Game Credits – Final Fantasy VII


For reference and documentation, here are the ending credits from Final Fantasy VII with fan-written commentary. Thanks to forum member Sprites for writing down the English European credits. This page is likely to receive future expansions. The reader can either check the commentary section below or jump instantly to the game credits.

Disclaimer: The actual game credits writes in all capital letters, but for readability we’ve chosen to not copy this writing style. The PC versions are yet to be researched.




— Masashi Hamauzu is here listed as a man who provided one of the bass vocals in the eight-person “Sephiroth Choir” (which presumably means the choir for the themes ‘Those Chosen By The Planet’ and ‘One-Winged Angel’) and as the synthesizer for the excerpt from Haydn’s “The Creation”. Masashi would later compose the music for Dirge of Cerberus (2006) and Final Fantasy XIII (2009).

— Shun Moriya was the “CD & Movie Programmer”. If you look at the files for the 1996 FFVII demo, the folder that contains all the movies is aptly named “MORIYA”. This folder name is not present in the final game. In the same fashion, the folder for all the field files in the demo is called “NARITA” after the main programmer, Ken Narita.

— Although Kazuhiko Aoki is listed as an Event Planner, his contributions are perfectly unknown. All other event planners have left their signature in the game code or been part of interviews, but there is nothing to tell where Kazuhiko Aoki contributed, if at all. Previous to this, he worked as the Producer of Chrono Trigger.

— Kusanagi was the group that drew and painted all the prerendered 2D backgrounds of the game, which you would not know from the credits without previous knowledge about Kusanagi. Final Fantasy VII marked their first project with Square. Their art book “Kusanagi IV” contains a selection of sketches for FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, Front Mission 3 and The Bouncer.


Version Differences

The English NTSC (American/NA) ending credits show surprisingly many discrepancies between itself and the PAL (European) counterpart. A complete list of these name and writing differences will become available in a future “Versions Guide” article.

— When the Sector 7 plate falls, an excerpt from Joseph Haydn’s “The Creation” is played. The versions do not match up with who is the credited soprano for this excerpt.

Original Japanese release and the North American version lists Matsue Fukushima (福島真津恵) as the soprano. FFVII International and the English European version lists Minae Fujisaki (藤崎美苗) as the soprano. It is unknown which name is the correct one or if the voice was changed between releases.

— There are a handful of names that appear in one version but not in the other. “Monster Modeling” has more names in the NA game, while the “Studio Gazelle, Inc.” list is shorter compared to PAL.

“Special Thanks for Additional Movie” is about the Weapon FMV at the Northern Crater which was improved following the original Japanese release. The name list is longer in PAL but a few names that appear in NA are not listed in the European game.

A complete list of these name differences will become available in a future “Versions Guide” article.

— Being that FFVII was published by SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America) and SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) in their respective continents, this section has a different name list, as is expected.

— NA: Takaharu Matsuo is listed under Background Designers.
PAL: Takaharu Matsuo is listed under Battle Stage Designers.

— The European credits scroll faster but end up the same length as the American one because the spacing between the credit rows has increased.

— PAL often writes a title in singular form even when multiple people are listed for contributing in a certain area. “Planners” in NTSC may read “Planner” and so forth.


Opening Credits versus Ending Credits

If you do not push any buttons when starting the game, a screen appears where a smaller segment of the game’s cast is presented. Some titles and names are written differently here compared to the ending credits. Intro credits are hereby represented by I and ending credits are represented by E.

I: Movie Director – Motonori Sakakibara
E: CG Movie Director – Motonori Sakakibara

I: Battle Effect Director – Hirokatsu Sasaki
E: Magic Effect Director – Hirokatsu Sasaki

I: Shintaro Takai
E: Shintaroh Takai

I: Hiroyosi Hamada
E: Hiroyoshi Hamada

I: Hidetosi Omori
E: Hidetoshi Omori

I: Matsumura Yasushi
E: Yasushi Matsumura

I: Kenji Nagashima
E: Kenzi Nagashima

I: Executive Produce
E: Executive Producers

The final example is different depending on the version you play. The original Japanese game’s intro and ending credits said “Exective Producer”. This was corrected for the latter releases, except that in the intro the final letter in “Producer” got cut.



