North America Dissidia Purchase Incentives

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A couple incentives have been announced to be delivered with Dissidia: Final Fantasy. We’ve already shown the reversible cover slip that comes with the gamebox, but if the game is purchased from Gamestop, it will come with two additional slips:

Even better, however, if the game is purchased from, an excerpt soundtrack containing 10 tracks will ship with the game:

So be sure to order your copy for whichever exclusive bonus you want! Or, as SE MEMBERS encourages, buy both and gift one game to a friend, keeping the incentives!

Source: SE MEMBERs Blog

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3 thoughts on “North America Dissidia Purchase Incentives

  1. hm… I wonder if EU is geting a Special Edition with an Art Book, like Crisis Core, that would be awesome

  2. I’ll be getting the Amazon one for the soundtrack. :) Slip covers are nice but I don’t really see the importance.

    Also pimp this out so that people will buy using the TLS Amazon link. Could be good…

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