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Sorry for the delay in new translations related to Final Fantasy VIII. I’ve had quite a lot going on, and what translating I have been doing has mostly been about other stuff.

Anyway, I’m happy to report that I have some more translations to post. Not all of it’s from the FFVIII Ultimania, though.

Among what I have here are Ellone, Edea, Ultimecia and Adel’s profiles from the Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary Ultimania File 1: Character guide. They’re not exactly the most interesting profiles ever, but they do confirm a couple of things that fans have long suspected, and it’s a cool novelty to at last have some kind of profile for Ultimecia — even if it only contains stuff we already knew.

A big thanks, by the way, to forum member Celes Chere for providing me with the scans from this book that I translated.

This post also includes the “A Day of Instruction at Garden” epilogue to FFVIII from the back of FFVIII’s Ultimania. Written by Kazushige Nojima, FFVIII’s writer, this is a short story depicting a classroom discussion at Garden about Hyne and witches. It’s pretty interesting, but not exactly riveting. Tells us a few things we didn’t know at any rate, including the name of the scholar who first coined the term “witches.”

By the way — if it reads kind of strangely, it’s in part because I didn’t go to any great, painful lengths to smooth out the language, and probably also because we’re only privy to the teacher’s words. The students’ input isn’t in the text, and can only be guessed based on what the teacher says in response.

Hope you enjoy!


(pg. 253)
The witch who is controlled by a will of hatred

Shattering a long silence, a beautiful witch who appeared on the world’s stage. She approached President Vinzer Deling of Galbadia, who was scheming world domination, and — as the trump card of that ambition — was appointed the position of ambassador; she murdered Deling during her inaugural address and immediately settled into her new seat of leadership, seizing full authority.

Burning with intense hatred toward SeeD, she ordered an attack by missiles against Balamb and Trabia Gardens. Converting Galbadia Garden into a mobile stronghold and mobilizing it into direct combact with Balamb Garden, which escaped the missiles, she tried to erase everything to do with SeeD.

She was thought to be a wicked being, but after Squall’s team defeats her in battle, her witch powers are separated from her and she regains her sanity. Originally, she was a kind-hearted woman who raised orphans, until she became a slave to the witch of the future, Ultimecia.

[Caption next to a screenshot of Edea giving her speech]
After murdering Deling, she used her magical powers — specifically, a fascination technique — to drive the assembled populace into a frenzy.

[Translator’s note: This confirms what many fans have long believed: That the crowd at the speech were so excited in part because Ultimecia was using her magic on them.]

[Caption next to a screenshot of Squall and his team talking with Edea at the ruins of her orphanage]
Having become a completely different person, Edea reveals the truth. At one time, she was the foster mother to the orphans, and was called Matron.

Impressive Words

“You don’t want to be a boy anymore?
“Come with me to a place of no return. Bid farewell to your childhood.”
Timber: When recruiting Seifer

“I shall dance for eternity as the witch who brings you dread!
You and I.
Together, we shall create the final fantasy.
Within are life and death and sweet dreams.”

-Deling City: After murdering President Deling

[Translator’s note: This is from Edea’s speech in Deling City, obviously, and just as obviously, it’s significantly different from the speech found in the English version. In fact, this speech may be the biggest change in the script I’ve run across. I’ll include the entirety of the Japanese version of Edea’s speech in this entry:

“……It reeks.
Filthy fools.
Since time immemorial, we witches have lived within illusion.
The foolish fantasy you produced.
Adorning their bodies in dreadful costumes, the witches who curse virtuous humans by means of cruel rituals.
The terrible witch who burns your green fields and freezes your warm homes with ruthless magic.
Now that the witch from the illusion is come to be seen as a friend of Galbadia, you sigh in relief?
Who is dreaming fantasy after fantasy?”

President Deling:
Just what…?

::Ultimecia telekinetically lifts Deling into the air and begins killing him with her magic::

“Reality is not at all gentle.
That being the case, you fools!
There is nothing for you but this!”

::Ultimecia telekinetically throws Deling’s lifeless body::

“Escape into your own fantasies!
I shall continue to dance for your world of illusions!
I shall dance for eternity as the witch who brings you dread!
You and I.
Together, we shall create the final fantasy.
Within are life and death and sweet dreams.
The witch travels toward the eternal illusion!
The witch and Galbadia on to eternity!”]

