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And last, but certainly not least, is Cloud’s translated character profile from the FFVII 10th Anniversary Ultimania. With Cloud, it is finished! Enjoy all the translated information from the various FFVII guidebooks and remember that other translations will be posted in the feature here as well! Happy Thanksgiving!

Cloud Strife
Compilation of FFVII: FFVII – AC – BC – CC – DC – LO

Character Profile

Sex: Male
Height: 173cm
Blood Type: AB
Date of Birth: 8/11
Birthplace: Nibelheim
Weapon: Sword
First Person Pronoun: 俺 [Ore]
Voice Actor: AC, CC, DC, LO – Takahiro Sakurai

A young man who hides his introverted personality behind a cool facade. He admired the hero Sephiroth and aimed to be part of the ShinRa Company’s elite army “SOLDIER” like he was, but his hopes were dashed along the way, and he fell victim to one of the experiments of Hojo, a ShinRa scientist. Due to the influence of the Jenova cells implanted in his body he acted out a false persona, but with the support of his friends he regains his true self and grows as a person.

In Final Fantasy VII
A young swordsman, struggling with a fragile mind.

Age: 21

On the request of his childhood friend Tifa, Cloud assists the anti-ShinRa organization “AVALANCHE” led by Barret. At first he has little interest in their goal of ‘protecting the planet’. But after meeting Aerith, an Ancient, and reuniting with his fated rival Sephiroth, he throws himself fully into the battle to save the planet. To Cloud, this is also a battle to examine who he really is and to settle his past.

「 I’m not interested in your names. 」

At first he calls himself “ex-SOLDIER, 1st Class”, and affects a condescending attitude towards the people around him, but this is a false pretence born from Cloud’s own desires. Aerith, who is pursued by ShinRa for her ability to hear the voice of the planet. Cloud’s meeting with her lead him on a new path.
Cloud once admired Sephiroth, but now despises him for destroying his hometown. But as Cloud draws closer to Sephiroth, his ego begins to shatter…

「 What did I do? I can’t remember . . . . If this is all a dream, don’t wake me up. 」

Trivia 1

It’s tough being the popular guy?

Despite his cold behavior in several scenes, Cloud is essentially popular with members of the opposite sex. In addition to FFVII’s heroines Tifa and Aerith both having feelings for him, AVALANCHE’s Jessie and young Priscilla in Junon both also fall for Cloud soon after they meet him. Even though it’s the pitiable aspects of Cloud that stand out, perhaps weaknesses such as those also win over a woman’s heart.

[FFVII] Both Aerith, who is forthright, and Tifa, who is demure, have feelings for Cloud but he is none the wiser to them. [FFVII] One look at Cloud in drag gets Cornero very excited. Do Cloud’s charms enslave even members of the same sex?

「 I don’t need a fantasy anymore. I’m going to live in my reality. 」

Limit Break


When the limit is reached, his sword is imbued with fighting spirit from the heart for just a moment. In the blink of an eye, 14 hits of damage are dealt one after another….
Cloud then dramatically leaps into the air and brings his sword down for the final slash.

In Advent Children
The happier he is now,
The more Cloud is tormented by painful “memories” of the past.

Age: 23

Now running a delivery business while helping out Tifa with the newly opened “Seventh Heaven” bar, Cloud, Tifa, Marlene and Denzel lived together like a family. However, when Cloud contracts Geostigma he disappears. Behind these actions lies feelings of guilt towards his past failure to protect people who were important to him, but through his battle with Kadaj’s gang, the legacy of Jenova, he regains the courage to face reality.

「 I don’t think I’m fit to save anyone. Not family, not friends . . . no one. 」

The more he realizes how happy he is living with Tifa and the children, the more the fear of losing that and regrets toward the past trouble Cloud…

「 I . . . I think I want to be forgiven. Yeah, I want to be forgiven. 」

Failing to protect people important to him is his sin… Convincing himself of this, Cloud shuts himself off. What does his meeting with Aerith bring him? Sephiroth returns using Kadaj’s body, but the old Cloud who was troubled by his words is long gone. With the strength from his bonds with his friends, he will vanquish Sephiroth this time!
With the support of former allies and Tifa, an important woman to him and now also part of his family, Cloud regains the courage to move forward.

Trivia 2

Cloud, the Bike Fan?

In AC, Cloud runs a courier business, “Strife Delivery Service”. An indispensable part of this operation is his bike Fenrir. After getting the bike from someone in exchange for ‘the privilege to eat and drink at Seventh Heaven for free for life’, Cloud becomes extremely fond of it and even in DC he appears with it. Just as FFVII also featured a scene where Cloud borrows a “Hardy Daytona” bike on display in the ShinRa building, does the bond between Cloud and bikes run deep?

[AC] Fenrir has been customized to suit Cloud’s tastes. It has armor capable of withstanding close quarters combat, and in the front there is storage for several swords.

Compilation Check

The Fate Befalling a “Puppet of Jenova.”

At the age of 16 Cloud was sent on a mission to his hometown of Nibelheim, where Sephiroth went out of control (what is commonly called the “Sephiroth Incident”). Cloud, having suffered heavy injuries during the incident, was injected with cells from Jenova, an extraterrestrial life form. These cells, which Sephiroth also had in his body, controlled Cloud’s thoughts and created a separate personality, and tried to manipulate Cloud into joining with Sephiroth. Even the Meteor crisis was indirectly caused by Cloud having become a puppet to Sephiroth. In FFVII Cloud finally regains his true self and defeats Sephiroth, but this doesn’t mean he’s completely freed from the will of Jenova, and in AC he is tormented by the Remnant’s call for the Reunion.

