On the Way to a Smile – Case of Nanaki Translation by Xcomp

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A big thanks to Xcomp who has translated the next entry from the On the Way to a Smile collection. You can see the rest of his work and thoughts on his blog here and also his accompanying thoughts on the story here.

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  1. Izz
    #1 Izz 10 September, 2011, 19:47

    “Then how about this? Every year you visit Midgar once. There, I will be waiting. And I will be listening to your worthless stories as if I have no interest in them at all.”

    Hhe hehe.

    Nicley put Vincent

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  2. karaouq
    #2 karaouq 28 July, 2012, 19:52

    thanks so much for translating this i enjoyed reading it
    i love the part when Nanaki meet the cubs, Vincent lsughing

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