Revised editions of Final Fantasy VII novellas

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Site graphic designer and The Lifestream Audiobook creator and director Pixel has painstakingly combed through the previous translations of various Final Fantasy VII novellas to correct grammatical errors in the English, as well as translating from the official German versions of the novellas for clarity.

We would like to stress that these are intended to be a companion/ script to the accompanying audiobooks, and were not written to replace the original translations. While they do incorporate a smoother English reading experience overall, some small liberties were taken for the purpose of coherence and flow in the audiobooks themselves. The story, tone and feel of the novellas remains entirely unchanged.

Feel free to compare and contrast the originals with these revised audiobook editions while listening to the audiobooks themselves on our Novels & Novellas page, and let us know what you think on our forums!

Here’s a handy list of links to the new revised novellas:

Happy re-reading!

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