DC Official Complete Guide Term List (pg. 318)


An anti-Shin-Ra organization that took up a rebellion against the Shin-Ra Company’s governance and mako consumption. Formed by students of the study of planet life, it had already dissolved by the time of FFVII. Barret apparently took up this organization’s name and activities.

Discovered by Grimoire Valentine at Chaos’s spring. Possessing antimatter-like properties, it is able to hold back Chaos’s emergence. Being that Chaos’s manifestation leads to the world’s end, it’s possible this materia exists so the planet can live a long life.

A Weapon born of untainted life, it bears the role of transporting life to its next stage when a planet dies. Originally intended to awaken at the planet’s demise, Deepground produces a swell of pure Lifestream with people they kidnapped from Junon, this large flow of life simulating those conditions in which it would return to the planet. In this way, they are trying to artificially awaken Omega.

A Weapon born from the stagnation of life. It appears when a planet is dying and takes up the role of harvesting all life. The harvested life is returned to the cosmos (sky) via Omega, the one who bears “the end name.” Presently, it dwells within Vincent’s body thanks to Lucrecia.

A lifeform in suspended animation discovered in a 2000-year-old geological stratum. Initially identified as an Ancient, in reality, it is an intelligent lifeform from somewhere in space. It could read the memories and feelings of the people on the surface, and, so doing, approached the Ancients, using its “mimicry ability” to replicate appearances, voices and language. It exterminated most of the Ancients, but was also sealed by them. However, in the present 2000 years later, it would awaken after being discovered by Shin-Ra’s science division.

Junon Mass Disappearance Incident
An incident in which no less than 1200 people simultaneously went missing, though it was generally believed to only be a few dozen. This abduction was carried out by Deepground, with the abducted being used for the flow of pure Lifestream.

The Shin-Ra Company
A mega-corporation that ruled the world after establishing its mako energy monopolization. It commands a number of divisions in its personal military, such as SOLDIER and the Turks. After Sephiroth murdered President Shinra, his son, Rufus Shinra, inherited his position. Although they discover the fabled “Promised Land” of the Ancients and intend to claim it, the company is deemed bad for the planet and destroyed by an attack from a Weapon.

World Regenesis Organization (WRO)
A private organization working to help revitalize the planet. Reeve serves as its comissioner. Its financier is believed to be someone seeking to atone to the planet. A similar comment is made in Advent Children?!

Synaptic Net Dive
An ability Shelke possesses to project oneself into residual feelings within the worldwide network. It is also possible for her to touch others’ minds and emotions in this way, but this is done at great risk. She used this ability to assemble the fragments of Lucrecia’s mind and knowledge.


The private army of the Shin-Ra Company, bestowed with great power through being injected with Jenova’s cells and showered with mako. Many were trapped beneath Midgar during the Meteorfall caused by Sephiroth. The survivors serve as Deepground SOLDIERs.


The Investigation Sector of the Shin-Ra Company’s General Affairs Department. An elite unit who handles special operations, including scouting for SOLDIER candidates, espionage, assassinations, etc.


Dispersed copies of one’s knowledge, memories or mind. Hojo underwent fragmentation as a backup around the time of his death; Lucrecia did likewise in order to leave behind information for Vincent into the next generation when her mind and body began to weaken.

The elite SOLDIERs of Deepground. They possess exceptional abilities in combat and intelligence operations. Although the rank’s title means “color,” it is still possible for SOLDIERs to become Tsviets without being entitled with a color, as in Shelke’s case.

A creation of President Shinra, its very existence is hidden in the dark. Originally a medical facility for SOLDIER, following the existence of the SOLDIER called “G,” all ethics were disregarded and the purpose of the facility was perverted … as all work now went into producing the most powerful of warriors.

The name which the Shin-Ra Company has given to the Lifestream, the life of the planet. Shin-Ra developed “mako reactors” to siphon mako from the planet en masse and use it as an energy source. As they engineered prosperity on the surface, they also gained unparalleled power. Since Lifestream siphoned into mako is unable to return to the planet on its own, these activities brought ruin to the world.

Condensed mako energy. Seldomly occurring in nature, most was produced by the Shin-Ra Company. The condensed knowledge of the Ancients can be used by linking with materia.

The flow of spirit energy which maintains all living things. This energy that is the life of the planet returns to it when living things die, and, in turn, eventually gives rise to new life.

When Jenova, which had been scattered, gathers and reforms into one. Hojo remarked that his fragments rejoining were a Reunion of sorts.

Translator’s comments:
-Chaos is confirmed to be classified as a Weapon
-Further confirmation is provided that Jenova was still alive and became conscious again during the present day
-Further hints are provided to Rufus being the WRO’s financier
-It seems that the risk involved with Shelke using her SND abilities applies only to when she is directly connecting with another living person; connecting to the worldwide network doesn’t seem to carry the same danger
-Deepground has the more well-known Jenova-type SOLDIERs in their ranks in addition to their regular units who were enhanced only with mako

Translator: Squall_of_SeeD
Posted: July 27, 2013