[AC] Cloud’s pupils narrow, just like those of the Remnants of Sephiroth. It’s almost as if he can never escape from Jenova’s command…

Compilation Check

Cloud’s Rare Smile.

At the start of FFVII Cloud posed as a “cool ex-SOLDIER”, and kept up a cocky front. After it is revealed that he was never in SOLDIER, and he begins to act like himself, but he still doesn’t show his emotions very much. The only time he laughs in FFVII is during a conversation with Aerith at the start of the story, when Jenova is still in control of his consciousness.

Even after rediscovering his true self and beginning a new life, he is bound by a sense of guilt and mostly keeps the same sullen expression. When you think of this, the smile he shows at the end of AC (see image below right) is deeply emotional.

[FFVII] Cloud laughing with Aerith after outrunning Reno and ShinRa in the slum church.

In Dirge of Cerberus
Age: 24

Assists the World Regenesis Organization (WRO), a group dedicated to restoring the planet now in ruins after repeated disasters. To put a stop to the plans of Deepground (DG), who have been committing kidnap and carnage under the name of a “hunt for life”, Cloud rides into the enemies’ stronghold Midgar with Tifa and Barret.

「 Let’s go, Fenrir . . . 」

The mission assigned to Cloud and the others is to destroy the Mako Reactors which encircle Midgar and cut the energy supply to DG. Cloud fights off an assassin of DeepGround’s Tsviets, Rosso, ferociously.

In Before Crisis

His boyhood when he worked together with the Turks,
And what he experienced then was…

Age: 14~20

Cloud first appears as a boy soldier, still just 14 years old. He is assigned to safeguard a VIP with the Turks, but causes many problems such as complaining because he feels like he isn’t trusted, and ignoring orders and putting protecting his colleagues’ lives first. He also meets the Turks again when he is sent to investigate the Nibelheim Mako Reactor, and there are scenes such as him confiding about his promise with Tifa which supplement FFVII.

「 What do you think . . . .? Even an escorting soldier can fight. 」

Cloud is eager to show he’s got what it takes as a soldier assigned on an escort mission. His youthful immaturity is prominent during this time. He explains the situation to the Turks member who knows Tifa and gets them to keep quiet about his return.

「 I . . . respected you . . . I looked up to you!! 」

In a rage Cloud thrust his sword into Sephiroth, who burnt down his village. A familiar scene from FFVII as well.

Trivia 3

A Natural Talent for Swordsmanship.

In BC the 14 year old Cloud, on an escort mission, steals a sword from the enemies’ elite Raven soldiers, and shows amazing swordsmanship for his first time to the amazement of the Turk working with him. It is probably because he has this natural talent for using large swords that he able to use Zack’s Buster Sword so well.

[BC] The Turk also expresses surprise at Cloud handling the sword so well that one wouldn’t expect it from just having watched others.

Compilation Check

A Promise to Tifa, Etched in his Memory.

When Cloud left the village dreaming of being a SOLDIER, he swore to Tifa that he would come running to her rescue if she was in trouble. While it was Tifa who strong-armed him into making the promise, it seems that the idea that he must keep this vow was forever in Cloud’s mind. In BC he is obsessive about protecting people, and if he runs out of strength part way though he will mention the “promise.”

[BC] If he runs out of strength part way through the story, he will say regretfully that he “couldn’t come through on my promise to her.”

In Last Order

The tragedy in Nibelheim changes Cloud’s destiny.

Age: 16~20

Cloud’s past, which was only touched on briefly in FFVII’s flashback scenes, is explored in close up here. After Sephiroth burns down Nibelheim and Cloud becomes a subject for Hojo’s experiments, he is taken by Zack who was also caught with him and they begin a life on the run.

Cloud strikes down in rage the hero who is now his sworn enemy.

「 Sorry. I got here a little late. 」

He lifts a collapsed Tifa up in his arms, and upon seeing her aware of him, he smiles gently. Zack carries Cloud while he is unconscious as they continue their escape, however…

In Crisis Core

The bonds of friendship that grew during his days as a ShinRa trooper.

Age: 14~21

Like in BC, Cloud first appears in CC as a 14 year old ShinRa troop. While still just a grunt, he aims to be in SOLDIER. He strikes up a friendship with Zack, a SOLDIER 1st Class; what influence will he have on Cloud, that would lead to Cloud imitating Zack’s personality… The events running up to that will be shown in CC.

Cloud first talks with Zack on route to a mission, and both being born in villages where the only point of interest is having a Mako Eeactor, they hit it off right away.

「 SOLDIERs really are amazing. I wonder if I could be one too . . . 」

Cloud’s idolizing of SOLDIER, and his frustration at his own powerlessness comes through in his words and actions.

Compilation Check

What Cloud Inherited from Zack

Under the effect of Jenova’s cells, Cloud mimics his best friend Zack and creates a new persona, but the mental aspects weren’t the only things he received from Zack. His starting equipment, the Buster Sword, was the one Zack used, and in CC Zack uses an ability that looks just like Cloud’s Limit skill “Meteorain”, so from the looks of this, could this battle technique also be handed down from Zack?