The credits have not been rewritten but copied exactly as they are presented in the game. Ergo, the misspellings have not been corrected.

— 2D Animetor. This should be written as “Animator” or “Animators”. This error appears in all PlayStation editions of FFVII.

— LA Unit-Coordinaters. In the Japanese game this title is written in singular, but the spelling error exists across all PlayStation versions.


Final Fantasy VII Credits: English PAL Edition


Hironobu Sakaguchi


Yoshinori Kitase

Music Composer

Nobuo Uematsu

Main Programmer

Ken Narita

Character Design & Battle Visual Director

Tetsuya Nomura

Art Director

Yusuke Naora

Image Illustrator

Yoshitaka Amano

CG Supervisor

Kazuyuki Hashimoto

CG Movie Director

Motonori Sakakibara

Character Modeling Director

Tomohiro Kayano

Main Character Modeler

Hiroshi Arai

Magic Effect Director

Hirokatsu Sasaki

Special Magic Effect Director

Shintaroh Takai

Battle Stage Director

Akira Fujii

Graphic Outside Contractor Art Director

Hitoshi Sasaki

Outside Contractor Coordinator

Hiroyoshi Hamada

Animation Director

Hidetoshi Omori

Battle Plan Director

Yasushi Matsumura

Map Plan Director

Hidetoshi Kezuka

Map Plan Co-Directors

Takeshi Endo

Motoharu Tanaka

Masato Yagi

Battle Programmer

Hiroshi Harata

Character Programmer

Hiroshi Kawai

CD & Movie Programmer

Shun Moriya

Sound Programmer

Minoru Akao

Sound Engineer

Eiji Nakamura

MA & Recording Engineer

Kenzi Nagashima


Story By

Kazushige Nojima

Yoshinori Kitase

Based on the story by

Hironobu Sakaguchi

Tetsuya Nomura

Field Section


Keizo Kokubo

Event Planner

Kazushige Nojima

Keisuke Matsuhara

Hiroki Chiba

Motomu Toriyama

Jun Akiyama

Kazuhiko Yoshioka

Hideshi Kyonen

Kazuhiko Aoki

Special Thanks

Takashi Tokita

Masato Kato

Map Planner

Masaru Oka

Naoya Kawahira

Satoru Tsuji

Toshi Kurihara

Junko Iriguchi

Masashi Nakata

Ryo Tsurumaki


Concept Art by

Tetsuya Takahashi

Takayuki Odachi

Background Designers

Matsuzo Itakura

Kenzo Kanzaki

Kazuyuki Ikumori

Yukio Nakatani

Takeshi Okui

Hiroshi Matsuyama

Kazushi Urata

Yasunori Higuchi

Masaaki Hayashi

Sub-Character & Character Texture Designer

Kazuhiro Okawa

Assistant Character Designer

Fumi Nakashima

Character Modeler

Takanari Tajima

Murasaki Iriguchi

Hiroyuki Hoshino

Character Animator

Norihito Takami

Tatsuo Heianzan

Battle Section


Akihiro Yamaguchi

Kazumasa Fuseya

CG Programmer

Masaharu Inoue


Takayoshi Nakazato

Goro Ohashi

Masahiro Kataoka

