Early Material File Scenarios and Scripts – p. 527-528 of the Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega

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Hitoshura has done another set of translations from the Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega Early Material Files. This time, we’ll be looking at some of the deleted events and dialogue from Kalm and Nibelheim regarding the infamous Nibelheim Incident that changed the lives of Cloud and Tifa forever. While these events were not included in FFVII, one particular scene shows the possible fate of one of the survivors we never hear from again in FFVII proper….


-=Kalm Flashback=-

[ In the Basement of the Shinra Manor ]

Sephiroth: “Cloud. That mako reactor is no ordinary power plant. Shinra’s true motive lies elsewhere.”

Cloud: “What do you mean?”

Sephiroth: “The energy that permeates the earth of this planet is no mere energy. Where do you think it comes from in the first place? Where does this substance, unfathomable by our science, originate from? Does it just come from nothing? Does the planet make it? And where does this energy end up? Is it just electricity to power a light? No, it’s not. Shinra started to catch on to its true potential. Their test of that is this mako reactor. And me, as well…”

* The voice saying ‘This isn’t just a reactor!’ which Cloud hears in his mind during the bombing of the #1 mako reactor in the final game originated from this conversation with Sephiroth.

[ Tifa’s Diary ]

Cosmo Canyon - Book: "Mysteries of the Creation of the Planet"

Last night I read a book by a man called Mon Mos. It said that Mako energy was like the blood of the planet, and if we keep using it like we are now it’ll shorten the life of the planet.


I wonder if Wel, Dan, Meiday, and the other boys who left the village are doing alright?
All the boys left for the city. They all called me out to the water tower. They all said the same things.
Ah, except for Cloud. He said something about joining SOLDIER?
I wonder how long he’s been thinking about that. He was always pretty distant from everyone else, but still bothered about everyone else.
To be frank, he was kind of a strange kid. Always getting into fights. It wasn’t like he was fighting because he was angry, more like he was testing something. What was he trying to test? His own strength?


I thought about Cloud today.
Since when did he change?
I think the boys started to hate Cloud when he was 8. That’s when he used start fights with anybody.
When Cloud was 8… I was 7. The year mum died. I don’t remember much about that year. It’s kind of a strange feeling, like being myself but at the same time not. But even since then, it’s felt like I’ve been obssessed with Mt. Nibel.

* Originally there was to be a diary in Tifa’s room, and you were able find out what she thought about Cloud. It shows an impressive display of Tifa’s popularity, being called out to the water tower by everyone.



[ A Fabricated Past ]

Man: “This town was rebuilt with the hope that what we know as the ‘Tragedy of Nibelheim’ won’t be repeated. Although the public opening isn’t until next year. Do you know the Tragedy of Nibelheim?”

Select ‘Tell me about it’

Man: “Well then… *cough*. Our story begins 25 years ago. It was here in Nibelheim that the world’s first mako reactor for practical use was built. The pleasent life mako energy brought with it mean the population of Nibelheim shot up fast. However, there were some amongst them who were up to no good. They came up with the despicable idea of taking the mako reactor for themselves, and selling off the mako energy. And what’s more, every single one of the townspeople approved of that diabolical scheme. Finally they ran the Shinra employees out of the village, and seized the mako reactor. All this happened 5 years ago. President Shinra, who’s only concern is the well-being of people all over the world, was terribly saddened by this. Because the people of Nibelheim used to be such good people, but how completely they changed. President Shinra felt responsible for what had happened, and in the end he reached a decision. It was a decision made for the world’s well-being. He ordered for SOLDIER to be sent there, and to remove the people how had seized the reactor. They say that because he expected many people would die, there were tears in the President’s eyes as he gave the order. *sniff*… The SOLDIER sent there was the great hero, Sephiroth. Sephiroth tried to fulfil his mission, but he must have felt some resistance at having to fight people who weren’t even trained to fight. They took advantage of this lapse in his guard, and in the end he lost his life… (goes on a bit) … This is the Tragedy of Nibelheim.
That’s not how it happened at all! > 01
…… Is that so. > 02

01> Man: “Well now, what’s your proof? This is based on the Shinra Company’s official data, you know.” > go to 02

02> (Cloud’s head hurts)
Cloud: “No… that’s not how it is. That’s just some convenient story Shinra created.”

Man: “Huh? I can’t just ignore somethin’ like that. I don’t know what you think you know, but isn’t THAT just some someone’s conveniently created story?”

[ Tifa’s House ]

Nibelheim - Zack/Tifa/Sephiroth Photograph

Tifa and Aerith are talking. You can hear their conversation.

Tifa: “Don’t tell Cloud.”

Aerith: “Alright.”

Tifa: “But I can’t believe it, you knew Zack…

Aerith: “… I wonder why Cloud doesn’t know about Zack? I mean, they were the same class in SOLDIER.”

Tifa: “Don’t talk about that either.”

Aerith: “… Yeah, you’re right.”

Tifa: “What should I do about this?” (*note: her locket pendant contains the photo taken 5 years before)

Aerith: “You should hang on to it. I feel like it’ll come in handy one day.”

Tifa: “… Yeah.”

* A secret conversation between those who know Zack. In these early plans, Tifa kept the photo taken in Nibelheim 5 years before in a pendant which she wore.

[ Meeting Zangan Again ]


Cloud: “Did you find something out?”

Zangan: “An immensely vital secret… and it was right here.”

Cloud: “To keep a secret? Shinra shouldn’t have had to go to all that trouble. They could just send in the troops and raze the town. That way everything would be erased.”

Zangan: “If they did that, don’t you think people would start talking a bit? I think Shinra wanted to avoid that. All of the true residents of this village are dead. Several have returned here… and it seems they were killed. You’ve seen the boorish lot who were prowling around here, didn’t you?”

Cloud: “What are they hiding, that they’d go so far..?”

[With Tifa in your party when you speak to him]

Zangan: “Tifa!! Looks like you’re all better now! At that time, I thought you were done for.”

Tifa: That time……I……I don’t really remember that time. All I remember is going into the mako reactor after papa…After that, I was attacked by Sephiroth……and that’s it. And when I came to, I was in a hospital in Midgar……

Tifa: Yes……After I left the Hospital I started working in the Seventh Heaven bar. But, instantly after that the bar’s owner died, and I inherited the shop. At the time, I was moved by what I heard from this person, and joined this organization……

Zangan: Hahahaha! Some people, some organization……Mm.
When you become an adult, your secrets have a tendency to increase! But all that matters is that you’re well.

Tifa: …… Was it you who saved me, sensei?

Zangan: I don’t know if you could call it help……That time, I was sleeping at the Inn. The noise and the heat woke me up to the village as a sea of flames. I went from house to house to help the villagers. But it was futile……

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