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Barret Wallace’s character profile translation from the FFVII 10th Anniversary Ultimania rounds off our releases for the day. Enjoy!

Barret Wallace

Compilation of FFVII:

Character Profile

Sex: Male
Height: 197cm
Blood Type: O
Date of Birth: 12/15
Birthplace: Corel Village
Weapon: Gimmick Arm
First Person Pronoun: オレ [Ore] (male-only, coarse-sounding.)
Voice Actor: AC, DC – Masahiro Kobayashi

A muscular soldier who fights for the planet, Barret comes from the coal mining town of Corel. As a result of the Mako Reactor explosion, the ShinRa army burned the town to the ground. Because he lost his right arm, he now has a prosthetic. The surgical operation performed changed his arm into a literal gun. He is fighting against ShinRa because both his wife and his hometown were taken away by them. He is raising his best friend, Dyne’s daughter, Marlene, as his own child, and is surprisingly doting.

In Final Fantasy VII

The high-speed father and boss who simply shoots recklessly down the path he believes in.

Age: 35

He is the leader of the anti-ShinRa organization AVALANCHE. “Save the world” is the slogan he publishes, but this is just a cover up for the “revenge” he intends, as his hometown was taken away by ShinRa. His personal grudge is justified by facing the world with a mean façade. He took it upon himself to fight, and after reexamining his meaning, Barret truly began to “save the world”.

「The planet’s dyin’ Cloud! 」

How many times he says “protect the planet”, not only to others but also to himself, makes the intent of his actions clear. He realizes that his previous motive for fighting was “Revenge on ShinRa”, a selfish thing, when he confesses his intentions to his companions.
His right arm that has been reborn as a weapon has supported him throughout long days of battle. More than anything else, Barret has faith in it and calls it partner.

「There ain’t no gettin’ offa this train we’re on, not till we get to the end of the line! 」

Compilation Check

The former AVALANCHE and Barret’s reborn AVALANCHE.

Originally, AVALANCHE was the name of an organization preceding FFVII by several years that caused disturbances in Midgar through their radical anti-ShinRa activities. Barret, who was burning with thoughts of vengeance against ShinRa, not only took up the anti-ShinRa stance upon knowing of the organization’s existence, but also emphasized with the ideology they carried, “The Study of Planet Life” (P.32). He also formed a new organization which called themselves AVALANCHE. Although it is this AVALANCHE that appears in FFVII, there are no direct relations between the two organizations.

[FFVII] The words “Save the Planet” that Barret so passionately advocates were originally based off the ideology from “The Study of Planet Life.”

Limit Break


While the gun barrel on his right arm fills with energy, he jumps high into the sky. He aims at the enemies on the ground and fires all the energy stored in his gun at once.
The thick laser of energy that is shot out moves according to Barret’s will, burning all the enemies in its path.

In Advent Children

The hot-blooded man who returns to the battlefield,
To protect the city where his daughter lives.

Age: 37

Following the defeat of Sephiroth and the halting of Meteor, he reflected on the involvement of so many people in the radical anti-ShinRa activities. Thinking he could be at least of some use to everyone before his own life was lost, he left Marlene in Tifa’s care and set off on a journey in search of an alternative source of energy in place of Mako. Upon finding out that Edge was under attack during the midst of his travels, he rushed over towards the crisis faced by his family and companions.

Even while fighting against Bahamut SHIN, his head appears to be filled with thoughts of his beloved daughter as usual.

「Hmph . . . . . . He’s got 10 minutes. 」

Even though he does not comprehend Cloud’s true intentions behind fighting alone, he believes in him and watches his fight solo with Kadaj. In AC, Barret is able to utilize both his Gattling Gun and Big Shot. However, not shooting due to being flustered and thinking excessively is also . . . . . .

Compilation Check

No matter how far apart they may be,
Marlene remains his beloved daughter.

Although Marlene is not his real daughter, Barret has a deep affection towards her. If possible, he would have liked to be together with her all the time, however, he could not bring her on perilous trips and their time spent living apart is actually longer. Entrusting Marlene to Elmyra’s care in FFVII and Tifa’s in AC, he fights hard day after day for the future of his “daughter.”

[FFVII] Doting on Marlene excessively, he has unusual misunderstandings frequently…

In Dirge of Cerberus

He joins the war to save the planet once more and heads towards the fated land of Midgar.

In order to stop the DG SOLDIERs’ acts of violence, Barret teams up with Cloud and friends and cooperates with the WRO. He invades the enemy’s stronghold, Midgar from the ground and shoulders the task of bombing the Mako Reactors. Unlike three years ago where he conducted self-righteous acts of destruction whilst hiding his intentions of revenge, Barret is running around protecting the world’s citizens in the true sense.

