Exclusive interview with French On the Way to a Smile translator

Join us for a special occasion — an exclusive interview with the French translator of OtWtaS (and her assistant)

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“We lost our focus” admits Square Enix president

In this week’s roundup, SE acknowledges recent failures in vision and execution, and promises to turn over a new leaf while Sony sells its shares in the company and Final Fantasy III looks bound for being ported to PC

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Well we had several long gaps between podcasts again but Ryu, Glenn I are back in action and joined by our lovely Site Director Lex. We discuss Lightning Returns, Bravely Default, Final Fantasy X HD and went a bit off

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Want official English FF Ultimania Translations?

Sign the petition to ask Japan’s Studio BentStuff to finally translate all the official FF Ultimanias to English.

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Final Fantasy X HD Remaster Soundtrack Review

Tetsujin reviews the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Soundtrack, comparing old and new.

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