Final Fantasy VII: The Unused Text – Part 7

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Gongaga to Wutai

These are the areas that await us:
Gongaga, Cosmo Canyon, Nibelheim in present time, Rocket Town and Wutai. Some highlights in this article will be the return of a certain giant field model, a summary of what the game has to tell us about a scrapped sidequest and an unused letter written by Yuffie Kisaragi. Let’s get on with it!

Open Area (GONGAGA)

Optional scenes with Tifa and Aeris can be triggered by having either of them in your party when you meet Zack’s parents in Gongaga. Curiously, both women have an extra response that requires more than 120 Love Points respectively in order to trigger.

In the case of Aeris’ Love Points, this value is impossible to reach without cheats. Even with the most optimum Love Points progression for Aeris, the most she can have when this scene takes place is 90 Love Points.

Choosing “Poor Guy” here adds +1 LP while “(…jealous…envious…)” adds +2 LP to Aeris. It is the second option that is of importance to our unused snippet, so in essence your maximum natural Love Points for Aeris here is 92.

{Aeris} AERITH Aerith
“He loved women, a real lady’s man. 「女の子が大好きなヤツだったからね。 He was the type who loved women.
He probably found someone else…”  どこかで知り合った子と He probably went off with someone
 仲良くなっちゃったのよ、きっと」 he met somewhere.
{Aeris} AERITH Aerith:
“Hey? What’s wrong?” 「あれ? どうしたの?」 Huh? What’s wrong?
A:  Poor guy A:  それは心配だな A:  That’s always a concern.
B:  (…jealous…envious…) B:  (やきもち……しっと……) B:  (I’m jealous… envious…)
B: {Aeris} AERITH Aerith:
“Are you…jealous? 「もしかして……やきもちやいてる? Could it be that you’re… jealous?
Hmm? Hmmm?  ん? んん? Huh? Huh??
Are you, {Cloud}?”  どうなのかな、CLOUDくん?」 Are you, Cloud?
B: {Aeris} AERITH Aerith:
“I’m kidding. I’m sorry.” 「な~んて、ごめんね」 Oh dear, I’m sorry.
{Aeris} AERITH Aerith:
“I was hoping maybe you were…” 「そうだったら If that’s the case, I’m
 うれしい……かな」 happy… I think.

Aeris then says “Let’s go, Cloud.” and rejoins the party. The only reason that the corresponding snippet by Tifa is accessible is due to a glitch in the Shinra HQ.

When in the prison cell, talk to Tifa and pick “(Leave it to me)” to receive +1 LP for Tifa. This process can be repeated for infinity thus making it possible to even reach the max value of 255.

If we imagine that you could only gain this increase once, the maximum Love Points for Tifa when entering Gongaga would be 79. When you talk to her you gain an additional point, so the maximum possible before the game checks if LP>120, is 80.

Anyway, here is the LP>120 line. It doesn’t matter which dialogue option you pick.

{Tifa} TIFA
“You know…” 「あのね……」
“I’m as proud of {Cloud} 「CLOUDがソルジャーになったの
joining SOLDIER  私、自分のことみたいに
as if it were me.”  ほこらしいのよ」

Barret Scene (GONJUN1)

In the second page of Part 3 in this article series, I mentioned that when you enter the back of the church (CHRIN_2) a flag is activated that makes a scene in Gongaga inaccessible. There is no practical reason for this flag to be used twice. Nowhere outside of Gongaga, not even in the church, is this flag used for anything.

Both Gongaga and and the church field CHRIN_2 have the same event planner: Keisuke Matsuhara. Maybe he intentionally placed the flag in the church after he decided to leave this interaction between Barret and Cloud in limbo?

Conditions to trigger this scene:
– Barret must be in your party when you touch a border in GONJUN1.
– PPV<638, effectively meaning that you must not have entered the Ancient Temple using the Keystone. - Having triggered the moment in the village when Cloud looks up and says "A ruined reactor“.
– Asked a townsperson to “Hear a story?
OR spoken once to the red-haired woman by the grave
OR spoken twice to the elderly woman by the other grave.
– Disabled the aforementioned flag which is forcefully triggered in the church.

With all these conditions fulfilled, going halfway down this field will cause Barret to split from Cloud.

{Barret} BARRET
“The Shinra build reactors to make money. 「神羅のやつらは、金もうけのために
And this is what happens.”  魔晄炉をつくる。
{Barret} BARRET Barret:
“You saw that village. 「見ただろう、あの村を。 You saw that village.
It’s always the powerless that  神羅の横暴でよ、被害にあうのは It’s always the powerless that
suffer from tyrants like Shinra.”  いつでも力を持たない人間だぜ」 suffer under Shinra’s tyranny.
“The one’s with the power control those 「力を持つものが Those with power control
without it.  持たないものを支配する。 those without it.
That’s just the way of the world now.”  それが、今の世界ってわけだ」 That’s just the way of the world now.
“But I can’t let ’em do that. 「オレは、そんなことは許せねぇ。 But I can’t forgive that.
That’s why I formed AVALANCHE to fight ’em.”  『アバランチ』を結成して The reason I formed AVALANCHE
 神羅カンパニーと戦ってるのも and continue to fight the Shinra
 そんな世界を変えてえからだ」 is because I want to change things.
{Barret} BARRET Barret:
“…Yo, {Cloud} 「……なあ、CLOUD …Yo, Cloud.
You still gonna fight with us, right?”  これからもオレたちと一練に You still gonna fight with us, right?
“We need you, man.” 「オレたちにゃ、おまえが必要なんだ」 We need you, man.
A:  You got it A:  任せておけ A:  Leave it to me.
B:  Not interested B:  興味ないね B:  Not interested
A: {Barret} BARRET
“Thanks, man.” 「ありがとうよ」

+3 Love Points to Barret if you choose A. But if you choose B…

B: {Barret} BARRET Barret:
“…!!” 「…………!!」 …!!
“I never shoulda 「おまえなんかに期待した I’m an idiot for getting my
believed you.”  オレがバカだったよ」 hopes up about you.

…he loses a whopping -8 Love Points. This is the greatest single Love Points reduction in the entire game, used or unused.

The B response in the English PSX text is a bit more entertaining than the PC version, with Barret saying “I was a foo’, to believe you.“.

Next, I will highlight two segments of text which are in fact used but will most likely never triggered by the casual player.

Mayor’s House (GOSON)

Below is the mayor’s first talk-to line, which is only triggered once, followed by the subsequent line that remains his default.

[First Talk-to Line]

村長 Village Mayor:
“This is Gongaga Village. 「ここは、ゴンガガ村。 This is Gongaga Village.
Many people died here in a  魔晄炉の爆発事故のために This town lost a lot of people
Mako reactor explosion.”  多くの人々を失った村じゃ」 in a Mako reactor explosion.

[Second Talk-to Line, Default]

村長 Village Mayor:
“The Shinra people told us 「神羅のものたちは、魔晄炉が The Shinra people told us
that everyone would be happy  できれば幸せになると言いおった。 that everyone would be happy
once the reactor was built.  しかし、魔晄炉はわしらに once the reactor was built.
But all it brought us was sadness…”  悲しみしか与えなかった……」 But all it brought us was sadness…

Nothing strange so far. However, if we trigger the above line a total of 10 times, the next time we talk to him (the 12th time) he will say say the following.

“Tell me, young man.” 「おしえてくれ、若者よ」
“Can’t we be happy without 「幸せは、犠牲なしに得ることは
having to sacrifice anything?”  できないのじゃろうか?」
“Can’t time pass 「時代は、不幸なしに越えることは Can’t the ages pass
without unhappiness?”  できないのじゃろうか……」 without unhappiness…?

After this he returns to his default talk-to line. But why this ridiculous condition for such an unimportant monologue? For each time his default talk-to line is triggered, a value increases by 1. Once it reaches 10, his obscure lamentation becomes available.

Perhaps the programmer intended for the required value to be “1”, but accidentally wrote “10” as the demand.

Nothing Personal (GONJUN2)

When in Midgar at the end of disc 2 you will face the Turks and unless you completed the “Stolen Materia” sidequest you will be forced to fight them. Concluding that optional adventure grants you the option to decline the final battle with the Turks.

Similarly, Gongaga has a check to see if you retrieved your materia from Yuffie and this will influence the script by the Turks. Naturally most will not have observed this due to triggering the scene early on.

Once you accept Dio’s challenge in the Battle Square the meeting with the Turks becomes unavailable. This means your only window of opportunity to see the script change is to immediately go to Gongaga after completing the first Wutai sidequest.

