Final Fantasy VII Series Timeline p. 30

Approximately 2000 years before FFVII
· Jenova lands at the Knowlespole (the present day Icicle Inn area). The impact of her landing creates the Great Northern Cave. The planet begins drawing energy from the vicinity to heal the wound; the soil of the Knowlespole withers as a result, becoming permafrost

[ μ ] – εуλ 1959 (48 years before FFVII)

· Shin-Ra Works (later the Shin-Ra Company) discovers mako energy

[ μ ] – εуλ 1968

· Construction begins in Nibelheim on the first in a series of power generation facilities, “mako reactors” for the purpose of extracting mako. After beginning construction of the Nibelheim mako reactor, Shin-Ra begins establishing reactors in many other places

[ μ ] – εуλ 1976

· Construction of the mako city, Midgar, begins. The Shin-Ra company relocates its headquarters to Midgar

Approximately 30 years before FFVII
· Professor Gast, head of Shin-Ra’s Science Department, discovers Jenova. Mistaking her for an Ancient, he begins the Jenova Project

· Professor Grimoire discovers the Chaos element. This discovery leads to advancements in Lucrecia’s research, and eventually to the Chaos element dwelling within Vincent’s body

· Professor Gast absconds. Hojo inherits the Jenova Project

· The Jenova Project is frozen

[ μ ] – εуλ 1985

· Professor Gast, who had been hiding at Icicle Inn, is shot to death. Ifalna and Aerith are taken away to the Shin-Ra building to be Ancient research samples

Approximately 15 years before FFVII
· The war between Shin-Ra and Wutai breaks out. The cause of the war is Wutai refusing to allow a mako reactor to be built within their borders

[ μ ] – εуλ 2000
· The SOLDIER Mass Desertion Incident occurs in Wutai. Observing the grim situation in Wutai, Shin-Ra dispatches a force led by SOLDIERs 1st Class

[ ν ] – εуλ 0001
· The war between Shin-Ra and Wutai ends

· Scholars of Cosmo Canyon’s study of planet life form the anti-Shin-Ra organization AVALANCHE. They place their base in Wutai. AVALANCHE places their base there because many people in the defeated country harbor animosity toward Shin-Ra

· AVALANCHE’s anti-Shin-Ra activities intensify. On this day, AVALANCHE attempts to blow up the No. 8 mako reactor and assassinate President Shinra, but are stopped on all fronts by the Turks

· Shin-Ra begins kidnapping candidates from various places to bolster SOLDIER’s numbers. Those taken by Shin-Ra in these days include Azul and Shelke, who later become DG SOLDIERs

[ ν ] – εуλ 0002
Around 9/22

· Shin-Ra dispatches some of its elite force to Nibelheim for an investigation at the mako reactor

· Nibelheim is destroyed at the hands of Sephiroth. He falls into into the mako reactor and is officially announced dead by Shin-Ra. The Turks cover up the truth that the village was destroyed by fire. Shin-Ra begins rebuilding the village and inhabiting it with company employees

· Hojo begins the Sephiroth Copy Project in the Shinra Manor. The samples for the experiment are the victims of the incident in Nibelheim; Cloud and Zack also become test subjects at this time

[ ν ] – εуλ 0003

· AVALANCHE’s base is destroyed by a Turks operative. Although their base is destroyed, AVALANCHE’s leadership survives and the organization itself endures

· The launch of the Shin-Ra No. 26 rocket ends in failure. A grand ceremony had also been conducted to accompany the rocket launch with the aim of symbolizing the blow dealt to AVALANCHE and Shin-Ra’s dignified recovery

· An explosion occurs at the under construction Corel mako reactor. Anti-Shin-Ra activities by remnants of AVALANCHE are actually the cause of the explosion. However, Shin-Ra places the blame on the residents of Corel and burns the village

[ ν ] – εуλ 0004
· An explosion occurs at the Gongaga mako reactor

[ ν ] – εуλ 0006
Around 10/30

· At Cosmo Canyon, the Rite to Appease the Planet, held once every 50 years, takes place. After the ritual, Red XIII is taken away to the Shin-Ra building

· Zack and Cloud escape from Shinra Manor

[ ν ] – εуλ 0007
· Having escaped from Shinra Manor, Zack is shot to death just outside Midgar. Cloud, who had become afflicted with mako poisoning because of Hojo’s experiments and was in a halfway vegetative state, is overlooked by the Shin-Ra troops

· AVALANCHE’s leader is “assassinated.” The same day, the Turks battle the legendary summon said to burn the world, Zirconiade, but this isn’t noted on the official record

· A “reborn AVALANCHE” led by Barret begins carrying out anti-Shin-Ra activities

FFVII begins at this point

· The reborn AVALANCHE blows up mako reactor no. 1

[ ν ] – εуλ 0007~[ ν ] – εуλ 0008
· President Shinra is assassinated; his son, Rufus, becomes president

· Aerith loses her life on the water altar of the Forgotten Capital

· At the Great Northern Cave, where he had been awaiting the hour of his restoration, Sephiroth invokes Meteor. Sensing the danger to the planet at this time, the Weapons awaken. They begin attacking places all around the world

· Diamond Weapon attacks Midgar. The Shin-Ra Company is effectively destroyed

[ ν ] – εуλ 0008

· Cloud and co. settle things with Sephiroth inside the Great Northern Cave. Between the power of Holy and the Lifestream, the planet is saved from the crisis of Meteorfall. One result of Meteorfall is that the path beneath Midgar to Deepground is blocked for the next three years, turning it into its own enclosed world

[ ν ] – εуλ 0009
· The World Regenesis Organization (WRO) is established. Its founder is Shin-Ra’s former Director of City Planning, Reeve

· A mysterious illness called “geostigma” begins spreading in many places

· The remnants of the Shin-Ra Company obtain Jenova’s head

· Kadaj’s efforts result in Sephiroth’s second advent. After a rematch with Cloud, he’s vanquished once more

[ ν ] – εуλ 0010
· Deepground (DG) SOLDIERs begin appearing on the surface

· A mass disappearance of residents takes place in Junon. The WRO tries to prevent a panic by reporting “dozens of people are unaccounted for,” but the reality is that approximately 1200 people were taken away by the DG SOLDIERs

· The DG SOLDIERs attack the crowded Revival Festival in Kalm. Many residents are taken away

· To wipe out the DG SOLDIERs, the WRO launches a general offensive against Midgar

· Omega takes form over Midgar. When it attempts to take flight for the sea of stars, Chaos prevents it

500 years after FFVII
· Once the mako city, Midgar has become overgrown with greenery