Final Fantasy VII: The Unused Text – Part 3

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Join us once again, as we delve into a longer version of the train event, extended dialogue from the people of the slums, and alternate camera angles for familiar scenes.

Train Carriage (TIN_1)

Shinra Manager

“You…you’ve seen the news, right? 「ニュ、ニュースぐらい見てるだろ?
AVALANCHE says there’ll be more bombings.”  アバランチの爆弾テロ予告が
“Only devoted employees like me 「こんな日にミッドガルに出かけるのは
would go to Midgar on a day like today.”  仕事熱心な私たち
{Barret} BARRET
“Huh? Wait a minute!” 「んっ? ちょっと、まった!」
“Did we make a terrorist threat?” 「オレたち、テロの予告なんてしたか?」
{Tifa} TIFA
“What are you talking about? 「なにいってるのよ!
Right about now, AVALANCHE is famous.”  アバランチはいまや有名なのよ」
{Barret} BARRET
“Heh heh… 「へヘ……
Famous…”  有名か…」

The remaining choreography in the game does not hint whether Barret was so careless to ask “Did we make a terrorist threat?” when still right in front of the Shinra Manager or if he was to run back to Cloud and Tifa first.

In the final game, Barret ignores the claim that AVALANCHE has made official threats stating that they will continue their terrorist activities and instead points his gun arm at the Shinra Manager and says “You work for Shinra?” The latter response is more true to Barret’s character, but it’s possible that in the earlier draft the Shinra manager did not reveal his employer.

The older scenario raises the question of whether AVALANCHE actually promised future anti-Shinra activities. Barret obviously knows of no such message. Tifa’s explanation of this claim is that “AVALANCHE is famous,” so she must be assuming that President Shinra made this statement to scare the people, in turn making himself seem more protective of the citizens.
It is unlikely that Biggs, Wedge and Jessie act outside of Barret’s authority, so if Barret does not know of a message then we can be fairly sure that the President is lying.

However, in the final game, only the Shinra manager says that AVALANCHE has promised to cause more destuction. The TV in AVALANCHE’s hideout states that the group claimed responsibility for the bombing but then goes on to say “It is expected that AVALANCHE will continue its reign of terror.” If the writers intended to completely remove President Shinra’s lie then they failed in this regard.

{Barret} BARRET
“Alright, in three minutes, 「よし、あと3分たったら
we’re jumpin’ off this train.”  列車から飛び降りる」
“Got it!?” 「いいな!」

Tifa does not run straight to the monitor in this scenario, but instead stays where she is. Cloud runs up to Barret.

{Cloud} CLOUD
“What do we do until then?” 「それまでは、どうしたらいい?」
{Barret} BARRET
“The hell do I care whatcha do? 「どうもこうもねえ。
Just siddown an’ shu’up.”  そのへん、すわってろ」
{Cloud} CLOUD
“Sorry, but I have a thing against 「あいにく、列車では
sitting down in trains.”  すわらない主義でね」

We know from the flashback in Kalm that Cloud says he has never had motion sickness. Perhaps, at this point, Cloud has yet to deny this aspect of himself. The line does not strictly refer to motion sickness, so this could just be Cloud deliberately annoying Barret.

{Barret} BARRET
“@#$%! Do whatever you want!” 「ケッ! 勝手にしろ」

This is most likely when Barret was meant to take a seat as he does in the final game, because if you make the game refer to Cloud’s following script he will be looking straight at where Barret is sitting.

{Cloud} CLOUD
“What do we do after we jump?” 「飛び降りたあとは?」

{Barret} BARRET
“Yo, {Cloud}!” 「よう、CLOUD!」
{Barret} BARRET Barret:
“Yo, Mr. Know-it-all, big time SOLDIER! 「ヘッ! 元ソルジャーの物知りさんよ! Yo, Mr. Know-it-all, big time SOLDIER!
You oughta know the area ’round  五番魔晄炉のあたりは、くわしいんだろ!」 You oughta know the area ’round the No. 5 Reactor, right!
the No. 5 Reactor, right!” 「おまえさんの知ったかぶり説明が I wanna hear YOUR
“So let’s hear YOUR explanation!”  聞きてえもんだな!」 explanation!
This is one of Barret’s talk-to lines. Its placement in the script makes sense as a response to Cloud’s unused question.
{Tifa} TIFA
“I’ll help, too.” 「私も手伝うね」
{Barret} BARRET
“@#$%! 「ケッ!
I don’t know even why you came!”  なにしにきたんだか!」

Tifa walks over to Cloud and stands very close to him and proceeds to tease Barret.

{Tifa} TIFA Tifa:
“Oh, {Barret}! 「あら、BARRET! Hey, Barret!
Are you mad because  相手してあげましょうか?」 You want me to take you on?!
I’m not paying enough attention to you?”

{Barret} BARRET
“@#$%!!” 「チッ……!!」

In summary, the scenes above are quite deficient in choreography, a trend that permeates the entire unused train script. Because Barret’s lines here are locked, we can’t be precisely sure of where he was meant to stand or which animations was to be used for his reactions.

ドアロックまで {Purple}To Door Lock

Viewers of the English field script will find an empty text entry here that they may mistake for being unused. However, it is, in fact, used for the timer. Same is true for all the other TIN fields where the timer is used.

The timer is positioned more to the left in the English game due to the lack of text.

“This is the end of the Test Play. 「テストプレイはここまでです。」

Rather than “Demo Play”, like the developer’s note seen in the first reactor, here we find “Test Play”. An identical test play note also appears in the Ancient Temple.

Normally the programmer notes say things like “jump to this place” or “need to work on this”, which would appear as the incomplete scenes were being tested, but here it simply marks the end of a segment.

Second Train Carriage (TIN_2)

Last train from Sector 8 Station-  ミッドガル8番街ステーション発最終列車~
Final stop: sector 7, Train Cemetery-    終点、スラム7番街列車基場駅~
Expected time of arrival is 12:23AM,  到着予定時刻はミッドガル時0時23分……
Midgar Standard Time
This is the same text entry that is used in the first train carriage right after the initial bombing mission. Strangely, it exists in every carriage.
Level 1 Warning 警戒レベル1   
Car #1: Lock Down 車両1をロックします   
Car #1: Locked Down 車両1ロック完了   
Upgrading to Level 2 Warning 警戒レベル2に移行    

This locked script is actually used in JORG and also accompanied by a sound effect that is not heard here in the later versions of the game. Many of the train message text boxes here display only one row at a time and require multiple clicks to advance through. In the final game, only one button press is required.

