Script: DMW Character Cutscenes

The game script in this page was manually copied from the English European version of Crisis Core. For more notes on how this article was put together, along with general script commentary, you can visit the ending appendix Article Notes & Analysis at the bottom.

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Each scene script is preceded by a timeline note. For those who need a reminder of which chapter correlates to what events, here is a quick chapter list.

– Prologue: New Game; Zack training under Angeal; dreams and SOLDIER honor.
– Chapter 1: Wutai mission; Angeal disappears.
– Chapter 2: Banora mission; Banora is bombed.
– Chapter 3: Genesis copies attack Midgar, first wave; Cissnei’s introduction; chasing Hollander.
– Chapter 4: Aerith’s introduction; Genesis copies attack Midgar, second wave.
– Chapter 5: Modeoheim mission; Cloud’s introduction; Angeal’s death.
– Chapter 6: Costa del Sol vacation; Genesis copies attack Junon.
– Chapter 7: Zack builds a flower wagon for Aerith; leave to Nibelheim.
– Chapter 8: The Nibelheim incident.
– Chapter 9: Zack & Cloud on the run, journeying from Nibelheim to Gongaga.
– Chapter 10: Through the Banora Underground; final battle with Genesis; Zack’s last stand.

Angeal Scene #1: Find Your Focus

Timeline: Prologue

Defeated Sahagins surrounding Zack, he prepares to defeat the final Sahagin while under the tutoring of Angeal.

Angeal: Mind and body, acting as one…

Zack: Ha!

With a slash Zack defeats the Sahagin.

Zack: *deep breath*
Wh…what do you think?
Pretty good, right?

Angeal: That’s just you focusing for the sake of focusing.
Your true power hasn’t been released.

Zack: Yeah, it didn’t feel quite the same as before.

Angeal: You have to find the right zone in your mind.
If you can’t do that, you’ll never make 1st.
Now, let’s go!

Zack: Seriously!?

Angeal Scene #2: Last Month’s Data

Timeline: Prologue

Angeal: You’ve been training hard, I hope?

Zack: You bet! I leveled up and everything!

Angeal: Then let’s see the fruits of your labor.

The environment hologram initiates along with a copy of Zack.

Angeal: This is your data from last month.

Zack: All right! Prepare to be trounced, last month’s data!

Angeal: No improvement whatsoever…
Training’s over!

Zack: Aaagh!

Angeal: Maybe I should leave him with Sephiroth for a while…

Angeal Scene #3: The Road to SOLDIER 1st Class

Timeline: Prologue

Angeal: The road to becoming 1st is not easy.
It’s not just about strength..

Zack: I know, I know…
But still, I want to be 1st.

Angeal: Listen to me, Zack.
If you want to be 1st…

Zack: I’ll embrace my dreams and honor!
And one day, I will become a hero!

Angeal: Very well, then…
You have my support.

Angeal Scene #4: Zack the Puppy

Timeline: Prologue

Zack: Woah!

Angeal: What’s the matter?

Zack: I was looking around for materia,
and now I’m late for my assignment!

Angeal: I see.
But if you’re on assignment, where’s your sword?

Zack realizes his mistake and runs to get his sword.

Angeal: Ever the restless puppy…

Angeal Scene #5: Leaving for Fort Tamblin, Wutai

Timeline: Chapter 1

Angeal: Zack, let’s go.

Zack: Right!

Zack runs to the helicopter.

Zack: I’m ready to become a hero!

Angeal Scene #6: A Heavy Bind

Timeline: Prologue

Zack and Angeal find themselves stuck on a bridge inside a mine, surrounded by Death Claws and Gargoyles.

Zack: Don’t you think it’s about time you used that sword?

Angeal: This sword…is heavy and unwieldy.

Zack: Tch! Then why don’t you bring a lighter one?

Camera zooms out, Zack and Angeal still in this bind.

Sephiroth Scene #1: Betrayal?

Timeline: Between Chapters 1 & 2

Lazard: Good work, both of you.
Where is Angeal?

Sephiroth: Nowhere to be found. I’ll explain later.
The situation grows more grave by the minute.
We must be prepared.