[AC] In AC, the Buster Sword is stuck in the ground like a grave marker at the hill where Zack died, and Cloud thinks of Zack as he looks at it. [LO] The Buster Sword, a massive sword large enough to completely hide a fully grown man. On their escape from the ShinRa mansion Zack used the sword like a shield to protect Cloud.

Cloud Map

— Nibelheim
Cloud’s birthplace, and a place he will never forget, where his connection with Sephiroth began.

— Midgar

He came here to become a SOLDIER, but unfortunately suffered setbacks. 6 years later he is reunited with Tifa, and as a ‘jack of all trades’ teams up with AVALANCHE.

— Mideel
After he contracts Mako poisoning and loses his mind, Tifa nurses him here and after rediscovering his true self he sets off again.

Cloud Strife – Timeline
[Compilation of FFVII]

[ μ ] – εуλ 1986/8/11

· Is born.

[ μ ] – εуλ 1995

(Age 8 )

· FFVII – Nibelheim
While following Tifa, they both fell from the mountain trail. Miraculously, he escaped with minor injuries.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0000

(Age 14)

· FFVII/BC – Nibelheim
On the water tower, he announced to Tifa that he would become a SOLDIER. He promised to save her if she got into trouble, and left the village.

· CC – Modeo Ravine
He became a member of ShinRa’s army, and was dispatched on a mission where he met Zack, SOLDIER: 1st Class.

· CC – Junon

Dispatched on a mission as a member of ShinRa’s army, and met Zack again.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0001/6/28

· BC – Midgar
Assigned to protect Professor Rayleigh, he worked together with the Turks. In a raid by AVALANCHE, secret data on SOLDIER was stolen.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0002/9/22

(Age 16)

· FFVII/BC/CC/LO – Nibelheim
As part of a full-scale investigation on Mako Reactors after a mass outbreak of monsters, he visited the Nibel Mako Reactor with Sephiroth and Zack.


· FFVII/BC/CC/LO – Nibelheim
In the Mako Reactor he fatally wounded Sephiroth, who had gone out of control and burnt down the village, while receiving heavy injuries himself.

· FFVII/BC/CC/LO – Nibelheim
Under Hojo’s instructions he was captured and used as a sample for the Sephiroth Copy experiment in the basement of the ShinRa Mansion, where he contracts Mako Poisoning.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0006/12/19

(Age 20)

· FFVII/BC/CC/LO – Nibelheim
With Zack’s help, he escaped from the basement of the ShinRa Mansion.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0007/09

· FFVII/BC/CC/LO – The Wasteland
Just outside of Midgar, Zack was killed by the pursuing ShinRa army. Cloud was left at the scene.

· FFVII – Midgar
While being tended to by a station worker in the Sector 7 Slum train station, he was reunited with Tifa, and using the abilities of Jenova’s cells formed a new personality. With Tifa’s invitation, he decided to assist AVALANCHE.


· FFVII – Midgar
Worked with AVALANCHE when they bombed the Sector 1 Mako Reactor. During his return to Sector 7, he met Aerith.

· FFVII – Midgar
During a bombing mission with AVALANCHE in the Sector 5 Mako Reactor, they stumbled into a ShinRa trap and Cloud was caught in an explosion, falling down into the church in the Sector 5 Slum. He met Aerith again, and escorted her to her home.

· FFVII – Midgar
The team failed to stop ShinRa’s plans to drop the Sector 7 Plate. Aerith was taken to the ShinRa building.

· FFVII – Midgar
The team was captured while attempting to rescue Aerith, but in the confusion caused by Sephiroth’s murder of President ShinRa, they escaped the city. Together with Aerith and the rest of the team, they pursued Sephiroth.

· FFVII – The Forgotten City
He found Aerith, who had been acting on her own, but shortly after lost her at the hands of Sephiroth.

· FFVII – Northern Crater
He attempted to settle things with Sephiroth, but upon listening to his speech, Cloud’s self-image collapsed. He handed over the Black Materia, triggering the summoning of Meteor. Cloud then fell into the Lifestream and went missing.

· FFVII – Mideel
Now suffering Mako Poisoning, he was nursed by Tifa, but they fell into the Lifestream. With Tifa’s help he retraced his memories, and regained his true self.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0008/01

· FFVII – Northern Crater
With his friends he was victorious in the final battle with Sephiroth, and prevented the fall of Meteor.

· Edge
After visiting various locations with Tifa and Barret, Tifa opened the “Seventh Heaven” bar. Before setting off on a journey, Barret left Marlene in Cloud and Tifa’s care, and the three of them began living together.

(Age 22)

· Edge
While searching for provisions for the bar, more and more people began to ask him to make deliveries for them, so he set up the Strife Delivery Service.

· Midgar
He took Denzel, who had collapsed at the Sector 5 Slum church, into his care and brought him back to Seventh Heaven, where Denzel then also started to live.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0009

(Age 23)

· AC – Midgar
Because he contracted Geostigma, he left Tifa and the children, and began living in the Slum church.

· AC – Healin
He was attacked by Kadaj’s gang on his way to see Rufus, but still refused Rufus’ request to become his bodyguard.

· AC – The Forgotten City
He battled with Kadaj’s gang, who had kidnapped Marlene and the children, but found himself in a dangerous situation before being saved by Vincent, and made a temporary retreat.