After the “Upgrading Level Warning” message that appears when you enter the next train carriage, the screen will cancel the red hue and flash emitted by the security system.

This effect was also meant to occur in this train carriage, but the flag responsible is never activated. Because the scene in this car has been greatly shortened, it must have been deemed unnecessary to show a pause in the security system.

Tifa and Barret do not normally appear in this field unless the door lock activates and you have to jump off the train prematurely, but the game contains an unused action to cause a character split which fits with the presence of hidden dialogue from Barret and Tifa. The player gains free mobility, though only enough to approach the characters. After speaking to them once, you can’t talk to them again.

{Tifa} TIFA
“Yes, it’s really something. 「すごいね。
It’s always like this.”  いつもこんな調子なの」

{Barret} BARRET
“Hey, yo! 「おう!
Jus’ keep the hell outta my face!”  じゃますんな!」
The dialogue is locked, but if you speak to Barret on this field he will turn to Cloud and wave his arms in frustration.

The fact that you can’t speak with either character more than once indicates that clearing these two talk-to lines is a prompt for the scene to follow.

Jessie ジェシー
“Let’s hurry!!” 「さ、いそいで!!」
{Barret} BARRET
“What’s happenin’?” 「どうなってんだ!?」
Jessie ジェシー
“Sorry!! 「ごめん!!
I’ve made a mistake…”  まちがえちゃったの…」
{Barret} BARRET
“What!?” 「なにを!?」
Jessie ジェシー
“Ugh! 「え……!
I’m not sure…”  いえない」
{Barret} BARRET
“C’mon, this ain’t no joke!” 「あそびじゃねえんだぞ」
Biggs ビッグス
“Hurry!” 「いそぐんだ!」
Wedge ウェッジ
“They’re locking the door, sir!” 「扉ロックされるっす!」
Biggs ビッグス
“We’ll execute it just as we planned it.” 「おれたちは予定通り
Wedge ウェッジ Wedge:
“I’m goin’ first, sir! 「先、行くっす! We’re goin’ in first!
Let’s switch to Plan 2!”  作戦その2にうつるっす」 Switchin’ to plan 2!
{Barret} BARRET
“What do you want me to do?” 「どうすりゃいい?」
Jessie ジェシー
“Just run!” 「とにかく、走って!」
“Changing to Plan 2!” 「作戦2にチェンジよ!」
{Barret} BARRET
“Damn!! 「チッ!!
I guess there’s no other way…”  しようがねえ…」
“We gonna kick some ass!” 「ガンガンいくぜ!」

Barret and Tifa are choreographed to rejoin Cloud and the player resumes control. Normally the timer begins after Jessie’s last line, but originally it began after the party rejoined Cloud. Just like in the next train carriage, a flag was meant to be deactivated so that the screen would flash red once more because of the security system.

Third & Fourth Train Carriage (TIN_4)

Yes, we just jumped from TIN_2 to TIN_4. The field name progression does not always match the actual order in which they are passed through. You run through TIN_4 twice before finally arriving at TIN_3.

Last train out of Sector 8 Station.  ミッドガル8番街ステーション発最終列車~
Last stop is Sector 7, Train Graveyard.    終点、スラム7番街列車基場駅~
Expected time of arrival is 12:23AM,  到着予定時刻はミッドガル時0時23分……
Midgar Standard Time…

Third Car

Level 2 Warning            警戒レベル2
Car #2: Lock Down          車両2をロックします
Appears in JORG as soon as you enter the field. Followed by the line below, used in all version of the game.
Car #2: Locked down           車両2ロック完了
Upgrading to Warning Level 3          警戒レベル3に移行

While the normal scene progresses, the player still has control over Cloud. Both Tifa and Barret have unused talk-to lines which require specific flags to be active in order for them to be available.

Once again, we can only guess whether triggering both lines once caused the scene with Jessie, or whether they were only available for a limited time.

{Barret} BARRET
“Shu’up!! Don’t talk to me! 「ウッー!! 話かけんなよ!
You’re gonna mess me up!”  わかんなくなっちゃうだろ」
Talking to Barret again yields no dialogue.
{Tifa} TIFA
“Shhhhhhh! 「シッ~!
Not now!”  いまはだめ!」
Talking to Tifa again yields no dialogue.
{Barret} BARRET
“Alright! 「よし!!
We clear!?”  ぬけたか!?」
Jessie ジェシー
“Not yet. They’re starting another check. 「まだよ、すぐ次の検知がはじまるわ。
If we’re caught, we’re done for!”  バレたらアウトよ!」
“But, don’t worry. 「でも、心配しないで。
If we move up the train,  前の車両に順々にうつっていけば
car by car, we should get past it!”  やりすごせるわ!」
{Barret} BARRET Barret:
“Damn, man!! 「チッ!! Damn!!
Explain it right!”  ちゃんと説明しろ」 Tell it like it is!
Jessie ジェシー Jessie:
“You want an explanation? 「説明? いいの? An explanation? Are you sure?
OK!! Let me.”  OK!! まっかせといて」 OK!! Leave it to me.
Jessie ジェシー Jessie:
“This train’s security system is 「この列車の警戒装置は、旧型の神羅A式」 This train’s security system is
the old Shinra A system.” the old Shinra A system.
“Once it identifies an illegal ID, 「未確認のIDを検知したら It’s a system that locks down each car
the system automatically locks down each car.”  車両がロックされるシステムなの」 once it detects an unidentified ID.
“It’ll stay locked until it gets to the station, 「そのまま、駅に護送されて It’ll stay locked until it gets to the station,
where Shinra guards will be waiting.”  神羅警備兵にかこまれちゃうってわけよ」 where Shinra guards will be waiting.
Jessie ジェシー Jessie:
“But it’s an old system, we can get past it.” 「でも、旧式だけにちょろいもんよ」 But it’s an old system, we can get past it.
“If we move from car to car to the front, 「前の車両に順々に移っていけば According to my calculations, if we head forward moving from car to car,
we should be able to go on as planned.”  作戦通りにいく計算よ」 everything will go according to plan.
Jessie ジェシー
“The second detection scan 「もうすぐ、2波のパルスが来るわ。
should be coming up pretty soon.  さ、次の車両へ!」
Let’s go to the next car!”