Takatsugu Nakazawa

Special Thanks

Toshiaki Suzuki

Monster Modeler

Kouichi Ebe

Yoshio Yamakawa

Hiroto Yamamoto

Character Animator

Tatsuya Kando

Kuniharu Takeguchi

Go Kikuchi

Monster Designers

Shin Nagasawa

Tetsu Tsukamoto

Battle Stage Designers

Hideyuki Matsumoto

Jun Matsuo

Takaharu Matsuo

Kyuji Kawase

Masahide Tanaka

2D Animetor

Kenichirou Okamoto

Hiroyuki Yotsuji

Magic Effects Section

Graphic Designer

Youichi Tanaka

Hiroyuki Ikeda

Kunio Asahara


Kentarow Yasui

Shinichi Aoyama

Mitsuo Yoshioka

World Map Section


Masato Yagi


Yasuo Kuwahara

Graphic Designer

Hideyuki Matsumoto

Effect Designer

Takayuki Odachi

Chocobo Race Section


Keitaro Adachi

Graphic Designer

Ryotaro Takahashi


Hiroki Chiba

Condor war section


Ryo Muto

Graphic Designer

Hiroyuki Yotsuji


Kazuhiko Yoshioka

Submarine Chase Section


Shin-ichi Tanaka

Graphic Designer

Hiroyuki Yotsuji

Takeshi Sanda


Motomu Toriyama

Highway & Roller Coaster Section


Tatsuya Yoshinari

Graphic Designer

Takeshi Sanda


Keisuke Matsuhara

Snowboard Section


Tadamichi Obinata

Graphic Designer

Daiki Komatsu


Jun Akiyama

CG Movie Section

Field CG & Movie Designer

Hiroyuki Honda

Yoshinori Moriizumi

Kanako Aoki

Yuko Akiyama

Ayako Kuroda

Movie Engineer

Motohisa Adachi

Ryusuke Sasaki

Banprest Co, LTD.

Tadao Odaka

Koji Tanaka

Koji Kobayashi

Keiko Imamura

Takeshi Yamazoe

Kazutoshi Sakai

Daisuke Shigeta

Battle CG Support

Monster Animators

Masateru Suzuki      Kenji Kadonishi

Kouichirou Soeda      Yousuke Asahara

Junnichi Murata      Hiroyuki Hamada

Reina Ikeda      Ikuyo Yoshida

Mari Miyamoto      Nobuhiko Imai

Yusuke Tanaka      Yukimasa Nakaguchi

Manabu Inokuchi      Makoto Yagishita

Kyouko Muramatu

Monster Modeling

Yuki Kawaguchi      Yoshihiro Takeshita

Rie Masuda      Yoshiyuki Oku

Kumi Kanai      Hideo Kubota

Nokazu Sato      Takuya Tsunakawa

Sound Effect

Yoshitaka Hirota      Mitsuhiro Iwadate

Yuichiro Mori      Yoshikuni Nakamura


Sephiroth Choir


Matsue Fukushima

Minae Fujisaki


Kazuko Nakano

Saki Ono


Toru Tabei

Daisuke Hara


Toshizumi Sakai

Masashi Hamauzu

Excerpts from “The Creation” Composed by Joseph Hayden


Minae Fujisaki



Daisuke Hara


Masashi Hamauzu

Square USA Staff

Tool programmers-LA

Paul Ashdown(V.P.)

Yun-Po Paul Fan

Shiro Kawai

CG Designers-LA

Ron Sabatino(V.P.)

Sharon Packer

Joseph Black

Nicholas Hoppe

Suzanne Berger

Doug Smith

LA Unit-Coordinaters

Junichi Yanagihara(S.V.P.)

Shinichiro Kajitani(V.P.)