· AC – Edge~Midgar
With the help of his friends, he defeated Bahamut SHIN, which Kadaj’s gang had summoned. He defeated Sephiroth after his Advent, and returned to Tifa and the children.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0010

(Age 24)

· DC – Midgar
With his old friends he went rushing to Vincent’s aid, and battled the DG forces.

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      “Cloud, Tifa, Marlene and Denzel lived together like a family”

      “With the support of former allies and Tifa, an important woman to him and now also part of his family, Cloud regains the courage to move forward.”

      “He explains the situation to the Turks member who knows Tifa and gets them to keep quiet about his return.”

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      “He defeated Sephiroth after his Advent, and returned to Tifa and the children”

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      “If he runs out of strength part way through the story, he will say regretfully that he “couldn’t come through on my promise to her.”” – in other words he is obsessed with his promise to Tifa, and in AC they led us back to it when Tifa says “You’re late” when he finds her in Aerith’s church.

      “He lifts a collapsed Tifa up in his arms, and upon seeing her aware of him, he smiles gently.”

      The only Clerith I can see: “The only time he laughs in FFVII is during a conversation with Aerith at the start of the story.” And to be honest I was expecting them to make it more balanced but it does seem in favour fo Cloud & Tifa shipping. It doesn’t even specify his smile at the end of AC is directed at Aerith, it just says it is deeply emotional. Though he was smiling at Tifa too as well as all the orphans so I guess it wasn’t. :S

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      Link to the FFVII Series

      The only woman who knows Cloud’s past.

      In FF7, Tifa is the only one who knows Cloud’s childhood, and furthermore, she holds the key to people involved in the story of Nibelheim’s burning down, which is also depicted in CC. She and Cloud came to realize their feelings for each other in the end of the story, and live together in AC and DC.

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      1. You say Tifa and Cloud were never childhood friends? Alright, I’ll give you points there; they weren’t the best of friends. In fact, they hardly knew eachother. The fact is both Tifa and Cloud had felt SOMETHING for eachother during their childhood. If Cloud didn’t like Tifa, then why in the world did he have the world’s BIGGEST crush on her? He admired her from afar! Cheese and rice, the kid fricken stalked the poor girl! He always looked at her through her window, and he also followed her up Mt. Nibel, attempting to save her but did not succeed. So what does Cloud do? He freaking tries to join SOLDIER to become stronger FOR HER. Now on Tifa’s side, why in the world would she ask him to protect her if she didn’t like him? Why would she even show up to well when Cloud asked her to come? She liked him!! After Cloud left for Midgar, she searched the newspapers for his name everyday! When Sephiroth came to Nibelheim, she waited and looked for Cloud! In Crisis Core, Cloud nearly got himself killed by a monster, saving Tifa naturally (see Tifa’s profile for proof of this). A while later, just after Sephiroth went nuts, Cloud saved Tifa from certain death via Sephiroth. Don’t you think Sephiroth would’ve came back and finished Tifa off if Cloud had not defeated him the reactor? As you can see, I have ample proof of the relationship Cloud and Tifa had pre-FF7. Now for Aerith, she doesn’t HAVE a childhood with Cloud.
      2. In case you forgot, Cloud was a freaking PUPPET during Disc 1 and most of Disc 2 . He didn’t retain much of his own memories, and the Jenova cells that were injected into him mimiced Zack’s memories. If you played Crisis Core, you would know that Zack LOVED Aerith a lot (Another point I have here is why would you want to break up THAT OFFICIAL couple?), and she had a big effect on his life . Since the Jenova cells like to mimic things, Cloud retained that strong effect Aerith had on Zack. Therefore, whatever feelings Aerith had for Cloud or what Aerith had for Cloud were fake because it wasn’t the REAL Cloud. Aeirth realized this in a novel written as part of the Compliation and no longer pursued Cloud (even though she is dead…). Square Enix also described her as a ‘motherly figure’ to Cloud, which is another reason why her effect was so big on him.
      3. Alright, let me get this straight. AERITH DIED INFRONT OF CLOUD! Right below his fricken nose, Sephiroth stuck his Masamune in her chest!! How could that not be devestating?? How could you not dwell on that for the rest on your life. He was her FRIEND for the love of God! The reason he left Tifa in Advent Children was because the HAPPIER he felt with Tifa, Denzel, and Marlene, the more guilt he felt for Aerith. He wanted Aerith to be happy with them too. You can’t assume Cloud loved her; there isn’t enough evidence to prove that.
      4. All the crap you said about the voice actor doesn’t really have to do with anything. I don’t really know why you said it. It means absolutely nothing to the series.
      5. The thing about the body guard and whatnot, well like I said earlier, he was under the influence of Sephiroth and Jenova cells! If you played Crisis Core, you would know that’s what Zack did! And guess who Cloud was impersonating? Ding ding! ZACK!
      Alright, that’s enough of that. Excuse any typos I might have. I typed this fairly quickly. Keep in mind I didn’t mention half of the other CloTi related stuff. I just felt the need the state the facts the disprove your opinion. And no I don’t, dislike Aerith. I really do like her. I just don’t think Cloud loved her is all. Anyways, good day :D.