Let us go through exactly how the scene changes. Enter the jungle…

Reno レノ
“It’s been a while.” 「久しぶりだな、と」

Sidequest Not Completed:

Reno レノ
“Payback time for what you did in Sector 7.” 「7番街の借りを返すぞ、と」
A:  Sector 7? A:  7番街……忘れたな
B:  Out of our way B:  ジャマだ……どこか行け
A: Reno レノ
“That’s sad.” 「それはさびしいな、と」
B: Reno レノ
“I don’t like being taken for a fool.” 「なめられるのは嫌いだな、と」

No matter what the scenario is, Rude will use the following line…

Rude ルード
“That’s as far as you go.” 「これ以上、先には進ませない」

Sidequest Completed:
The dialogue options with Reno are skipped and instead he says the following.

Reno レノ
“This is just part of the job. 「これも仕事だ。
Don’t take it personally.”  悪く思うなよ、と」

A great deal of used text will be unknown to the casual player of course. Another unnoticed event would be the reactions by Vincent & Cid after the battle with Reno & Rude, since it is more common to trigger the battle before these two party members are recruited. I defend the choice to present Reno’s obscure line though because it shows just how much of an impact the “Stolen Materia” adventure has on the relationship between AVALANCHE and the Turks.

Gongaga, Unknown Field

All Gongaga fields form a duplicate group of shared text. Among these is a classic unused piece known from even the early years of FFVII hacking; the travelling salesman sidequest. This text is locked in every released version of the game, so we have no idea in which Gongaga field we were supposed to meet this traveller. There is not even an unused field model to reveal what he looked like or even a placeholder name that could imply a relation to this NPC.

“I am a traveling salesman, 「わたしは、世界を旅する行商人。」 I’m a salesman who travels the world.
going around the world.”
“I came because I heard that near 「このゴンガガ村の近くに I came because I heard that there was
this village was Materia strong  『大地をゆるがす力を持つマテリア』 Materia near Gongaga village with the
enough to shake the earth.”  があると聞いて、来てみたのだが……」 power to shake the earth…
“Even I get homesick and want 「そんなわたしだが、むしょうに There are times when a guy like
to see my family.”  家族に会いたくなることがある」 me really wants to see his family.
“I have a favor to ask of you. 「そこであなたに、たのみがある。 That’s why I have a favor to ask of you.
Can you get this letter to my lovely wife?”  どうかわたしの愛する奥さんに I want you to deliver this
 この手紙をとどけてもらいたい」 letter to my beloved wife.
“Will you do it for me?” 「おねがいできるだろうか?」 Can you do it for me?
☞  Take the letter ☞  手紙を受け取る ☞  Take the letter
☞  Not interested ☞  興味ないね ☞  Not interested

If the content of the final game matches with what existed when this line was written, “Materia strong enough to shake the earth” must be a reference to the Titan summon Materia found inside the ruined reactor.

“My wife lives in Kalm. 「わたしの愛する奥さんは My beloved wife
I really appreciate this.”  カームの町に住んでいる。 lives in Kalm.
 どうか、よろしくたのむ」 I really appreciate this.
“You a traveller? Hey wait, キーアイテム『奥さんへの手紙』を手にいれた! Received Key Item “Letter to a Wife”!
that glow in your eye…
Are you in SOLDIER?”

In actuality, there is no data in the English text entry here and so it instead copies the adjacent text entry which happens to be a line by Zack’s father.

“What’s going on 「なんということだ…… What’s that you say…?
in a world about to end?  死が目前に迫っているこの世界では In this world come face to face with death,
Is kindness the first to vanish?”  もはや人情もかれはてたか……」 has humanity already withered away…?

This response from picking “Not interested” begs the question as to what point in the game this sidequest was to be available. There is a sense of doom and immediate crisis in the travelling salesman’s line, which would match up well with the appearance of Meteor.

The “Letter to a Wife” key item can be unlocked in the Key Item menu via cheats.

The English text here does not differ between the PlayStation and PC version.

Key Item Name in Menu

Letter to a Wife 奥さんへの手紙

Key Item Description

A letter to a wife who lives in Kalm カームの町に住む奥さんにあてた手紙。 A letter addressed to a wife who lives in Kalm.

We shall meet the travelling salesman once more when we get to Rocket Town.

Cosmo Canyon (COSMO)

This field is only visited for a few seconds when you enter Cosmo Canyon for the first time.

Location Name

Cosmo Canyon コスモキャニオン

Cosmo Canyon, Close-Up Field (COS_BTM)

Between being welcomed into Cosmo Canyon and talking to Red XIII, you are allowed to go back to the overworld. Red XIII has an unused snippet however where he will stop the party from leaving at this point. Triggering this requires that you mod the command into the game, as it is unrelated to flags or other prompts.

Red XIII, uh I mean, “Nanaki” runs down the stairs…

“Leaving already? 「もう行くのか?
You should get some rest.”  少し休んでいけばいい」

…then runs back up. After talking to Nanaki you will, in the final game, not be allowed to leave Cosmo Canyon again until you form a party to head for the Gi Tribe dungeon.

“Why don’t you look around Cosmo Canyon 「車がなおるまで Why don’t you take a look around Cosmo
while I fix the car?”  コスモキャニオンを見学されては?」 Canyon until the car is fixed?
“Please get some rest while 「車がなおるまで Please get some rest
I fix your car.”  ゆっくり、体を休めてください」 until the car is fixed.

It is possible to ask the wandering buff NPC to fix your buggy for you. This has no impact on the actual story though. The only point with this is to later pay him for his services, then receive a hint from him that there is an Elixir inside the “hotel” room.

[Save Point] 【セーブポイント】
Access the menu and select メニューを開いて「セーブ」を選ぶと
[SAVE] to save your game. ゲームの状態を保存できます。

Weapon Shop (COSIN1)

Take a look at the field image. There are two notes next to the weapon stand. The unused text below could fit for either, but only the left note is used in the final game. There it represents “Turtle’s Paradise Newsletter #4“.

Now hiring!    アルバイトぼしゅう! Now hiring for a part-time job!
No experience necessary. 経験は間いません。 No experience necessary.
Looking for emotionally stable people 武器を見てもこうふんしない Seeking calm people who don’t get
who don’t get excited at the sight of weapons! おだやかな性格の方求む! agitated at the sight of weapons!
We offer a small, but good ちょっとせまいけれど The workplace is compact,
working environment! 明るいしょくばです! but nice and bright!

Materia Shop (COSMIN2)


“Thank you very much!” 「ありがとうございました!」

The Kitchen (COSMIN3)

A female NPC is always present here by the stove. Humorously enough, the game code calls her “HONEY“. This name is well in tune with her unused text.

“Oh, welcome home. 「あら、おかえりなさい。 Oh, welcome back.
You want dinner first?  ね、すぐディナーにする? Do you want to eat dinner right away,
Or…”  それとも……」 or…?
A:  Dinner A:  ディナー A:  Dinner!
B:  Or… B:  それとも…… B:  Or…?
A: “All right, it’ll be ready in no time…” 「は~い、それじゃすぐ……」
B: “Oh honey…” 「まあ♥ Sheesh ♥
 あなたったら……」 Oh, you…
B: “Wh…who are you? 「だ、誰ですかアナタ! Wh, who are you?!
You…can’t just come barging  か、かってに人のスイートホームに You can’t just come barging into
into my home uninvited!!”  入ってくるなんて!!」 someone’s home sweet home uninvited!!

Item Shop (COSMIN7)

Received “Telpostone”! 『テレポストーン』を手にいれた! Received “Teleportation Stone”!

When entering the back (which is only possible after Meteor has been summoned) you can gain an Elixir, Magic Source and a Full Cure materia. The above text entry is placed between the Elixir and Magic Source.

Teleportation stones have appeared in previous Final Fantasy titles, albeit under different translations. Aside from this text entry, a teleportation stone is never referred to anywhere else in the game code. It even lacks an item ID, just like the “Homemade Potion” item we saw in the previous article.

3D Holographic Observatory, Lifestream Lecture Field (BUGIN1C)

The visually identical field BUGIN1B is used for displaying the Huge Materia that you can collect during the disc 2 adventures.

Location Name

Observatory 天文台

For party member dialogue, in this case the optional character who gets to react to the holographic display, the game uses the ladder system here. Characters are prioritized in the following order: Aeris, Tifa, Yuffie then Barret. Red XIII is not a potential party member at this point, meaning that even if Cait Sith’s dialogue was unlockable there would be no party configuration in which his lines could be triggered.

