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Here is where you find tracks, voice clips and sound effects that belonged solely to the online mode of Dirge of Cerberus.

Quick-links below.
Online Soldier: Voice Samples
The Sound Document


If you have played through the entirety of any version of Dirge of Cerberus that came after the original Japanese release, meaning that you’ve played through both the main game and the 46 Extra Missions, what soundtracks have you still not heard because the Multiplayer is no longer available? Let’s explore this using the released Multiplayer soundtrack and the unused music found on the Dirge of Cerberus game disc.

Song of the Gathered: Deepground Lobby Theme 1.

Underground Complex: Deepground Lobby Theme 2.

Final Briefing: Theme for intermediate briefing room where you prepare for a mission or team battle.

Fierce Battle: Via gameplay recordings, and by unlocking this track from the game disc, we can hear that the first 18 seconds of the theme is quite different compared to the version on the released Multiplayer soundtrack. Here is a recording of the track as it sounds when unlocked from the Dirge of Cerberus game disc.
*Note: Master volume of YouTube clips are way higher than that of the gameplay recordings embedded below.

Restrictor: Theme played during the mission “The Price of Control” where you battled the Restrictor.

Dark Feelings: Medley track for brief moments in Single Player and Multiplayer.

The medley track “Dark Feelings”, is a special case because you will have heard it if you played the International version of Dirge of Cerberus, where it is possible to unlock the numbered cutscenes from the Multiplayer. 3:11-4:12 play the background music from Scene 1, while 4:12-4:25 play during the very last seconds of Scene 13, the final cutscene.

In-game you are only allowed to hear a few seconds of the “Mission Cleared” theme. You get to hear more of this theme in the medley track First Encounters, but in order to hear the whole thing you need to unlock the track from the game disc.

The online mode would allow you to hear the entire theme if you didn’t click past the post-mission menus.

A particular track was used for if a mission in the online mode ends with a Draw or a Defeat. It is essentially a more subdued version of the first 30 seconds of the WRO March. Here is the Online Draw/Defeat theme as unlocked from the game disc:

The observation one makes here is that among the 27 tracks on the “Multiplayer Mode (Original Sound Collections)” release, most themes will already be familiar to anyone who played all the offline content of Dirge of Cerberus.

On the original soundtrack there is a theme titled “Fragment of Memory” that players of the game will recognize. An alternate version of this track would play while installing the Multiplayer, as we learned when krHACKen unlocked the installation screen. On the surface it’s the same theme, but the installation music is coupled with various reverberating sounds in the background which are not present in the normal version of “Fragment of Memory”. At times you can also hear the static of what sounds like electronic communication devices.

Online Soldier: Voice Samples

The voice clips used for the online player character actually exist on the game disc. While the software does not yet exist to extract the audio directly, using cheats it is possible to make the game play these clips.

With this method I have manually recorded almost all the aforementioned sound clips. The only sounds that remain to unlock are the grunts exclaimed by an online player character when they are shot.

You can download all these recordings, plus the “crowd” sounds which would sometimes play after a battle or mission was over, in the link below.

Online Soldier Voice Clips + Crowd

Further below are tables with translations for each clip, since only Japanese samples were ever made for the online player character. Thanks to mecorx for the translations!

Crowd / Audience
Regular Soldier
Polite Soldier
Wild Soldier
Mechanical Soldier
Regular Female Soldier
Lady Soldier
Sister Soldier
Mechanical Female Soldier

Crowd / Audience

on_a101.wav *Crowd is cheering!* わーっ!
on_a102.wav *Crowd is impressed* おぉー
on_a103.wav *Laughing crowd!* あはは
on_a104.wav *Booing crowd!* ぶーぶー
on_a105.wav *Crowd is gasping* あぁっ!
on_a106.wav *Crowd is going wild* きゃー!
on_a107.wav *Crowd is worried* おぉー!