Sephiroth Scene #2: A Poor Teacher?

Timeline: Between Chapters 1 & 2

Sephiroth: Take out enemies with one blow.
Now, try it.
One blow, you hear me?

Zack: What!? No demonstration?

Zack draws his sword.

Zack: Fine, fine! I’ll do it!

With a flash Zack defeats the Dual Horn.

Zack: There it is! One blow!

Sephiroth: Your opponent was too weak. Try another.

Sephiroth Scene #3: No Challenge for Sephiroth

Timeline: Chapter 3

Zack and Sephiroth defend Sector 8 during the attack from machines and Genesis copies.

Zack: Go on ahead, Sephiroth, I’ll handle things here!

In the blink of an eye Sephiroth speeds past Zack and defeats all the enemies in a flash.

Sephiroth: Did you say something? Let’s go!

Sephiroth Scene #4: SOLDIER 1st Class Privileges

Timeline: Between Chapters 4 & 5

Zack: Hey, Sephiroth…
Do 1sts get some kind of special treatment?

Sephiroth: Why are you asking me?

Zack: Well, you’re not your average SOLDIER member, so…

Sephiroth: If you want to know about 1sts, talk to Lazard.

Sephiroth leaves.

Zack: Are you in a bad mood or something?

Kunsel: How can you know so little and still be 1st?
Use of personal equipment is allowed, as well as
items beyond those supplied by the company.
There’s also talk that they have the right to refuse
direct orders.
Though it’s strictly off the record…

Zack: Huh.

Not very attentive to Kunsel, Zack walks away. Kunsel stands in silence for a second.

Kunsel: Did you even hear what I said?

Sephiroth Scene #5: The Mako Spring

Timeline: Chapter 8

Zack: What’s this?

Sephiroth: A Mako spring. Truly a marvel of nature.

Tifa: It’s so beautiful, but…
If we continue to siphon Mako energy, this spring
will run dry one day, won’t it?

Sephiroth: Materia are formed by condensing Mako energy.
Naturally-formed materia are a rare sight indeed.

Zack: By the way, how is it that materia allow us to use

Sephiroth: You call yourself SOLDIER without knowing something
that basic?
Materia contains the knowledge of the Ancients.
Knowledge to control the power of this planet at will.
It is this knowledge that binds us to the planet
and calls forth powerful magic.

Zack: Magic…such a mysterious power…

Sephiroth Scene #6: Sephiroth’s Origin

Timeline: Chapter 8

Sephiroth: Long ago, catastrophe struck this planet.
Your ancestors survived by scurrying about and
hiding in fear.
The planet escaped certain doom through the
sacrifice of the Cetra.
After which, your kind would multiply and assume
control over the planet as if nothing had happened.
Now, the Cetra are but a memory that exists only
within the pages of history.

Zack: So what does that have to do with you?

Sephiroth: Don’t you see?
There is Jenova, an Ancient unearthed from a
2000-year-old stratum.
And then, there is the Jenova Project.
The aim of the project was to create a human being
with the powers of a Cetra.
Thus, they created me.

Zack: Created…?

Tseng Scene #1: Enforcing Company Policy

Timeline: Between Chapters 2 & 3

Tseng and Zack return to Midgar after the bombardment of Banora.

Zack: Hey, Tseng.
You have no problem with this village
being bombarded?
Because I have a big problem with it!

Tseng: All evidence of misconduct must be erased.
As a Turk I must enforce company policy.

Zack: That excuse again…

Tseng Scene #2: Wutai Troops in Mako Reactor

Timeline: Between Chapters 2 & 3

From a platform Tseng spots two Wutai troops roaming a mako reactor.

Tseng: It will be bothersome if they call for reinforcements.
I’ll draw their attention. Take them out…definitively.

Zack: You got it.

Tseng jumps down in front of the Wutai troops.

Wutai Private: Turks!? Eliminate them!

Zack: Hrraaahhh!

Confused silence happens as Zack lands between Tseng and the Wutai troops.

Zack: Wha…!?

Wutai Private: It’s…it’s SOLDIER! Everyone, get out here!

Tseng quickly shoots down both of the Wutai troops.