“I have waited for this day to come. And also feared this day would come. Is today a joyous day? Or an odious day?”
-Galbadia Garden: After the witch’s spell on her has been lifted


(pg. 254)
A mysterious person who conceals a wondrous power

A little girl whose parents were killed during Esthar’s war, leading Raine to serve as her parent. She was also close to Laguna, until taken away by Esthar as a candidate to be Witch Adel’s successor; she would be pursued by witches for a long time after that, and have to live a life in exile. “Connect” is what she calls her ability to send a person’s consciousness into another person.

[Caption next to a screenshot of Squall and Ellone reuniting on the lunar base]
There was also a time she lived in Edea’s orphanage. Her departure was the underlying cause of Squall’s difficult personality.

Impressive Words

“(I got in twouble.)”

-Winhill: While talking to Laguna

“I remember those eyes. You just looked at me with the same eyes you had when you were little. Those curious, innocent, puppy dog eyes. I loved those eyes.”
-Lunarside Base: Said to Squall when “connecting” him to Rinoa


(pg. 259)
Former ruler of Esthar, who turned it into the world’s enemy

Once the ruler of Esthar, she is the witch whose desire to hold ever more power led to the great war. Due to Laguna, she was sealed in a tomb with packing crystal technology, and banished to the void of space, where she was kept under surveilance; however, she would eventually return to the planet below as part of Ultimecia’s scheme.

[Caption next to a screenshot of Squall’s team fighting Adel]
The awakened Adel united with Rinoa, and though her power was diminished at the time, she still commenced battle.

Impressive Words
“You thought I would fall for that trick?”
-Esthar: When Laguna lures her in front of the hologram of Ellone


(pg. 259)
The witch of the future, who desires Time Compression

Filled with endless anger, a dreadful witch from the far future. In her time, she used the apparatus known as “Junction Machine Ellone” — which allows one person’s consciousness to connect to that of another person — to possess witches of the world’s past as she sought to capture Ellone, who possesses a special power.

Her ultimate goal involves using Ellone to send her consciousness to the past so that she may begin Time Compression and institute a “singular time.” She sought this goal in the past, in the present day of Squall and his team; the whole of time would be compressed, giving birth to a world where only Ultimecia could exist.

Initially, she “connected” to Edea, and via her memories, pursued Ellone’s trail; during this time, Edea was aware of all that was taking place, but had no control until she was defeated by Squall’s team of SeeD, at which point her witch powers transferred to Rinoa; at that point, Ultimecia used Rinoa as her puppet to free the evil witch, Adel, who had been sealed in space. Controlling the revived Adel, she again sought to bring Ellone into her hands.

[Translator’s note: It would appear that the long-held belief of many fans that Ultimecia had taken control of Adel was on the money all along.]

[Caption next to a screenshot of Ultimecia in her final form]
To prevent Time Compression, Squall and his team traveled to the future and attacked Ultimecia in her previous forms. Finally, she took on this strange appearance with no face.

[Caption next to a screenshot of Ultimecia passing her powers to Edea]
For witches, it is not possible to die while they have their powers. Defeated, Ultimecia appeared at the orphanage of the past, and succeeded her powers to Edea, who was already a witch.

Impressive Words

“SeeD……SeeD……SeeD, SeeD, SeeD!! I loathe you…… Why do you disturb a witch so! Why can’t I be free?! Your existences shall be added to the algorithm of Time Compression!!”
-Ultimecia’s Castle: At the beginning of the final battle

[Translator’s note: This opening to Ultimecia’s address was translated in a significantly different manner for the English version of the game. Personally, I much prefer the English rendition, what with the “Kurse all SeeDs” line, and “Swarming like lokusts across generations.” Beyond the line about the “algorithm of Time Compression,” everything is pretty much communicating the same idea as in the English version — that she’ll send the SeeDs to an unpleasant realm where they will have to worship her. Though she’s a lot more vicious in her wording in the Japanese at this point: “In intense pain, your minds shall shred and your memories fade. There will be nothing, and no thoughts of so much as nothing! To such a world I shall send you! You will be able to do nothing…… Well, nothing but revere me, the eternal existence!! Come now, who will be first? Ha, no matter who it is, it will all end the same…… I choose you bastards.”]

