Genesis Character Profile from the Crisis Core Ultimania

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And rounding off our release of translations from the Crisis Core Ultimania today, is the character profile for Genesis, the mysterious 1st Class SOLDIER of Crisis Core.

Genesis’s supposed surname, “Rhapsodos”, does not appear in this character profile. To read more about the questionable canonicity of the surname, follow this link: Surnames of Crisis Core Characters

The young man who compared himself to a hero of an epic poem and revolted
against the world.

Age: Around 25
Weapon: Rapier
Hometown: Banora Village
Voice Actor: Gackt Camui

A SOLDIER 1st Class who possesses combat abilities that rank equal to Sephiroth’s, and who adheres to his own personal aesthetic. He takes pride in the handsome figure he cuts, his magnificent fighting style and the enthusiastic popularity it garners him, however he does not like mingling directly with people, and only opens himself up to his companions Sephiroth and Angeal. But after the day he suddenly disappeared with a large number of 2nd and 3rd Class SOLDIERs, he is at the forefront of a rebellion against Shin-Ra.

The young man who idolizes “Loveless.”

A researcher of the classical epic poem “Loveless” – this is another face of Genesis. The protagonists of the poem are a trio of young men searching for the enigma of “The gift of the Goddess,” and Genesis wishes to continue this quest. Readers are divided over the mystery of the “gift” which he wishes to solve not only to deepen his understanding of the poem, but also to find the answer to questions he has about his own life…….

Genesis believes that the protagonists of the story correlate with himself and his two friends.

His disagreement with Sephiroth

As for how Genesis regards Sephiroth, it is more than they are friends who get along well, outstripping that feeling is the idea that they are worthy rivals. Originally for Genesis, it was the heroic actions of Sephiroth – a SOLDIER who is around the same age of him – that inspired him to join the organization. However, after he defects from Shin-Ra, Genesis tells Sephiroth, “I should have received your fame.” For Genesis and Sephiroth, it seems that there is something connecting them from before either joined SOLDIER.

He challenges Sephiroth to a fight in the Training Room due to the antagonism he feels, but gets hurt. As his wound is being treated, he learns the secret of Sephiroth and himself.

In a Fabricated Family.

Angeal and Genesis grew up together in Banora village since they were very young. Angeal’s family was poor and common in comparison to Genesis’ circumstances as the son of Banora village’s landlord. However, Genesis makes a remark that implies that he does not believe that his parents are his real parents. So then does he know the truth about his birth?

Genesis says that his parents continue to betray him, but…

「 Would I play the hero? Would you? 」

「 Sephiroth, lend me your power. You can stop my degradation. 」

With his flames of jealousy towards Sephiroth burning, he makes an appearance. This wavering instability is also characteristic of Genesis.

「If this world threatens my life – then we will meet the same end. 」

He grows a jet-black wing and degradation grips his body, but he fights against this fate. What he wishes for is… He tries to lure his childhood friend Angeal to his rebellious ideology.

「What meaning do you think the ‘Goddess’s gift’ has for us?

Link to the FFVII Series

The many mysteries of the one who woke up in an underground cave.

Genesis made his first entry into the series in the secret movie set in DC, set in the world three years after FFVII. Howver, in DC he is only refered to by his first inital of “G”. Somewhere in an underground cave, he pickes up DC’s last boss Weiss, and then spreads his one black wing to fly away – The true nature of the intention behind G’s actions in this movie are shrouded in mystery. Although some of the mystery have been explained away by CC, there are also many portions yet to be revealed. (See page 546)

[DC] In the sceret movie at the end of DC acts as his introduction. In short, why does Genesis wake up in DC?

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  1. Tetsujin
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    Jesus, a lot of content being uploaded! O.o

    And yay for the Genesis profile translation! ;P

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    cool…thnx for the info

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  3. Silver
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    Genesis is my favourite Final Fantasy character! Thanks for all the info and pictures!

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    man u could a spoiler warning man.

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  5. Amaya Moonlight
    #5 Amaya Moonlight 5 July, 2011, 01:02

    Genesis is my most loved and favorite character, I also love his LOVELESS poem ^_^

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  6. aerith
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    i agree with silver genesis is my favorite charecter too i lve him !!!!!!!! XP FFCCVII rocjks

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  7. Fantasy4Ever
    #7 Fantasy4Ever 8 June, 2012, 11:24

    In Crisis Core after Zack’s final battle with the Genesis, Genesis passes out and Zack carried him out but left Genesis’s sword behind. Genesis then regained consciousness for a few seconds and managed to exchanged a few words with Zack before passing out again. Zack then takes Cloud and leaves him behind. Later, a helicopter came to Genesis’s location and out came two SOLDIERs from Deepwater. One of them claimed that their target (Genesis) would become their brother and the other stated-asked if the target would willingly accept his fate. What they meant is unknown to me. They then carried Genesis into the helicopter and flew off. My guess is that the two had been Nero and Weiss because Nero’s name was written in Crisis Core’s credits. But Weiss’s name wasn’t shown. So it’s a possibility that G is Genesis. Another theory is because G looks a lot like Genesis based on his appearance. Especially the red coat (with a few modifications) and the black wing. Though how/why did G/Genesis got trapped in that water-bubble-thing (if you watched the DC secret ending, you’l know what I mean) is still a mystery. I guess something had happened between the two DC antagonist’s and our favorite character. Though this is just a theory.

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  8. Hellspawn G
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    I hope there will be another remake of FFVII, and revealed what’s Genesis up to.
    I love to see Genesis again..XD

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  9. Eibon
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    Ok, question-Who voiced Genesis in the English secret ending of Dirge of Cerberus?

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    • Mazy
      Mazy 4 November, 2012, 13:15

      Gackt did. 🙂
      Haven’t you heard the Japanese version of Crisis Core? Way better.

    • Khusnul Rohima
      Khusnul Rohima 13 March, 2013, 12:41

      its robin atkin

  10. Tifa Lockheart
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    I looove Genesis <3 he is a beautiful character and I also love Crisis Core, I think it's the better FF.. 🙂

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  11. Orah
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    i respect this man so much. he was so lost at points, and with his appearances in the game with sephiroth showed that sephiroth was a nice guy. just like with angeal, sephiroth had this sense of confusion and hurt as he talked to genesis. i think genesis is a good contrast to sephiroth, and from sephiroths dead enthusiasm for missions of him, it was plain they were close. he can get very annoying with his poems though! >.< but i guess genesis is that type of person that very few people with a certain amounts of patience can deal with someone as him, like angeal and sephiroth. i respect him more than i love him, and in that sense, he is one of my favorite VII characters.

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    • Orah
      Orah 13 September, 2013, 20:11

      i would have liked a bio on angeal, but i guess thats what happens when your best friend is based off a japanese superstar LOL

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    what does the word worthless mesns to you? when do you consider someone as being worthless???

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    what does the word worthless means to you??? when do you consider someone as being wortless???

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