Wutai Private: D’oh!

Tseng: What are you doing?
They’ve called for reinforcements!

Zack: Sorry, I jumped out too far…

Tseng Scene #3: Zack the Busy Man

Timeline: Between Chapters 2 & 3

Zack: I’m Zack. What’s your name?

Zack’s phone rings.

Zack: Hey, hold on a second.
Oh, Tseng.
I’m a little busy, so I may be late.

Receptionist: Umm, behind you…

Zack: Hm?
Gah! Tseng!

Tseng: Are you still busy?

Tseng Scene #4: Turks Track, Zack Fights

Timeline: Between Chapters 4 & 5

Zack: Wow, they really did a number on this place…

Tseng: The Turks will track them down.
After that it’s all up to you, Zack.

Zack: Yeah, no sweat!

Tseng Scene #5: The Buster Sword’s New Owner

Timeline: Between Chapters 5 & 6

Cloud and Tseng stand in silence as Zack emerges alone from the Modeoheim bathhouse. He stops in his tracks after walking past Tseng, who remains silent.

Zack: Sorry to keep you waiting…

Zack walks to the helicopter door.

Zack: Let’s go home.

Tseng Scene #6: Sebastian & Essai

Timeline: Between Chapters 5 & 6

Tseng: It’s them…

Zack: Yeah.
It’s been a long time…
Sebastian, Essai.

Tseng: Zack, I’m sorry…
Our dealings with AVALANCHE resulted in
SOLDIER casualties…

Zack: Don’t worry about it.
In the end they returned to their senses.
And I can see them anytime I come here.
We’re doing all right on our side.
So rest easy. Don’t worry about us.

Zack turns around, walks away and Tseng follows.

Zack: See you later.

Cissnei Scene #1: Teamwork

Timeline: Chapter 3

A battle-worn Cissnei is about to be overrun by Genesis copies in the LOVELESS Avenue.

Cissnei: *pant*
Ngh… I messed up…

Zack arrives, spots the situation and charges to save Cissnei.

Zack: Ha!
Uh oh, not good!

In surprise, Zack stops in his tracks.

Zack: !!!

Reno: All’s well that ends well.

Rude: You were a little too late.

Cissnei: Pretty good teamwork, huh?

Cissnei Scene #2: We Should Split Up

Timeline: Chapter 3

Zack: Where did Hollander run off to?

Cissnei: Looks like you lost him.

Zack: Yeah, I’m having some trouble.
If only I had a Turk with me…

Cissnei: There’s no point in going together.
We should split up and look for him.

Cissnei Scene #3: The Scary Supervisor

Timeline: Between Chapters 4 & 5

Zack: Oh, Cissnei.
How about dinner tonight?

Cissnei: Sorry, I was just given an assignment.

Zack: Hmm, that’s too bad…
You want me to talk to your superiors?

Cissnei: I wouldn’t recommend that.
Our supervisor is pretty scary.

Cissnei Scene #4: Vacations “Overlapping”

Timeline: Between Chapters 5 & 6

Cissnei: Zack!

Zack: Cissnei?

Cissnei: What are you doing here?

Zack: Dunno, I was just told to take leave at Costa del Sol.
What about you?

Cissnei: What a coincidence!
I was given leave by my supervisor as well.
So I thought I’d take a little vacation here.

Zack: My leave…wasn’t an order from the director.

Cissnei: Well, it’s not often we have time off, so let’s
forget about work and spread our wings a little.
See you around.

Zack: Wings…not my favorite word right now…

Zack: Coincidence, huh…?

Cissnei Scene #5: Tseng + Swimming Trunks = Untrue

Timeline: Chapters 6

Zack: Wait, Cissnei…
Does Tseng wear that suit everywhere he goes?

Cissnei: Were you hoping to see…swimming trunks?

Zack: No, but isn’t it kind of hot for a suit?

Tseng: What’s the matter? Let’s go.

Zack: Aren’t you hot…?

Cissnei Scene #6: Zack Understands

Timeline: Between Chapters 6 & 7

Zack: I’m about to head back to Midgar.

