Sephiroth Advent Children Complete Character Bio from Dengeki PS3

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And we conclude the day with the true One Winged Angel himself, Sephiroth. Thanks again hito for translating this Dengeki PS3 character profile!! Enjoy!

The strongest SOLDIER created by the Shinra Company. Distinguishing himself in the military from a young age, he was heralded a hero. There were once a few he could’ve called his friends, but on an investigative mission to Nibelheim he encountered a life form bearing the same name as his mother, within its mako reactor. And there he learned the secret of his birth. Learning that he had been created, he seeks to carry on the will of his mother Jenova, and is gripped by a desire for vengeance against the planet.

Sephiroth has been defeated by Cloud twice: once in Nibelheim, and again in the Great Northern Cave. However, he did not diffuse within the Lifestream and continued to live on, and scattered his own genes across the world. This seems to be the origin of Geostigma. And reappearing once again after Kadaj’s Reunion, he faces Cloud for a third showdown…

Compilation of FFVII for Sephiroth

Before Crisis -FFVII-
First appears as a legendary SOLDIER in chapter 3, “Swords Crossed in the Evening Light.” There is displays his formidable strength. And in chapter 12, “Awakening Tearing Peace Asunder,” we see his rampage in Nibelheim.


Crisis Core -FFVII-
“CC” shows Sephiroth while he was in SOLDIER, still unaware of the circumstances of his birth. It shows a more human side to him, such as using his title of hero for his own indulgence, and the conflicted seen when having to pursue Angeal and Genesis, former colleagues and friends.


Final Fantasy VII
Sephiroth is defeated once in Nibelheim, but with Jenova cells he manages to revive himself. He leads his copies, including Cloud, to the Northern Cave and plots to perform the Reunion. In the end he is defeated by Cloud, but his consciousness travels the Lifestream, waiting for a chance for another Reunion.

FFVII Advent Children
He uses his alter egos Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo, he plans another Reunion. And through Kadaj obtaining the head of Jenova, he awakens once more.

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  1. BBM
    #1 BBM 11 April, 2009, 05:55

    “In the end he is defeated by Cloud, but he consciousness travels the Lifestream, waiting for a chance for another Reunion.”

    Spelling mistake there. 😮 Just thought I might let you know.

    And this is great stuff. Keep em’ coming. ^_^

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    • Makoeyes987
      Makoeyes987 Author 11 April, 2009, 18:28

      Thanks for letting me know XD

  2. Tennyo
    #2 Tennyo 11 April, 2009, 06:03

    I like how it refers to Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz as his “Alter egos” as if their comic book villains or something. XD

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  3. Dark & Divine
    #3 Dark & Divine 11 April, 2009, 11:40


    Thanks for the translation, Hitoshura! 🙂

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  4. lolo
    #4 lolo 11 April, 2009, 15:28

    someone has the movie report up:

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    • Shademp
      Shademp 11 April, 2009, 16:52

      If you think there is a report/review of the movie there, make a topic about it in the news section.

    • BWAngel
      BWAngel 12 April, 2009, 05:27

      Someone translate it, please!

  5. Arianna
    #5 Arianna 11 April, 2009, 16:54

    “…such as using his title of hero for his own indulgence…” ~ I never figured that from Crisis Core; unless once again, the English translation of the Japanese is poor. *sigh* Honestly, I didn’t see Sephiroth using his position to get over anyone else ever. 😐 I did see him as a gossip, and moody as hell, but not a snob… Interesting.

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    • Makoeyes987
      Makoeyes987 Author 11 April, 2009, 17:52

      Well him using his position to get all the free shampoo to use on his hair is certainly using his title as hero for his own indulgence.

    • Tetsujin
      Tetsujin 11 April, 2009, 18:35

      Ohoho, I still find that funny. The mighty Sephiroth, having earthly desires such as wanting his hair to be soft und smelling like peaches. :wacky:

    • Dark & Divine
      Dark & Divine 11 April, 2009, 21:06

      Besides the champoo, he also used his position to refuse missions.

    • BWAngel
      BWAngel 12 April, 2009, 00:35

      Actually the right to veto missions is the right of every First Class SOLDIER. From what I’ve read anyway.

    • Ravynne
      Ravynne 14 April, 2009, 06:01

      Yeah, well, they never mentioned the throngs of whores he demanded to his room every night. And altar boys.

      Or…maybe I’ve been reading the wrong fanfiction again.

    • Ravynne
      Ravynne 14 April, 2009, 06:02

      I also didn’t get the impression of “gossip” from him.

  6. Tetsujin
    #6 Tetsujin 12 April, 2009, 00:37

    Those are unofficial rights though and I don’t think they’d let anyone do that.
    As Zack said, they’re spoiling him too much…xD

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  7. N TT
    #7 N TT 31 August, 2009, 05:53

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    Just wanted to let you all know I have made a Custom Loz/Yazoo figure and is currently up for auction on ebay. Here’s the link:

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  8. Shelby
    #8 Shelby 1 February, 2012, 01:02

    Seeing Sephiroth smile truly (in Crisis Core) makes me feel happy and warm. Poor guy 🙁

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