Because of the urgency in Jessie’s speech, we assume that her subsequent dialogue takes place during the second run through TIN_4.

Illegal ID identified in Car #3 車両3に未確認ID検知 Unidentified ID detected in Car #3.
Prepare for Lock Down ドアロック準備 Prepare for Lock Down
Used in JORG. Appears on the field 3 seconds after the 18-second countdown starts.
Car #3: Locked Down 車両3ドアロック完了 Car #3: Locked Down
Illegal ID will be taken to the station 未確認IDを駅まで護送します Unidentified ID will be escorted to the station.

A bit of trivia about the third car in JORG: Cloud can run through this field without the timer even starting, as long as you don’t click away a train message dialogue. This bug was corrected in all later releases.

Fourth Car

Level 3 Warning            警戒レベル3
Car #3: Lock down          車両3をロックします
Another JORG-exclusive line triggered immediately when you enter the field.
Car #3: Locked Down           車両3ロック完了
Upgrading to Warning Level 4          警戒レベル4に移行

We will assume that the party was meant to split from Cloud on the second run through TIN_4, just like it did on the first run, and that this is where Barret’s and Tifa’s additional talk-to dialogue belongs.

The flags related to these lines are never activated, and once again the dialogue can only be triggered once.

{Barret} BARRET
“…heave…breathe…” 「ハァハァ……」
“urrrrgh!!” 「ウッー……!!」

Tired already, Barret? Just wait until you get to run up those stairs in the Shinra building…

{Tifa} TIFA
“OK, already!” 「ふ~んだ!」
Jessie ジェシー
“Oh no!” 「あっ……!」
Jessie ジェシー
“I’m so sorry.” 「ごめんなさい」


“It’s my fault that we didn’t 「列車のIDスキャンのミス It’s my fault that we didn’t
clear the ID scan.”  私のせいなの」 clear the ID scan.
“I modified the ID card for 「CLOUDのIDカード。 I modified the ID card for
{Cloud} and that’s  私の特別製にしたから… Cloud and that’s
what made the sensors go off.”  あんなことに」 what made the sensors go off.
“I did my best, but 「心をこめたつもりだったんだけどね。 I put my heart into it,
it just didn’t work.”  失敗しちゃった」 but I failed.
ジェシー Jessie:
“I’ll make a better one next time.” 「こんどはもっとましなもの I’ll give you a better
“I’ll head back to the hideout first   プレゼントするわ。 one next time.
and work on research and development.” 「先にアジトに帰って研究開発に I’ll head back to the hideout first
 はげんでるからね」 and work on research and development.

This is pretty much the same thing that Jessie will say when you are crawling through the underworld of the Sector 4 plate on your way to Reactor #5. Perhaps the developers moved her expository line there when the dialogue went unused in the train script.

{Cloud} CLOUD
“…Oh, man…” 「……まいったな」
Illegal ID identified in Car #4 車両4に未確認ID検知 Unidentified ID detected in Car #4.
Prepare for Lock Down ドアロック準備 Prepare for Lock Down
Appears in JORG 3 seconds after the countdown starts or after clicking past previous security system messages.
Car #4: Locked Down 車両4ドアロック完了 Car #4: Locked Down
Illegal ID will be taken to the station 未確認IDを駅まで護送します Unidentified ID will be escorted to the station.

Some may remember that in the third carriage there is a high risk that the spiky-red-haired guy will steal 100 gil from Cloud. If you talk to him, you can make him give the money back. What is easy to miss is that his red-haired girlfriend can also steal 100 gil from you. This requires you to run to the other side of the third car very quickly and stand right next to the girl before she leaves the field. Pursuing her in the fourth car and talking to her will cause her to return the money, ergo the unused line below intended for when she hands you the money.

“Hmph!” 「チッ……!」
“I know what you want to say.”  いいたいこと」
“Here, take it!” 「ほら、とっときな!」
Pocket thief #1. Pocket thief #2.

There Ain’t No Offa- Oh, Wait… (TIN_3)

Last train out of Sector 8 Station.  ミッドガル8番街ステーション発最終列車~
Last stop is Sector 7, Train Graveyard.    終点、スラム7番街列車基場駅~
Expected time of arrival is 12:23AM,  到着予定時刻はミッドガル時0時23分……
Midgar Standard Time…
Level 4 Warning!!            警戒レベル4
Car #4: Lock Down          車両4をロックします
The final JORG-exclusive line of the train event.
Car #4: Locked Down 車両4ロック完了
Upgrading to maximum security alert!! 警戒レベルMAXに移行

You may recall from the game that Wedge, Jessie and Biggs are all in disguise at this point. Wedge comments that he looks like his younger brother (who will actually make an appearance in the Honey Bee Inn later on). Jessie wears a red Shinra outfit and will ask Cloud about how she looks. Biggs has no talk-to dialogue, however, so this comment goes unused.

Biggs ビッグス Biggs:
“I always wanted to dress up like this.” 「おれ、一度でいいから I wanted to try out
 こんな格好してみたかったんだ」 this look just once.

The unused scene that follows is quite interesting. It can actually be found in Page 526 of the “Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega : Early Material Files”, also translated and posted here on TLS.

The differences between the in-game unused text and the scrip that appears in the Early Material Files are very few and not worth commenting on, as they do not change the meaning.

Judging by the dialogue and its position in the field script the scene was to take place after both Tifa and Cloud had already jumped off the train.

The field contains an action to make the alarm stop whining, but not for the dark, red tone to go away. For aesthetic purposes I took the liberty of removing the red lighting when editing the scene back in. Maybe the original designers were planning to do the same?

BARRET Barret:
「よ~しっ!! Right!!
 おめえら、よくやった!」 Y’all did great!
「こっからも作戦通り We’ll keep on acting
 行動しろ!」 according to plan!
BARRET Barret:
「んっ~~!!」 Alright…!!!
「おう! Hey!
 おめえら、休みがほしいか?」 You guys want a vacation?
ウェッジ Wedge:
「ほ、ほしいっす!」 I, I do!
「あっ……。 Ah…
 なんでもないっす…」 Nevermind…
The only unlockable line in this entire unused scene. The game reads that Wedge jumps here in excitement.
BARRET Barret:
「おう!! OK!!
 おまえら、ちょっと聞いとけ!!」 Listen up, y’all!!
「このミッションが無事成功したらな。 If this mission goes well,
 オレたちは身をひそませなきゃなんねえ」 we’ll have to lay low for awhile.
「おまえらを連れってってやるぜ! I’ll take y’all to the birthplace of AVALANCHE!
「アバランチの生まれ故郷。 The sacred land of those that protect the
 星の命を守るものの聖地 life of the planet. Cosmo Canyon.
アバランチの面々 AVALANCHE Members:
「ひゅ~!!」 Wow!!

