NPCs of Deepground

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One of the least preserved aspects of the online mode are the player’s interactions with the many quest givers of Deepground. This page aims to create a semblance of familiarity with these NPCs by putting together the little info there is to find. The current version of this article does not talk about the Tsviets encountered in the Single Player, nor does it include a section devoted to the Multiplayer character Usher, though this might be amended in future revisions.

The Deepground Lobby was divided into four areas. In-game these areas were numbered, but we’ll typically refer to them by their cardinal placement.

Area 1East Lobby
Area 2South Lobby
Area 3West Lobby
Area 4North Lobby

The abbreviation that precedes many of the NPCs names represent their class/rank in Deepground. These are the classes from lowest to highest.

DGD – Deepground Drone
DGSC – Deepground Scout
DGT – Deepground Trooper
DGC – Deepground Commander
DGG – Deepground General
TSV – Tsviet

2006 Era NPCs
  - East Lobby
  - South Lobby
  - West Lobby
  - North Lobby
  - Miscellaneous
2005 Beta Version NPCs
Research Notes

2006 Era NPCs

Each cardinal area had one Restrictor and one Officer. The Restrictors were the absolute will in Deepground. Disobedience to their orders meant death. By the time of the events in the Single Player, the Restrictors have been overthrown and the Tsviets of Color are now the dominating force.

The Restrictors belonged to the 14th SOLDIER Unit known as “Lost Force”, typically referred to as a unit that “wasn’t supposed to exist”. What this likely means is that the Unit didn’t exist officially. It is not clear if there are only the four Restrictors found in Deepground, or if more existed off-screen.

The Restrictors were each identical in appearance and bloggers write that there really was no way to tell them apart, other than from which area they stood in.

Seen above are the Restrictors of the East, South and West lobbies respectively. We currently have no screenshots of the Restrictor of the North Lobby. Since the Restrictor in the cutscenes always uses the same voice, we can be pretty confident that the game intended us to always be following one and the same Restrictor during the story, only not knowing for certain which lobby (if any) they belonged to in gameplay.

The story of how “Lost Force” disposed of the 13th SOLDIER Unit “Ragnarok” was limited to NPC dialogue and the description to the “Ragnarok Unit Patch” medal. Sadly the original Japanese NPC passages have not been archived. We do however possess an English translation of the story as told by an unidentified NPC of Deepground.

Congratulations on making it to DG Trooper 2nd. Luck alone didn’t get you through that mission. You’ve got some real talent. With your potential, you could go even higher. You could surmount even the walls I was never able to conquer.

If you do not get mixed up with them, that is. I’ve never told this to anyone else before… do you want to hear it?

[Yes or No. Pick ‘Yes’.]

There used to be a squad, they were hailed as the strongest on this whole planet. SOLDIER Unit 13. Otherwise known as “Ragnarok“. They were incredible, completely undefeated in battle. Nothing was impossible for them.

My old unit was left in the middle of enemy territory once. We had our backs to the wall. Ragnarok managed to slip through the enemy lines and get us out of there. When I asked them, they say their original mission was to destroy two enemy bases, clear out their armouries and return.

From the looks of things, they found out the trouble we were in during their mission, and rescued us on a spot decision. All while carrying on with their original mission as well. A feat anyone else would have thought impossible, and they pull it off like it was nothing. They were an amazing lot.

Yet they were wiped out in a single night…

Jealousy, conspiracy, hatred, betrayal, cover-ups, traps… There were some who didn’t take their extraordinary strength too fondly. That day, they received a secret order and went off to Mako Reactor 0. They’ve been around; they weren’t idiots. They probably knew it was a trap. Maybe the reason they went was because they wanted to put an end to these petty internal disputes themselves.

That was their first, and last, mistake. When they reached Mako Reactor 0, what they found waiting for them didn’t exist… a unit that was never meant to exist.

SOLDIER Unit 14… The Restrictors.

A handful of Restrictors annihilated the invincible Ragnarok in one single night… How can you take that in? That they would be wiped out, in a single night, by so few… But this is reality. The Restrictors are the real monsters!

I can sense a certain potential in you. And I want to nurture that. Keep away from the Restrictors.

