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by April 28, 2009 83 comments

Thanks to our forum member, Danna, below is a translation of “On the Way to a Smile: Case of Tifa” that has been revised in the new On the Way to a Smile novella released concurrently with Advent Children Complete. The new changes have been put in bold so that readers will be able to easily see what has been amended to the novella. A big thanks to Danna for her hard work in doing this for fans! Also, since she used Xcomp’s translation as a base, a big thanks to him and his website for the hard work he’s done translating the original edition of this novella as well. Enjoy!

EDIT: As of 5/18, Danna has gone through the text and edited a few spots to clarify the translation and smooth out the readability. Just to clarify, so enjoy!

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  1. clouvyXclifa
    #1 clouvyXclifa 17 June, 2009, 10:21

    …that was awesome…

    …that was good…

    …i love it…

    …i hope that u would add more…

    …i like romantic ones and more…

    …it’s great…

    …i love it…

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  2. clouvyXclifa
    #2 clouvyXclifa 17 June, 2009, 10:22

    …that was awesome…

    …that was good…

    …i love it…

    …i hope that u would add more…

    …i like romantic ones and more…

    …it’s great…

    …i love it…

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  3. Sayuri
    #3 Sayuri 21 June, 2009, 22:35

    I Can’t Believe people are actually saying that Cloud and Tifa’s relationship is like a Son-Mother Relationship. Have you guys even played FF7? There are so many hints that they love each other. SPOILERS AHEAD

    When Tifa and Co. go to Mideel and find Cloud severely crippled, Tifa stays with him. Also when Cloud and Tifa were in the lifestream, together they restore Cloud’s mind. Probably the biggest example would be when Cloud and Tifa are alone. Cloud mumbles that he always had so much he wanted to
    say to her, but no they are alone he can’t think of anything. Tifa says gently
    to him: “Cloud… Words aren’t the only thing that tell people what you’re

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  4. Sayuri
    #4 Sayuri 22 June, 2009, 04:13

    Seriously Play the original FF7 and once you complete it you will gain more insight. SPOILERS

    Once you get to the part where Cloud is crippled by mako poisoning from then on It is clear as a cloudless sky that Tifa loves Cloud. So many cutscenes from then on support this. If you actually played and completed FF7 instead of reading a summarized version of the game off of wikipedia, then you would have the perspective that Cloud and Tifa have a relationship as potential lovers.

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  5. chibipinkbunny
    #5 chibipinkbunny 6 July, 2009, 05:29

    This takes place before Advent Children, so I think Cloud was a broken man at this point. I don’t think he was capable of being in a loving romantic relationship at this point with Tifa. It’s like it almost is, but its not quite there. I think they definitely have strong romantic feelings for one another though. While I was looking through this site I found a discussion with the creators of the FF VII 10th anniversary Ultimania. The interviewer is discussing the scene between Cloud and Tifa that night under the Highwind.

    “- The line “Words aren’t the only way to talk someone how you feel,” right? That was quite a mature conversation for a FF game.

    Kitase: But I remember having to get another version that was too intense toned down.

    Nojima: The original idea was more extreme. The plan was to have Cloud walk out of the Chocobo stable on board the Highwind, followed by Tifa leaving while checking around, but Kitase turned it down. But even with the line in question, maybe at that time none of us thought it would be something so important (laughs).”

    That seems to hint at the fact that they were either heavily making out, or having sex. That’s usually a sign of strong physical attraction and/or love. Even with the lighter version, I’ve read the script and if you have a highly affectionate Tifa it’s still indicative that they did a lot more than sleep that night. I’d like to think they were able to confess their true romantic feelings for one another after AC because Cloud resolved his inner demons. After watching ACC, I felt that Cloud felt just as guilty for Zack’s death as he did for Aerith. I don’t know why some people think he felt more guilty about Aerith. . .

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  6. Miss_lockhart
    #6 Miss_lockhart 9 July, 2009, 07:43

    Yeah, Cloud really, really should like Tifa more. I mean, she had been by his side after all this long. B’sdes, Aerith has Zack, right? And Tifa loves Cloud, so it’s more than fair that Cloud should’ve loved Tifa more

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  7. Lockhart_Strife
    #7 Lockhart_Strife 25 July, 2009, 12:04

    Well, Case of Tifa is very confusing. At the beginning, it seems that Cloud’s over all his guilt- he’s the one acting optimistic, not Tifa.
    And he said, “You’ve always been there for me. That’s tommorrow’s story,”
    That statement, like, decided he’s going to live with Tifa etc, but then why he acts all gloomy and downtrodden after Berret left? (Was it because of Aerith/Zack, or his geostigma?)
    I think Cloud loves Tifa, and he kind of like Aerith, too, and feel extremely guilty about her death (Guilty that he’s the one alive and that he’s able to start a new life whereas she’s dead), etc. But that doesnt explain why he acts cold to Tifa during the middle of the novella.
    At the end, though, he left because he’s afraid to hurt Tifa, Marlene and Denzel because he’s going to die. And he thinks geostigma is like his punishment for not being able to save Aerith and Zack. And he’s afraid to see history repeating itself, that he’s not being able to save Denzel. Again.
    So he ran away.
    Stupid Cloud…

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  8. edo_chan
    #8 edo_chan 5 September, 2009, 18:54

    I still like Clorith though.In the game,I hardly see Cloud’s feeling for Tifa.But meh,Aerith’s gone,so Cloud’s going for Tifa.Still I did rather prefer him with someone else,not her.Just don’t know why.And thanks for the translation!