Although none of this script is unlockable, one will find by examining the game code that Biggs, Wedge and Jessie each have an unused action, causing them to jump three times in a row. The reaction fits best in the context of all three of them saying “Wow!!”

I also jump with my arms and legs completely still!

Later in Cosmo Canyon, in the used script, Barret will reveal that he promised to take his friends to rocky town once they had saved the planet from Shinra. This sounds more like the promise depended on a definite victory over the company rather than if merely the bombing mission went well. Perceiving this detail as a writer’s oversight, we can conclude that Barret IS referring to the unused scene of TIN_3.

ジェシー Jessie:
「温泉は?」 Will there be hot springs?
BARRET Barret:
「あるかもしんねえな」 Maybe.

The Japanese line, just like the translation, leaves it ambiguous whether Cosmo Canyon has hot springs or not. Barret’s line can be translated to “Maybe” and “There might be” and seems to imply that Barret himself does not know. What is known is that the final game does not show any hot springs in Cosmo Canyon nor any references that it supposedly has them.

ビッグス Biggs:
「おれ、この服着てってもいいか?」 Can I keep wearing these?
「おれ、一度でいいから I wanted to try out
 こんな格好してみたかったんだ」 this look just once.
BARRET Barret:
「おう! Yeah!
 いいかもしんねえな」 It’s probably alright.
ウェッジ Wedge:
「おいしいもの Will there be
 あるっすか?」 good food?
BARRET Barret:
「あるぞ~。 You betcha.
 うまい酒もだっ」 And delicious sake!
This is the second unused reference to the Japanese alcoholic beverage, sake, the first reference used by Johnny in the slums.
BARRET Barret:
「ふぅっ~」 Sigh…
「見渡すかぎりのでっけえ空に The whole sky is full of stars,
 満天の星だ。 as far as the eye can see.


「遠くからチロチロと I can hear the sound of the bonfire
 かがり火の音が聞こえてる。 crackling in the distance.


「そいつをさかなに You can sit around it
 チビチビやんのよ」 and munch on grub.
「なあ、いいだろぅ?」 Well, whaddaya think?
ジェシー Jessie:
「ね、CLOUDは?」 Hey, what about Cloud?
BARRET Barret:
「ああ…… Yeah…
 あいつもいっしょだ」 He’s comin’ too!
ビッグス Biggs:
「でも、報酬…… But his paycheck…
 もう払えないんだろ?」 We can’t pay him anymore, can we?
BARRET Barret:
「よけいな心配すんじゃねえ!!」 Quit worryin’ so much!!
「金が払えなきゃ If we can’t pay ‘im, we’ll
 首ねっこ、ふんづかまえて catch ‘im by the scruff of
 つれてきゃいいんだ!」 his neck and drag ‘im along!
アバランチの面々- AVALANCHE Members:
“Whew–!!” 「ふぅ~っ!!」 Siiiigh!!
{Barret} BARRET
“Later! 「じゃな!
You take care of the rest!”  あとしまつはたのんだっ!」

All in all, the unused train script is a prime example of how dialogue was likely cut to improve pacing. The purpose of a time trial event is to make the player feel a sense of panic, an effect which is ruined if the characters are talking at length. Not to mention that the scene between Barret and his AVALANCHE trio, however interesting it may be, paints Barret as needlessly casual, considering that they are all on an important mission and that Cloud and Tifa are waiting for him.

T-Bridge (SOUTHMK2)

Location Name

No.5 Reactor 五番魔晄炉

Reactor #5 contains no surprises other than what was already covered in Part 1 of this article series. The scene in which Cloud sets the bomb in Reactor #1 exists in Reactor #5 also, but is lacking in choreography and has no real prompt for it to occur. If it were to be triggered, however, it would play out exactly like its counterpart with the exception that no timer would be displayed in the upper left-hand corner.

Church, Front Perspective (CHRIN_1B)

“My name is…” 「わたしは……」
“I’m {Aeris}‚the flower girl. 【AERITH名前入力】 [Aeris Name Entry]
Nice to meet you.”
“I’m {Aeris}, the flower girl. 「わたし、花売りのAERITH。
Nice to meet you.”  よろしくね」

At times, the English field script will show what looks like duplicate text, when, in fact, the Japanese text will say something completely different.

{Aeris} AERITH
“Sorry, I just…” 「ごめんなさい……でも、ね」
{Cloud} CLOUD
“Huh?” 「ん……?」

Reno appears at the entrance and Cloud approaches him.

{Aeris} AERITH Aeris:
“{Cloud}! 「CLOUD! Cloud!
Don’t let it get to you!”  かまっちゃダメ!」 Don’t let him get to you!

Cloud shrugs and goes back to Aeris.

{Aeris} AERITH Aeris:
“Say, {Cloud}. 「ねえ、CLOUD。 Hey, Cloud.
Have you ever been a bodyguard?”  ボディガードも仕事のうち?」 Have you ever been a bodyguard?
{Cloud} CLOUD Cloud:
“What’s that?” 「なんだって?」 Say what?
{Aeris} AERITH Aeris:
“You CAN do anything, right?” 「何でも屋さん、でしょ?」 You’re a jack-of-all-trades, right?

Church, Overhead Perspective (CHRIN_1A)

Reno enters the church with three Shinra grunts behind him. Conflict is in the air and this concerns Aeris.

{Aeris} AERITH
“{Cloud}, don’t! Stop!” 「CLOUD、ダメ、やめて!」
{Aeris} AERITH
“Don’t fight here! 「ここで戦ってほしくない!
You’ll ruin the flowers!”  お花、ふまないでほしいの!」
{Aeris} AERITH
“{Cloud}! Over here!” 「こっち! CLOUD!」
{Aeris} AERITH Aeris:
“The exit is back there.” 「出口、奥にあるから」 The exit is just back there.

If you cancel the jump to CHRIN_1B, and instead make the game refer to a script by Reno, an alternate version of the scene with the Turk will occur.

A technical detail worth mentioning: Unlike in most scenes, you can press select to cause the red entrance arrow to appear and disappear.