{Cait Sith} CAIT SITH
“Whew! 「ひゃぁ~!
Just like the real thing!”  ほんまもんみたいや~!」
{Cait Sith} CAIT SITH
“Whoa! There goes a shootin’ star!” 「おわっ! 流れ星や!」
{Cait Sith} CAIT SITH Cait Sith:
“I’m so overwhelmed!” 「感激もんですわ~!」 I’m seriously impressed!

Cait Sith does have animations where he reacts to the display in awe, but those are never used.

Bugenhagen then has one unused line, after the “Lifestream Lecture FMV”. The command for the line has to be modded into the game because it is not related to any other prompts.

And if that Spirit Energy その精神エネルギーが What would happen if that spirit
were to disappear… なくなったらどうなる? energy were to disappear?
“It would be the end of life as we know it.” 「……終わりじゃ」 …That would mean the end.

The PSX translation is a bit shorter and instead reads “…the end of life as we know it.”.

Bugenhagen ブーゲンハーゲン Bugenhagen:
“…These are the basics 「……これが星命学の基本じゃな」 …That’s the basis of the study of
of the Study of Planet Life.” the life of the planet.

Sacred Fire (COS_BTM2)

{Tifa} TIFA Tifa:
“You know, {Cloud}. 「あのねえ、CLOUD。 Um, Cloud…
five years ago…”  5年前……」 5 years ago…
{Cloud} CLOUD
“…?” 「……?」
{Tifa} TIFA
“…It’s nothing.” 「……ううん」

Gi Tribe Dungeon (GIDUN_1)

Bugenhagen ブーゲンハーゲン Bugenhagen:
“This cave leads to 「この洞窟はコスモキャニオンの裏へと This cave leads to the other
the back of Cosmo Canyon.”  つづいておる」 side of Cosmo Canyon.
Bugenhagen ブーゲンハーゲン
“If we had been attacked by the Gi here, 「ここからギ族に攻め入られたら
we wouldn’t have stood a chance.”  ひとたまりもなかったじゃろう」
“…” 「…………」

This unused text is the same across the English PSX and PC version, with the exception of Red XIII having extra ellipses in the English PSX localization. Does the above text sound familiar? Similar lines are spoken by Bugenhagen in the next dungeon area, GIDUN_2.

GIDUN_2 Text, PC

Bugenhagen ブーゲンハーゲン
“As you can see, this cave 「みてのとおり、この洞窟は
leads to the back of Cosmo Canyon.”  コスモキャニオンの裏へと
“Even though the Gi outnumbered 「ギ族はわしらより体も大きく
us, they could not attack  なにより残忍じゃ。
through here because the  ここから攻め入られたら
passage is too narrow.”  ひとたまりもなかったじゃろう」


Bugenhagen ブーゲンハーゲン
“As you can see, this cave 「みてのとおり、この洞窟は
leads to the back of Cosmo Canyon.”  コスモキャニオンの裏へと
“It was unfortunate that the 「ギ族はわしらより体も大きく
Gi were larger than us.  なにより残忍じゃ。
If they attacked through here,  ここから攻め入られたら
we wouldn’t have stood a chance.”  ひとたまりもなかったじゃろう」

GIDUN_2 Text

“…” 「…………」

The strategic importance of the cave becomes vastly different between the PlayStation and PC translations. What do we get from retranslating the line? While the first segment is correct, “As you can see, this cave leads to the back of Cosmo Canyon.” the second segment should be translated as follows:

The Gi tribe had larger bodies than we did, and were crueler than anything. If they had invaded [the canyon] through here, there wouldn’t have been anyone left.

The PC version is off by claiming that the passage was too narrow for the Gi Nattak. The PSX version is closer to the truth but lacks the mention of the Gi tribe’s cruelty.

Seto’s Wall (SETO1)

Location Name

Cet Wall セトの壁 Seto’s Wall

The English game displays a faulty romanization here with the location name that we are never allowed to see.

Leaving Cosmo Canyon (COS_BTM2)

There is a debug line of sorts placed when the team are about to leave without Red XIII.

{Barret}     BARRET
{Tifa}     TIFA
{Aeris}     AERITH
{Cait Sith}     CAIT SITH
{Yuffie}     YUFFIE

This looks like a text entry used for picking a party member on the field instead of using the PHS menu. While it has a Text ID placed after the team is about to leave the Canyon, it could also technically belong earlier for when you are about to go to the cave.

In FFVII: The Unused Text Part 5, Page Two we covered Nibelheim of the past but it is now time to look at what Nibelheim of the present has to offer.

New Nibelheim (NIVL_3)

The event planners must have been unaware of the obligatory progression through towns in the final game, as we see that Cid Highwind has dialogue in a spot when he is not yet in your team. He will, just like the other characters, react to Nibelheim seemingly not having burnt down. The reaction changes depending on if Tifa is in your party and whether or not he is character #1 or #2 in the menu.

Scenario: Tifa is in your party.

{Tifa} TIFA Tifa:
“This was all burnt down, wasn’t it?” 「燃えちゃったはず、だよね?」 Everything here should have burned, right?
{Cloud} CLOUD Cloud:
“…I thought so.” 「……そのはずだ」 …Right.
{Tifa} TIFA
“Then why… 「それなのに、どうして?
My house is still here too…”  私の家もある……」
{Cid} CID
“Hey, it isn’t like 「聞いてた話とちがうぜ!」
what you told me!”

Scenario. Tifa NOT in your party.
Again, the game uses the “PHS System” here for character dialogue and will check if a party member is #1 or #2.

Character #1 Line

{Cid} CID
“Didn’t you say that your hometown 「おめえ、故郷は燃えてなくなったとか
burned down?”  言ってなかったか?」
{Cloud} CLOUD
“…Yeah.” 「……ああ」

Character #2 Line

{Cid} CID
“Yo, {Cloud}. 「CLOUDよう。
It’s not good to lie.”  ウソはいけねえぜ」

Nibelheim Inn (NIVINN_1)

“I’m checking the Mako boiler. 「魔晄ボイラーの調子が見てるんです。 I’m checking on the Mako boiler.
Please don’t bother me now.”  ジャマしないでくださいよ」 Please don’t bother me now.

No NPC ever stands close to any boiler, neither here nor in the past, but the text entry is placed alongside dialogue that belongs during present time which is why I place it here.


The text of the Shinra Mansion is in fact part of two duplicate groups. For the most part these two groups don’t intersect, but they share the same text when it comes to the dial numbers and items found throughout the mansion. In short, this made the script research immensely complicated. I have done my best to present the used and unused text in relation to their respective duplicate groups.

For visualization, here are the two duplicate groups and the fields relevant to the dial numbers that can be found.



In both the English game and FFVII International, files within a duplicate are (almost) always identical to each other in text. The first Japanese release, JORG, however shows tons and tons of discrepancies between the field text files in what are still discernible text duplicate groups. Text entries may be completely missing in one file or they may be written differently. We have seen this before in this article series, but hopefully this paragraph acts as a welcome refresher. I also hope this allows the reader a glimpse into how painstakingly detailed this research has been.

Shinra Mansion Hall (SININ1_1)

A letter left by Hojo acts as an introduction to the sidequest to open the safe and ultimately find Vincent Valentine. The letter has both some scrapped alternates found in JORG as well as an unused continuation. The used and unused text is compared below.

宝条の手紙 Hojo’s Letter
“I must get rid of all those 『私の研究の邪魔をする者を全て I must get rid of all who stand in
that stand in the way of my research.  取り除かなければならない。 the way of my research.
Even that one from the Turks.”  タークスのあの男も例外ではない』 That man from the Turks is no exception.
“I scientifically altered him 『私はタークスの男に生体学的な改造を I conducted an anatomical remodification
and put him to sleep in the basement.  ほどこし、地下に眠らせた。 on him and put him to sleep in the basement.
If you want to find him, search the area.”  もし興味があるなら探してみるがよい』 If you’re interested, see if you can find him.
“But…this is merely a game I thought of. 『ただし……これはあくまで私がきまぐれで However, after all, this is merely a
It is not necessary  おもいついたゲームにすぎない。 silly little game I thought up.
for you to participate  むりにつきあってくれる必要はない』 There’s no need to indulge me.
if you don’t want to.”
“There seems to be another letter.” 「手紙は2まいあるようだ」 There seem to be 2 letters.
☞   Read it ☞   もう1まいの用紙をみる ☞   Read the other sheet
☞   Ignore it ☞   無視して旅を急ごう ☞   Ignore it and hurry on

JORG has the following alternate appear in most files in this duplicate group, with SININ1_1 as an obvious exception. The first segment is not shown here due to redundancy.