Regular Soldier

on_a001.wav Yeah! やった!
on_a002.wav I’ve lost… 負けた…
on_a017.wav Tsk チェッ
on_a018.wav Mission complete! 作戦完了!
on_v001.wav Let’s go! 行こう!
on_v002.wav Help me! 助けてくれ!
on_v003.wav Charge! 行くぞ!
on_v004.wav Alright. ああ。
on_v005.wav Aaa! *battle cry* ああぁ!
on_v006.wav No. いや。
on_v007.wav Enemies! 敵だ!
on_v008.wav Stop! 止まれ!
on_v009.wav Let’s get outta here! 逃げよう!
on_v105.wav Forgive me! 許してくれ!
on_v106.wav I owe you one! 恩に着るぜ!
on_v107.wav Great work! よくやった!
on_v108.wav Oh no! しまった!

Polite Soldier

on_a003.wav Thank you very much! ありがとうございました!
on_a004.wav I look forward to working with you again. またよろしくお願いします。
on_a019.wav A draw? 引き分けですか?
on_a020.wav Yeah, that’s it! ふむ、良し!
on_v011.wav Let’s advance! 進みましょう!
on_v012.wav Help me, please! 助けてください!
on_v013.wav Attack! 攻撃!
on_v014.wav Roger! はい!
on_v015.wav I’m going for it! 行きますよ!
on_v016.wav No, sir! いいえ!
on_v017.wav It’s the enemy! 敵です!
on_v018.wav Stop, please! 止まってください!
on_v019.wav Let’s retreat! 逃げましょう!
on_v109.wav My apologies! すみません!
on_v110.wav You have my thanks. 助かりまして。
on_v111.wav We did it! やりましたね!
on_v112.wav I was careless. 迂闊でした。

Wild Soldier

on_a005.wav Gahahahaha! がはっはっはっはっ!
on_a006.wav Th-That’s impossible! ばーばかな!
on_a021.wav Grr! グッ!
on_a022.wav Hmph! ふん!
on_v021.wav Advance! 前進!
on_v022.wav Help! 助けろー!
on_v023.wav Attack! 攻撃!
on_v024.wav Got it! おう!
on_v025.wav *chaaaarge* でやああぁ!
on_v026.wav I refuse! 却下!
on_v027.wav Enemies! 敵だ!
on_v028.wav STOP! 止まれぇ!
on_v029.wav Retreat! 逃げるぞ!
on_v113.wav My bad! 悪かった!
on_v114.wav Thanks, bud! すまんな!
on_v115.wav Great stuff! いいぞ!
on_v116.wav Unacceptable! 認めんぞ!

Mechanical Soldier

on_a007.wav Mission complete. 作戦終了。
on_a008.wav Shutting down. 機能停止。
on_a023.wav Stalemate. 戦況膠着。
on_a024.wav Back to base. 帰投します。
on_v031.wav Advancing. 前進稼働。
on_v032.wav Assist. Stop. 支援。止せ。
on_v033.wav Commencing assault. 攻撃開始。
on_v034.wav Affirmative. 承認。
on_v035.wav @#$%! @#$%!
on_v036.wav Negative. 否決。
on_v037.wav Surrounding enemy. 敵捕捉。
on_v038.wav Order to cease. 停止命令。
on_v039.wav Commencing retreat protocol. 撤退処理。
on_v117.wav I apologize. 謝罪します。
on_v118.wav My thanks. 感謝。
on_v119.wav Fantastic. 素晴らしい。
on_v120.wav Unable to recover. 修復不能。

Regular Female Soldier

on_a009.wav Yay! やった!
on_a010.wav I’ve lost. 負けたわ。
on_a025.wav What’s with that? なんだ?
on_a026.wav Mission complete! 作戦完了!
on_v041.wav Let’s go! 行きましょう!
on_v042.wav Help me! 助けて!
on_v043.wav I’m going in! 行くわよ!
on_v044.wav Yes. ええ。
on_v045.wav Aaa! *battle cry* ああぁ!
on_v046.wav No. いいえ。
on_v047.wav Enemy! 敵!
on_v048.wav Stop! 止まって!
on_v049.wav Let’s retreat. 逃げましょう。
on_v121.wav Sorry! ごめんなさい!
on_v122.wav Thank you. ありがとう。
on_v123.wav Wow! すごい!
on_v124.wav Noo! そんなっ!

