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On the eve of Thanksgiving in the US, let us give thanks for the translated character profile of Zack Fair from the FFVII 10th Anniversary Ultimania.

Zack Fair
Compilation of FFVII: FFVII – AC – BC – CC– LO

Character Profile

Sex: Male
Height: 185cm
Blood Type: O
Date of Birth: Unknown
Birthplace: Gongaga
First Person Pronoun: 俺 [Ore]
Voice Actor: AC, CC – Kenichi Suzumura

A SOLDIER brimming with kindness, he treasures the bonds between people and would sacrifice his life without hesitation for a comrade facing a crisis. He was Aerith’s first love and close friends with Cloud and Sephiroth. Becoming one of Hojo’s samples as a result of the Nibelheim incident, he met with the last moments of his untimely death whilst escaping with Cloud. Zack’s personality had a heavy influence on the formation of Cloud’s personality when he was under Jenova’s control.

In Final Fantasy VII
The young man who holds the key to Cloud’s past.

Age: N/A

Going back to the investigation to of the Nibel Mako Reactor five years prior to the story, he was injured after trying to stop a berserk Sephiroth. He lost his life trying to escape from the clutches of ShinRa, who had been performing experiments on the bodies of Cloud and himself. Although Zack was already deceased before the start of the story, Cloud confused himself with Zack and in the process of recovering his original self, Zack’s character is also brought to light.

「 We’re friends, right? 」

The photo taken with Tifa and Sephiroth prior to the departure to the Mako Reactor. It provided and opportunity to expose the falsehood in Cloud’s memories. Even though he had the position of an elite SOLDIER 1st Class, he open heartedly came into contact with Cloud, an ordinary trooper, and didn’t abandon him until the end, although Cloud was immobilized.

Trivia 1

The “girlfriend” reported at the parent’s house.

6-7 years prior to FFVII, Zack’s “I’ve managed to get a girlfriend” letter was left out in the parents’ home. If it was 6-7 years ago, it was about the time where he met Aerith in CC… Does that mean the girlfriend was Aerith?
To Dad and Mom,
How are you?
I’m sorry for suddenly rushing out of the village. The truth is that I really wanted to become a SOLDIER. I thought that saying that would worry you . . . I’m now fulfilling my dreams and working hard as a SOLDIER.

P.S. I’ve managed to get a girlfriend.


[FFVII] Zack seems to have a number of female friends, but especially informing his home means there’s no doubt that the partner is a special one. [FFVII] Showing care about the letter, Zack’s parents asked Tifa and Aerith about whether either of them were their son’s girlfriend.

「 You want to be a SOLDIER? Hang in there! 」

In Advent Children
Age: N/A

He appears in a series of scenes from Cloud’s memories and in a glimpse from the spirit world. When Cloud says “I said I’d live out both our lives. Easy to make that promise,” the memory of losing Zack has become a trigger for Cloud’s guilty thoughts. However at the end of the movie, when he sees Zack standing there, Cloud knows that his friend has been there helping him move past that negativity.

Memories of his escape with Zack rise to front of Cloud’s mind. Because Cloud was not entirely conscious during that time, his memories of how Zack saved him are heavily fragmented.

In Before Crisis
The depths of those feelings from a long time ago.

Age: 17~23

「 Never forsake your friends! 」

He was introduced as a brave and dependable SOLDIER 1st Class. Receiving direct nomination from the next most influential person after Sephiroth, President ShinRa, he took part in an operation to destroy the former AVALANCHE hideout in Icicle Lodge together with the Turk members. Also, there’s the lesser known stories behind familiar episodes such as the investigation in Nibelheim and the escape from ShinRa Manor.

He was close to the SOLDIERs whom he had been on the same mission together with only once, and even when they lost their humanity, he risked his life calling out to their consciousness to awaken. Although he possessed outstanding skills as a swordsman, his principle was to avoid needless killing. That fact wouldn’t change even if his opponents were monsters.
The pursuers after Zack and Cloud, who had escaped from the laboratory, were none other than the Turk members whom Zack had formerly worked along side with. In order to overcome that occasion, Zack tried to appeal to their emotions and feelings but…

「 I’ll only draw my sword in times of need. Only then. 」

Compilation Check

A girl loving flirt? The other face of SOLDIER Zack.