Each officer is always standing by the Ranking Board of the area that matches their name: Officer-East, Officer-South, Officer-West & Officer-North. These instructors were responsible for handing out promotion exams which you had to clear in order to advance your Deepground rank. We learn in cutscenes that at least Officer-East is a Tsviet and it seems reasonable to speculate that these high-position officers would all be of the Tsviet rank.

A phrase commonly uttered by the inhabitants of Deepground is “ズィーガー! P.S.!” [Sieger, P.S.!]

In the Single Player, the phrase “Sieger Weiss” was officially translated as “Hail Weiss”. Unfortunately we do not have it confirmed what the “P.S.” stands for. One guess would be that it is short for President Shinra. Ergo “Sieger, P.S.!” might be read as “Hail President Shinra!

East Lobby


Originally, Argento wore a helmet and did not have voiced lines. With the February 27 update she received a voice, which may also have been the update when her helmet was removed. Some players were surprised to find that Argento was a woman.

Along with the Tsviets of Color, Argento is involved in the scheme to overthrow the Restrictors. She is a Tsviet who is referred to as “the Silver”, but it is not entirely clear if she is a “Tsviet of Color” on the same level as the likes of Shelke, Azul, Rosso, Nero and Weiss.

Argento: I am Argento. The strongest hide themselves as the weakest and thus seem too weak to fight. Therefore, my role is to observe. There is a reason why I do not fight, yet still continue to exist. But ’tis not yet time to speak of this.

I ask thee. Dost thou seekest to become the strongest?


In the cutscenes that have been saved, and in those that can be unlocked in DCFFVII:International, Officer-East is the only officer we get to see. Actually, we are talking about two characters here, not just one…

In Scene 3 and Scene 4, Officer-East speaks with confidence and professionalism. During Scenes 8, 9 and 10 we observe an Officer-East who has a nervous disposition and speaks with a subservient tone. These two variations of the instructor have two completely different voices.

Due to how little dialogue has been archived we are not sure why the confident Officer-East was replaced with an officer who nervously clings to his own baton.

Officer-East the 2nd is a Tsviet known as “Grey”, though what this title means is unknown.

DGG Cataract

The blue machine is called Patricia, the computer that monitors the soldiers of Deepground. In front of it stands DGG Cataract. She is the individual who oversees Patricia, who in turn oversees Deepground.

DGG Cataract: Don’t get any wise ideas, or you’ll be found out right away.
If you want to stay alive here, you must always make smart choices.
DGG Cataract: Hail P.S.!!

Mana3 gave a salute.

“Cataract” is a medical term for a clouding of the lens in the eye, which leads to a decrease in vision. Perhaps there is a pun in here that despite Cataract overseeing Patricia, she does not have the sight to spot the plot that is unfolding to overthrow the Restrictors.

DGC Sturm

When Officer-East finishes explaining to the new player character about promotion exams and battles, he directs you to DGC Sturm who will explain missions for you. Sturm’s placement right next to the Battle Entry terminal is clearly intended for tutorial purposes.

When blogger daijinn describes DGC Sturm, she writes that Sturm is “fearful of the 2nd instructor, who replaced the 1st after he went crazy”. You learned more about this matter with each promotion.

While this passage confirms that there were multiple versions of Officer-East, confusion arises because it says that Sturm is frightened of the 2nd instructor. But from our perspective, the 2nd instructor is the nervous, cowardly Officer-East. Why would Sturm be scared of this instructor, unless we don’t have a correct view of which instructor is 1st, 2nd…or even 3rd?

Sturm is German for “Storm”.

DGD Soar

He is for some reason very fond of broken equipment, and so you are forced to receive broken items from him. Not useful at all during battle.

TSV Pullum

The version update on April 20 introduced TSV Pullum. She would sit at the bottom of the stairs leading to the northwest basement. If you spoke to her under certain conditions, she would offer to clear missions on your behalf…if you had the gil to pay for it.

With Pullum’s help, a player could advance in rank by having promotion exams cleared for them. However each time this was done, a minus symbol would be placed next to the new player rank: A reminder that you didn’t advance based on your own skill.

The name “Pullum” may be a word pun derived from the statement “pull them” when spoken as “pull ’em” and the fact that she “pulls” missions for the player.

Buy the proper items from TSV Pullum and tune these up via the normal shop to create the Moogle Cap.