Reno レノ
“Did you see 「見たか?
that guy’s eyes?”  あのにいちゃんの目」

Reno レノ Reno:
“They were…Mako eyes.” 「……魔晄の目」 ……Mako eyes.
Reno レノ Reno:
“Hmm. 「ま、いいか。 Oh well.
All right, c’mon, get to work.”  さ、お仕事お仕事、と」 Back to work!

Players will recognize this script from CHRIN_1B and may remember the moment when Reno tells the grunts not to step on the flowers after he has just stepped on them himself. In CHRIN_1A, this comic relief moment does not exist, and Reno never even steps on the flowers.

The final game’s scenario versus the unused one.

In Gongaga there exists an unused scene involving Barret. However, its exclusion from the game is pure accident! Once the player transports to the back of the church (CHRIN_2), a flag is activated which prevents the scene from occurring. Look forward to this scene in a future installment.

Temporary stopper 仮のストッパー Temporary stopper
October 7” 10月7日~ October 7th

Now, what is a temporary stopper? Did the developers take a temporary break here? Does it represent an action in the game code? If anyone happens to meet this field’s author, Kazushige Nojima, please ask him.

Does October 7th hold any special significance? Actually, it happens to the be the first day of an annual festival in Japan, Nagasaki Kunchi.

Did anything special occur on October 7th, 1996, when this note was apparently written? Well, the Fox News Channel was launched on that exact date.

It was a Monday.

Church, Front Perspective (CHRIN_1B)

“Did you see that guy’s eyes.”

An English exclusive copy from CHRIN_1A. It is rare to find text entries that exist only in the English game.

Church Roof (CHRIN_3A)

Location Name

Church Roof 教会屋根裏 Church Attic

Another Save Point (MDS5_4)

The map looks cropped because the two layers are not of the same width. This is not noticed in the final game because the background layer is used as a parallax image.

[SAVE POINT] 【セーブポイント】
Access the Menu and select メニューを開いて「セーブ」を選ぶと
[SAVE] to save your game. ゲームの状態を保存できます。

When this area turned out to be a temporary field, the developers must have placed the save point in the following field, MDS5_2, instead.

Oh yeah, that guy… (MDS5_2)

Remember this guy? He is briefly spotted walking by before the camera pans up to show Cloud and Aeris. This peripheral character is never seen again in this area.

Well, lo and behold, he has tons of unused text. No single manipulation of flags or plot progression value can make him appear so it is required to mod the game to make him visible and able to be talked to.

“The Sector 5 and Sector 6 「この先は5番街スラムと Beyond here lie the Sector 5
slums are right ahead…”  6番街スラムにつうじてんだが……」 and Sector 6 slums…
“Do you know what kind of place they are? 「どんなところか知ってるか?」 Do you know what kind of place they are?
☞   Tell me about sector 5 ☞   5番街のことを知りたい ☞   I want to know about Sector 5.
☞   Tell me about sector 6 ☞   6番街のことを知りたい ☞   I want to know about Sector 6.
☞   Yeah, I know ☞   知っている ☞   Yeah, I know
“Sector 5 slum… 「5番街スラムか…… The Sector 5 slums, huh…
It’s not a big town.”  ま、どうってことない街さ」 There’s nothin’ special about ’em.
“No thrills, no danger. But there 「たいしてスリルもねえが、危険もねえ。 Not much in the way of thrills or danger.
are a few stores so if there’s  店だけはあるから It’s just got shops, so if there’s somethin’
something you want, stop by.”  何かほしけりゃよってみな」 you want, go take a look.
“Sector 6 slum…heh heh heh, 「6番街スラムか……ヘヘヘ、 The Sector 6 slums, huh… heh, heh, heh.
A man’s paradise.  男にとっちゃパラダイス、 A man’s paradise.
I’ve always wanted to go.”  1度は行ってみるといい」 I’ve always wanted to go.
“…But not for a nice girl like you… 「……ってことは、あんたみたいな …But for a girl
But there may be something else  おじょうさんには……ってとこさ。 like you…
good for you. Heh, heh, heh.”  ま、別のお楽しみもあるかもな。 It’s got another kind of fun.
 ククク……」 Heh, heh, heh.
“Yeah, but it’s a little dangerous 「だがな、あそこはちっとばかし Yeah, but it’s a little dangerous
over there, you know.”  ヤバイぜ。なんたって……」 over there, you know.
“That’s all I got to say. If you want 「おおっと、これ以上は言えねえ。 Oops, I can’t say anythin’ else.
to know more, you’ll have to go there  知りたければ自分で行ってみることだ。 If you want to know more, you’ll have to go there
yourself. But you can’t just waltz  もっとも、いつでも行けるわけじゃ yourself. But you can’t just waltz
over there anytime you feel like it.”  ないんだが……」 over there anytime you feel like it.
“Hmm… 「……フン。
Then, I’ll do as I please.”  なら好きにするさ」
“HEY! Looks like they were in Sector 6. 「ヨオ! 6番街にいったようだな。
Have fun?”  どうだ、楽しめたか?」
“That reminds me, you don’t hear 「そういや最近コルネオの
much about Corneo lately.  ウワサをきかねえな。
Wonder what happened to him?”  なんかあったのか?」

The following dialogue is available before Sector 7 is destroyed. Like with all other Sector 5 NPCs positioned outside, the game code makes it especially clear that he is meant to be gone during the time after Cloud sneaks out of Aeris’ house, up until Cloud jumps down the slide in the Sector 6 playground.

“I saw her! 「ワ、ワタシは見た! I, I saw it!
I really did!”  見たんです!」 I really did!

“This woman just disappeared! 「この先の古い教会に This woman faded out of
Right there around the old church.”  ひとりの女がスーッと existence at the old church
 消えていくのを!」 just beyond here!
“I waited around a long time, 「しかも、いくら待っても No matter how long
but she never came out again!”  その女は2度と出てこないじゃ I waited, she never
 ありませんか!」 reappeared!
“I tell you, it’s one of them 「やっぱりあそこは I tell you, it’s one of them
…haunted churches!  ユーレイ教会…… …haunted churches!
Ohhh…shiver…shake…”  ブルブルブル……」 Ohhh…shiver…shake…
{Aeris} AERITH
“You mean that’s…” 「それってひょっとして……」

Though Aeris’ response is not strictly placed adjacent to the slum guy’s dialogue, her line fits best here.

