Dengeki PlayStation Vol.40

Scans & Commentary

On January 31, 1997 Final Fantasy VII was released in Japan. This exact date is also when Dengeki PlayStation Volume 40 was released. The magazine includes a retrospective of the J-RPG genre’s history, a look into the game’s characters and interviews with the developers.

The scans on this page were shared on the official Dengeki PlayStation website and are of decent quality, though not enough to clearly/reliably make out all the text. If you have scans where the Japanese text is clearly readable, please let us know in the forum.

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The Retrospective

– J-RPG fans will definitely recognize one or two titles here.


– A similar-type font is used here for the word “X-FILE” as for the first letter in the TV show “X-Files” which at this point in time was still airing new episodes.

Pages 14-15

Pages 62-63

– Group shot of six important people of the FFVII production staff. From left to right:
野村哲也 ・ Tetsuya Nomura (Character Designer & Battle Visual Director)
榊原幹典 ・ Motonori Sakakibara (CG Movie Director)
藤井明 ・ Akira Fujii (Battle Stage Director)
成田賢 ・ Ken Narita (Main Programmer)
神崎建三 ・ Kenzou Kanzaki (Background Designer)
安井建太郎 ・ Yasui Kentarou (Effects Programmer)



koolaidman: Big thanks for sharing the scans on our forum.
Shademp: Article author and overall commentary.
Squall_of_SeeD: Transcriptions, translations and confirmation of each individual in the group photo.