「ただし……これはあくまで私がきまぐれで However, after all, this is merely a
 おもいついたゲームにすぎない。 silly little game I thought up.
 むりにつきあってくれる必要はない」 There’s no need to indulge me.
☞    もう1まいの用紙をみる ☞    Read the other sheet
☞    無視して旅を急ごう ☞    Ignore it and hurry on

The symbols 「 」 are used above instead of 『』. The unused version lacks the text row “There seems to be another letter.” above the dialogue options. No other differences exist.

The used text entry that follows also has an alternate, although with greater differences this time.

“Move the dial on the safe carefully 「金庫のダイヤルはしんちょうに Move the dial on the safe carefully
but quickly. You have 20 seconds.  かつ、すばやくまわす。20秒以内だ。 but quickly. You have 20 seconds.
You can not go past the numbers while turning.  少しでも行き過ぎてはいけない。 You can not go past the numbers while turning.
The 4 hints for the numbers are…”  4つのダイヤルのヒントは……」 The hints for the 4 dials are…
☞  dial (1) ☞  ダイヤル 【1】 のヒント ☞  Dial 1 Hint
☞  dial (2) ☞  ダイヤル 【2】 のヒント ☞  Dial 2 Hint
☞  dial (3) ☞  ダイヤル 【3】 のヒント ☞  Dial 3 Hint
☞   ☞   ☞  
「金庫のダイヤルはしんちょうに Move the dial on the safe carefully
 かつ、すばやくまわす。20秒以内だ。 but quickly. You have 20 seconds.
 少しでも行き過ぎてはいけない」 You can not go past the numbers while turning.
「ダイヤルの数字はこの屋敷のどこかに…… The dial numbers are somewhere within this mansion…
 ヒントは……ウラだよ。ウラをさがせ……」 The hint is… “reverse”… look for the reverse…

The alternate completely lacks the option to read the hints about where the dial numbers can be found. The hint “reverse” actually refers to the other side of the letter, which reveals the unused continuation to the old version of Hojo’s letter.

「よく見るとウラにも文字がかいてある……」 Looking closely, there is writing on the back as well.
☞ Look at the back ☞   ウラを見てみよう ☞ Look at the back
☞ Ignore ☞   無視しよう ☞ Ignore
“You still don’t get it? 「まだわからないのかね? You still don’t get it?
Don’t give up if you’ve only checked it once.  一度調べたからって安心してはだめだよ。 Don’t relax just because you’ve checked something once.
You have to be persistent.”  しつこく調べなくては」 You have to be persistent.
“Look, this letter could be in invisible ink.” 「よく見るとこの手紙はあぶりだしのようだ」 Looking closely, the letter seems to be written in invisible ink.
☞ Read it ☞   あぶりだしてみよう ☞ Try revealing it
☞ Ignore it ☞   無視しよう ☞ Ignore it
“There are four things in this mansion… 「この屋敷の中で4つあるもの…… The 4 things in this mansion…
Check more closely.”  それをもっとよく調べてみてくれ」 Check them more closely.

Apparently this version of the sidequest was a lot more difficult, with only the vague hint that you had to be persistent when looking around the mansion for the numbers. By “The 4 things” the hint probably means for you to inspect the mansion’s interactive elements more closely, as even in the final game the location of the numbers is related to something you can interact with.

Let’s rewind to the used text entry which leads you to the hints as to where the dial numbers can be found. These hints have unused alternates.

Dial #1 Hint

The lid of the box with the most oxygen. 酸素が一番多いハコのふた

SININ2_1 in JORG displays an alternate line.

酸素が一番少ないハコのふた The lid of the box with the least oxygen

Dial #2 Hint

Behind the Ivory’s short of tea and ray. 空のない黒と白のウラ Behind the skyless black and white

The dial #2 hint has no unused alternate. Both the original and GlitterBerri’s translation make sense. “Behind the [ivory piano keys] short of [ti] and [re]”, versus the reference to black and white piano keys in “Behind the skyless black and white”.

Dial #3 Hint

The creek in the floor near the chair 2階のイスのそばのユカのきしみ…… The creek in the floor beside the 2F chair.
on the second floor…
then to the left five steps, up nine steps, そこから左5歩、上9歩、左2歩、上6歩 Then 5 steps left, 9 steps up, 2 steps left, and 6 steps up.
left two steps, and up six steps.

The SININ2_1 file in JORG presents another alternate.

イスのそばのユカのきしみ…… The creek in the floor beside the chair…
そこから左5歩、上9歩、左2歩、上6歩 Then 5 steps left, 9 steps up, 2 steps left, and 6 steps up.

The hint does not specify here that the number is to be found on the second floor.

Dial #4 Hint

The fourth row has been written in invisible ink… 4行目があぶりだされた…… The 4th line was revealed…
Dial (4) is (Right 97) ダイヤル 【4】 は 【右 97】 Dial 4 is “Right 97”.

Just like the second hint, this fourth one has no alternate. It is important to remember the existence of this hint in context with the unused text later on. While the fourth dial number can only be found via the letter in the final game, we shall see that it was originally planned to be found either by scouring the floor or looking behind a lid, just like the other three numbers.


The presentation of the unused dial number text is by unfortunate necessity the most complicated, as they both exist in two separate duplicate groups with existing differences both within either group and when comparing the two together.

One basic element allows some simplification though. There are only two types of spots where you can find dials, which is either on the floor or on the back of a lid.

ふたのウラに文字がきざまれている = Writing is carved on the back of the lid
ゆかに文字がきざまれている = Writing is carved in the floor.

In the unused text we find that it was not clear cut from the beginning which dial number was to be found written on the floor or written behind the back of a lid.

I will now go through each dial number and cover both duplicate groups for that dial number before moving on to the next one. To refresh, these are the relevant fields of said groups:




First group

This number is found in SININ2_1.

“Something is written on the back of the lid.” 「ふたのウラに文字がきざまれている」 Writing is carved on the back of the lid.
       (1) Right 36        【1】 … 右 36        (1) Right 36

Second group

“Something is written on the back 「ふたのウラに文字がきざまれている」 Writing is carved on the back of the lid.
of the lid.”
       (1) Right 36        【1】 … 右 36        (1) Right 36

No difference at all in the Japanese text and the English entries differ only in that one uses three rows for the text and not just two.


First group

“There’s a carving in the floor.” 「ゆかに文字がきざまれている」 Writing is carved in the floor.
       (2) Left 10        【2】 … 左 10        (2) Left 10

Second group

This number is found SININ1_2.

“Something is written on the floor.” 「ゆかに文字がきざまれている」 Writing is carved in the floor.
       (2) Left 10        【2】 … 左 10        (2) Left 10

We spot here how the English translation differs between the two groups. The first reads “Writing is carved in the floor.” while the second group reads “Something is carved in the floor“. The Japanese text is the same.

Alternate found in JORG file…

「ふたのウラに文字がきざまれている」 Writing is carved on the back of the lid.
       【2】 … 左 10        【2】 …Left 10

The “back of the lid” description is used here instead.


First group

“There’s a carving in the floor.” 「ゆかに文字がきざまれている」 Writing is carved in the floor.
       (3) Right 59        【3】 … 右 59        (3) Right 59

Alternate found in JORG file…

「ふたのウラに文字がきざまれている」 Writing is carved on the back of the lid.
       【3】 … 右 59        【3】 … Right 59

Writing is carved on the back of the lid” description instead of “Writing is carved in the floor.“.

Second group

This number is found SININ2_2.

“Something is written on the floor.” 「ゆかに文字がきざまれている」 Writing is carved in the floor.
       (3) Right 59        【3】 … 右 59        (3) Right 59


First group

“Something is written on the back of the lid.” 「ふたのウラに文字がきざまれている」 Writing is carved on the back of the lid.
       (4) Right 97        【4】 … 右 97        (4) Right 97

Alternate found in JORG file…

「ゆかに文字が刻まれている」 Writing is carved in the floor.
       【右に97】        Right 97

Which one of the dials this refers to is not specified. “Writing is carved in the floor.” description used instead of “written on the back of the lid“.

Second group

“Something is written on the back 「ふたのウラに文字がきざまれている」
of the lid.”
       (4) Right 97        【4】 … 右 97

Indeed, the fourth dial is NEVER found this way. You find it, as explained earlier, by finding the hint in Hojo’s letter that is written in invisible ink.

