Link to the Original: Final Fantasy IX- p. 624 of the Dissidia Ultimania

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And last, but certainly not least, is hitoshura’s translation of the “Link to the Original: Final Fantasy IX” section of the Dissidia Ultimania. Enjoy!

FFIX dealt with the theme of what it meant to live. The relationship between Zidane and Kuja from the original game is still around even in Dissidia FF.

– In FFIX, Kuja used many theatrical expressions. In Dissidia FF he also uses expressions such as “sit back and admire the second act” in various scenes. In Kuja’s dialogue there are also many which replicate lines from FFIX.

It’s time to close the curtain on this foolish play…“-Kuja

– Before the final battle in Shade Impulse C4-1, Zidane says: “As long as there is someone who remembers us, those memories and lives will go on forever… that’s living… right?” This line is based on what Zidane said before the battle with the final boss Necron in FFIX.

– If you defeat Kuja using Zidane in Shade Impulse C2-1, Kuja says that he “has lost in everything*. I’m useless to this world” and Zidane reaches his hand out to him. This is a recreation of the scene in FFIX’s ending. The line, “Do you need a reason to help somebody?“** is also from the ending of FFIX.

(*1: This line is not in the English script.
**2:”Wouldn’t you do the same for me if you knew I was dying?” is the line used in the English script.)

This is a defining line for Zidane, portraying his beliefs.

If I die, I won’t have to be afraid anymore. But I’m not gonna die alone…“-Kuja
Kuja’s line when fought with somebody other than Zidane is the last line from Trance Kuja in FFIX.

– In Dissidia FF the Mognet from FFIX is used, taking the form of different letters sent to you from the moogles depending on how many days you’ve played. Stiltzkin, who appears on the Friend Cards, is the traveling moogle from FFIX.

– In Shade Impulse C2-1, before his battle with Zidane, Kuja murmurs something like a poem, starting with “Though we hope for promising years. After shedding a thousand tears, yesterday’s sorrow constantly nears.” This is the same as what he said in FFIX, before making Bahamut attack Alexandria.

(Note: The original Japanese line in FFIX was not nearly as poetic as the US version. It was merely, “people sleep wishing for happiness tomorrow.“)

– In the Item help, the names Steiner calls on Laudo, Kohel, Weimar, and so on who are members of the Pluto Knights, which he commands in FFIX.

– In the Item help, Vivi says, “It’s painful, like when I was stuffed in that box…” This is referring to the time when he was mistaken for a Black Mage to be shipped out in the Dali village underground.

Battle Voice Pick Up

If I win, you owe me a date!” — Zidane: verses Shantotto

Link: Everyone (himself included) would agree that Zidane is a skirt chaser. In FFIX as well, he suggested to Garnet that “If I get first place in tomorrow’s hunting festival, you and me’ll go out on a date!

(Note: Zidane sure has interesting taste in women…)

This is gonna be your grave!” — Zidane: verses Garland

Link: The line said to Garland, the controller of Terra, in FFIX. A sort of parody, based on the name ‘Garland’.

(Note: The line is different in the US version of FFIX. Zidane says, “I AM the new angel of death! Yours!!!” to Garland.)

” — Zidane: defeat

Link: “The place I’ll return to someday” is a theme of the story of FFIX. And in Destiny Odyssey IX Zidane says, “Let’s go, back to the place I’ll return to someday.

(Note: In the US version of FFIX, this theme was translated as “The place I call home” instead of “The place I’ll return to someday.”)

You’re a flightless little canary, aren’t you?” — Kuja: verses Terra

Link: This line is derived from “I Want to be Your Canary”, the ‘play within a play’ from FFIX. In FFIX, Kuja also called Garnet a ‘canary’.

You make my skin crawl, Garland!” — Kuja: verses Garland

Link: Derived from the fact that Kuja was enemies with Garland in FFIX. Garland also says to Kuja, “I can feel an unbreakable bond between us.”

(Note: This line is not in the English version of FFIX.)

I won’t accept it… that I’m defeated…” — Kuja: defeat

Link: In FFIX, when he learned that he doesn’t have long to live, Kuja says, “…I won’t let it happen. I won’t… I won’t let this world exist without me!


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