“A guy who loves girls a lot” – That was what Aerith reflected on in FFVII, that Zack had a flirtatious streak, and was experienced in the treatment of the fairer sex. In BC, he gave compliments enough to set one’s teeth on edge to a female Turk member who was together with him on the same mission. As expected, there was a scene whereby he invited Cissnei, a young lady from the Turks, to a meal in CC. As a result of being able to surmise everything from each small deed, Aerith, who was in love with Zack, might perhaps have been jealous many times seeing all that…

[FFVII] Fleeing towards Midgar, means intending to be under the care of one of his many female friends? [BC] Zack who was complimenting female Turk who had become his partner during Chapter 8 of BC, surprising her.

In Last Order
Zack, who continues to fight against his fate,
However, the final curtain fell suddenly.

Age: 18~23

This production, which depicts the Nibelheim Incident as well as the state of Cloud and Zack’s escape, presents Zack with a leading role. Be it dealing with Sephiroth at the Mako Reactor, or displaying magnificent sword skills against ShinRa Troopers as the opponents, the capability of a SOLDIER 1st Class is shown.

「 You are no longer the Sephiroth I once knew! 」

Zack who turned the brunt of his anger toward his comrade-in-arms who had swum in deeds unthinkable by mankind. He fought off large numbers of soldiers by himself while protecting Cloud, who was immobilized due to Mako poisoning, and aimed toward Midgar.

「 I wouldn’t go and leave my friend behind, would I? 」

Zack, working over their plans thereafter on the deck of the truck which they were hitchhiking on. He was talking about the future with a bright expression, but just then…

In Crisis Core
Friendship, love and betrayal,
The hero who matures through undergoing various experiences.

Age: 16~23

He takes on an active role in the story as the protagonist. Still a SOLDIER 2nd Class at the point in time of the opening, he trained hard all the time, aiming to become promoted to 1st Class. Although he dreamed of becoming a hero, many incidents which he passed through prompted him to think deeply about what a hero was exactly. Apart from the conflicts surrounding his close friend, Angeal, his encounter with Aerith and exchanges between Cloud and Sephiroth amongst others bring to attention his relationship with various characters.

「 I will become a hero! 」

SOLDIER 1st Class Angeal was an important friend to Zack and a person whom he respected. However, they were cruelly torn apart by fate…

「 Angeal would never betray me! 」

Sephiroth, not only did he take up the same mission as a SOLDIER, he also shared the disconsolate thought of facing off against Angeal and Genesis.

「 With Cloud and I around, there’s nothing to fear in this region! 」

The soldier walking beside him is Cloud. Both of them built a friendship which transcended the rank gap between a SOLDIER and a normal trooper.

「 Hey, how about going on a date once? 」

Constantly hovering and surveilling Aerith is the figure of Tseng. Is a love triangle surrounding Aerith developing? One of those defending the city from the monsters was a young lady called Cissnei, a Turk who wielded a shuriken as her weapon and whom Zack encountered and fought alongside with.
Aerith, the girl whom he met at the slum’s church. The existence of the girl, who had earnestly come to love Zack with sincerity, eventually became irreplaceable to him.

「 Embrace your dreams. And no matter what happens, never let go of your pride as a SOLDIER. 」

Trivia 1

Before Zack obtained the Buster Sword.

Zack’s weapon of choice is the enormous Buster Sword. After his demise, it was passed onto Cloud. Yet the truth is that the sword did not belong to Zack originally, but was the weapon of his close friend, Angeal. As for the whole story of how Zack became its wielder… It will all become clear in CC.

[CC] Angeal, who does not use the Buster Sword for thoughtless things. It seems he dislikes getting the sword damaged but….

Zack Map
— Gongaga
Zack’s birthplace, a village enclosed by jungle. There used to be a Mako Reactor present, but during the time when Zack was held at the ShinRa Manor, an explosion incident occurred.

— Nibelheim
The place where Zack’s fate took a sudden turn. He experienced the farewell from his friend Sephiroth, and his days as an experiment sample were inevitable.

— Midgar
Zack became a SOLDIER in this metropolis when he was a teen, and at the end, tried to return here using all his strength.

Zack Fair – Timeline

[Compilation of FFVII]

[ μ ] – εуλ 1985

• Is born. (EDITOR’S NOTE: The CC Ultimania lists Zack’s birth year as 1984)

[ μ ] – εуλ 1997

(Age 13)

• CC – Gongaga
Determined to be a SOLDIER, he heads off towards Midgar.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0000

(Age 16)

• CC – Midgar
He spent all his time on training and missions as a SOLDIER 2nd Class.

