FFVII Remake: Famitsu and Dengeki Translations

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Dengeki Online, 7th December 2015

(Please see Author’s Note on Page One)

FFVII REMAKE has our old friend the limit break on board. We’re also pressing for [answers on] the circumstances around the segmentation [of the game]

(Note: I am skipping the introduction – the two first paragraphs – which only give the background for the interview in regards to the announcement and release of the new trailer, and the topic of the interview. The actual interview starts after the first picture, and this phrase in bold 『FFVII REMAKE』は分作になるとのことですが、詳しく教えてください。)

In regards to FFVII REMAKE becoming a segmented/split product, please tell [us about it in] detail.

Yoshinori Kitase
”The idea that the remake of FFVII wouldn’t fit into a single title was there from the [very] beginning. (note – “single title” was written as 1本, which is typically used to count a single physical copy of a game) I/we cannot go into detail about the segmentation, so I think you’ll have to wait for future announcements.”

Tetsuya Nomura
”When you try to cram it all into one game there is a chance that it becomes reduced to something like a “digest” [version]. While there probably will be portions taken out (literally “shaven off”), because things added in probably won’t be few – and added [to the fact] that we’ve made the judgement that we have to make a “full volume” remake – we decided to make it in parts (literally “segment it”).”

Yoshinori Kitase
”The video we showed you this time around was of, among other things, Sector 1 and Sector 8, and just from that [alone] I think you could feel the density [of it all]. If we were to remake all the content from the original game in that quality, no matter what we did it would not fit into a single game.”

What will the battle system turn out to be?

Yoshinori Kitase
”Unlike the command battle system from back in the days, like [what you saw] in the trailer (literally “video”) we’re aiming for a seamless active battle [system].”

Tetsuya Nomura
”In terms of the (literally “feel of the”) battle speed and tempo, in order for people to be able to play without stress, we’re thinking [of making it] on par with that of Dissidia FF. In terms of the degree of action [you can] probably [think of it as] Dissidia FF > Kingdom Hearts > FFVII REMAKE. It will definitely not be the type of action [system] that demands technique. We think we want to make a new system that you can use freely – an action battle system where you think strategically while fighting.”

What will happen to the battle system elements of the original?

Tetsuya Nomura
”At it’s base it’s [still] FFVII, so among other things, elements similar to the ATB gauge and limit breaks will be introduced with new means of utilization. So please look forward to how [all of] this evolves with the remake.”

Will the story be adjusted to [things like/among other things] fit (literally “be made to match up with”) with the times, or in connection with the compilation?

Tetsuya Nomura
”Apart from delving even deeper into the episodes [of the game], we’re preparing tricks/devices/gimmicks (Author’s note: there was no single word to properly capture the essence of this word) among other things. After all, isn’t it the case that the people who played the original game, the important parts included, knows the story from beginning to end? We’re thinking we want those people as well to be able to get (literally “taste”) surprised [by the story] once again.”

Yoshinori Kitase
”We don’t want to do a remake that ends with [just] tracing [people’s] nostalgia. We want to make fans of the original excited (literally: “dokidoki”, the sound of a racing heart in Japanese) again. We’re re-adjusting the story putting those [kind of] feelings into it.”


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