Evolution of the Shinra Mansion Side Quest, Summary

Originally you were to be given no hints as to where the dial numbers could be found. Only by reading the letter multiple times or checking behind it would you find additional parts of Hojo’s letter, which then specified that you have to be persistent and that you need to check “the 4 things” in the mansion. The four dials were to be found either written on the floor or behind a lid, just like in the final game, and configurations changed as to which dial was found in what type of spot.

When this was deemed too difficult, the hints were added to Hojo’s letter and the fourth dial itself became a hidden message in said letter.

Item Receipts, Group #1 vs Group #2

Aside from dial numbers, the two duplicate groups also share some item receipt text.
Basically, the text found in the second group (SININ1_2, SININ2_2) is unused in the first group (SININ1_1, SININ2_1).

First group

Received “Twin Viper”! 『ツインヴァイパー』を手にいれた!
Received “Gold M-phone”! 『ゴールドメガホン』を手にいれた! Received “Gold Megaphone”!
Received “Magic Source”! 『マジックアップ』を手にいれた! Received “Magic Up”!

The Gold M-phone can be bought in Costa del Sol on disc 2.

Second group

Received “Twin Viper”! 『ツインヴァイパー』を手にいれた!
Received “Silver M-phone”! 『シルバーメガホン』を手にいれた! Received “Silver Megaphone”!
Received “Magic Source”! 『マジックアップ』を手にいれた! Received “Magic Up”!

If the Gold M-phone was as powerful early on in development as it is in the final game, finding it here in Nibelheim at this point would have granted you a very overpowered weapon.

Weapon Atk Stat Materia Slots
Silver M-phone 28 O O O O O O O O
Gold M-phone 58 O=O O=O O=O O=O

Both the Twin Viper and Silver M-phone are found in SININ1_2.

A Magic Source is found in SININ2_2.

The Dangerous Safe Room (SININ2_1)

This field has two empty text entries, one which is normally invisible and encases the timer. The visible one encases the dial counter. In the English game, this counter has no text but in the Japanese game it does.

メモリ Memory

Japanese game, invisible text window made visible.

The “Memory” text entry has a locked duplicate.

メモリ Memory

Basement, Dark Lab (SININB32)

Here is where you find Cloud’s and Zack’s pods. When you walk up to these and press the OK button, the following text will trigger.

C project CーPROJ C-PROJ
specimen(B) codeC サンプル ー B(コードC) Sample – B (Code C)
“A scratch left by a fingernail inside 「ビーカーの内がわにツメで There are nail marks scratched
the beaker…  キズつけたあとが…… into the inside of the beaker…
‘Let’s get out of here…’.”  『ここから逃げよう……』」 ‘Let’s get out of here…’.
C project CーPROJ C-PROJ
specimen(A) codeZ サンプル ー A(コードZ) Sample – A (Code Z)
“A scratch left by a fingernail inside 「ビーカーの内がわにツメで A scratch left by a fingernail inside
the beaker…  キズつけたあとが…… the beaker…
‘Feeding Time’…that’s our chance…!”  『エサの時間が…チャンスだ……』」 Feeding time… that’s our chance…

One single field in JORG, SININB52, has alternates to the above.

サンプル ー C Sample – C
サンプル ー Z Sample – Z

Not much to show and not much to say, as these alternates are simply shorter and this JORG file lacks the “fingernail scratch” lines.

Play Crisis Core to see how the part about the fingernail scratchings and Zack escaping during feeding time was written out of canon.

Basement, Library (SININB52)

Four reports can be found here in the final game. They all relate to the fate of Cloud and Zack after they escaped from the Shinra Mansion.

“Escapee Report no. 4 『逃亡者に関する報告書 4 Report Concerning the Runaways 4
Other  :その他 :Other
B’s whereabouts is currently unknown.  現在、Bの行方は不明です。 B’s whereabouts are currently unknown.
But pursuit is unnecessary due to  しかし、Bは意識の乱れが However, B’s disordered awareness seemed
his diminishing consciousness.  かなり進行している様子でしたので to be continuing to progress, so it
 このまま放置しておいても is our opinion that leaving things as they
 間題は無いというのが我々の見解です。 are won’t result in any issues.
Awaiting further instructions.”  今後に関する指示をおねがいします』 Requesting further relevant orders.

The JORG file has the following text entry…


A placeholder for a fifth report. Truly a needle in a haystack as SININB52 is part of a huge duplicate group and it is only in this specific file in JORG that this placeholder exists.

Vincent, Formerly of the Turks (SININB2)

There is no extraordinary form of unused text to be found here in the game code. If you feel disappointed, you can still read early concepts for this scene and Vincent’s character in the Early Material File translations.

“I have nothing to say to strangers. 「他人に話すようなことではない。 I have nothing to say to strangers.
Get out.  ここから出ていけ」 Get out.
“This mansion is the beginning 「この屋敷は悪夢の始まりの場所だ」 This mansion is the place where nightmares are begun.
of your nightmare.”
{Cloud} CLOUD
“…You can say that again.” 「……確かに、そうだな」
“Hmm? Do you know something?” 「おや? 何を知っているのだ?」 Huh? What do you know?
☞   Don’t say a thing ☞   何も言わない ☞   Don’t say a thing
☞   Talk about Sephiroth ☞   セフィロスのことを話す ☞   Bring up Sephiroth
{Cloud} CLOUD
“Nothing I’d tell a stranger.” 「他人に話すようなことじゃない」
{Tifa} TIFA Tifa:
“Nothing I feel like telling a stranger about.” 「他人に話すようなことじゃないわ」 Nothing I would tell a stranger.
{Cid} CID
“Nothin’ I’d tell a stranger.” 「他人に話すようなことじゃねえ」

This retort back at Vincent, using his own words against him, from choosing “Don’t say a thing” is simply excluded from the scene choreography. Only way to unlock it is to use a field editor and place the response back in.

Vincent, who is of course not named yet in-game, has an unused superfluous response from if you choose yet again not to tell him about Sephiroth.

“…Do you have something to tell me?” 「……まだ何か? Is there something else…?
☞   No, good night ☞   いや、おやすみ ☞   No, good night
☞   Tell him about Sephiroth ☞   セフィロスのことを話す ☞   Bring up Sephiroth
“…Hmm.” 「……ふむ」

We then have a third version of this scenario in which Vincent asks the team if they have anything of relevance to say.

“Again… 「またか…… You again?
Do you know anything?”  何か聞きたいことがあるのか?」 Is there something you wish to ask?
☞   Nothing ☞   何もない ☞   Nothing
☞   Tell him about Sephiroth ☞   セフィロスのことを話す ☞   Bring up Sephiroth

If you watched the related video, you will have seen that this field has a Sephiroth model that is never activated. This model has only one action, which is to stand right below Vincent’s coffin, then zoom in closer to the field camera while he turns his head to the left.

The action is incomplete and unless you mod in additional commands, the now-giant Sephiroth will simply stand there until you leave the field. This event is not directly connected to any scene so we have to deduce on our own where it most likely belongs.

With the model being only present in Vincent’s chamber, I figure that the intended instance was for when the party leader tells Vincent about Sephiroth and the screen turns a dark blue tone.

Seeing the field model used in this instance certainly adds a dramatic tone to when the party leader retells the story of how Sephiroth went mad. We can only guess why it was left behind.

The model’s default position versus completed creepy animation.

{Vincent} VINCENT
“You were also with Shinra…? 「君も元神羅か……
Then do you know Lucrecia?”  ではルクレツィアを
{Cloud} CLOUD
“Who?” 「誰だって?」
{Vincent} VINCENT
“…Lucrecia.” 「…………ルクレツィア」

Party Leader Line

{Cloud} CLOUD
“I don’t.” 「知らないな」

Party Leader Line

{Tifa} TIFA
“No.” 「知らないわ」

Party Leader Line

{Cid} CID
“No idea.” 「知らねえな」

Recruiting Vincent (SININB1)

If you recruit Vincent before disc 3, he will ask the party leader if sticking with them will lead him to Hojo. When on disc 3 however, Hojo has been defeated and the game will recognize this if you recruit Vincent this late. Instead, he will use the following line.

{Vincent} VINCENT Vincent:
“If I go with you, will I meet Hojo?” 「おまえたちについていけば If I go with you, will I be
 セフィロスに会えるのか?」 able to meet Sephiroth?