South Lobby


This officer is the only one that we have no footage of, apart from appearing briefly and blurred in the background in a video recording. In the preserved fragments of daijinn’s blog, it is revealed that Officer-West was the only female instructor. Ergo, even without screenshots we know that Officer-South was male.

What we do have are two screenshots showing Officer-South as the speaker in Scene 3 of the Multiplayer’s storyline.

These two snapshots are the only remaining pictorial evidence of cutscenes having had variations depending on which officer you spoke to when triggering the cutscene. In all other recorded material, we only have Officer-East as the speaker.

We also possess transcriptions of the Japanese text for most of Officer-South’s lines during this scene. When we compare the text of Officer-East and Officer-South we find that they speak exactly the same.


The purpose of Deepground is to create superhuman soldiers, without letting morality interfere in the science experiments involved. Este-D is the epitome of the researchers of Deepground who are without a conscience. She is the only named researcher/doctor/scientist to appear in cutscenes.

At an unknown point, the research NPC models were updated. Initially they looked rather like white-clad officers, which was then replaced with a different type of gasmask and appropriate lab coats.

If you handed over a Dandelion to Este-D, randomness would then decide if she threw the flower away or if she deemed it fitting for experimentation. If she liked the flower, you would receive a gasmask. This is the same type of gasmask that Este-D, and the other doctors, wear in their redesign.

[–has been/was–]
Este-D: Aaarrrgh! So itchy!
Este-D: I can’t take it, I’d rather be dead if I knew it’d itch so much
Este-D: What is that! Let me have a look!
1 Dandelion is forcibly taken from you
Este-D: THIS IS IT——-!!!!
Este-D: This flower! This is just what I’ve been searching for!
Este-D: Don’t know why, but don’t you think there’s something about it that stinks of the Ancients!
Este-D: Nice going! Here, take this
Obtained 1 Gasmask
Este-D: Ehehe! What experiments should I do with this flower! I’m so excited just thinking about it, I might pee my pants

In Scene 7, Este-D knocks out the player character and proceeds to experiment on their brain. The player then is seemingly able to remotely view a conversation taking place between Shelke and Rosso, by observing them from the brain of a dead soldier. After the player wakes up, Este-D is frustrated that they’re not reporting anything.

Este-D: What a pain. The point of this experiment is to extract data from the vacant brain through a direct connection. You really didn’t see anything?! Oh well, at least you were able to regain consciousness… Others have their brains broken… Ah, no. Don’t mind me.

At the end of Scene 9, after the player has been struck down by Shelke, Este-D finds their body.

Este-D: Oh, so you’re alive after all. I found you lying among the rest of the offal. I was out looking for a new specime… I mean, I was out for a walk. Then this strange, but somehow familiar guy showed up and said, “This one’s still alive”, and just walked away. And you did look like a perfect test subjec… Nevermind. Anyway! I ended up dragging you all the way here.

The “strange, but somehow familiar guy” Este-D is referring to is most likely Usher. In Scene 13, it is revealed that Usher was an SND projection by Shelke. However, player reports suggest that Usher, or a red-haired soldier just like him, used to exist. Este-D may have met this soldier before he died, which is why she would find Shelke’s SND projection “strange, but somehow familiar”.


After a group of individuals mutated into giant birds of the Epiolnis type, Ljungbery asks that you dispose of these people so they can return to the planet. The mission he unlocks for you is called “The Giant Birds who Cry Death”.

Blogger daijinn writes that Ljungbery “might be the only decent researcher out of them all”, which seems to imply that Ljungbery actually has a conscience and that his request that you kill the mutated creatures might stem from a desire to end their suffering.


An old man underneath his uniform, clearing his mission allows you to pay him to have your voice and uniform changed. We know at least that the uniform change included changing the color palette, though it’s possible that it also involved picking a different overall design. In a blog post from the end of February, Cloze writes that the price to change your voice and uniform color was 30,000 gil.

Old man Regis here is not to be confused with a certain regent from Final Fantasy XV.

DGC Da-You

Standing near the Battle Entry area, she tells you various things about matches. Da-You speaks using words indicating she was from the countryside.


The machine on the right is a terminal where you can register Units and manage your Unit members. In true tutorial fashion, DGT Kon stands next to this machine and tells you about Unit management.

The mask “Explosion-proof Protector” could be given to the player by DGT Kon.

