On the Way to a Smile – Episode:Nanaki

Yuffie and Nanaki went into a cave in the northern snow fields where materia could be found. Their efforts returned fruitless in the frozen cave.

“Ah… There really isn’t any here! I’m done!” said Yuffie.

“Are you giving up?”

“No, we’re going to keep looking. Their hopes rest with me.”

“What do you mean?”

“This is the last cave we know that has materia in it. But, lets go through them one more time because we might have missed a spot—You know. There’s something I understand now. While we’re here, lots of time is passing by over there, right?” Yuffie said as she looked into the distance.

Yuffie taught the patients in Wutai martial arts. At first, there were only children but now, there were a lot more patients and they were all consulting and exercising their bodies under Yuffie’s guidance.

“You see. That illness really is contagious. But it doesn’t spread to just anyone. It enters the space in people’s heart that are worrying, suffering or have given up on their own lives. So if they study martial arts and exercise their bodies, they wouldn’t think about such things would they? Just by being busy everyday, they’ll fall asleep in an instant at night and won’t be able to trouble themselves with strange thoughts. That’s why I want us to do our best here too.”

Yuffie looked at Nanaki and smiled.

“What do you think?”

“I agree. I agree very much.”

“Of course you do!”

Yuffie wrapped her arms around Nanaki’s neck and rubbed them roughly against him.

“Stop it!”

“Huh? I never noticed all these wounds on you. What have you been doing?”

Nanaki thought about how he was going to explain before he answered.

“I’ve been on a journey to record the world.”

It was different from the way he had imagined but in the end, he was caught up in life and lived it to his fullest. And he memorised it all. He has experienced things that he no doubt wouldn’t have understood just by watching from the sides.

“Stop acting cool, you silly thing~”

Yuffie wrapped her arms around his neck again and gave him a strangle. But she stopped almost immediately and said, “Keep at it, Nanaki.”

* * *

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