The retranslation makes it clear that the man is talking about a ghost. When the party is imprisoned in Shinra HQ Aeris reveals that while in the church she could hear the voice of her real mother, Ifalna. This lends even stronger credence to the idea that he saw the ghost of Ifalna.

Our NPC never takes notice of the ghost of Aeris, though.

The text below becomes available after Sector 7 has been destroyed.

“I saw her! 「ワ、ワタシは見た! I, I saw it!
I really did!”  見たんです!」 I really did!
“Then with a big rumble, the sector 7 「大地をゆるがす音とともに、 With a big rumble, the plate
plate came crashing down on the slum.”  7番街スラムの上にプレートが!」 plate above the Sector 7 slums, it…!
“Oh man, if something like that ever 「あんなのがここに落ちてきたら…… Oh man, if something like that ever
fell on us…ohhh…shiver…”  ブルブルブル……」 fell on us…ohhh…shiver…

It deserves explaining that around when PPV reaches or goes above 1008 marks when a lot of dialogue in the game changes. It is at this point that peripheral characters around the world take notice of Meteor and Weapon. The exact moment that this happens is on disc 2, right after Tifa has been strapped to the chair in the gas chamber and Scarlet just left the room. Expect the plot progression value “1008” to appear throughout this article series.

The man’s third talk-to dialogue is meant to be available when PPV≥1008.

“I saw her! 「ワ、ワタシは見た! I, I saw it!
I really did!”  見たんです!」 I really did!
“A really weird guy lives inside of 「巨大なマテリアの中に There was a weird dude sleeping
some Huge Materia! And then there were  眠る不気味な男! inside this giant Materia!
9 little devils! Ohh…shiver…shake…”  そして9匹の悪魔たち……! And 9 devils…!
 ブルブルブル……」 Ohh… shiver… shake…
“Huh? 「……え? …Huh?
Oh, uh, no, I uh…  あ、いや、あの、ホントに Oh, uh, no, I didn’t see it for real,
really didn’t see it myself…I uh,  見たというよりは、ホラ、 it was sort of a rumor I heard
well, it was more like a, whaddya  風のウワサというか、その……」 on the wind, you see…
call…rumor I heard.”
“All right. It was a lie. 「すみません、ウソでした。 I’m sorry. It was a lie.
I just made it up because  さいきんスゴイものを I just made it up because
nothing’s been happening around  見ていないのでつい……」 nothing’s been happening around
here lately.” here lately.

Could the “weird guy sleeping inside a giant Materia” be a reference to Sephiroth? It is not specifically stated in the final game that his cocoon is made up of crystallized mako (although Scarlet says that the area consists of Materia) but the Early Material Files of the FFVII Ultimania Omega describes a beta version of the Northern Crater scene in which Sephiroth is actually encased in a Materia called “Ultimate Materia”.

This early draft excludes Weapon from its story and instead speaks of “monsters” spawned by Sephiroth. If ‘9 devils’ is a reference to anything it is either these monsters or the Weapons. The number of monsters are not specified in the scrapped scene and the number of Weapons is only five (three in JORG). It is anybody’s guess what actual significance, if any, the number 9 has here.

Those Who Take Care of Flowers (CHRIN_1A)

If you go back inside the church two kids will approach Cloud and ask if they may tend to the flowers. Aeris has unused dialogue for the scenario in which Cloud denies them the task.

{Cloud} CLOUD Cloud:
“That’s too much to ask of kids.” 「コドモには無理だな」 That’s impossible for a kid.


“Too much to ask? What? 「ムリ? ムリってな~に? “Impossible”? What does that mean?
I don’t get it.”  わかんな~い」 I don’t get it.

{Aeris} AERITH
“{Cloud}, what are you saying!?” 「CLOUD、なに言ってるの!?」
{Aeris} AERITH Aeris:
“Will you take good care of my flowers, for me?” 「お花、かわいがってあげてね」 Be nice to my flowers for me, OK?


“Yeah!” 「うん!」 OK!


“Sure!” 「うん!」 OK!

The kids resume their flower tending duties.

Sector 5 Main Area (MDS5_1)

The following text entry is grouped with dialogue by the blue-shirt slum dweller who stands next to the pipe that leads to the guy that are sick.

“I don’t know, they might even 「こうなっちゃ、ここの人の方が The people here might even
be better off this way.”  幸せかも知れないよね」 be happier this way.
“Even though they know the planet is on its 「この星の終わりがジワジワ近づいて Even though they know the planet is on its
last legs, there’s nothing they can  くるのを知りながら last legs, there’s nothing they can
do about it.”  何もできないなんてさ」 do about it.
“I wish I could close myself off like that.” 「私も、心を閉ざしてしまいたいよね……」 I wish I could close off my heart like that.

Sephiroth Copy’s Home (MDS5_DK)

Received “Elixir”! 『エリクサー』を手にいれた!

No remnant of an Elixir remains here. On a separate note, the sick man actually has a name in the used Japanese script, “みすぼらしい男”, which translates to “Shabby-Looking Man”.

Weapon Store (MDS5_W)

Dialogue is set to be available when PPV=1008, no more and no less. Not only is it impossible to return to this place at that exact PPV but the character and border responsible for this line are set to be invisible and deactivated at this point. When modding the boy back in, one must also make sure that he ends up in his default position and direction or else he will float in midair and face southwest.


“Meteor’s getting closer. 「ゴオオ……ゴオオ……って
You can hear it rumbling.”  星がちかづいてくるんだよ」
“We don’t do something about it 「はやくなんとかしないと
and pretty soon it’ll be…ker-blam!”  ドッカーンだよ……!」

In the PSX version he says “the planet” rather than “Meteor”. Though Meteor is generally referred to as “メテオ” (meteo) by the game’s characters, several NPCs call it “星” (hoshi), meaning star or heavenly body, the same word that Barret and his buddies use to refer to the planet. This mix-up appears in several more locations throughout the game and was corrected for the PC port.

Slum Residence: 1st Floor (5MIN1_1/MIN51_1)

Field is named 5MIN1_1 in PSX versus MIN51_1 in PC.
Uh, test, test… 「あ~テステス……
This is a dummy message.  これはダミーのメッセージ
A test. Is it coming through?  テストってヤツだな。

A certain Akiyama is the author of this field, but we can’t be sure if this message is from him or his co-workers.