DGT Emily

A disciple of Kon, a crybaby, and also an explosives enthusiast. She gives you a number of Bomb-related missions.

If it wasn’t already obvious, she wears the “Explosion-proof Protector”.


A researcher who is interested in deciphering texts. He expresses interest in reading things like illegible notes, but is indifferent towards such texts as “How to get x10 the enjoyment out of Mako”.

In the mission “MIA” you could find multiple “Memo” quest items. In return for the memo “A note of miracles?”, Waldo would give you the “SOLDIER Mask”.

Waldo is only first mentioned in player blogs from around summer time and onwards. It is possible that this quest giver was introduced with the July 18 update, which is also when the mission “MIA” was added.

A waldo is a remote manipulator. Maybe the name was chosen for this researcher because of its associations with engineering and science.

DGD Peliry

Our first hovering NPC on this list! He teaches you how each type of magic works.

Just like with the redesigns observed with the researchers, we do not know exactly when these floating NPCs were changed to look like mages.

West Lobby


Officer-West is the only female officer.

4000 of the ranking ones
Officer-West: Or was there something you wanted to ask me?

DGT Maybee

Standing next to the Battle Entry terminals, DGT Maybee can inform you about matches. He is an ambiguous character who always adds the word “maybe” to the end of his sentences.

In the NPC maps created by Cloze around the end of April, Maybee is written as belonging to the Drone class. It is from daijinn’s blog that we find the reference to Maybee being a Trooper. Currently we can’t be absolutely sure if Maybee was a Drone or a Trooper, or if perhaps he advanced in rank at some point.

All I know is my gut says Maybee.

DGG Iruka

A key person in a number of missions. Quite the looker, apparently. Sends the people of Deepground swooning.

DGG Iruka: Hehehehe…… looks like you’ve yet been unable to return to the planet and are still stuck wandering about

DGT Carry

A female DG soldier who is smitten with Iruka. She apparently finds it difficult to concentrate on her Iruka-watching with the weirdo standing behind her.

Carry on, soldier.

DGC Masso

DGC Masso is one-sidedly interested in Carry. He always keeps an eye on Carry from behind her. Of course, this makes Iruka his rival in love.

Masso is another NPC whose first appearance seems to be around the summer months, just like Waldo and DGT Emily.

North Lobby


When turning over ten Mako Candy to Officer-North, he would at random either give you a Shield Visor mask or the FFVII staple consolation prize “Pocket Tissue”.

DGSC Hiren

After finding some Fuzzy Seeds in the Collector’s Mind mission, you could hand them over to Hiren for her to grow them into a Dandelion. The growing process would take a few real-time days. If Este-D didn’t accept the flower Hiren grew on your behalf, you’d have to repeat the process until Este-D accepted the Dandelion.


DGSC Hiren: With the aid of Deepground’s capabilities, you may be able to progress more quickly than you think.

If you defeated DGSC Hiren in the mission “Iron ☆ Soul” (introduced with the May 19 version update) she would drop the “Nouvelle Mask”. In the image above you see her battle form, albeit from the back, in said mission.

After acquiring Hiren’s mask she would be quite mad at you for using the Nouvelle Mask as your own. “Nouvelle” is French for “new”.


She uses nothing but difficult words and seems to be fond of idioms.

DGC Maki

Hovering next to a shop machine, DGC Maki is described as a “salesperson” but not a shopkeeper. Most likely this means that Maki held an informational role related to the shop without actually selling anything herself. With the shop machines you could buy weapons, materia and perform modifications on equipment. Maybe Maki informed you about additions to the shop?

Maki has a split personality. Her alternate personality played a crucial role as one of the “dual heads” in a festival/event.

DGC Genza

Apparently not on great terms with DGSC Jingi, whom we shall soon get to know. Genza has a habit of adding “Gengen!” to what he says. We are currently not sure what “Gengen!” means.

DGSC Jingi

A Mako poisoning sufferer who is always exposed to Mako radiation. He’s always throwing up.

DGSC Jingi: “Bleeeaaaaarrrgghhhh!!”

The moogle that acted as a replacement for Jingi as he was being experimented upon and getting half his brain removed. Some sources say that instead of the moogle saying “Kupo” when pressed, it would do the same vomiting sound that Jingi did. Was half of Jingi’s brain placed in this moogle doll, while his other half was placed inside Black-J?


