The Lifestream Turns Ten Years Old This Week!

From humble beginnings as an effort to salvage a Final Fantasy fan community after the previous online home went offline permanently, The Lifestream has grown to become the premier source for all things Final Fantasy. Site administrator Cthulhu founded the

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Sony to Release PS1 Classic Console – Just in Time for Xmas

The diminutive console will be less than half the size of the original iconic model and come pre-loaded with twenty PSX-era titles. Launching on December 3rd, the console styling is taken from the so-called third generation of the original console,

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Nobuo Uematsu Takes Indefinite Break Due to Illness

The fifty-nine year old composer has chosen to stop work for the foreseeable future rather than produce substandard work, according to a post published on his blog.   Uematsu has not stated the nature of his ailment, only that he

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