Best Final Fantasy VII Cosplay… Ever.

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There are cosplays, and then, there are cosplays. Every so often, something a fan does is so fantastic that it’s worth bringing up aside from the normal news. You may have seen some incredible cosplay renditions of photo-realistic Cloud & Tifa from ACC, but it takes some serious creativity to come up with a Cloud costume that’s accurate to his appearance in the original game (aside from his MP blue clothes, rather than the SOLDIER purple). All that’s missing is a boxy Buster Sword to match. Below is a video (posted by a youtube user named kotono116) that shows that this cosplayer’s even got all the right moves.

Source: Topless Robot

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10 thoughts on “Best Final Fantasy VII Cosplay… Ever.

  1. He is AMAZING. Such creativity! That probably is the BEST FF VII cosplay EVERRRR. Just look at those perfect squats! Aww, I want to hug that cute pixelated Cloud too! X3

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