Cissnei: I see… Meanwhile, we have to clean up this mess.
Zack, about Costa del Sol,
I was actually…

Zack: Don’t worry about it. You’re a Turk, after all.
Anyway, it’s all water under the bridge.

Aerith Scene #1: The One Who Tends to the Flowers

Timeline: Chapter 4

Zack: I’ll give you a hand with the flowers.

Aerith: No, that’s okay.
Besides, I’m the only one the flowers want
to be tended by.

Zack: Really…

Aerith Scene #2: Homely Slums

Timeline: Chapter 4

Zack: So this is the slums…

Aerith: Is something wrong?

Zack: It’s just so…cluttered.

Aerith: Does it make you feel…uncomfortable?

Zack: Unfortunately, I feel right at home!

Aerith: Hooray! I knew that you’d say that!

Zack: Is that really something to be happy about…?

Aerith Scene #3: Jumping Stunt

Timeline: Between Chapters 4 & 5

Aerith: Hey, Zack?

Zack: Hm?

Aerith: That thing you did before, where you jump up onto
your feet–can you do it on sand?

Zack: Of course! But if I do it for you, you’ve gotta
promise me one date.

Aerith: Sure! But if you can’t do it,
you have to grant me one tiny wish.

Zack: Deal!

Zack fails to do the jump.

Zack: Uh… Oops…

Zack: Wait, wait! One more try, please…

Aerith: All right…
Just one more try, though.

Zack succeeds in performing the jump.

Zack: Hut!

Zack: Heh! Told you I could do it!

Aerith Scene #4: Zack’s New Hairstyle

Timeline: Between Chapters 5 & 6

Aerith: Tee hee hee…

Zack: Is…is it really that weird?

Aerith: It’s just that it’s so different.

Zack: Maybe I should change it back.

Aerith: No, no! It looks good, really.

Zack: Right, right?

Aerith: But I still can’t quite get used to it.

Zack: Gimme a break here…

Aerith Scene #5: Reunion with a Little Thief

Timeline: Between Chapters 5 & 6

Zack: Hello there, little thief!

Boy: Long time, no see!

Aerith: Is your mom feeling better?

Boy: Yeah.
Although your wallet didn’t help much, really.

Zack: You’re something else…

Aerith Scene #6: Foreshadowing of Pink

Timeline: Chapter 7

Zack: Hey, Aerith.
From now on, why don’t we make a promise
every time we meet?

Aerith: Promise? For when to meet next time?

Zack: No, more of a “general” promise about meeting…

Zack: For example, when we meet, you always have to
dress in pink.

Aerith: Heh, don’t be silly!

Cloud Scene #1: Cloud the Gunner

Timeline: Chapter 5

Striking down another Replicon, Zack victoriously spins and sheaths his sword. He doesn’t notice the Griffon that lands behind him.

Zack: Way too easy!

Only when the Griffon is just about to strike Zack does he notice it.

Cloud: Zack, get down!

Cloud guns down the Griffon and saves Zack.

Zack: Wow, looks can be deceiving!
Thanks, I owe you one.

Cloud: Glad to be of help.

Cloud Scene #2: Food Buddies

Timeline: Between Chapters 6 & 7

Zack: Cloud, there you are.
Are you all right?

Captain: Is he an acquaintance of yours, sir?

Zack: He’s a friend…and a fellow country boy.
Do you think he’s up for some food?

Captain: Food? Yes, we’re definitely up for some!

Infantryman: Woohoo!

Zack: Huh!? Wait a minute…
Hmm, what to do…
All right, then!
I’ll treat you guys as well.
But you have to look out for Cloud, you hear me?

Captain & Infantryman: Sir! Yes sir!

Cloud: Thanks, Zack.
Maybe I’ll go with you, too.

Cloud Scene #3: A Cloudy Sky

Timeline: Between Chapters 7 & 8

Zack: I wish I could show this sky to…

Cloud: Zack, we have to go soon.
Something the matter?

Zack: Eh, just guy stuff.
Let’s go!

Cloud Scene #4: Starry Night at the Well

Timeline: Chapter 8

In Nibelheim, on the night before the trip to the mako reactor, Zack finds Cloud at the well.

