DMW
during battle, you enter the limit verge screen.
When the center image reel matches the limit verge,
a limit break is activated, enabling Zack to unleash
special skills.
The chances of entering a limit verge increase as the
color of the limit gauge above the reel becomes more red.
Also, the chances of achieving a limit break increase
as images from Zack’s heart appear.
More images are collected as the game progresses;
some, such as summons, will be available as items.

Subject: Equipment
From: Tutorial

Materia must be equipped through the menu for use
in battle. If an equipped materia enables a
command, it will appear during battle.
The order of battle commands will be the same
as the order in which they are equipped.

Accessories are also equipped through the menu.
Each accessory has its own properties. Equipping
accessories will not affect battle commands.

Subject: Materia
From: Tutorial

Each materia has its own level and set of
parameters. Even multiple materia of the
same type possess separate and
distinctive characteristics.

As they level up, some materia can improve
their effects or gain parameters.

Subject: Leveling up
From: Tutorial

Zack levels up when the limit verge screen reads 777.

If you get two of the same number in the
limit verge screen, any materia equipped in
the equipment slot of that number levels up.

If you get three of the same number, the
materia will increase two levels.

However, nothing will happen if no materia is
equipped in that number’s equipment slot.

Subject: Shops
From: Tutorial

Items, accessories, and materia can be obtained
through battles and from chests, but may also be
purchased through shops.

All shops have an online shopping feature. Select
Shops from the main menu, and choose a shop from
which to purchase goods, no matter where you are.

You will be able to buy from more shops by
obtaining their addresses during the game.

Subject: Missions
From: Tutorial

What are missions?
Missions provide opportunities for battle outside of the
story’s progression. Take advantage of missions if you
feel the need to level up or practice certain skills.

Choosing Missions
Open the main menu from a save point and select Missions.

Additional Missions
The number of missions will increase as certain
conditions are met.

Subject: Controls during missions
From: Tutorial

Mission Controls
All movement and combat controls are the same.
You will be returned to the save point if you
are incapacitated.

Clearing a Mission
Defeat the boss in order to clear the mission.
After that, you will be returned to the save point.

Aborting a Mission
Abort a mission by moving out of range, or by
selecting to abort the mission through the menu.

Subject: Materia fusion
From: Tutorial

You can fuse two materia together
to make one new materia.
This is called materia fusion.

The properties of the two materia
used in materia fusion will influence
the newly created materia.

Subject: Rules of materia fusion
From: Tutorial

The fusion of two materia of the same type
may result in the new materia having
higher parameters and abilities.

Also, the fusion of two different types of materia
may yield another different materia type.

Using higher-level materia in fusion will
increase the chances of creating a more
powerful materia.

Subject: What you need for materia fusion
From: Tutorial

Materia fusion also requires SP.
The SP needed will depend on the
strength of the resulting materia.
Fusion will not occur if you have insufficient SP.

You may also use items in materia
fusion, but the skills required for
this are not yet at your disposal.

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