• CC – Wutai

In order to conclude the war, he joined the dispatch unit together with Angeal to replace Genesis, whose whereabouts had become unknown. He linked up with Sephiroth here.

• CC – Banora Village

He visited the birthplace of the missing Genesis together with Tseng for the purpose of investigation.

• CC – Midgar

Following the end of the Wutai War, he was promoted to 1st Class. He fell from the plate during a battle to protect the city and encountered Aerith in the Slum Church.

• CC – Modeo Valley
Dispatched to investigate the Mako mining facility, he encountered Cloud, an average ShinRa trooper who had been called to the same mission.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0002/1/16

(Age 17)

• BC – Icicle Lodge
Together with the Turks, he took part in the operation to destroy AVALANCHE’s secret hideout. He took care of his fellow SOLDIERs, Sebastian and Yishay, as their death approached.

• CC – Junon

In the midst of the battle to protect the city, he was reunited with Cloud, who had been tasked to rescue the citizens.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0002/9/22

(Age 18)

• FFVII/BC/CC/LO – Nibelheim

In order to launch a full scale investigation of the Mako Reactor at which monsters had sprung forth in large quantities, he visited the Nibel Mako Reactor together with Sephiroth and Cloud.


• FFVII/BC/CC/LO – Nibelheim
He tried to stop Sephiroth, who was running wildly and had reduced the village to ashes, but was instead defeated by him at the Mako Reactor.

• FFVII/BC/CC/LO – Nibelheim
Captured under Hojo’s instructions, he became a sample in the Sephiroth Copy Project in the basement of the ShinRa Manor.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0006/12/19

(Age 22)

• FFVII/BC/CC/LO – Nibelheim
Taking Cloud, who was experiencing Mako poisoning, he fled from the basement of the ShinRa Manor.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0007/09

• FFVII/BC/CC/LO – The Wasteland
With Midgar in sight, the army caught up with them and he was shot to death while protecting Cloud.

• AC – Midgar
In order to help Cloud recover, he assured him from the Lifestream together with Aerith.

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  1. azielle
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    The pic with Zack crammed into the pod after being slammed by Sephiroth….where is that from? Just curious because it appears that little bit has been changed by CC, where that collision never happens, being replaced by Zack falling down along the stairs just past Cloud.

    I assume it only appears in the UOG?

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      that pic is from the original game of Final fantasy…

    • Momonster
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      Yea. In the original FFVII after he fights Sephiroth in Nibelheim, Sephiroth slams Zack through the door where he hits the ceiling, then falls onto the pod. Ouch, right?
      In CC, he’s merely blown through the door and lands on the stairs. still sounds painful.

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    and i hope they would make him live and be in in Advent Children

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  7. KamiKama
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    I hope that Square decides to keep making more FFVII stories after the new FFVIIACC is released.And I also hope they find a way to bring Zack Fair’s character back tolife.I’m they could if they wanted to, they could you the clone angle for re-introducing his character they can even say they found a way to bring his life essence from the life stream.If sephiroth could be re-created may be they could bring back Zack.I think next to Cloud he is one of the best FFVII characters.It’s a suggestion. Please don’t flame me!!!

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    • Ravynne
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      “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

    • Shinvar
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      Nice quote there Ravynne.

      I agree. Eventhough I like Zack and Aerith more than any other char in FF1 – FF12 I think bringing one of them or even both back would just mess up the characters. They died protecting the ones they cared for and are still present in the Life Stream to give their friends strength. On top of that they are together again. What reason should they have to come back?

    • Crimson
      Crimson 18 May, 2011, 18:15

      What about a story where sephiroth appears again and defeats cloud… so there’s no other choice but Zack to come in and fight sephiroth ? that would be cool… remember in ACC “Do you need a hand with him ?”

  8. AshLy
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    i love him sooo much he is my favorite character …

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  9. iggs02
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    As a FF fan and spending more than 380 hours on CC, I think it was the worst idea to kill off such a great character. At the end of CC Zacks body never fades into the lifestream. I beleive this should bring hope to FF fans of there being a return of Zack Fair. If not I think it is a crock of S@#t that Zack is dead. Square really needs to bring Zack Fair back to life. After all if a character in FF dies they ussually fade into the lifesteam. BRING HIM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Makoeyes987
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      Jesus Christ, he’s fucking dead. And he’s not coming back. That’d be the stupidest storyline idea, given that the entire point of him dying was his sacrifice to Cloud and Cloud living for Zack. It’d be thematic suicide to not just cheapen, but completely nullify his death and sacrifice. Have you no literary eye at all? It’d be the same as resurrecting Aerith. He’s gone, just like Aerith, as a tragic character. Deal please.

