A Fan’s Eye View: Final Fantasy Unlimited Episodes 23, 24 and 25, AKA IT’S OVER!

Yes, it’s finally over. 25 long, insane, barely coherent episodes, we’re done with all the animated Final Fantasy Unlimited that exists. Oh, and we finally get some plot at the end. It’ll be hard to miss, it’s the part where

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Square Enix Holding Game Development Contest for Latin American Territories

Square Enix will be holding a game development contest in Latin America this August for both professional and amateur developers. The website, which can be found here, states that the winning entry will have a chance to work with Square

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Official Final Fantasy VII PC Re-release Site Launches

The previously expected Final Fantasy VII PC-Release site has now officially opened, confirming suspicions. The site can be found here, and contains HD wallpapers of the original character designs, as well as a new trailer:

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