      CLERTIH 2 December, 2009, 02:38

      okay the thing about Cloud copying Zack as memories, and Aerith seeing Zack in Cloud in the beginning is right! but as the OFFICIAL date with Aerith, in Japanese, Aerith says she wants to meet Cloud, meaning she wants to have a relationship with him, and she KNEW that Cloud was not Zack, after that date. and Plus at least Aerith LOVES Cloud as CLOUD, Tifa wanted the “strong” Cloud to protect her. Of cousre we all know Tifa loves Cloud, but NONE of you CloTi fans KNOW FOREALS, when does it ever say CLOUD has returned those feelings for her, in case of Tifa, she doesnt even know if Cloud loves her, stupid fool even had to ask; “Hey Cloud do you love me?” Cloud says huh, she changes her mind, saying do you love Marlene. Oh and those monsters Cloud was killing in CC, he was doing so, cus only to ACT as if he was STRONG, wanting to IMPRESS her, thats not what he really wants to be like. As for Aerith, she doesnt need the wannabe strong Cloud. And as you said, Cloud was under Jenova, and when he and Aerith was running on the roof tops and Aerith makes Cloud LAUGH, as it says up there, by nomura, that even under jenova contol, Cloud felt like he could be himself. As for CC, Zack and Aerith, of cousre im a total Zack fan, but STATED by Aerith, their relationship wasnt serious. matter of FACT, Zack was away for 4 years in Mako chamber, do you think after 4 years you’ll still love someone who hasnt wrote you a singel letter back?! Aerith doesnt know what to think bout that, so yes her feelings changed. and WHOM ever said Zack & Aerith are OFFICIAL, you go find a freaken LINK to that. AND you say SE describes Aerith as a MOTHERLY figure? WHEREs that LINK, as far as im concern all i see is nomura saying Tifas the MOTHER, “She’s like a mother, a sweetheart, a good ally in battle,” LMFAO in FACT! Tifa introduces Marlene as her DAUGHTER, and EVEN the part where BARRIT pops out in the movie he says to Denzel, “You look after MOTHER,” AND! in case of Tifa, it says Clouds like a teenage kid, going out late a night, not coming home, and Tifa FEELS MOTHERLY, you go and freaken read dat! i NEVER seen nomura putting that motherly label on Aerith, only in the movie and game, CLOUD & ZACK calls Aerith their MOM. NOT NOMURA.
      Oh yeah and the Sephy killing Aerith, WHY the FCK do you think Aerith was able to pray for HOLY, SEPHY was already at the FC, all SEPHY wanted to do was KILL THE WOMEN CLOUD LOVES RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS EYES! in that case, SEPHY HELPED Aerith summon HOLY, by cousing Cloud more suffering, Aerith isnt just a friend to Cloud, if so like i said, why does he live in Aerith’s church, and picks yellow flowers??? you call that as a FRIEND? a GIRL thats a FRIEND, that he sleeps in her church and picks her flowers, in FACT in case of Tifa, Cloud thinks Aerith sent Denzel to him, and also says “This kid came to me, he was at MY PLACE,” (my place, the CHURCH ~ AERITH’S CHURCH) FOOL! it doesnt ever say Cloud LOVES Tifa or Aerith, but it sure hella HINTS lots of SHIT for idiots like us to find LOL. and the only reasons you idoits have to say in debates in Aerith is DEAD. Is that DEATH thing suppose to be FUNNY??? and How can you Motherfckers say that you’re TidusxYuna, VincentxLucrecia, ShuyinxLenne fans, when their based off being DEAD, or separated. idiots, think of it that way. AND if you go and read Aeriths profile, at the picture the last couple of sentences it says that she’s in lots of ppl’s mind, also in someone DEAR to her’s mind too. Means Cloud thinks about Aerith alot, even Tetsuya says, that Aerith doesnt appear in front of Cloud, cus he feels her presence, he feels her cus; “She lives in his CONCIOUSNESS” in other words, HEART. the MIND. other than that i dont give a rats ass if you think im taking this shit too serious, and i dont care if you think im wrong, or i should get my facts right, maybe YOU should get your shit CORRECTED, i bet ive looked through more sites and shit to know all these hints and stuff. also in KH, Cloud says “I’ll COME BACK,” to Aerith, is a play in CC that Kunsel sends yo you in a text. a LOVELESS PLAY. “I’ll Come Back to you,” Oh and you should go and freaken read those LOVELESS POEMS, one of them, or most of them ARE BOUT CLOUD n AERITH. sigh……… matter of fact, it dont matter to me, what you think. and Tifa, im fine with her too, just that her fans are a bunch of idiots, and their the ones that are RUDE. “Aerith’s dead, Tifa wins Cloud!” (jump for Joy) yeah right motherfckers, saying that, makes it seem as if you LOSERS to say so, think DEATH is a funny thing, lalalala.
      OH and the Maaya Sakamoto voice actor doesnt have nothing to do with this, i was just shouting funny things, see who SERIOUS you Cloti fans are LMFAO. HAVE a FCKEN NICE DAY, DONT BOTHER WRITTING BACK LOL!

    • Ryushikaze
      Ryushikaze 2 December, 2009, 04:09

      Hi, I know you said don’t bother writing back, but really, when have I let the edicts of an obvious troll stop me. Now, I know you’re reading from the Destiny Fulfilled talking points paper here, but I can tell you, it’s wrong.

      Let’s take the ‘I want to meet= I want to have a relationship’ line for only a single example. The same verb, ‘to meet’ is used when Cloud tells Tifa ‘we finally meet again’, and at the end when Tifa says ‘Yes, let’s go meet her’, so are you suggesting Cloud is saying ‘So, we finally have a relationship again’ and Tifa is saying ‘Let’s have a relationship with Aerith?’ It is a patently absurd argument, as are the rest of the talking points you regurgitated, but I do not feel like taking the time to show them all for the nonsense they are at the present time.