The NPC who is always watching TV has a talk-to line you won’t see because you can’t return to Sector 5 in time. Talking to the resident after Rufus reveals himself on the top of Shinra Headquarters (PV≥305) but before Scarlet leaves the gas chamber room in Junon (PPV<1008) reveals this:


“And what’s with the new president 「今度の神羅カンパニーの社長
of Shinra, Inc.?”  ありゃ何だ!?」
“Hell, even the old president was better 「あれならプレジデント神羅の方が
than him.”  まだましだったぜ!」

One wonders how high Rufus’ approval ratings are, considering that his first order of business is to chase Sephiroth.

TV commercial

“Me and my woman were going 「今日はカノジョと楽しいドライブ。 Today I was going for a drive with my girl.
for a drive. Or at least we were  ……のはずが、突然の …At least, that was the plan, until
supposed to until I had engine  エンジントラブルで my date was ruined thanks
trouble and our plans fizzled.  デートはだいなし!」 to sudden engine trouble!
“Have you ever had that happen? 「そんな経験はございませんか? Has this ever happened to you?
I hate it when that happens!”  もうそんな心配はノー!」 Never worry again!
“A new standard in engines… 「新発売のニュータイプエンジン Enjoy the best drive of
the ‘Shinra V-3000’.  『シンラVー3000』で your life with the brand-new
For the best drive  すばらしいカーライフを! With the brand-new Shinra
of your car’s life!” V-3000 engine!

You can cause the following two messages appear by walking up to the TV in a very tight PPV interval, after Rufus first makes his appearance in Shinra HQ (PPV≥305) but before Aeris, Barret, and Red XIII reach the first floor of the Shinra building soon after (PPV<326). You can't go back to Sector 5 within this brief space of time.

TV commercial

「今、あなたのクルマに The thing your car
“What your car is missing is…”  かけているもの……」 is missing…
「そう!! That’s right!!
 それがこのニュータイヤ A set of these new
“…a set of PTZ2000 tires!!”  『ピッツァ2000』です!!」 Pitzer 2000 tires!!
“That’s right, PTZ2000, 「さあ、『ピッツァ2000』で Enjoy the most wonderful
good for your car and  あなたもすてきな drive of your life with
they look good, too.”  カーライフを!!」 Pitzer 2000!

TV commercial

“Shinra, Inc…Providing piece of mind in 「カンキリから魔晄炉まで Shinra Inc… Providing peace of mind
your busy life in everything from  あなたのくらしに安らぎを。 in your busy life, with everything from
can openers to Mako energy.”  神羅カンパニーです」 can openers to Mako energy.

Complementary with the slum girl’s mention of even the toilet paper coming from the Shinra Company it becomes clear that Shinra’s Mako monopoly is only a part of how they establish their world dominance.

Strangely enough the TV has no message after this and before Scarlet leaves the gas chamber in Junon (PPV=1008).

Upper Floor (5MIN1_2/MIN51_2)

Named 5MIN1_2 in PSX versus MIN51_2 in PC.

If you open the hidden drawer but don’t take the 5 gil inside it the boy will give you a Turbo Ether when you get back after the destruction of Sector 7.

Received “Ether”! エーテルをてにいれた
Received “Turbo Ether”! 『エーテルターボ』を手にいれた!


“Oh yeah? Fine! But don’t come 「あっそ!
crawlin’ back here askin’ to see  ならいいよ、あとでたのんでも
it again, ’cause it ain’t gonna happen!”  見せてやらないからな!」

In the final game, you don’t have the option to deny the gift.

Aeris’ House: 1st floor – Overhead View (EALIN_1)

Along with the alternate camera angle used for Reno’s dialogue in the church, the scene where Aeris returns home also has an unused version. Most of the script plays out in EALIN_12, the front perspective map, but the exchange between Cloud and Aeris also exists in EALIN_1.

From a game director’s point of view, this makes as much sense as it did in the church. A scene has more impact if the characters appear closer to the player and if they are viewed from the front. A god-like point of view, especially from high above, makes the characters look like ants and you can’t fully appreciate the emotions conveyed via the characters’ expressions.

The developers, as we shall see, prove their understanding of this concept again in the Ancient Temple, where the scene with Cloud handing the Black Materia over to Sephiroth was moved from JTEMPLB to JTEMPLC, with the latter map’s perspective being closer to the characters and allowing for a stronger emotional impact.

{Aeris} AERITH
“I’m home, Mom.” 「ただいま、お母さん」

For the scene to continue in this field, all one has to do is disable the move to EALIN_12 as well as prevent the fade to black (unless you want to read the dialogue with a black background, that is).

The dialogue is exactly the same as its EALIN_12 counterpart, except that it was not originally translated into English. The Japanese text in both versions contain only a handful differences but nothing that changes the tone or meaning of the dialogue.

When unlocking this one will notice that every text window is of the same size no matter how much text there is. This version of the scene must have been scrapped before the text window sizes could be adapted for each line like they are in the used version of the scene. Consequently, sometimes not all of the Japanese text is visible.

「この人、CLOUD。 This is Cloud.
 わたしのボディーガードよ」 He’s my bodyguard!
エルミナ Elmyra:
「ボディーガードって…… Bodyguard…
 おまえ、また狙われたのかい!?」 Did you get attacked again?!
エルミナ Elmyra:
「体は!? ケガはないのかい!?」 Are you hurt?!
「だいじょうぶ。 I’m fine.
 今日はCLOUDもいてくれたし」 I had Cloud with me today.

エルミナ Elmyra:
「ありがとうね、CLOUDさん」 Thank you, Cloud.
「ねぇ、これからどうするの?」 Hey, what are you going to do now?
CLOUD Cloud:
「……7番街は遠いのか? …Is Sector 7 far?
 TIFAの店に行きたいんだ」 I want to go to Tifa’s shop.

If you unlock and view this scene in the Japanese version, the game will freeze because you can’t click past Cloud’ dialogue window.
For whatever reason, the limited dialogue box width coupled with the quick formation of the text makes the text window think that it is not complete.
To work around this, you must go to Config in the Menu and reduce the field text speed to (at the most) 1/3 of full speed. After doing this the scene will not freeze.

