The Goddess Minerva- Information from the Keyword Collection

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Here is a special post devoted to the mysterious Goddess who appeared in Crisis Core. All of the translations comes from the Crisis Core Complete Guide’s Keyword Collection.

Minerva (p. 296)

With her body clad in an impressive suit of golden armor, she is the existence that transcends all matter. Beneath her helmet, she is a beautiful woman with blond hair and green eyes. In Scene 10-06 Genesis fulfills his wish to meet her, and she appears in Mission No. 288 “The Reigning God.” She is interpreted to be the Goddess mentioned in LOVELESS, but in terms of substance she is similar to a summon, though it seems that the purpose behind her actions is to follow the intentions of the Lifestream.

The Meeting with Minerva (p. 296)

In Scene 10-06 Minerva meets with Genesis in a place flooded with the Lifestream. Below are the comments from the development team regarding the meaning of the exchange that took place between the two of them.
“Minerva is similar to a summon, and her intention was not necessarily to revive Genesis. The image of Minerva in her actions and expressions is a reflection of the will of the Lifestream.”

“Genesis wanted to regain his pride as a SOLDIER, deciding that it could not be found simply in the duty of the SOLDIER, he came to the idea that ‘I am not afraid of degradation or death’. In short, Genesis’ circumstances are that of ‘surmounting death’. Genesis’ strong desire to ‘complete the duty of a SOLDIER’, was accepted by the Lifestream, in a way saying to him ‘Then complete it’.”

“Minerva’s facial expressions are meant to be hints to the Lifestream’s judgment, such as ‘Genesis has not yet completed his duty as a SOLDIER’ and ‘Genesis still has much left to learn’.”

“Thus, [because of that decision] Genesis was able to achieve his goal of ‘surmounting death.’ And this event is connected to Genesis’ future actions”.

The Gift of the Goddess (p. 296)

The object that the three heroes of LOVELESS were searching for. Genesis believed that this object could cure his degradation and thus sought it out, attempting to recreate the conditions of LOVELESS in order to come to the Gift of the Goddess by the conclusion of his plan. However, after fighting with Zack, Genesis came to the realization in his sleep that the “Pride of a SOLDIER” was the Gift of the Goddess.

Yet, the general theory is that the result of receiving the Gift of the Goddess is perpetual youth and longevity which in turn is connected to theories regarding the health benefits of Banora White apples. Moreover, while it is impossible for a person to become ageless, it is proposed that theory can be applied to the Planet, and in this case the Gift of the Goddess becomes “Nothing is wasted in destruction” or “All will be healed in time”.

The Goddess Statue (p. 296)

A statue of the goddess installed in the Banora underground where light breaks through the cave ceiling. It was part of Genesis trying to reproduce the world of LOVELESS, and after his meeting with Minerva the statue shattered.

The Goddess Materia (p. 296)

The materia needed to open up the door that divides the Banora underground. In front of the door there is a pedestal used to bring out their potency when all seven are placed inside.

(Translator Note: The names of the seven Materia are The Light Materia, The Heaven Materia, The Star Materia, The Grand Materia, The Life Materia, The Sabbath Materia, and The Being Materia.)

The Red Globe (p. 275)

A huge red globe held within the bows of a giant tree growing in the Banora underground were light breaks through the cave ceiling. Genesis unexpectedly found this type of materia, and during his “reproduction of LOVELESS” he established that it was “The Gift of the Goddess”. It’s environment is engulfed with the Lifestream, and the power it grants to Genesis can be seen, but the fine details of this process are unknown.

The Divine Protection of the Planet (p. 294)

In Scene10-04 Genesis refers to the Divine Protection of the Planet, meaning the Planet’s Energy AKA the Lifestream. Genesis absorbed some Lifestream into his body, and in that way received the Divine Protection of the Planet, furthering his belief that he represents the hero of Loveless.

The Mysterious Cave (p. 297)

A large, mysterious cave discovered in the north. The ShinRa army, the Wutai army, and the Genesis army each pursued what lurked inside the interior of the cave, and when the Wutai and Genesis forces were annihilated, it left behind only the SOLDIERs of the ShinRa Army. Furthermore, within the cave lurked monsters and machines and other things of abnormal strength, and in the darkest depths of the cave is where Minerva reigned as the source of the energy within.

(Translator’s Note – The storyline of the descent into the Northern Cave is played out across Mission Set 9, “Great Cavern of Wonders.”)

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