On the Way to a Smile – Episode:Yuffie

Yuffie was sure her life as a materia hunter was at an end and was going to start a new page as the magnificent “Doctor Yuffie”. Everyone that came to the hospital thanked Yuffie. She still wanted to tell someone about what happened during her journey but, faced with those who were injured by the Lifestream, the idea never came to mind.

Some of the people possessed wounds that even the materia Yuffie had couldn’t heal but, she was sure they would heal gradually if cared for well. The problem was Yuffie herself didn’t have the mental power. Materia was the crystallization of the Lifestream. To withdraw the power from the stabilized crystal, some form of shock is required and this is triggered by the mind waves of the user. As a result of that, the materia user’s mind is significantly weakened.

The exhaustion was difficult to bear and assaulted by drowsiness, Yuffie stored away her “Dr. Yuffie” sign by evening, immediately curling up in her futon and was going to sleep.


Tomorrow I’ll take a break from healing for the day and go somewhere to find a supply of ethers or something similar, thought Yuffie. Wait. I wonder… did Cloud and everyone else stop traveling after they used up all their ethers?

* * *

Thump thump—

Bang bang—

Someone was banging on the wall.

“Shut uuuuuup!”

Yuffie cried out and jumped up from her futon. Was there an emergency?

Thump thump—

Bang bang—

No, something’s weird. It sounds like— Yes. It sounds like someone’s banging on a nail.

“This should do it. This should keep Yuffie locked in, ” she heard her father say.


Yuffie rushed over to the door. She tried to open it but it wouldn’t budge.

“Hey dad! What did you do!? I can’t open the door!”

“Ask your conscience. How can you try to hide something so important? Stay in there and reflect on what you’ve done!”

Yuffie thought there was nothing she had to reflect on at all. She tried putting her hand to her chest but besides letting her know she was alive, it told her nothing else.


But there was no one there to answer her any more.

“Is anyone there?”

Her voice sounded so helpless that even she was surprised at herself. And what surprised her more was that her drowsiness still wasn’t going to let her off even in this situation.

“Stupid dad. After I get some sleep I’ll— I’ll get you.”


It sounded like someone kicked the wall. Yuffie woke up. It felt like she’s been sleeping for several hours.

“What is it now—”

“You stupid Yuffie!”

It was the sound of a girl’s voice who was around the same age as she was. It was an unfamiliar voice. It annoyed her even more that a stranger was calling her stupid.

“Why am I stupid!”

“It’s your fault Yuri’s mother is ill!”

“Ill? What are you talking about? What does that have to do with me?”

“You brought it here with you from Midgar, didn’t you!!”


But there was no answer. Instead, she heard the muttering of adults. They’re probably telling her not to talk to me, thought Yuffie.


There would be some noise from the wall now and then. It sounded like someone was throwing stones at the training hall. The training hall was an important structure. When Yuffie thought about how the people hated her so much that they didn’t care about damaging such an important building, her heart ached.

“What did I do.”

Yuffie repeated those words to herself many times until the morning light seeped in through the gaps in the wall.

“Yuffie? Yuffie, are you alive?”

What kind of question is that? thought Yuffie. But she noticed how worried the voice sounded and got closer to the wall.

“Who are you?”

“It’s me. Yuri. You don’t remember me? We used to play together a lot when we were children.”

She heard the unfamiliar voice again. Even if she remembered what her childhood friend looked like, she couldn’t see him. But she could remember his name. It was Yuffie’s fault his mother had fallen ill— It was that Yuri.

“How is your mother? She’s ill, isn’t she? It’s not my fault though.”

“My mum? Yes, it’s true she’s ill. It’s an illness we don’t know about. There’s some black pus that won’t stop coming out from her ears. It seems she’s in pain too. It hurts just to look at her.”

“I see—Must be terrible.”

Yuffie said to him as she imagined how horrible the symptoms must be, hanging her head.

“Yeah. But I don’t think it’s your fault, Yuffie.”


She looked up without thinking.

“Wait there. I’ll get you out.”

Eeeeeek. Eeeeek. The sound of pins being pulled away could be heard.

Soon, the door opened and Yuri appeared.



He had a beautiful nose. His hair was tied up in a pony tail behind him. But Yuffie didn’t recognise him.

“It’s been so long, Yuri!”

“You remembered!”

“Of course I did.”

Her heart was aching but she was unaware of the current situation so it was best to play along.

“This is bad. Mr. Godo and the others are coming. Lets run for it.”

Yuffie grabbed Yuri’s inviting hand without knowing why. They both ran out of the training hall immediately, holding hands.

“Yuffie! Yuffie! Wait! Hey Yuri! You’re going to spread the disease!”

The two of them ran for the village’s gate as Yuffie heard her father’s voice behind her. She was very angry.

They ran, hands still holding. It seemed no one was pursuing them any more. Yuri suddenly stopped and Yuffie bumped into him from behind.

“This way.”