This Black Widow-type robot has half of Jingi’s brain implanted in it and so Black-J acts just like him. According to one source, Black-J even did the puking sound of DGSC Jingi.

Two masks were linked to Black-J during the Turk of Turks event. After defeating Turk Vincent, Black-J would give you a Chocobo Cap. If you handed over five or more “Garbage Data” to Black-J, you’d be rewarded with the Tonberry Cap.

It is unknown if DGSC Jingi was ever restored, or if his mind remained as having one half in a moogle doll and the other half inside a Black Widow robot.


DGC Banban-G

A character who only appeared in three missions and in the descriptions to said missions. The first is the Scout-level mission “The Stolen Secret”, given to you by Jingi after his treasured book is stolen. He believes the thief is Banban-G, so your goal was now to defeat Banban-G and retrieve the book.

Banban-G moved counterclockwise around the Battle Site map (see above image to the left) and you defeated him by detonating explosive drum cans in his vicinity. This mission style was adapted into the Extra Mission “Drumline”, where Vincent must defeat an otherwise invincible Dual Horn by leading it to explosive drum cans and detonating these.

In the online mode in the case of Banban-G, you also had the option of using Grenades and S-Mines. Your second encounter with Banban-G was in the Tsviet-level mission “Stolen Rare Gun”, assigned after talking to Maki. The mission took place in the City map.

You faced Banban-G a third, final time in the Tsviet mission “Last Banban-G” which took place on the Multiplayer-exclusive snowy mountains.

While the existing screenshots of Banban-G are not zoomed in close enough to confirm this, it looks like his character model was the standard “DG Sergeant” model.

Blogger daijinn always refer to Banban-G as being a Commander, but the online guide FFCheats (which admittedly is filled with errors and typos) write Banban-G as having been demoted to Drone class by the time of the “Stolen Rare Gun” mission.

2005 Beta Version NPCs

As tends to be the case with the beta phase, documentation is more sparse here than for the retail version of 2006. Let’s start with a list of NPC names that have been saved from

DGS Wizz
DGD Hiren
DGC Soar
DGG Cataract
DGG Regis
DGG Iruka
DGG Jingi

When you clicked the link you may have noticed that the page was saved on February 7 in 2006, by the time that the public version of the Multiplayer had just been made available. This, and the fact that we don’t know the original source of this list of quest givers, adds to how problematic it is. The names might be a combination of the 2005 and early 2006 era, or even belong to only one era or the other. The best we can do now is interpret the trail of information based on screenshots and reports from bloggers who played the game.

Let’s round up which NPC names match between the beta and retail eras and how some titles and even names were changed in the transition.

DGS Wizz → DGD Peliry
DGD Hiren → DGSC Hiren
DGC Soar → DGD Soar
West-D → Este-D
DGG Cataract (no change)
DGG Regis → Regis
DGG Iruka (no change)
DGG Jingi → DGSC Jingi

What you’ll observe here, apart from the character model being different from her 2006 counterpart, is that Hiren is holding a long barrel gun. In the beta version, NPCs were all holding fire arms. A humorous element arises here because whenever you were talking to a quest giver, you’d be doing so at gun-point.

The majority of quest giver screenshots we have are from a blogger who almost always scribbled the screenshots with their own notes and comments, but at least this helps us differentiate the NPCs from the normal players. This is another aspect of the beta version: Quest givers had designs that were all available to the player characters. By giving them unique designs in the 2006 era they stood out more from the player characters.

The NPC in the above screenshot is standing on the same spot as DGG Cataract does in 2006. We don’t know the name of the NPC captured here, but even if their name was Cataract there is the difference that this beta NPC appears to be male while Cataract is female in the 2006 iteration.

“West-D” is standing in the middle of this crowd of players, at coordinate H-14 in Area 2. West-D could receive a Dandelion from the player, just like Este-D later would in the 2006 era. Indeed, West-D is essentially the beta version of Este-D. By clearing 50 Team Battles, West-D would at random give you either a Power Kit, Speed Kit or a Weight Kit to use for tuning up weapons.

DGS Yumi: Hmm. I’ve got this feeling that watching over you as you develop won’t actually be all that boring

A beta-exclusive quest giver who holds the title “DGS” was Yumi, who was positioned in the outer ring of the East Lobby.

