New Square Enix trademark: Final Fantasy Type-0

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It has been brought to our attention that Square Enix has acquired a rather peculiar trademark in Europe on the name Final Fantasy: Type-0.  Speculations are, of course, flying, from anything about a spin-off to maybe even a remake of one of their games.

Registered Logo for Type-0

Out of curiosity I went and checked the trademark listings for the United States and Canada and saw no such entry.  In edition, looking up the trademark on the European search site lists a law firm based in London by the name of Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP as being SE’s representative in the matter.  Perhaps SE has something special in mind for the oft-forgotten European gamers?  We can only speculate on what they have in store.

A big thanks goes out to forum member Tetsujin for the heads up.

Sources: Joystiqsiliconera

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