「TIFAって……女の人?」 Is Tifa… a girl?
{Cloud} CLOUD
“Yeah.” 「ああ」
Text entry is referenced twice and used for the scene before you go to Shinra HQ to rescue Aeris, which is why this part is translated but not the rest.
EALIN_12, used version. EALIN_1, unused version.
「彼女?」 A girlfriend?
{Cloud} CLOUD Cloud:
「彼女?」 Girlfriend?
A: A: そんなんじゃない! A: No way!
B: B: そんなところだ B: That’s right.
A means +1 Love Points to Aeris. B means -5 Love Points to Aeris. The effect is the same in the used version of this scene.
A: AERITH Aeris:
「ふふふ」 Hehehe.
A: {Aeris} AERITH Aeris:
「そ~んなにムキにならなくても There’s no need to
 いいと思うけど」 get so upset!
B: AERITH Aeris:
「ふ~ん、いいね」 Hmm. How nice.
「でも、まあ、いいわ」 Well, anyway.
「7番街だったわね。 Sector 7, wasn’t it?
 私が案内してあげる」 I’ll show you the way.
CLOUD Cloud:
「冗談じゃない。 This isn’t a joke.
 また危ない目にあったら What’re you gonna do when
 どうするんだ?」 we’re in danger again?

「なれてるわ」 I’m used to it.
CLOUD Cloud:
「なれてる!?」 “Used to it”?!
CLOUD Cloud:
「……まあ、そうだとしても …Anyway, I couldn’t
 女の力をかりるなんて…」 possibly accept a girl’s help…
「女!! 女の力なんて!?」 “A girl’s help”?!
「そういう言い方されて I can’t just stand here
 だまってるわけにはいかないわね」 and let you say that.
「お母さん! Mom!
 わたし、7番街まで I’m going to take
 CLOUDをおくっていくから」 Cloud to Sector 7.
エルミナ Elmyra:
「やれやれ。 Honestly.
 言いだしたら聞かないからね」 You never listen to what I say.

Elmyra’s own dialogue box is imposed over her. This would probably have been fixed had the scene taken place here in the final game.

エルミナ Elmyra:
「でも、明日にしたらどうだい? But why don’t you go tomorrow?
 今日はもうおそくなってきたし」 It’s getting late.
{Aeris} AERITH Aeris:
「うん、わかった、お母さん」 Yeah, OK, Mom.
エルミナ Elmyra:
「AERITH、ベッドの準備をしておくれ」 Aeris, go get ready for bed.

The player gains control over Cloud. Aeris walks up to the second floor, something you don’t see in this field in the final game.

It may look weird, but there really are a few pieces of incomplete English text. Why the localization team bothered to make these scribbles boggles the mind.

Aeris’ House: 1st Floor – Front Perspective (EALIN_12)

「ただいま、お母さん」 I’m home, mom.

The talk-to dialogue by Elmyra, used in EALIN_1 after Aeris goes to the second floor, was considered for EALIN_12.

If the player breaks free during the scene with Aeris, they can talk to Elmyra, but her dialogue will be interrupted by the scene that is already running. A better way to do this is to disable the jump back to EALIN_1 and talk to Elmyra after the scene is over.

Just like with the other scene, the dialogue was originally not translated into English.

エルミナ Elmyra:
「あんたのその目の輝きは…… That glow from your eyes…
 ソルジャーなんだろ?」 Are you a SOLDIER?
CLOUD Cloud:
「ああ。 Yeah.
 だが、むかしの話だ…」 But that was a long time ago…
エルミナ Elmyra:
 言いにくいんだけど……」 This is difficult to say, but…
「今夜のうちに Could you please
 出ていってくれないかい? leave tonight?
 AERITHにはないしょでさ」 Without Aeris knowing?

The original translator clearly had ways of knowing, as we’ve seen many times before, which parts did not require a translation.

エルミナ Elmyra:
「ソルジャーなんて…… SOLDIER…
 またAERITHが悲しい思いを It will just make
 することになる……」 Aeris sad again.

If anyone transports themselves to this field, they will notice a harsh inconvenience… You can’t leave the room! Whether you walk up the stairs or try to exit the house, the game won’t take you anywhere. You only ever leave this scene via scripted sequences. You can’t even reach the stairs at this point because Elmyra is standing in the way.

Second Floor (EALIN_2)

In the final game, Cloud can pick up a Potion and a Phoenix Down from the same item field model in his room. Looks like an Ether once was planned for inclusion in the pack as well.

Received “Potion”! 『ポーション』を手にいれた!
Received “Ether”! 『エーテル』を手にいれた!
Received “Phoenix Down”! 『フェニックスの尾』を手にいれた!

First Floor – Front Perspective (EALIN_12)

If you try to go up the stairs in the final game, EALIN_1, after sneaking down from the upper floor without Aeris hearing you, Cloud will stop in his tracks and say “I think I can take care of it.”. The game will not let him go back.

The same thing is designed to happen in EALIN_12 if you go up the stairs when PPV=170.

CLOUD Cloud:
「ひとりでなんとかなるだろう」 I can probably manage on my own.

Then we find this line exclusive to the Japanese game…

「もう! またタークスが来たのかと Hey! I thought the Turks
 思ったじゃない! had come back again!
 おとなしく休んで!」 Be quiet and go to bed!

Aeris will speak this same line on the upper floor if she hears you trying to sneak out. Players don’t have to worry about stealth once on the first floor, though. The designers must have judged, quite wisely, that using this game mechanic on the first floor would be excessive when Aeris is not even on the same field as Cloud.

The Sector 6 Playground (MDS6_2)

This locked text can be found adjacent to Aeris’ and Cloud’s conversation about her former boyfriend.

{Aeris} AERITH
“Sector 7’s just past this gate.” 「このゲートの向こう、7番街よ」
{Aeris} AERITH Aeris:
“Okay, I guess I’ll be going home now. 「じゃ、わたし、帰るね。 Alright, I’m going home.
I’m glad I met you, {Cloud}.”  CLOUD、会えて良かったわ」 I’m glad I met you, Cloud.
{Cloud} CLOUD
“Thanks for all your help.” 「いろいろ世話になったな」

The chocobo-led carriage appears.

{Cloud} CLOUD
“Huh? Hey, back there…”   「ん? あの後ろ………」)
{Cloud} CLOUD
“{Tifa}!?” 「TIFA!?」

What this dialogue shows us is that Aeris was, at least in the earlier draft, ready to leave Cloud after she had escorted him. This clashes with her previous obsession over making sure that Cloud did not sneak out alone. It would also not resonate well with her decision to go to Wall Market and follow Cloud despite him telling her to go home.

This concludes Part 3. The next segment in this article series will, without a doubt, amuse and surprise even those who consider themselves to be veterans of the unused FFVII scenarios.
Next time, “The Honey Bee Inn”!