If you only play the English game, there is no visible script change. The party leader’s response also changes after Hojo has been defeated. Despite Tifa and Cid only being party leaders briefly, they have responses to Vincent as though they could be party leaders on disc 3.

{Cloud} CLOUD
“Yeah, probably…” 「ああ。
{Tifa} TIFA
“Yes, probably…” 「ええ。たぶん……」
{Cid} CID
“Yeah, probably…” 「おお。たぶんな……」

Maybe the event planners took the safe route, not knowing for sure whether Cloud would remain the default, compulsory party leader. Maybe they wrote the scenario without much thought as to how the PHS works in the final game.

These responses naturally are different when on disc 1 & 2 and they generally read “I dunno but we’re after both Hojo and Sephiroth so eventually…“.

Rocket Town, Open Area (RCKT)

Talk to the NPC in the beige jump suit to see the following line, which has an unused continuation.

“Everyone in this town was a mechanic 「ここの住人は The residents here were all
back when they were planning to  みんなロケット打ち上げ計画のときの a bunch of mechanics back when
launch the rocket.”  メカニック仲間なんだ」 the rocket was planned to launch.
{Cloud} CLOUD
“Rocket launch plan? 「ロケット打ち上げ計画?
What do you mean?”  何のことだ?」
“You don’t know?” 「君たち、知らないのかい?」 You don’t know?
“There was a plan to send a man 「神羅の宇宙開発部門の長であるパルマーの There was once a plan to send humans
into outer space.”  主導で、人間を宇宙におくろうとした into space, under the leadership of
“It was headed up by the leader of  計画があったのさ」 Palmer, head of the Shinra Space Development Program.
the Shinra Space Program, Palmer.”
“This town is the result of the plan, 「でも、その計画も中断しちゃってね…… But the plan was suspended…
but the plan got cut…”  この村は、その計画のなごりなのさ」 This town is what remains.

Cid’s Backyard (RCKT3 & RCKT32)

RCKT3 and RCKT32 are visually identical.

RCKT3 is used for the scene where the party talks about stealing the Tiny Bronco but are then interrupted by Shera. RCKT32 is used for the scene with Palmer and the transition to the FMV when the Tiny Bronco flies off. They both have in common that the location name intended for them is never used.

Location Name

Backyard (Inn) 民家の裏庭 House Backyard

Location Name

{Cid}’s backyard CIDの家裏庭

The location name would change depending on what you named Cid. This is done for the location name in Cid’s house, RKTSID, which is in fact used.

Location Name [RKTSID]

House 民家

Location Name [RKTSID]

{Cid}’s House CIDの家

Cid’s House (RKTSID)

The team comes back to Cid’s house where they meet Shera again. Cid shortly enters.

Shera シエラ
“Welcome home.” 「おかえりなさい」
{Cid} CID Cid:
“^%$#! Shera. 「ケッ! シエラよう。 Tch! Shera.
What are you, blind!?”  どうしてテメエはそんなに Why are you so
 どんくせえんだよ!」 @#$%ing slow?!

Flying Off Sequence (RCKT32)

After the battle with Palmer a party member exclaims that the Tiny Bronco has started flying and that it won’t stop.

{Cloud} CLOUD
“Forget it! Get in!!” 「かまうな! のりこめ!!」

The classic FMV initiates. In the final game this is a scene devoid of dialogue but apparently it was written to include exchanges between the characters.

{Cloud} CLOUD
“All right, here we go!” 「よし、出発だ!」
{Barret} BARRET Barret:
“Gimme that!” 「オレにやらせろ!」 Lemme do it!
{Aeris} AERITH
“I want to try it!” 「わたし、やってみたい!」
{Tifa} TIFA Tifa:
“I wanna try!” 「私にやらせて!」 Let me do it!
“Leave it to me.” 「オイラにまかせて」
{Cait Sith} CAIT SITH
“Let me handle it.” 「ボクにまかせて~な」
{Yuffie} YUFFIE
“Let me be the pilot!” 「アタシにパイロットやらせて!」
{Vincent} VINCENT
“I’ll do it.” 「私の出番だな」
{Cloud} CLOUD
“{Cid}! Get on!” 「CID! 乗ってくれ!」
{Cid} CID
“Godammit! 「バカやろう!
What are you amateurs doing!”  シロウトが何やってんだよ!」
Rufus ルーファウス
“{Cloud}!? 「CLOUD!?
Don’t let ’em get away!  逃がすな! 撃ちおとせ!」
Shoot ’em down!”

Cloud telling Cid to jump on seems a bit sudden and lacks a clear explanation in the final game’s narrative.

Having these lines exchanged during the FMV would probably have been distracting, plus the time window for those last three entries to be displayed would have been very small. Perhaps this part was written before considering how they would actually work it into a dynamic sequence like this one.

Story-wise we just left Rocket Town, but we now return to clear off the disc 2 text.

Comedian’s House (RKTMIN2)

Many may know of the scene with the comedian that exists right before the rocket is about to launch to crash into Meteor, where he will pull some really forced jokes. This earlier scenario, intended for when Cid is the party leader, is never triggered due to poor programming.

“Hmm, let’s see… 「ん~、何かおもしろいシャレは
do I know any good jokes?”  ないかな?」
{Cid} CID Cid:
No more of them ^$#%$@# puns!”  おめぇのダジャレなんぞ、聞きたくもねぇ」 I don’t want to hear your ^$#%$@# puns!

Exactly what is done wrong with the programming? Well, the game first checks to make sure that the PPV=1299 (right when the rocket is about to launch), then checks if Cid is in the current party. If he is NOT in the current party, the game then checks if Cid is the party leader and only then will the line trigger. The game contradicts itself by first demanding that Cid not be in the party and then suddenly demanding that he even be the party leader.

By looking at how the comedian’s talk-to script is programmed, it is still clear that this line was intended for an earlier PPV, when Cid is indeed the party leader, but that the programmer made a few mistakes along the way.

Rocket Town, Unknown Field

The script of Rocket Town is, just like with Kalm and Gongaga, a big duplicate group. Note however that all the text inside the actual rocket is a separate duplicate group. Accordingly, we find text entries that could belong in literally any of the relevant fields you visit here.

Received “Circlet”! 『サークレット』を手にいれた!

Receipt lines are actually placed with some order in the text data. Items received early on have a spot in lower numbered text IDs compared to those received later on. The Circlet receipt line has a higher text ID number and falls in the same category as items like the “Fourth Bracelet” and “Guard Source” which only become available later on disc 2.

It also fits with how potent the Circlet accesory is, giving a +30 boost to both your Magic Atk and Magic Def stats.

The travelling salesman returns, but only in the Japanese text data. Yet again no other data exists about him other than the text. I have placed it here in the article as though it was a disc 2 adventure, still admitting that we can’t be sure when this sidequest was to take place.

「わたしは、世界を旅する行商人。 I’m a travelling peddler.
 そんなわたしだが、むしょうに Despite my wandering, I wish
 家族に会いたくなることがある」 to see my family terribly.
「そこであなたに、たのみがある。 That’s where you come in.
 どうかわたしの愛する娘に I’d like you to find a way to deliver
 この手紙をとどけてもらいたい」 this letter to my beloved daughter.
「おねがいできるだろうか?」 Can you do it?
☞    手紙を受け取る ☞    Take the letter
☞    興味ないね ☞    Not interested.

Similar to the line in Gongaga, but obviously lacking any reference to “Materia strong enough to shake the earth“.

「わたしの愛する娘は My beloved daughter
 カームの町に住んでいる。 lives in the town of Kalm.
 どうか、よろしくたのむ」 I ask this of you.

Presumably the above line is a response from taking the letter.

「なんということだ…… What’s that you say…?
 死が目前に迫っているこの世界では In this world where death nips at your heels,
 もはや人情もかれはてたか……」 has even human kindness been exhausted?

The above line is identical to the corresponding line in Gongaga.

キーアイテム『娘への手紙』を手にいれた! Received Key Item “Letter to Daughter”!

Just like Letter to a Wife, the key item Letter to a Daughter can be brought back in the Key Item menu.

The English text does not differ between the PlayStation and the PC version.

Key Item Name in Menu

Letter to a Daughter 娘への手紙

Key Item Description

A letter to a young girl who lives in Kalm カームの町に住む娘にあてた手紙。 A letter addressed to a daughter living in Kalm.

That is all the hidden text the game has to offer about the travelling salesman.

Personally, if I was to mod back this NPC in Rocket Town, I would make him appear on the second floor of the inn, RKTINN2, simply because the field’s only use in the final game is to establish that the hotel beds are there.