    • stfu
      stfu 7 December, 2009, 18:02

      destiny fulfilled, i dont go to silly sites like that, and you dont make a hint of sense at all.

      i go to this site:

      everything in there is EVIDENCE, other than that i care what you losers and haters, agree or disagree.
      Cus its what i believe and i KNOW im right.
      you dont have to go to that site, if your egos too big xD

    • Ryushikaze
      Ryushikaze 7 December, 2009, 20:41

      Ava, that site is just another one of FFG and Anastar’s tawdry propaganda machines. So if you don’t bother with Destiny Fulfilled for being silly, why are you bothering with what is but another site by the same crazed woman?

      And don’t pretend it’s not you. We can see your Email, kiddo.

      I know you think we’re ‘haters’ and ‘losers’ for not agreeing, but the fact of the matter are simply against you on this.

      If you truly believe you are in the right, cease trolling the frontpage with linkspam and present a coherent case on the forums, rebut the evidence for the C/T conclusion, and defend your arguments from peer review.

      In short, act in a way that shows you to have any credibility, rather than spamming us with nonsense links to sites run by the same few people again and again.

    • Squall_of_SeeD
      Squall_of_SeeD 2 December, 2009, 04:36

      Two things:

      1) Read the article here entitled “Who is Cloud in love with?”:

      2) I can’t recall ever professing to be an advocate of VincentxLucrecia. One of the worst pairing ideas ever.

    • B
      B 12 December, 2009, 20:17

      SephIROTH mostly killed Aerith because she was an Ancient kiddo… I agree with Ryushikaze. You really need to show you have some credibility because a good chunk of the things you are saying are ridiculous and offend the English language.

    • lali
      lali 13 December, 2009, 19:36

      its kinda funny how all you idoits would attack one person.
      when that one person is the only person even giving you links, and EVIDENCE if i must say.
      i dont see you idiots even posting any proof of your CloTi evidence.
      Sure that Clerith person talks alot, but damn it sure hella makes sense.
      i think you guys are lame to even consider the Cloti as official, lol, kinda sad.

    • Vendel
      Vendel 16 December, 2009, 20:45


      The point you seem to have missed is that this is not the place for a debate. There is a perfectly good forum on this site for such things. And getting called out on this fact does not make anyone else an idiot. It makes the other person a coward for not having the stones to debate this in a proper place.

      It also makes you a DB of the highest order, a coward and an idiot. Congratulations asshole.

    • CLOTI
      CLOTI 7 April, 2012, 22:25

      LISTEN!!!!!! CLOUD LOVES TIFA AND ZACK LOVES AERITH. ITS OBVIOUS. so drop your fcking attitude and admit that cloud loves tifa. Why would cloud want a job with tifa? why did he adopt children with her? CAUSE HE LOVES HER!!! and get your spelling right. what are you in grade two? seems like it cuz your so dumb.

    • Lucas
      Lucas 12 May, 2016, 16:48

      FF Official couples



    • cReo
      cReo 18 September, 2009, 20:07


      ahemmm, forgive me but i can’t help it…..

      “even this part too, of Lightning in ff13, girl version of Cloud and voiceactor is MAAYA SAKAMOTO, whom is also AERITH’S voiceactor! WOOT WOOT CLERITH proof,”



    • echooozz
      echooozz 22 October, 2015, 07:44


      You mentioned “even this part too, of Lightning in ff13, girl version of Cloud and voiceactor is MAAYA SAKAMOTO, whom is also AERITH’S voiceactor! WOOT WOOT CLERITH proof”

      How does MAAYA SAKAMOTO, who is the voice actor of Aerith and Lightning from FFXIII/FFXIII-2 (who is the “girl version” of Cloud as you say), became a “proof” of Clerith???

      Anyway, here is a little trivia… MAAYA SAKAMOTO who voiced AERITH, is currently married to KENICHI SUZUMURA who voiced ZACK FAIR. He (Kenichi Suzumura) and TAKAHIRO SAKURAI (who voiced CLOUD) are known best friends in real life.

  12. adventchildrenrules!
    #12 adventchildrenrules! 11 September, 2009, 04:44

    ahem, like the previous comment, have you read. THIS IS ALL FROM SQUARE ENIX ITSELF, baka. AND for your info-mation! you went to freeeeaaaakkkin’ far dummy! And also you should really watch Final Fantasy 7: Last Order OVA
    Another thing is that in the game while they’re in the Lifestream there’s an option of lightly romantic scene with tifa and cloud and another option of strongly romantic scene dependingon what the player chooses. AND even if they weren’t friends he still admired her from a far and were neighbors. there are soooo much evidence of cloud and tifa’s reletionship that people star to believe that said relationship is ture so take that Ms. Aerith. EVEN THough i’m a CoTi fan i still respect ClAerith stories they’re especially true in KH

    Reply to this comment
      CLERTIH 2 December, 2009, 03:24

      oh show me ALL the Cloti hints, find me the freaken links, all there is , is that dumb promise that links Tifa and Cloud, after that theres NADA.
      and this site and the translaters, arent even correct, go to a freaken official site gees. oh and if you idoits cant find any Clerith proof, maybe you dont EVEN BOTHER TO LOOK cus youre so cought up in your blinding beliefs.