Age: 38

「Yo!! Vincent! You still alive!? 」

The truck that Barret is driving is the WRO’s. It is equipped with missiles and machine guns, which he uses freely to fight against the massive army of DG SOLDIERs.

To stop the energy supply of the enemy, the Midgar Mako Reactors were bombed. Although he had bombed Mako Reactors in the past, the reason he fights now is vastly different.

In Before Crisis

The coal miner who entrusted the future of his beloved hometown to the Mako Reactor.

Age: 31

Although Barret was engaged in mining activities at the coal mine when he lived in Corel Village, he cooperated with the construction of the Mako reactor by ShinRa Company after thinking over “The age of coal is over, the village will not prosper”. Assuming an amicable attitude towards the Turks who had arrived for the Corel Mako Reactor, he guided them to the bypath/passage leading to the reactor.

「We’re counting on you . . . . The future of Corel depends on you. 」

The ones who occupied the Mako Reactor were really the old AVALANCHE. At that time, Barret only thought of them as people hindering the completion of the Mako Reactor. Making use of his body built up through his demanding mining job, he gave the truck a push. The gattling gun that the enemy had installed was sent flying.

Trivia 1

Contact with the old AVALANCHE.

Although Barret introduced his AVALANCHE in resonance with the ideologies of the old AVALANCHE, confirmation of him having opposed the old AVALANCHE is present in BC. Barret, who had approved the construction of the Mako Reactor at that time, provided assistance to ShinRa in order to expel the old AVALANCHE that had been disrupting the construction project through seizing hold of the Mako Reactor. In the end, AVALANCHE bombed the Mako Reactor. ShinRa, however, blamed it on the villagers who opposed the construction of the Mako Reactor, and reduced the village to ashes. Ironically, the old AVALANCHE can be said to be the true culprit regarding the razing of Corel Village, but…. It seems as if Barret does not know the name of the organization that had occupied the Mako Reactor during his time.

[FFVII] If he had known that the cause of the incident was the old AVALANCHE, Barret might not have sympathized with their ideals.

Barret Map

— North Corel
The survivors of Corel Village lived in a hamlet established close to the village. Although the residents had hated Barret, both parties reconciled afterwards.

— Corel Prison
The former site of his hometown, Corel Village. Dyne, a good friend of Barret, reigns over it as the boss after its transformation from a fire-devastated area to a penal colony.

— Midgar
Barret conducted anti-ShinRa activities here as the leader of new AVALANCHE. However, countless victims arose as a result of the radical movement.

Barret Wallace – Timeline

[Compilation of FFVII]

[ μ ] – εуλ 1972/12/15

· Is born.

· FFVII – Corel Village
Agreed with the construction of a Mako Reactor and persuaded Dyne, who had wanted to protect the coal mines.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0003/5/8

(Age 31)

· BC – Corel Village
Guided the Turks, who had came to expel the anti-ShinRa organization (Old AVALANCHE), while the Mako Reactor was in the midst of construction.

· FFVII – Corel Village
His home town was razed by ShinRa, who had blamed the villagers for the explosion that occured at the Mako Reactor. He managed to rescue Marlene, the daughter of his good friend Dyne, from the ruins of the fire.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0007

(Age 35)

· FFVII – Midgar
Introduced the new AVALANCHE and with Sector 7 Slum as their base, expanded the anti-ShinRa activities.


· FFVII – Midgar
Together with the temporarily hired Cloud, they blew up the No.1 Mako Reactor.

· FFVII – Midgar
In order to save Aerith who was abducted in place of Marlene, they headed to the ShinRa Building. Escaped from Midgar following the rescue of Aerith.

· FFVII – Corel Prison
Was reunited with Dyne, who was once his close friend. Defeating Dyne at the end of the unwanted duel, he was entrusted with Marlene once more.

· FFVII – Northern Crater
Meteor was invoked because of Cloud, who had lost his ego/self. Being late to escape as he was trying to rescue Tifa, who had been knocked unconscious by the impact during the getaway, they were caught by ShinRa.

· FFVII – Junon
Although they were to undergo execution as criminals who had summoned Meteor, they managed to escape through the guidance of Cait Sith and the others.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0008/1

· FFVII – Northern Crater
Together with his companions, they managed to achieve victory in the final decisive battle with Sephiroth and halt the fall of Meteor.

· In order to search for an alternative energy source to Mako, he leaves Marlene in the care of Tifa
and Cloud before setting off on a journey.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0009

(Age 37)

· AC – Edge
Riding aboard the Sierra together with his former companions, they hastened to provide reinforcements for Cloud.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0010

(Age 38)

· DC – Midgar
Joining forces with the WRO, he participates in the general offensive operation against DG by spearheading the forces above ground.

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