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  9. HalfMoon-Smile
    #9 HalfMoon-Smile 25 October, 2009, 20:42

    oh, oh, i always love this novella. And have a revision one here is luxury for me. Thank you for translating this and put it here.

    This one is much clearer than the previous one. I love how Cloud and Tifa interact with each other. Both of them are very sweet. And to make them a couple, no need holding hands or kissing. Let them get those already-past-time, let the feeling grows naturally, slowly but sure. They have a wonderful relationship, why don’t some people believe it?

    Unless SE made an announcement that C/A is the pairing ever exist on FF VII, i wouldn’t believe otherwise.

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  10. Nagashiwa
    #10 Nagashiwa 1 November, 2009, 18:39

    “Aerith didn’t bring Denzel to you.”

    “Ahh, I only thought that…..”

    “I didn’t mean it that way.”

    “Aerith brought Denzel to our home.”

    Cloud gazed at Tifa and finally smiled.


    and after the last sentence FF7AC did start.

    and there are a lot more sentence who just tell us that Cloud and Tifa love another.

    Of course Cloud will always like Aeris too..
    But in the lifestream part of FF7.. that cloud did try to find himself again together with Tifa you will see that the band between Cloud and Tifa is a little higher.

    Cloud did only always want forgiveness from Aeris because he couldn’t save her.

    But I’m sure after reading this, after playing FF7 and after watching FF7CC
    and after reading some interviews..
    That Cloud did go for Tifa all the time :p

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  11. sev
    #11 sev 19 December, 2009, 19:29

    thanks for the translations.. enjoyed it very much!!

    i’ve played CC too but still its FFVII that will always amaze me and keep me playing over and over again.. im pro Cloud and Tifa btw.. ^_^

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  12. latrell
    #12 latrell 10 January, 2010, 05:01

    i think this shows their relationship more as family

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    • Vendel
      Vendel 29 January, 2010, 05:20

      Yes family as in Cloud and Tifa’s. The one they form together. As a couple.

  13. mikkiangel14
    #13 mikkiangel14 14 April, 2010, 05:34

    my personal opinion is that cloud loves both Aeris and Tifa but in 2 total different ways.he loves Aeris as a family kind of love like she is his mother or something like that.He thinks about Aeris a lot because he just feels guilty that he could not do anything when she died so he is ashamed and is trying to ask her for his forgiveness.i think he really loves tifa in the affectionate way but is to shy to show it.I think the scenes by the lifestream and highwind should sum that all up…
    and Aeris and Zack always had an interest towards each other.Aeris only liked cloud because he reminded her of Zack.AT THE END OF FF VII AC TIFA AND CLOUD SMILED TOWARDS EACH OTHER FOR A MOMENT THEN HE SAW ZACK AND AERIS TOGETHER BEFORE THEY DISAPPEARED…..ZACKxAERIS AND CLOUDxTIFA = CLOTI AND ZAERIS…..XXXXXX 🙂

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  14. Nate
    #14 Nate 14 April, 2010, 06:11

    I would like to think that Cloud never really had romantic feelings for Aeris. I believe he liked her or could have possibly loved her if she hadn’t been killed prematurely…but since he was so confused throughout most of the game, the connection between them romantically couldn’t be made.

    As someone who loved someone from their past for 13 years…I can relate and agree that Cloud is in love with Tifa. His actions show throughout the game and the movie that he’s striving to be better for her; especially in Advent Children. She reaches him because he WANTS her to reach him. He knows she’s the only one that can.

    The children represent a family between them, they are like the parents and when Denzel gets worse with his Geostigma, Cloud leaves to find a cure as explained in Advent Children Complete. Why does he want to find a cure? Because he’s scared of losing what he and Tifa had worked so hard to build after such tragedy.

    In this Novella, its apparent that Tifa loves him as both a lover and somoene who needs her guidance and that she is proud of him. Does Cloud love her back? A lot of signs point to yes….but being a similar person as he I think he has trouble expressing it, although he absentmindedly does when he starts believing in himself like she does.

    Think about it….in Advent Children she looks at him the longest before throwing him into the air…the stare she gives is VERY intense and I imagine even if silently that she was saying ‘go kick his ass and come back’ and although you cant see Cloud’s reaction to her look and words you can feel it in the power of his actions. Also in Advent Children Complete when Tifa was about to get crushed by the falling pillar, Aeris warned Cloud because she knows how he feels about her.