    • Ryushikaze
      Ryushikaze 2 December, 2009, 04:05

      Cloud, before falling to what he thinks is his death, wishes Tifa luck in finding the real Cloud. Cloud’s heart calls to Tifa’s, and hers to him. He will definitely be so pleased to learn of her interest in him. He tried to join SOLDIER specifically to try and impress her. He tells Tifa that there’s so many things he wanted to tell her, but he doesn’t know what to say, and that ‘nothing’s changed’, in response, Tifa tells Cloud ‘words aren’t the only way to show someone what you feel’, after the pan and fade they are sleeping snuggled together. Her words are described as Risque, and it is a mature conversation.
      In RF it is said she and Cloud have memories together related to their future. One of the first things decided in the movie was that the two of them would be together. One of Tifa’s roles in the movie is that of someone’s beloved. Cloud is described as her love interest. She is described as an important woman to Cloud and the mother of the family they were forming together. She thinks of Cloud like a young father with his children when she views him, Denzel, and Marlene together.
      And more, really, but I do not wish to get into it here. I do invite you to come to the forums proper, “CLERITH”, if you wish to deal with where we can do it proper justice

  13. Darksteel
    #13 Darksteel 22 October, 2009, 05:49

    I don’t like talking much, but I recently visited Japan in a work visit and I decided to ask around. In Japan, the accepted canon couple is Clerith, but there’s a large group that accepts Cloti as fanon(fan canon). Nomura himself says that everything is a matter of interpretation but that there are clues, but you have to look for them from the japanese cultural point of view. That’s why we still don’t know, because we westerners look from the western point of view.

    I found this on an interview of Nomura for the release of KH1. Hope it helps.

    U.S. Playstation Magazine in October, 2002, issue 61, page 139-140:

    Question: What was the thought behind bringing back Aeris [in Kingdom Hearts]?
    Nomura: Yes, she died in Final Fantasy VII, but there’s no real relation to where she was at or what role she played in FFVII. There’s no relationship from FFVII to the Kingdom Hearts stories. I consider them separate stories. But if you play Kingdom Hearts, toward the end, some of the questions about the relationship between Cloud and Aeris in FFVII might be answered. It’s sort of like a side story, and this was an extra bonus that I wanted to give to players.

    And research everyone. I’ve been doing that for some time and there is actually more evidence of clerith than cloti. Still, cloti is good fanon. Just dont expect SE to give us a definite answer because they know it will anger fans

    Reply to this comment
    • Ryushikaze
      Ryushikaze 22 October, 2009, 07:00

      Hi, Darksteel. Long refuted talking points don’t really hold much weight. If you want to discuss this properly, please take this to the forums and discuss it with the denizens there.

      And for the record, I’m sorry, but we’ve all heard the ‘In japan, Clerith is the accepted canon couple’ lie before. It will not fly here.

    • aaaaaaaaa
      aaaaaaaaa 31 October, 2009, 14:22

      eh i dont get your point by saying “clerith is the accepted canon couple”, im frickin japanese and LIVE IN JAPAN and cloti is NOT fanon. as a matter of fact me and my fellow japanese friends do believe that cloti is canon. i dont get what youre saying, seriously never heard that before. but this cloud’s profile seems to ANSWER A LOT OF QUESTIONS

    • Crissalyx
      Crissalyx 25 May, 2015, 09:09

      Well, I lived in Japan for more than 12 years and my native Japanese friends mostly fans of Final Fantasy VII though. But we never heard such rumors of that. ._.
      Even, the most common thing among Japanese here (considering what canon is mostly accepted) is Cloud and Tifa. Moreover, if you checked the Japanese-online-artwork-sites, you will find that the most artwork the Japanese artists created is about Cloud and Tifa. あなたの事実は権利を取得!

  14. Vendel
    #14 Vendel 28 November, 2009, 14:22

    Where is all the info about Aerith living inside of Cloud after AC? I can’t seem to find it.

    Reply to this comment
      CLERTIH 2 December, 2009, 03:26

      Nomura totally said to, that Aerith lives in Cloud’s freaken CONCIOUSNESS, if that words too big for you then, use the damn dictionary lmfao.

    • Ryushikaze
      Ryushikaze 2 December, 2009, 03:51

      No, he said the consciousness of the dead, plural, live on in the living, plural. Aerith living on in Cloud is but one example. Aerith also lives on in the hearts of all of her friends, as her own profile says, and the statement is not a literal one in either Japanese or English, anyways.

      But feel free to continue with the Mako Parasite theory, “CLERITH”, it just hurts Aerith’s image what with her not doing anything for two years, especially before Cloud got guilty or when he was at the capital for the first time.

    • sadafava
      sadafava 2 December, 2009, 07:42


    • akashimae
      akashimae 13 December, 2009, 02:46

      i agree with sadafava
      just read the DAMN profile and answer urself! dammit!
      aerith LIVES in her FRIENDS not only cloud
      dont tell me to visit that site is full of BULLSHIT
      for ex: the site keeps denying that in kh tifa is cloud’s light. while its OBVIOUS that cloud frickin shines after tifa gave him her light… i WAS a clerith fan then i read ur comment, i think i like neither. cloti just not there to me, CLOUDxSEPHIROTH ALL THE WAY! 😛 lol jk

  15. Sara
    #15 Sara 6 December, 2009, 18:53

    This is a must-view webpage for all Cloud fans like me. Ohmygosh too much Cloud XD!! But it’s never too much for me. Thanks for the translation 🙂

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  16. afit
    #16 afit 21 December, 2009, 01:38

    hey cloti fans..relaxed…anatagonist in a story makes it interesting..and so, let those clerith fans dream for life..eheheh! do not ague with’s a waste of time…let them dream.. dreaming is for free..