“I am Ultimecia. Time shall compress. All existence denied.”
-During the final battle

A Day of Instruction at Garden

text by Kazushige Nojima
(pp. 478-479)

Good morning.
Well, today is the tale of witches, eh?
To be clear, this won’t be on the test.
So, those of you who want to ignore the teacher will be alright.
If you study something else, that’s fine.
I think knowledge of this witch stuff will be interesting to all of you, though, as it involves real magic.
Also, this witch story is one your teacher personally likes very much, so please try to maintain your attention and lend me your ear for a little while.

Well, let’s begin.
First, when talking about witches, there’s a text that can’t be left out; I’ll read it, ok?


“At this time, daylight had not yet come, and everything was covered in night.

There was a being called ‘Hyne.’
‘Hyne’ created the world, and battled many beasts all the while.
‘Because of the magic ‘Hyne’ used, he was able to win the battles with this power eventually.
Thus, ‘Hyne’ was the governor of this world.

‘Hyne’ seated himself upon his throne, from where he thought he could see all around.
However, from the location of his throne, ‘Hyne’ was unable to view the eastern sea because of a mountain.
Because of his long battles, ‘Hyne’ had become too tired to destroy the
mountain and needed a tool to carve it up; he had an idea of what to apply to this task.
This tool would be able to function of its own accord, and be able to increase its own numbers.
‘Hyne’ named these tools human beings.
Their males and females are the origin of human beings, and we descended from them.

The human beings increased their numbers while carving up the mountain.
When their work was finished, they decided to ask ‘Hyne’ what they should do next.
However, ‘Hyne’ was sound asleep due to his fatigue.
There being nothing they could do about it, the human beings made changes to the land at their own discretion.

When ‘Hyne’ awoke, the appearance of the area had completely changed.
He was most startled, though, by the number of human beings there were now.
‘Hyne’ decided to reduce the number of human beings, and used his magic to burn up smaller humans.
The small human beings were called ‘children,’ and were very important to the humans.
They wept intensely and protested to ‘Hyne.’
However, he told him they were his tools, and his words angered them.
They cursed his words when they heard them.

The humans began a rebellion against ‘Hyne.’
He retaliated with his magic, but the humans were able to increase their numbers in abundance.

Besieged, ‘Hyne’ bargained with the humans.
He offered them half of his own body and power. At the idea of having half of this power, the humans decided they should agree to the deal.

‘Hyne’ split his body in half and gave half to the humans.
With this, a peace was drawn between ‘Hyne’ and the humans.
However, humans began to quarrel with one another for the first time, coming together in groups that wanted the power of ‘half of Hyne’s body.’

A long, long battle began.
Many countries were established at this time.

The battle was eventually won by the clan of the dark king, Zebalga. Within a forest, they convened to command the power of ‘half of Hyne’s body.’
However, the ‘half of Hyne’s body’ was unresponsive to their commands.

Sage Vascaroon came to consult with Zebalga.
He was wise, and knew the answer to the problem with ‘half of Hyne’s body.’
‘Hyne’ had given them a corrupted part of his body.
What the humans had thought was ‘half of Hyne’s body’ was really just the ‘cast off skin of Hyne.’
When they heard this explanation, the Zebalga clan was furious.
They vowed to destroy ‘Hyne.’

However, the other half of Hyne’s body was nowhere to be found.
The humans began referring to the missing ‘Hyne’ as ‘Hyne the Magician,’ and sought him for generations.”

This text comes from those claimed to have descended from Sage Vascaroon, and is part of the compilation “The Legend of Vascaroon.”
After this part, it talks about Vascaroon’s many inventions and great
achievements, but Hyne doesn’t appear again.
Must be due to the author forgetting midway, huh?

Ah, what a shame.
This is, of course, folklore and hasn’t been verified by science.
Even now, the author can only be speculated.
It probably arose from various stories of the time being combined.
If you believe this book, Sage Vascaroon lived 980 years!
Hm? That’s strange, right?

