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If you’d like to support TheLifestream and keep it ad-free, you can support us through Patreon; our expenses are relatively low, so with just a few monies per month we’ll be able to cover those expenses. The excess will be invested in community events, dank swag, and re-patreon’d (?) to our contributors, artists, writers, etc.

Alternatively, if you’d like to make a one-time donation, we offer the option to donate via PayPal. Use the following form to donate the indicated amount to TLS. If you’d like to donate a different figure, please contact us for details.

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Donation Benefits

Donating to TLS will – of course – have some benefits for you as well. In case the donations are unable to cover the costs for keeping TLS online, and we’ll be forced to add advertising to the site, we will offer ad removal to those that have donated – donators will never see advertisements that we put on TLS.

In the future, as more features become available to TLS, donators will receive additional benefits. If you like, we’ll also give you credit for keeping TLS online, by adding a benefactor list. Please indicate if you’d like to have your name added to said list when you make the donation.

f you have a good idea for other donator benefits, feel free to suggest them to us through either the contact form or through a post in the Feedback & Suggestions section on our forums.

Donation Conditions and Usage

Some ‘legal’ notes apply to donating money to TLS. First off, no rights or guarantees can be given when you donate money. That is, you won’t have an extra say on site or forum matters because you’ve donated. The only extras you will get are the benefits as described above, and/or any future benefits. The conditions for donation may alter at any time (although probably just in the details). There will be no refunds, unless a serious mistake has occurred – contact us when that occurs, but, once again, no guarantees of any kind can be given.

Donations will be used primarily to pay for hosting of the site, and secondarily for additional TLS expenses, such as software licenses and other site or content-related purchases such as magazines or other content. As donator, you won’t have a deciding vote in where the donated money is spent on, however you can make suggestions in the designated section. No guarantee can be given if the suggestion will be executed though, depending on the suggestion itself and the available funds.