So You Just Beat Final Fantasy VII Remake – An Ending Breakdown

Congratulations. You made it. You just reached the credits of Final Fantasy VII Remake and no longer need to avoid spoilers. But there’s a problem: what the hell just happened? With this article, I hope to define what we know

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Building for the Future – Unreal Engine 5 + PS5 & FFVII Remake

In my Building for the Future analysis article, I talked a lot about Remake‘s use of upcoming PS5 technology that had been revealed, as well as how playable Red XIII & Party-Selection features exist in a partially completed state, and dug into

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Final Fantasy VII Remake – Building For The Future

In the recently released Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania, the game’s Director, Tetsuya Nomura, & its Executive Producer, Yoshinori Kitase, give some comments about the future development of the “Unknown Journey” that lies ahead of the first installment of the Final Fantasy

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