Eh? Was Sage Vascaroon telling the truth about Hyne’s magic?
Well, it’s impossible to prove, so even if you advocate this theory, you
shouldn’t teach high school students to believe in it, huh?

Well, there are people who believe the magic of Hyne is the origin of witches.
Witches actually exist.
There are various studies into their origin, but your teacher likes the “magic of hyne=witches” theory. Yes, that’s so, isn’t it?
It’s impossible to demand the origin of folklore, but it didn’t come from
zero, just as life didn’t come from nothing.
Therefore, I think there’s a bit of truth, even in legend.
No, I guess you could say I hope so?

Ah, let’s change the subject, shall we?
Let me introduce you to the “magic of Hyne=witches” theory.

Well, the word “witch” as it’s commonly used was designated by the scholar Temu about 500 years ago.
Temu combined folklore, legend and known facts, and is referred to as a
historical scholar by story writers.
Because of that, I like this Temu out of respect for his resolve as such a strange, daring scholar.

Temu recorded this in his own work, “The Whereabouts of Hyne.”

“It’s to be expected that the ‘magic of Hyne’ could not be found.
Because of people’s feelings at that time, it concealed itself in bodies, in the form of women, people who it was thought should be protected.
Occasionally, women played important roles in history, but I think this was the ‘magic of Hyne.’
Whether it is the descendant individuals who are in control, or the ‘magic of Hyne’ itself will be made clear with future research.
The ‘magic of Hyne’ in the form of women.
I name these ‘witches.'”

What does this explanation entail, huh?
You might say it has a negative connotation, which certainly has a simple persuasive power, right?
There is no evidence of what Temu asserted.
I still include it, though.

Eh? What became of the ‘cast off skin of Hyne’?
You can discuss that for classwork.
This is very, very interesting!
You can inquire about that name for geology classwork, right?

We’re getting off the lesson plan, aren’t we, so let’s return to the tale of witches.

Lately, witches have been involved more and more in historical developments.
Current witches?
Historically, there have been many witches, so it’s not clear how many exist.
This is part of why they’re considered a problem.
Basically, witches hide themselves from society, it is said.
For example, hm?
Even though Dr. Kadowaki understands witches, does everyone?
Hm? Generally, has that been a greeting up ’til now?
Yes, yes, it has been, hasn’t it?
However, such people don’t exist.
Yep, even on the part of the witches, that one’s a problem.
There have been many witches who abused the power of their magic.
Oh, oh, this brings up another opportunity for us.
Why is it that everyone has such an interest in the witches?
If there are enough of you, I could make a witch research club.

Okay, let’s return to the main subject.

Historically, there have been 3 important witches.
Ah, some time ago, I mentioned them.
Their names will be on the test.

Ahahaha, though there may not be many that easy.


One witch is said to have, in ancient times, stood up for the sake of the people in a country at the time of its collapse.
A movie was made about this witch and her knight, Zefer, which I think a lot of people have probably seen, huh?

Next was the witch who divided the world at the time of the Sorceress War.
She was a terrible witch.

And then, who’s the one most familiar to us?

Yes, yes, it is.
This witch cooperated in research on the mechanics of magic, thanks to which everyone can use magic, huh?

That time already?
Your teacher talks herself into a daze.
Squandered our available time.

It can’t be helped, so have a good day.
Prepare your memory for the names of the three witches.
Well, see you tomorrow.

[Translator’s note: The part where the teacher is asked about a “greeting” probably refers to “Hyne’s descendant,” which Rinoa was addressed with by the Esthari officials who took her into custody during the game.]

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    I- The knight and the actress had a close relation together.

    II- The movie was shot near a pile of trash to make it look as if it was shot “… at a country at the time of it’s collapse” (Centra)

    III- It’s the only movie shown in FFVIII so it must be reference.

    The second sorceress, the one who divided the world at the war, is Adel. Her bio almost confirms this. (plus she does look the part)

    I think the third is Edea too. ‘Cos the teacher says “… who’s the most familiar to us?” It’s either Edea or Adel, but seeing as Adel never cooperated in researches,it leaves Edea.(for she was in control of herself sometime before)

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