Lady Soldier
Translator’s note: She’s more of a “stuck-up-princess soldier”.

on_a011.wav We won. 勝ってしまいました。
on_a012.wav Oh my, did we lose? あら、負けましたの?
on_a027.wav We were so close… あと少しでしたのに…
on_a028.wav Is that it? 終わりですの?
on_v051.wav I’m going in! 行きますわ!
on_v052.wav I’m in trouble! ピンチですわ!
on_v053.wav I’m going for it! やりますよ!
on_v054.wav Yep! はーい!
on_v055.wav Oh dear! あら、あら!
on_v056.wav Nope! いいえ!
on_v057.wav Mr. Enemy found. 敵さん発見。
on_v058.wav Stop at once! お止まりになって!
on_v059.wav Please escape! お逃げになって!
on_v125.wav Please excuse me! 失礼いたしました!
on_v126.wav Yay, I’m so happy! わー、嬉しい!
on_v127.wav I knew you could do it! さすがですわ!
on_v128.wav Curse be upon you! 呪ってやりますわ!

Sister Soldier

on_a013.wav That wasn’t even worth my time. 暇つぶしにもなりゃしない。
on_a014.wav *shriek* キィィィィ!
on_a029.wav I don’t like this one bit! 気に入らないわね。
on_a030.wav I wonder about that. どうかしら。
on_v061.wav I’m going in! 行くわよ!
on_v062.wav I demand your assistance! 助けなさい!
on_v063.wav Get going! お行きなさい!
on_v064.wav Guess I have no choice. 仕方ないわね!
on_v065.wav Kyahahaha! おほっほっほっほっほっほ!
on_v066.wav Silence! お黙り!
on_v067.wav Found the enemy! 見ぃつけた!
on_v068.wav Stop! 止まる!
on_v069.wav I’ll let you off this time. 今回は見逃してあげるわ。
on_v129.wav My mistake. 悪かったわね。
on_v130.wav Oh, thanks for the help! あら、助かるわ!
on_v131.wav Pretty good, aren’t ya! やるじゃないの?
on_v132.wav H-How could this be! なーなんてこと!

Mechanical Female Soldier

on_a015.wav Mission complete. 作戦終了。
on_a016.wav Unable to compute. 理解不能。
on_a031.wav Error, error. 無効無効。
on_a032.wav Back to base. 帰投します。
on_v071.wav Advancing. 前進します。
on_v072.wav Requesting assistance. 支援要請。
on_v073.wav Commencing attack. 攻撃開始。
on_v074.wav Understood. 了承します。
on_v075.wav @#$%! @#$%!
on_v076.wav Denied. 却下します。
on_v077.wav Surrounding enemies. 敵を捕捉。
on_v078.wav Signalling retreat. 停止指示発行。
on_v079.wav Initiating retreat protocol. 撤退処理開始。
on_v133.wav Please forgive me. 許してください。
on_v134.wav I thank you. 感謝します。
on_v135.wav Fantastic. 素晴らしいです。
on_v136.wav Anomaly detected. 異常発生。

To read translator mecorx’s notes, as well as the voice clips written in Japanese, you can see the following spreadsheet.

The Sound Document

In the US and PAL/European versions of Dirge of Cerberus there exists a document called “jsnddb.txt“. The document is a directory over the background music, sound effects and voice clips of the game. The audio clips are described in Japanese. The PAL file is slightly bigger than the US counterpart, containing more references to sounds from the online mode.

While we have confirmed that the Online Player Character voice clips exist we can’t be sure that all the online mode sounds referenced in the document actually exist on the game disc. Not until the sound files are either extracted or unlocked via cheats.

Below is a link to a spreadsheet with the PAL edition of the jsnddb.txt document, with the sound descriptions translated into English.

jsnddb.txt on Google Sheets

The references to the online mode have been compiled in the second tab of the google sheet. Of particular interest are the “Hiren Event” and “Pullum Event” in the list, both of which are direct references to NPCs of the online mode.

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