Zack: Can’t sleep?

Cloud: Yeah, I was just thinking about the past.

Zack: The past…
You wanna talk about it?

Cloud: Thanks, Zack, but we’ve got an early day tomorrow.
I should try to get some sleep.

Cloud Scene #5: Interrupted Break

Timeline: Chapter 9

Zack: Sorry, Cloud.
Time for another break.

Infantrymen spots the escapees. Zack readies the Buster Sword.

Zack: As you can see, my friend is sick.
Let’s get this over with.

Cloud Scene #6: Uninterrupted Break

Timeline: Chapter 9

Zack: We’ll be relatively safe here.
Cloud, go ahead and sleep.
I’ll keep watch, so don’t worry.

Article Notes & Analysis

Speaker names are not included in the in-game script and were added to this resource page for ease of reading. Line breaks and errors have been preserved from the English European script, from which this was manually copied.

One such intentional error is the line “It’s not just about strength..” from Angeal Scene #3. The lack of a third dot to complete the ellipsis is in accordance with the in-game text, as proven through this snapshot.

This article was fine-tuned with the help of the “Crisis Core FFVII Ultimania” and the “Crisis Core -FFVII- The Complete Guide“. The numbering of chapters as done in this article aligns with both these guide books. There are however some noteworthy differences between both guides when looking in the DMW Character Cutscene sections.

—— The timeline for each scene is taken from the Complete Guide:
The CCFFVII Ultimania does not mention, at least not with chapter names/numbers included, when any given scene takes place. Although five out of six Angeal scenes are listed as taking place in the Prologue chapter, it is not clear at all what scenes take place before or after the playable Prologue section when a New Game is started.

—— Speaker listings don’t always agree:
In the very first Angeal DMW cutscene, the books do not agree on who says “Mind and body, acting as one…” which is the first line in that scene. The Ultimania has Zack as the speaker while the Complete Guide denotes Angeal as being the speaker. In-game it is impossible to tell for sure who is saying the line. Because the scene revolves around tutoring, it is reasonable to assume that even if Zack is the speaker he is merely repeating something that Angeal said earlier. Out of preference when making this article, Angeal has been listed as the speaker of this line.

The line “Sir! Yes sir!” in Cloud Scene #2 has different speaker listings. In the Crisis Core Ultimania, both the captain and the infantryman speak at the same time. In the Crisis Core Complete Guide however, only the captain is listed as the speaker. What is at the very least visible in-game is that both the captain and the infantryman perform an animation when this subtitle shows up. Out of preference when making this article, both the captain and the infantryman are listed as the speakers.

—— The DMW scene names are different when comparing guides:
Both the Complete Guide and the Ultimania provide titles for the DMW character cutscenes but the names do not match when compared. The scene titles given in this resource page were improvised and not derived from any guide book.

—— Some DMW scenes are out of order in the Complete Guide:
The short version here is that the order of scenes as presented here was taken from the CCFFVII Ultimania. The Complete Guide make mistakes like placing the training session with Sephiroth before the Wutai scene, even if only in order of presentation. The scene where Aerith and Zack meet the “little thief” is placed before the scene where Zack shows off his new hairstyle for (presumably) the first time, which is inconsistent timeline wise because Zack already has the new hairstyle in the scene with the ex-thief kid.

—— There is at least one notable error in the DMW cutscene script as printed in the Complete Guide:
When Zack cuts down the Sahagin in Angeal Scene #1, he yells “ハッ!!” but in the Complete Guide this yell ends with a dot instead of two exclamation points, like this “ハッ。”. Click here to see confirming snapshot from the Japanese game.

Personal notes by article author:
—— The line “Long time, no see!” in Aerith Scene #5 is ambiguous in the English game as to who the speaker is. It could be Zack or it could be the boy who says this. When looking at the Japanese line however, one can see that it translates as “Long time no see, big brother!” thus confirming that the boy is the speaker. This also aligns with the CC Ultimania and the Complete Guide, both which assign the boy as the speaker.

—— Observation: Tseng Scene #5 is the only time in the game when we see young Zack, identified through the hairstyle of his younger self, with the Buster Sword on his back.