The Travelling Peddler: Sidequest Summary

What do we know about this salesman and the sidequest in general?
– He travels the world and was to be spotted in Gongaga and Rocket Town.
– In the case of Gongaga, he went there because he heard rumors about a Materia strong enough to shake the Earth, which is likely a reference to the Titan summon.
– His wife and daughter live in Kalm but no unused text exists in this town about the sidequest nor the travelling salesman.
– “Letter to a Wife” was to be received in Gongaga and “Letter to a Daughter” was to be received in Rocket Town. Both can be unlocked in the key item menu and even have descriptions there.

What do we not know about this sidequest?
– The ultimate reward from acting as a delivery man.
– What the traveller looked like and the exact fields in which you were to find him.
– If there was a specific order in which to receive and deliver the letters and if you would be allowed to carry both letters at the same time.

The line by the peddler when denying to take either letter makes us think that the sidequest was to take place on disc 2, but again this is only implied and not fully clear.

One household in Kalm holds a mother and her daughter. The adult female is even called “mother” in the game code, while the girl (who is simply called “girl” in the game code) speaks of a mother which surely is the female downstairs.

But NPCs may have been severely moved around during development and this present household with a mother and a daughter may have nothing at all to do with this sidequest. It might very well be that nothing in Kalm was ever set up for the letter delivery quest.

While no decent speculation could be drawn even if those existed in JORG, it is still worth mentioning that the special items “Desert Rose”, “Earth Harp” and “Guide Book” do not exist in the first Japanese edition. Instead, looking for these item IDs will grant you items named “102”, “103” and “104” respectively, with no use at all for these items and without item descriptions.

The old man who demands these items does not exist in JORG either. In the updated game, where he exists, he says “A lot of my friends have died… I’m goin’ on a journey to pray for their souls.”. One wonders if the “journey” aspect is a transmuted remnant of the salesman who travelled the world.

Yuffie Steals Your Materia (YOUGAN & YOUGAN3)


The event in which Yuffie goes about her thievery of your powerful orbs of mass destruction can take place in one of two fields: YOUGAN or YOUGAN3.

Most will be familiar with YOUGAN, the field you are transported to when walking up the first mountain slope of the Wutai continent. You are only transported to YOUGAN3 if you skip the slope and go directly to Wutai via say the Highwind or a Chocobo. The moment you are about to enter Wutai, you are instead transported to the grassy field of YOUGAN3 where the same incident will occur.

Technically then, seeing Aeris’ lines in YOUGAN3 is a hidden event. It is still possible to skip the more barren field by entering the menu at the right time when you walk up the mountain path, the same trick that is used for skipping the scene with the impaled Midgar Zolom. This makes the “hidden scenario” with Aeris easily accessible.

Despite her actions and script being the same, with the exception that a few Japanese symbols differ or are missing in YOUGAN3, I shall list her lines as though they were unused.

Aside from that, the text and events presented below is indifferent to whether we are in one field or the other.

“Wait, wait, wait, wai—-t!!” 「待った待った待ったーっ!!」
{Aeris} AERITH Aerith:
“What!? 「なになに!? What!?
What happened all of a sudden?”  どうしたの、とつぜんあわてたりして?」 What are you panicking about all of a sudden?
{Yuffie} YUFFIE
“I know this area pretty well.” 「アタシ、ここいらあたりは
“It gets pretty tough past here.  ちょっとくわしいんだ」
Better get ready…” 「この先ってさあ、

Next the game will check if Yuffie managed to steal money from you when you tried to recruit her. The line by member #1 will change depending on if money was stolen or not.

If Yuffie Stole Your Money

{Aeris} AERITH Aerith:
“…Hmmm… 「……ふ~ん…… …Hmmm…
Something’s fishy…”  なんかアヤしいな~」 Something’s fishy…
“You’re not planning 「また何かイケないこと You’re not thinking of getting up
something sneaky again, are you?”  考えたりしてない?」 to no good again, are you?

If Yuffie Did NOT Steal Your Money

{Aeris} AERITH Aerith:
“……Hmmm… 「……ふ~ん…… ……Hmmm…
Something’s fishy…”  なんかアヤしいな~」 Something’s fishy…
“You’re not planning 「何かイケないこととか You’re not thinking of getting up
something sneaky again, are you?”  考えたりしてない?」 to no good, are you?

In the case of Aeris, the line only differs by adding three extra dots if money was not stolen. In the Japanese script the difference is somewhat relevant and if money was stolen the party member will speak as though Yuffie has fooled them once before.

{Yuffie} YUFFIE
“No! 「ちちちがうって!
It’s REALLY tough…”  ホントのホントに大変なん……」
“There they are{, }catch ’em!!” 「いたぞ、つかまえろ!!」

Character #2 Line

{Aeris} AERITH
“The Shinra!?” 「あっ、神羅の……!?」
Shinra Soldier 神羅兵 Shinra Soldier:
“Hey, that’s not them! 「おい、違うぞ! ヤツじゃない! Hey, that’s not them!
These are the other guys from before!!”  こ、こいつら、例の!!」 It’s THOSE guys!!
{Aeris} AERITH
“{Yuffie}, did you by any chance…” 「YUFFIE、あなた、もしかして……」
{Yuffie} YUFFIE
“I didn’t know! 「知らない知らない!
I had nothing to do with this one!”  これはアタシとカンケーないって!」
{Aeris} AERITH Aerith:
“This one? 「これ『は』? This one?
What do you mean ‘THIS one’?”  これ『は』って、何?」 What do you mean ‘THIS one’?
“So you WERE up to something!” 「YUFFIE、あなたやっぱり Yuffie, you WERE thinking
 イケナイこと考えてたでしょ!」 of getting up to no good!
{Yuffie} YUFFIE
“No, umm, uh…” 「い、いや、あの……」
Shinra Soldier 神羅兵
“What should we do!?” 「ど、どうする!?」
Shinra Soldier 神羅兵
“Uh…Get them! 「い……や、やれ!
Grab them and ask questions later!!”  いいからやってしまえ!!」

The two infantrymen are defeated in battle.

{Aeris} AERITH
“What’s going on!?” 「これ、どういうこと!?」
“I thought something was missing… 「なにかたりないと思ったら
my Materia’s all gone!!”  マテリア、マテリア

Character #2 Line

{Aeris} AERITH
“Hey…where’s {Yuffie}?” 「ね……YUFFIE……は?」
TIFA Tifa:
「フー、ビックリしたわね」 What a shock!
BARRET Barret:
「おいYUFFIE、 Oi, Yuffie,
 これはどういう……」 what does this…
TIFA Tifa:
「カ、カカシ……?」 S, scarecrow?

Yes, Yuffie literally leaves behind a scarecrow in this unused scene.

BARRET Barret:
「……? …?
 手紙……か?」 …A letter?
      親愛なるみなさんへ My Dearest Friends,
「とつぜんのお別れ、お許しください。 Please forgive my sudden departure.
 さよならもできないこと、 I agree that it’s terribly sad
 アタシもかなしく思っています。 I wasn’t able to say goodbye.
「最後まであなたたちには Though you never once trusted
 信じてもらえなかったけど、 me, what I’m saying now is
 アタシの言ったことは本当です。 the unvarnished truth.
「これからのあなたたちの旅は、 The journey ahead of you
 つらく、きびしいものになるでしょう。 will surely be difficult.
 それだけは間違いありません。 There’s no mistake about that, at least.
「だって……{PAUSE} That’s because…{PAUSE}
 だって…… That’s because…
「……だーってマテリアが …That’s because you don’t
 1個もなーいんだもーん!! have a single Materia!!
「やーっぱり、マテリアがないと It sure ain’t gonna be
 キッツイよねー? easy without any.
「ま、アンタたちなら Well, no doubt you’ll come
 何とかなるって! up with something!
 よくわかんないけど。 But who knows.
「んじゃ、せいぜい気をつけて! Anyway, take care of yourselves!
 バイバーイ!! See ya!!
    あなたのYUFFIEより Your friend, Yuffie

The “pause” effect is a rather curious touch here, considering that this message is written and not spoken directly by Yuffie.

After this we have three unlockable but unused ellipses lines. Judging by their placement in the script, these were meant to show when the party members stand around looking for Yuffie.

“…” 「…………」
“…” 「…………」
“…” 「…………」

{Aeris} AERITH Aerith:
“I’m SO mad!!” 「くーやーしーいーっ!!」 This is SO FRUSTRATING!!