Ryota Toyama

CG Outside Contractors

Field & Movie Section

Links Corporation

Hiroyuki Seshita      Kouji Ichiyama

Ikuo Nishii      Tatsuya Ezaki

Yoshihisa Hirano      Hiroshi Kamohara

Michiko Kanno      Natsuyo Kobayashi

Kaori Saitoh      Sigeko Sogame

Miki Saitoh      Sanae Nakanishi

Keiichi Abe      Teruyuki Nagoshi

Terushige Watanabe      Kunihiko Mohara

Amoe Hosogai      Sachiko Yoshida

Makiko Mizushima     Atsushi Funabashi

Yuuichiro Mouri

Milai Corporation

Masanori Usuba      Satoko Matsuda

Masahisa Kaneko      Hajime Hidaka

Kazuhiko Konta      Miku Kayama

Tsugio Yamamura      Yasuhiro Sugitani

Pixy Corporation

Akiko Ige      Masanori Ikeda

Akihiro Tsuchiya      Jun Terai

Image Corporation

Kouichi Ishiwata      Fumihiro Otsuki

Okayama Yousuke      Isao Tokunaga

Toshiyasu Shimada      Kazuhiro Kinpara

Jeongtae Kim      Noriaki Kato

Daisuke Miura      Masaaki Tanabe

Junko Anzai      Yasuhiro Tezuka

Wilco Japan INC.

Hideaki Noguchi      Sakiko Aoki

Yukihiro Shibamoto      Kaori Nagasaki

Makoto Sugawara      Tamotsu Machida

Hiromi Takahashi

Omnibus Japan

Yoichi Harato      Mitsugi Kobayashi

Haruo Koyama      Jyunji Munekata

Michitaka Sato      Aritsune Kawamura

Taro Ibusuki      Kazushi Sugawara

Tetsuo Kojima      Akira Watanabe

Tetsuji Nakaoka      Naoko Hatsukari

Mae Hirose      Kenji Ogura

Hidekazu Miyake      Katsuyuki Amano

Kenji Tanabe      Satoshi Takagi

Seichi Tanaka      Mami Kojima

Tomohiko Syuto      Yuki Masuda

Hiroshi Murakami      Hiroyuki Morohoshi

Hanako Kido      Yuichi Morio

Norihiro Ohtsubo

DAAC Corporation

Tose C.G. Section

Monster Model Support

NHK Enterprise 21

Masayoshi Obata

Field Design Support

Atelier Musa

Shigemi Ikeda


Nobuhito Sue      Hiromi Kariya

Umigame Jimusho Corporation

Hiroyuki Hayashi



Shunichi Baba      Yukitomo Watanabe

2D Animation Support

Studio Gazelle, INC.

Ikuo Sato      Yoshikazu Samura

Shuji Miyata      Hideki Watanabe

Shinsaku Kozuma      Yusuke Yamamo

Yasuyuki Noda

Sound Engineer for Additional Movie

Tak Ogawa

Recording Engineer for Additional Movie

Masayoshi Okawa

Special Thanks

Kazuhiko Torishima      Hideo Yoshikura

Toshimasa Takahashi      Yuu Kondoh

Izumi Kawanishi      Makoto Tanaka

Masayoshi Yanaka      Yoshiaki Nakayama

Teiji Yutaka      Toyoshi Okada

Kaoru Yamanoue      Aiko Ito

Quality Assurance

Hiromi Masuda      Tsuyoshi Fusano

Yoshia Shibano      Miki Ito

Yuji Saito      Yuki Hasegawa

Producer(SCEE)-Martin All Times

QA Manager Tony Bourne

QA Assistant manager Steve Archer

QA Supervisor Dave Cleaveley

QA Co-ordinator Jim McCabe

Lead Tester Brad Davey

Tester Neil Smith

Kevin Mason      Mark Stephenson

Ste Chainey      John Wilson

Phil Green      Craig Duddle

Kay Hounsell      Lisa Williams

Dominic Berzins      Anthony Mair

Paul Jones      John Cassidy

David Burke      Dee Norfolk

Steve Griffiths      Neil James

Square Soft, Inc.

Product Development Coordinator Michael Baskett

QA Manager  Jon Williams

Customer Service Manager Rick Thompson

Executive VP, Strategic Planning Yoshihiro Maruyama

Vice President of Marketing Jun Iwasaki

Assistant Marketing Associate Kenji Mimura

Publicity Producers

Shinji Hashimoto

Tadashi Nomura

Kiyotaka Sousui

Executive Producers

Tetsuo Mizuno

Tomoyuki Takechi