The abbreviation “DGS” is never used in the retail edition. It probably represents “Deepground Scout”, which was always written as “DGSC” after the beta phase.

As it stands we have snapshots of these beta instructors/officers for the West, North and East lobbies. It is unknown what names and titles they held. Just like their Officer counterparts in the retail edition, these people handed out promotion exam missions to the player.

I guess this was my first time meeting you. Was it not?

DGT Wizz: That means if you shoot the enemy the moment he jumps in front of [?], he’ll take massive damage.

The scribbles above the NPC in the first screenshot reads マテリアマン [Materia Man]. Appropriately enough, the “Materia Man” is wearing the Magic Suit.

This is “DGT Wizz” or “DGS Wizz” depending on the source. Wizz is described by blogger Kupoa as an NPC who loves materia. Speaking to Wizz, whose name might be a play on the title “Wizard”, would make him give you the Fire Materia.

By defeating enough enemies using the destructive power of magic, Wizz would give you the Materia Booster accessory which when equipped increased the power level of materia by one. Defeating yet more enemies using magic and then having the Materia Booster equipped when talking to Wizz would make him give you the Materia Floater, another accessory that boosts materia level by one. Equipping both these accessories allowed you to wield the powerful Level 3 versions of whatever materia you currently had equipped. After the beta phase, the level-based materia mechanic was removed from the online multiplayer but it remained in the single player.

Wizz, whether he was DGS Wizz or DGT Wizz, became “DGD Peliry” in the 2006 era and his role there was to tell you how materia worked. Both Wizz and Peliry were situated in coordinate B-11 of Area 2 in the Deepground Lobby.

Though the beta version only ran for selected players from September 22 to October 31, it received weekly version updates during this time. We know from saved PlayOnline reports and blog entries that four new NPCs were added to the Deepground Lobby with the October 18 update. These four new NPCs, one per each cardinal direction of the full lobby, gave out special masks if the Unit that a player belonged to had acquired enough Unit Ranking Points.

In page 243 of the DCFFVII Complete Guide there is a screenshot where the chat box includes a message by “DGT Void“.

There may be special rewards based on …
DGT Void: Understood. Now, let’s both return to our posts.

Because the guide uses images from varying states of the game’s development, we can’t be sure if DGT Void was an NPC that players ever encountered, be it in the beta phase or during the early 2006 era. DGT Void could be a quest giver that only the developers interacted with or DGT Void might even just be an oddly formal player character.

That wraps it up for all that we currently know about the NPCs of the beta version, which inevitably had to include plenty of speculation due to how fragmental the available data is.

Research Notes

– Most of what we know about the 2006 NPCs come from the lost blog of daijinn, of which only a small part exists on the Internet Archive. Thanks to Suzaku and S&G, important samples of the blog have been saved. Without daijinn’s blog and those who saved her blog entries, this article would only include half the information and half the screenshots it currently has.

– Daijinn’s notes read that DGSC Hiren “beats you up for using the [Nouvelle] mask as your own”, though it is unclear if this means that Hiren resorted to literal physical violence.

– S&G saved an auto-translated version of a few entries of daijinn’s blog. While the auto-translation leaves many confusing sentences, it is not entirely unhelpful. Included in the documents is a note written by S&G that Genza is on bad terms with Jingi because Jingi keeps on spitting in the waterfall. The original source of this claim has been lost, but it probably referred to Jingi vomiting in the water rather than simply spitting in it, since we know of Jingi’s regular vomiting.

– In an annotation to a music video devoted to the online mode, DGG Iruka is described as “A very malicious individual who performs questionable experiments“. Are these character traits linked to his creepy laughter?

DGG Iruka: Hehehehe…… looks like you’ve yet been unable to return to the planet and are still stuck wandering about

– The Japanese site FFCheats is a great and rare source for DCFFVII Multiplayer info, however it is filled with typos and it mixes material and names from the beta version and the 2006 era. For this reason, some information that contradicts blogger reports have not been included in our analysis.

– Many thanks to mecorx for the majority of translations and thanks to Squall_of_SeeD for the additional aid. You can read transcriptions and translations relating to NPC content in the following Google Docs spreadsheet.

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