    Just some of my interpretations but I think they communicate the best without words. They are in love with each other and its not really needed to be spoken because they boost each other when its most important. Friends do that yes, but in a way the Avalanche Team does….the dynamic between Cloud and her is different then with the rest of the team. They are his friends and allies but she is his family and lover.

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  15. FereXKangel
    #15 FereXKangel 18 April, 2010, 01:20

    really in my point of view i understand what going on between Cloud and Tifa
    (aww so cute) but a bit confused but when I went back to see FFVII ACC the movie back at home after reading this it all makes sense…Oh and for HEADS UP SQUARE-ENIX is going to contuiene FFVII and are going to make another movie or game (more info go to Playstaion magnize that in this site, srry but i forgot name) anyway can’t wait till it come out!! SQUARE-ENIX ROCKS!!!

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  16. Kai
    #16 Kai 9 July, 2010, 17:14

    Love it! XD anyway’s isn’t there suppose to be more case’s like in Vincent’s, Cloud,Barret and some other’s?? Anyhow to put it this way Cloti RULEZ!! To me there improvment in there realtionship if you have the game Dirge of Cerberus and before that if you saw Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, and well there’s some kind of connection…Anyhow love the transaltion!!! YA’Z!

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  17. aze
    #17 aze 16 October, 2010, 15:23

    wow this’s awesome. thanks for the translation. i’ve been dying to read this. 🙂
    but im veeeery confused regarding cloud’s love life. who does he like?? tifa or aerith?? i’ve been thinking ’bout this for 3 years!!! but i haven’t got a serious answer (with proof) but… i think.. cloud is inlove with aerith.. because.. even if he’s with tifa, (their family) he always thinks of aerith.. sob!!! i want tifa to be cloud’s lover!! sob!!! :'(

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    • Jolivhanna
      Jolivhanna 21 October, 2010, 15:31

      Cloud really is in love with Tifa – there is a particular reason why he kept thinking of Aerith (and Zack, which is worth noting). He was tormented by his perceived failure to save Aerith and Zack, both of whom were killed right in front of him. He especially thinks about Aerith because he is tormented by the notion that her death was all his fault. He doesn’t keep thinking about her because he is in love with her – he is overcome with immense guilt about her death, as well as Zack’s. He was beseeching her for forgiveness, and wanted it so badly as if he had continued to burden himself with such guilt, he wouldn’t have been able to get on with his life with Tifa and their kids.

      Overall, Cloud’s relationship with Tifa is so much more personal, so much more meaningful to him as an individual. He’s constantly striving to prove his worth to her because it’s obvious that her opinion matters more to him than anyone else’s – and he wants to improve himself for her, he always has. As if he needs any more improving at all in Tifa’s eyes lol 😉

      I think the simplest way to put it is, Cloud loved Aerith but he is IN LOVE with Tifa, as is best demonstrated between them physically as opposed to with words – after all, Tifa put it really well in the game (and I quote): “Cloud, words aren’t the only way to tell people what you’re thinking…” *giggle*

  18. ScarabSilver
    #18 ScarabSilver 26 November, 2010, 00:51

    Thanks for translating!!!

    I’m just in the process of replaying ff7 since I played it 13 years ago when I was half the age I am now, and after reading numerous interviews by the makers and watching the movie, I have to admit that I sincerely believe that from the beginning Cloud’s love interest was supposed to be Aerith’s. I’ve tried to find sources that would persuade me otherwise and that’s why I wanted to read this so badly and while reading it from Tifa’s point of view, it really seems that Cloud is trying hard to let go of his past and create a new life with Tifa, however if you take the movie into account and the fact that the script writer Kazushige Nojima described her role in the film as “very much like any woman who’s been left behind by a man.”

    Also it seems he never really gotten over Aerith’s death, seeming how when he’s suffering from geostigma and knows he’s going to die he moves into Aerith’s church instead of spending what time he has left with Tifa, Denzel and Marlene. Also the end of the movie I thought that he would return to Tifa and really form a family, instead of that we see that Cloud has come to realize that while Aerith is dead, her consciousness is still alive and seeing how she waits for him in the flower fields and if you take into account the numerous pictures of those flower fields on his desk, it seems to me that instead of focusing on forming a life with Tifa and the children, he has become obsessed with meeting Aerith’s consciousness in the flower field…

    What did you guys think?

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    • Vendel
      Vendel 12 January, 2011, 00:30

      “What did you guys think?”

      I think you have taken away every single motivation Cloud has and replaced it with “Aerith”.

      That is what we call “shipper nonsense”.

  19. Akira
    #19 Akira 13 May, 2011, 21:51

    Cloud….Cloud, Cloud, Cloud Cloud…YOU NEED TO GET LAID!!!

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