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  17. DarkRose
    #17 DarkRose 16 February, 2010, 21:44

    Oh, Come on guys give it a rest.
    C/T nor C/A is cannon, is up to interpretation. I prefer ZackxAerith and CloudxAngst. It’s obvious that Tifa is important to Cloud, but Aerith is also said to be engraved in his heart so just let it rest. It’s a vicious circle. Not everybody thinks the same, I prefer Cloud/Aerith because they make more contrast, Just my opinion.
    And yes dreaming is for free, So both Cloti and Clerith fans can dream, because until Nomura himself says Cloud/Tifa are together or Cloud was in love with Aerith they both are left to especualtion…

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    • Squall_of_SeeD
      Squall_of_SeeD 17 February, 2010, 07:48

      It has been stated in an Ultimania that Cloud and Tifa are together:

      As well, Kazushige Nojima (FFVII’s writer), has spoken of them as a couple in an interview from last year:

      (Translation by me)
      “Case of Tifa … first, there’s the premise that things aren’t going well between Tifa and Cloud, and that even without geostigma and Sephiroth, it would still be the same. I don’t mean to get into my views on romantic love, marriage and family. (laughs) After ACC, maybe Denzel and Marlene can get them to. Perhaps things would have gone well with Aerith, but Aerith’s responsibility is big, I think.”

      Also, here’s an additional translation of Nojima’s comment by hitoshura:

      “‘Episode Tifa’… first off, there’s the premise that things won’t go well between Tifa and Cloud, and that even without Geostigma or Sephiroth this might be the same. I don’t really intend to go about my views on love or marriage or family (laughs). After ACC, I guess Denzel and Marlene could help them work it out. Maybe things would have gone well with Aerith, but I think there is a great burden from Aerith.”

  18. afit
    #18 afit 20 February, 2010, 09:20

    yey! peace on earth! >^.^<

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  19. Nadia
    #19 Nadia 26 February, 2010, 10:39

    I never understoof the point of the “Cloud loves Aerith” “No, Cloud loves Tifa” debate. Tetsuya Nomura himself, who created the characters, had said that it’s up to the player to decide. It wouldn’t be right if they made Cloud himself say that he loves Aerith/Tifa, because either way, the fans would get upset, wouldn’t they?

    Anyway, thank you for the translations, as always! <3

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    • DarkRose93
      DarkRose93 28 February, 2010, 23:12

      Totally agree with you

    • Ryushikaze
      Ryushikaze 15 March, 2010, 19:07

      Actually, he did NOT say it was ‘up to you to decide’, but to ‘figure out on your own’

      And that comment, besides, predates the entirety of the compilation. Even if at the time it was up to the choice of fans, such things have changed.

      As for fans getting upset, I don’t think they’re worried about fans getting upset RE: Romance subsubplots.

    • Sesc
      Sesc 1 October, 2011, 08:35



      Honestly, from this interview Nomura quite blatantly says ‘from what’s not already depicted in the games/films interpret it as you like’… may I stress ‘好きに’. Not sure, exactly, if people are harping on about this particular interview, but I assume so.

      Not to mention that Nomura furthermore states that ‘he doesn’t know if Cloud and Tifa were in a romantic relationship in the two years prior to AC.’ What does this suggest — well, that’s entirely up to your interpretation.

      I haven’t read all the interviews in Japanese relating to FFVII, and apart from playing the games and watching the films I haven’t touched on any of those fancy compilation books either. In other words, I don’t know if what Nomura previously stated has been invalidated.

      I’d disagree with you on the point about them not worrying about fans getting upset. In almost all circumstances you never want to upset your targeted demographic, and considering how serious people can get over trivial things like ‘pairings’, I’m pretty sure they would be watchful. But hey, that’s just my opinion, and as far as I know — from some awfully uncredible JP googlin’ — ‘Clorith’ seems more popular than ‘Clerith’ in Japan.

    • Sesc
      Sesc 1 October, 2011, 13:30

      — ‘Cloti’ seems more popular than ‘Clerith’ in Japan.*

  20. Shao Hua
    #20 Shao Hua 15 March, 2010, 18:10

    …..Cloti= Fannon, clerith= cannon….

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    • Ryushikaze
      Ryushikaze 15 March, 2010, 19:15

      Firstly, Shao, the words a ‘fanon’ and ‘canon,’ with two n’s per word.
      Secondly, you are categorically wrong. C/T is just as canon as Sara and Ingus, Cecil and Rosa, Locke and Celes, Squall and Rinoa, Zidane and Garnet, Tidus and Yuna, etc. etc. etc.
      Thirdly, there really is no evidence that Cloud had romantic intent towards Aerith.
      Fourthly, even if there was, it does not outweigh all the positive actions from Cloud towards Tifa. Or the eight and counting times it has been said they confirmed their feelings for each other.
      Lastly, Shao, if you DO wish to make such a case for C/A, it will take far more than merely asserting that it is canon. If you wish to make such a case, please, do take it to the forums.