    • Zane
      Zane 2 June, 2009, 11:18

      Thank you.
      I love Zack but for him to be brought to life would be completely pointless. His sacrifice would mean nothing if they somehow managed to bring him back to life.
      Not only that but Cloud made a promise to live out his life for him, a promise that would be meaningless if Zack were alive again.

    • Shinvar
      Shinvar 17 June, 2009, 17:21

      I gotta agree with the two posters above but lemme come to something else.

      Zack wasn’t the only one that didn’t fade away after he died. Remember Aerith? I think not fading away might be kind of a present by the planet. Aerith is a Cetra and she saved the planet by sacrificing herself and Zack defeated Genesis, thus not only saving the planet but also indirectly leading Genesis to his later role as a sleeping protector of the planet. Both of them sacrificed anything they had and the planet gave them the chance of being together and watching over their friends, instead of just fading away like the rest, as a thanks.

  10. Londred
    #10 Londred 10 June, 2009, 15:24


    Good point.

    But should at least at Dissidia, if there would be an alternative EX Burst, i could wish that Zack’s rush assault with Cloud.

    *Use brings about wear, tear and rust. But Cloud hits the target on the sharper side xP*

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  11. busterboy234
    #11 busterboy234 18 June, 2009, 07:37

    cant they actually make out another ending? Why must it be Zack die? Why not plan that he returned to midgar and reunite wif aerith?

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  12. busterboy234
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    zack is pitiful to jus die without meeting aerith for the last time……

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  13. Sain X
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    Zack Fair ! This guy is a hero ! Zack & Cloud are so cool =] ! Zack is a real hero i like him so much because he fight with all his heart ! he is ready to do everything to protect a friend and his strenght is made pure feelings ! This Guy is my Hero and Ill never NEVER NEVER NEVER! forget !

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  14. Zelene Fair
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    hey, somebody think that maybe, SE is thinking of bring back to zack, well that is what I think when i see him in the final battle in acc, just like aerith.
    what do you think. huh?

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    • Shinvar
      Shinvar 16 December, 2009, 22:38

      For a second I thought so too, when I heard Zack say “Want me to help you out?” but I think it was nothing but a rethoric question. He asked Cloud, only to make him say “No, I’ll do it myself.” thus giving his self esteem a little push.
      I doubt he could have really returned and even if he could have, he wouldn’t have been “alive”. Just try thinking of Zack and Aerith as WEAPONs in human-form. They didn’t fade away into the lifestream but still became part of it. So I guess they would, just like Genesis, fight for the planet if need be, but not as living creatures.
      I hope I didn’t make my point too hard to understand cause it’s around 5 a.m. where I live and I didn’t get that much sleep xD

    • zelene fair
      zelene fair 18 December, 2009, 08:54

      well maybe, i like your idea, anyway the compilation will arrive to 2017, many things can happen, i heard that nomura is thinking of make another film,
      i just say that SE made us fall in love with zack in cc and acc for some reason he did not fade into lifestream…
      hey thank for the answer, i don`t know if i wrote this well, english is not my lenguage.

  15. Bishojo1218
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    I like Zack for Aeris

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  16. wanabzack
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    in crisis core zack beats genisis to the point of death not to mention his degradation so he was basicaly dead but he was brought back wit the lifestream so i dont c why square enix doesnt do that for zack seeing that in advent children the lifestream comes back

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  17. Wostvely
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    Altough I think Zack was cool I really liked how Crisis Core end, not that Zack died but how he died. When I first saw how he was killed, I thought that he died like he was a normal soldier not a 1st Class Soldier, but in Crisis Core you realized that the three soldiers that killed him were the rest of an entire army. And the feeling of seeing how Zack remembered his friends, and then Aerith was really touching.

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  18. Ericson
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    OH YEAH!!
    I love zack!
    I Idolize Zack

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  19. Kohi
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    I wish Zack got with Aerith more in the game, I wish he atleast kissed her, once. Gawd, why such a lack of romance in these games. D:

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  20. Malkavian
    #20 Malkavian 13 October, 2011, 18:54

    Also, I’ve happen to notice on german final fantasy wikia, it is stated the actual date of Zack’s birth. It’s stated to be September 18, 1984
    *shrugs.* :3

    In case someone gets curious to check it out. o.O

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