Character Profiles for the Tsviets and Shalua p.100-101

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The Tsviets of Dirge of Cerberus and Shalua Rui are the focus in these translations from the FFVII 10th Anniversary Ultimania. Enjoy!

Shelke Rui

Appears in: DC
Gender: Female
Height: 137cm
First Person Pronoun: 私 [Watashi]
Voice Actress: DC – Fumiko Orikasa

One of the Tsviets, the elite group of DG SOLDIERs. Among the Tsviets, who take colors as their name themes, hers represents “colorless”, and she is named “Shelke the Colorless”. Showing SOLDIER aptitude at the young age of 9, she was whisked away by ShinRa and lost all of her emotions in the ensuing experiments and training. However, in the company of Vincent and his companions, they have started to return, bit by bit.

Shelke’s special ability [Synaptic Net Drive]. Because of this Shelke obtained Lucrecia’s memories and incorporated them into herself. She appears to look like she’s still in her teens although this was caused by the severe treatments she received that also caused a harmful influence on her life. She requires Mako to be injected into her body everyday otherwise she cannot go on living.

Shalua Rui

Appears in: BC, DC
Gender: Female
Height: 165cm
Age: BC – 21, DC – 24
First Person Pronoun: 私 [Watashi]
Voice Actress: DC – Yuu Asakawa

A genius scientist working with the WRO. She has been working solely towards retrieving her sister Shelke from ShinRa, after she was taken as a SOLDIER candidate. In her 10-year battle, she has lost her left arm, left eye and had injuries to many organs. She relies on artificial organs to live.

[Shalua] Cannot afford to die before she manages to recover/extricate Shelke. To Shalua who had lost her parents at a young age, her sister, Shelke, was her only kin and more important to her than her own life. [BC] Her eye and arm appears to be in a safe condition during BC. Although her life was saved by the Turks, she faced ShinRa’s aid with open hostility.


Appears in: DC
Gender: Male
Height: 189cm
First Person Pronoun: 私 [Watashi], 俺 [Ore]
Voice Actor: DC – Jouji Nakata

A DG member who has taken the name “The Immaculate”, and has an abundance of overpowering strength and charisma. He was able to free the DG after they were locked away during the Meteor Crisis, and calling his subordinates the “Reapers”, he had them commit mass murder all over the world. Is his goal to merge with Omega, who takes the life of the Planet and flies into space…?

A force feared by the administrators/higher ups, he was restrained at the pedestal designated/inscribed as the ‘Throne’. However, he eventually started the revolt together with Shelke and the rest, and became DG’s greatest leader. Weiss, who appeared before Vincent at Midgar’s Underground Number 0 Mako Reactor. The thing overlapping that figure . . . seems to be the shadow of that mad scientist!

Note: Weiss’s weapons are named “Heaven” and “Earth.”


Appears in: BC, DC
Gender: Male
Height: 285cm
Age: BC – 24, DC – 33
First Person Pronoun: [Ware]
Voice Actor: DC – Tessho Genda

A massive Tsviet named “Azul the Cerulean.” He has an unnatural tenacity with his great strength and in a search for a truly great battle he wanted to join SOLDIER. Carrying a large cannon around like a pistol, it seems that his specialty is acting like a walking tank, but his true power lies in releasing his Limiter and transforming into a beast form.

He enjoys his “Death Matches” and disregards the seriousness of any fight; fighting to him is a natural thing. The origin of his name comes from the appearance of his blue hair that flares around in battle much like the mane of a lion. for battle he killed the other candidates and later challenged the newly recruited Turk to fight him.


Appears in: DC
Gender: Female
Height: 163cm
Age: 25
First Person Pronoun: 私 [Watashi]
Voice Actress: DC – Atsuko Tanaka

A Tsviet with blood-red hair who calls herself “Rosso the Crimson.” She became a DG through experiments to elevate a human body to its limits, thus bringing it closer to immortality. She has incredible battle skill, but is somewhat emotionally unstable, gaining great pleasure from cutting people up and creating a bloodbath.

With the massacre of mankind being her supreme desire, she takes pleasure in killing both friends and foe alike, thus earning her the name of ‘The Worst Crimson.’ Born in DG and isolated from the outside world, Rosso’s capability as a battle machine was all that had been ever asked of her. She was also yet another of ShinRa’s victims.


Appears in: DC
Gender: Male
Height: 175cm
Age: 23
First Person Pronoun: [Boku]
Voice Actor: DC – Ryotaro Okiayu

A Tsviet who swallows up everything using his body filled with the power of darkness, “Nero the Sable”. He was born when stagnant Lifestream was planted in an embryo. As the power in his hands endangered all around him, they were chained up a long time ago by DG’s overseers and even now, having gained freedom, he keeps them like that. He is Weiss’s brother, born from the same mother.

Nero’s darkness was born from the condensation of stagnant Lifestream which Grimoire researched. Weiss, the brother whom Nero blindly loves. White Weiss and Black Nero exist as two sides of one and the same body.

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