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And here is the 10th Anniversary Ultimania profile translation of the man behind the cat, Cait Sith. Reeve Tuesti. Enjoy!

Reeve Tuesti
Compilation of FFVII: FFVII – AC – BC – DC

Character Profile

Gender: Male
Ages: FFVII (35), AC (37), BC (31-35), DC (38)
Height: 180cm
First Person Pronoun: 私 [Watashi] (polite, non-gender-specific)
Voice Actor: AC, DC – Banjō Ginga

The man who controls Cait Sith, and the peace-loving head of the WRO.

The head of the Urban Development Department. Involved in the construction of Midgar from the very beginning, he watches over the town’s development like that of a child. By utilizing his special ability, “Inspire”, he is able to cause inorganic things to emit life; his “child”, the “cat”-shaped robot, Cait Sith can be controlled from a great distance. After Meteorfall, he became the director of the World Regenesis Organization (WRO), which is devoted to the purpose of restoring life to the planet.

「President! Are you really gonna do this?! 」

[BC] He and the Turks’ original leader, Verdot, have an old friendship. He helps the Turks rebel against the President’s intentions, cooperating in absolute secrecy. [BC] Attending a conference in those days as the Head of the Urban Development Department. Reeve was one of the very few people who saw Rufus as a wave of the new generation.

Trivia 1

Reeve is falling into pieces?!

In Dirge of Cerberus, Reeve took a hit during an unexpected attack by Deepground Soldiers. Reeve’s last moment… is what you would think, but immediately after, his body fell into pieces! The truth is that Reeve had sent a puppet, which looked just like himself, inside of which Cait Sith was hiding. Since this was one of many of Cait Sith’s Reeve costumes, and the real person was merely “pulling the strings” of his puppet duplicate, was it pointless to be afraid for his life?

[DC] As the broken pieces tumble at Vincent’s feet, it’s apparent they’re part of a Reeve puppet. As the final piece of evidence, there is a goofy expression on the face.

Trivia 2

Reeve’s accent is inherited from his parents.

Reeve always uses very polite language, but his ‘other self’, the childlike Cait, uses an accent. This comes from his parentage. Reeve’s mother, Ruvie, looked after Denzel when the sector seven plate went down, causing him to lose his parents. However, during Meteorfall, Ruvie became a victim of the Lifestream’s punishment. A handkerchief that she sewed is Reeve’s most precious memento.

[FFVII] At the beginning of the story in FFVII, Reeve’s parents visit the adult establishment, “Honeybee Inn”. Though you cannot see their faces, they talk about their son’s filial piety.

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