Yuri turned to a path on the left and began running. It was then Yuffie understood why he stopped. A monster was eyeing them making hostile sounds. It was the kind that were just known as “small fries” to veteran fighters. As long as one took care to avoid their poison, they would hardly be of much bother. Yuffie pulled her hand away from Yuri’s and stood ready for battle. She didn’t have a weapon but she’ll manage somehow with these kind of monsters.

“Yuffie, it’s got poison.”

“I know.”

Yes, remembered Yuffie. This happened before too long ago. Yes. I played together with Yuri a lot. It happened when we were playing near the Da Chao Statue. A small furry insect-like monster jumped at us and when Yuri recognised its features, he ran off. I was left behind and after being stung by the monster, I slept for three days.

“Don’t worry. I’ve got materia.”

The monster leapt from the ground at Yuffie with a swoosh. Just as she was about to knock it down to the ground, a small knife flew through the air and pierced the monster. It fell to the ground and died after some convulsion.

Yuffie watched Yuri. He collected the knife from the monster and concealed it within the palm of his left hand. She knew that he was fully prepared for their journey ahead at least.

“I’m not the weakling you knew from long ago.”

“Then you should have fought it earlier.”

“If something happened to me, mother would be left all alone. Come on, lets go.”

“Where are we going? Are you sure it’s alright to leave your mother behind?”

“It’s just for a while.”

Yuri took out a medium sized Shuriken from the leather bag on his back. In comparison to the giant version Yuffie was accustomed to, it might not be very stable but, it was a traditional Wutai weapon that she’s been familiar with since she was a child.

“Use this.”


Yuffie threw it immediately. The Shuriken flew into the air, drawing a huge arc before returning.


She caught it like an experienced user.

“Just what I expected of you.”

Yes. It was expected. This is how I fought and saved the planet. I summoned the planet. Really

“I was looking forward to a treat from everyone.”

“I’ll treat you to something next time. At Turtle Paradise.”

“That’s not a treat.”

Yuffie and Yuri sat together on some high ground where the wavering lights of Wutai could be seen far off in the distance. Yuffie was thinking about how and what she should ask Yuri while he was scouting for any pursuers. The two of them were quiet for a moment.

“How’s Midgar?”

Yuri asked her as he continued scouting around him.

“It was in a mess. The Lifestream came through there, then right next to it Meteor came crashing and not long before that there were explosions— And then there were lots of fighting too. But I haven’t been walking around that area for long so—”

Yes. Just like everything else. I don’t really know about it much.

“What about the disease?”

“Well about that—What was with them? I know nothing about the disease. I don’t even know why they locked me in.”

“Mr. Godo didn’t tell you anything?”

“Yeah. He probably didn’t tell me anything because he thinks I’m still just a kid and wouldn’t understand.”

“I see. But I think you’re wrong. I think Mr. Godo just didn’t know what he should say to you. I too didn’t know what I should have said to my mother.”

Yuri tried to explain.

“It looks like a terrible disease.”

“Yeah. According to what I heard from Midgar, the infected usually die.”

“I see—”

Without any sympathy towards Yuri, Yuffie asked.

“Why is it my fault?”

“Yesterday we received information that a terrible disease was rampant in Midgar. Then they learned my mother and a number of others caught it too. It other words, it meant you must have brought the disease with you from Midgar. You’re the only one that returned from there lately.”

Yuri looked at Yuffie apologetically but she didn’t notice.

“Wait a minute! It’s true I came back from Midgar. But why is it my fault? I never went to see your mother and I don’t know any of the other people either! And I’m not even ill!”

Yuffie stood up in protest without thinking. Her fighting spirit was burning up from the inside.

“Rats carry diseases but they’re not ill themselves.”


“Oh, it’s just something the adults said. Besides, my mother and the rest of the patients were wounded and they all received treatment from you. In the training hall, you know.”

“It’s all false accusations!”

“After that, the disease spread.”

“I have nothing to do with it!”

Yuffie grabbed Yuri without thinking. She knew he hasn’t done anything wrong but she just couldn’t hold back.

“We’ll clear your name. ”

Yuri calmly said. Yuffie eased off.

“Yeah. Yeah, that’s what we’ll do! There must be someone else who came back from Midgar. We’ll find and expose them! I’ll show those people suspecting me like this! Who do they think I am!”

Yuffie shouted out all around her.

“You haven’t changed. Me, me, me.”

“What do you mean.”

“Why can’t you think about finding a cure instead of looking for the culprit? Lets go look for one. Together.”


That maybe true. But Yuffie was dissatisfied with the idea..

“If you heal them, the people will change their view about you. They won’t be suspicious of you any more and will be grateful.”


Yuffie thought about it. What Yuri said was right. It would be for everyone’s sake. But will she be content?

“Yuffie? My mother doesn’t have much time left. I want you to help me.”


Yes. I’ll have plenty of time to find the culprit afterwards.

* * *

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