We then spot a tiny difference between YOUGAN and YOUGAN3 in this line by Aeris.

YOUGAN version

{Aeris} AERITH Aerith:
“She was probably eyeing our 「最初からあのコ She was probably eyeing our
Materia from the beginning.”  わたしたちのマテリア Materia from the beginning.
“It looks like she went North. 「あのコ、北の方に逃げたみたい。 It looks like she went north.
Let’s hurry after her and  早く追いかけて、マテリア We have to hurry after her
get our Materia back!”  取り返さなくちゃ!」 and get our Materia back!

YOUGAN3 version

{Aeris} AERITH Aerith:
“She was probably eyeing our 「最初からあのコ She was probably eyeing our
Materia from the beginning.”  わたしたちのマテリアを Materia from the beginning.
“It looks like she went North.
Let’s hurry after her and 「早く追いかけて We have to hurry after her
get our Materia back!”  取り返さなくちゃ!」 and get our Materia back!

Essentially the YOUGAN3 version, in Japanese, lacks the “It looks like she went North” part.

Wutai, Open Area (UUTAI1)

“Hm, money? 「なに、カネ? What, money?
There’s all kinds of money.”  カネと言ったっていろいろ There are lots of types of money,
 あるからナ……」 you see…
“This type and that… 「あんなカネ、こんなカネ…… That money there, this money here…
Hey now that you mention it,  おお、そういえばあそこにも Oh, speaking of which, there
there was some money over there.”  カネがあったナ……」 was some money over there, too…

Turtle’s Paradise (UTAPB)

“Hey. 「ウーイ。 Hey.
You think the store feels gloomy?”  さびしい店だろ?」 Isn’t this store kinda lonely?
“Let’s just say that I 「ま、静かなフンイキが Oh well, I like
like things quiet.”  おれはすきなんだけどね」 things quiet.

Weapon Shop (UTA_WA)

Location Name

Item/Accessory Store 武器・アクセサリー屋 Weapon/Accessory Store

The field has no assigned location name, so when you enter the menu here the name will read “Wutai” which is copied from the last field.

Item Shop (UTA_IM)

“Oh, no, no, no! 「ああ、ダメダメ。 Oh, no, no, no!
I’m just replacing these goods!  今、商品のいれかえを I’m just in the middle of
You come back later.”  しているところなんだよ。 changing the stock.
 あとでまた、来ておくれ」 Please come back later.

When Yuffie has stolen your Materia, you will be denied making purchases in the weapon shop. Is the above line a sign that you were once to be denied access to the item shop as well? In the final game you are always allowed to buy items here.

Yuffie’s House, Basement (YUFY2)

{Yuffie} YUFFIE Yuffie:
“That…sniff…switch… 「そこにヒック……スイッチ…… That…sniff…switch…
the lever on the left……  左のレバー…… the lever on the left……
Materia’s…sniff, hic…in there.”  マテリア、ヒック……かくして……」 The Materia…sniff, hic… is hidden…
{Yuffie} YUFFIE Yuffie:
“Don’t make a mistake. 「まちがえないで。 Don’t screw it up.
The left lever…”  左のレバーを……」 Pull the left lever…

No matter if you pull the lever on the left or the right it will still trigger the trap.

Da-Chao Statues & The Pagoda

First Floor Animation State

All the floors in the five-storied pagoda is in fact one field, 5TOWER (renamed “tower5” in the PC version), that changes as you move up and down the floors. There are a total of eight fields for the Da-Chao mountain statues, including the cave. The pagoda and the Da-Chao statues make up a duplicate group, completely separate from the rest of the Wutai script.

The following entries are locked in all the fields so we can’t be perfectly certain where they belong.

[Save Point] 【セーブポイント】
Access the Menu and select メニューを開いて「セーブ」を選ぶと
[SAVE] to save your game. ゲームの状態を保存できます。
Received “MP Absorb” Materia! 『MPきゅうしゅう』のマテリアを手にいれた!

The MP Absorb Materia seems too trivial a reward for the pagoda so my guess is that it belongs in the Da-Chao area. Yuffie steals an MP Absorb Materia that you find in the item shop but later gives it back to the party along with the rest of the stolen Materia.

Five-Storied Pagoda (5TOWER)

As mentioned before, all the floors in the pagoda are in fact one and the same field only with different configurations of background animations and NPC placements.

For an unlockable piece, we find ourselves on the fourth floor and about to face Staniv.

Staniv スタニフ Staniv
“So you’re here…” 「来ましたな……」 So, you came…
{Yuffie} YUFFIE Yuffie:
“Huh? Who am I supposed to beat?” 「あれ? 立ち合い人ってのは?」 Huh? Who’s the next challenger?
Staniv スタニフ Staniv:
“The rule is the best fighter on 「ここ、4階までは階上の者が Up till the 4th floor, it is customary for
each floor will be your opponent…  立ち合うのが、ならわし……。 the people on the upper floors to oppose you.
This is a five-storied pagoda,but  しかし、ここは五強の塔4階にして This is a five-storied pagoda, but
the fourth floor is the highest…”  最上階の意味を持つ……」 the fourth floor is the highest…
“In other words, no one has ever  すなわち! In other words, no one has ever
defeated me–Master of Weaponry!”  武の強聖の、私を敗った者は defeated me–Master of Weaponry!
“You still want to try…?” 「それでも、戦うかね……?」 You still want to try…?
☞  Just come on!! ☞  もっちろん! ☞  Of course!
☞  I’ll pass! ☞  パス、パ~ス! ☞  I’ll pass!!

The used line is the one normally triggered when talking to Staniv. When speaking to him, the game checks a flag. For the unused lines to trigger, the flag must be inactive. It is triggered after defeating Gorky (the opponent on the first floor) and is a necessary event in order to be able to move up and down the tower without any bugs occurring. To prevent glitches, it is best to make the game simply check for a flag that is not used in any other scenarios.

But really Yuffie, do you even have to ask who you are supposed to fight?

Gorky, Shake, Chekhov and Staniv respectively all have specific talk-to lines available if:
– Yuffie has emerged victories over any of them.
– Yuffie is not in your party.
– Godo is yet to be beaten.

The deal with Staniv though is that as soon as he is beaten, he and the other three fighters move up to the top floor where Godo is. Here their talk-to script changes. This means that Staniv’s talk-to line in the aforementioned scenario becomes unused. With some modding tricks we can force him to remain on the fourth floor.

Staniv スタニフ Staniv:
“I would like to fight you, 「そなたらとも、お手合わせ I would like to ask to face you
however the Five Sacred Gods can  ねがいたいところだが、五強聖は in a bout, but the Five Sacred
only compete with those from Wutai…”  ウータイの者としか、試合うことは Gods only permit matches between
 ゆるされない……」 people from Wutai…

五強聖 is more like the 5 Saints of Strength rather than gods.

Godo’s House, Da-Chao Shrine (UTTMPIN3)

Finish the Stolen Materia sidequest, then return to this field when Meteor has been summoned and you will find people praying for Da-Chao to save them from Meteor. This detail is easy to miss as nothing urges the player to go back here after having chased Don Corneo, so I present both the used and unused text of this event.

“Num, num…” 「ムニャムニャムニャ……」 “Mumble mumble mumble……”
“Help me. 「どうかお助けください。 Please help us.
Help me.  どうかお助けください。 Please help us.
Help me…”  どうかお助けください……」 Please help us…
“Num, num… 「ムニャムニャムニャ……
I hope Meteor doesn’t  あの星がこのあたりに
fall anywhere around here…”  落ちてきませんように……」

In the English PSX line he says “Planet” instead of “Meteor“.
星 means “star”, “heavenly body”, or “planet”. It is sometimes used interchangeably for the Planet and Meteor.

“Oh, Great Da-chao… 「あ~ダチャオ様……
Please grant us your strength…”  今こそあなたのお力を……」
“He’s in the pagoda next to Lord Godo. 「ゴドー様はとなりにある Lord Godo has secluded himself
Lord Godo says we’re stuck…”  五強の塔にこもりっきりじゃ。 in the Tower of 4 Strengths next door.
 ゴドー様でもあんなものは Lord Godo says he can’t
 どうにもならんて……」 do anything about this.

We have now learned all the game has to tell us about the travelling peddler, how the Shinra Mansion quest evolved and how at one point in development Yuffie at least had the courtesy to write the party a letter in preparation for stealing their Materia.

Leaving this chapter behind us, let us embark on the Keystone quest in Part 8.