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Yuffie Kisaragi is the next translated profile from the FFVII 10th Anniversary Ultimania today. Enjoy the reading!

Yuffie Kisaragi

Compilation of FFVII: FFVII – AC – BC – CC – DC

Character Profile

Sex: Female
Height: 160cm
Blood Type: A
Date of Birth: 11/20
Birthplace: Wutai
Weapon: Shuriken
First Person Pronoun: アタシ [Atashi]
Voice Actor: AC, DC – Yumi Kakazu

A young girl born in Wutai. Skilled as a “Ninja,” she freely uses a unique type of martial arts. In order to revive her hometown, which had lost its spirit after having lost in the war with ShinRa, she rushed out of Wutai in a bid to collect Materia, the source of energy. Her tenacity towards money and goods are stronger than anyone else, and she has caused trouble on many an occasion by taking action without reflecting on her surroundings.

In Final Fantasy VII

The energetic, tomboyish girl who scours the world seeking out Materia.

Age: 16

She fixed her eyes upon the materia from Cloud’s party during the midst of her journey as a Materia Hunter, and accompanied them half coercively. She spoke selfishly and displayed impudent behavior towards the party on countless occasions in the beginning. Although her initial objective was only to steal their materia, due to the course of events and a change in her mindset, she eventually traveled with Cloud’s party in order to save the planet from Meteor.

Self-centered without fear of anything. Even with people whom she’s meeting for the first time, her own pace will not be thrown off.

「 You’re scared of my strength aren’t you!! 」

Successfully stealing her companions’ Materia and fleeing to her hometown, she was caught by the skirt-chasing Corneo. Although it was a misfortune, she reaped what she sowed? Yuffie, who thinks that power is necessary for the restoration of Wutai, showers her father Godo, who only sleeps and takes no action, with words of criticism.

「 That’s all there is after losing once in the war? Whatever happened to the strong Wutai?」

Trivia 1

The Five Mighty Gods of Wutai (aka the Wusheng).

In Yuffie’s hometown, five veterans who had the capability to surpass the rest existed, and they were called the “Five Mighty Gods.” And standing at their summit is Yuffie’s father, Godo. After Yuffie had defeated Godo, whom she challenged in the Pagoda of the five Mighty Gods during FFVII, she was by right in a position to assume control over the five Mighty Gods, but during her absence as she continued with her journey, it was concluded that Godo would stand in her stead.

[FFVII] It would seem that prior to her undertaking the trials, she didn’t know that her father was Wutai’s strongest martial arts/wushu exponent. [DC] In DC, you can hear word that the DG SOLDIERs who attacked Wutai were engaged in difficult fighting against the five Mighty Gods.

Limit Break

All Creation

After setting up the weapon to break the seal, she focuses her spirit. Before the eyes of the concentrating Yuffie, a large mass of spirit which glows violet, appears.
After the spirit energy has formed up sufficiently, it is directed towards the enemy. The released spirit becomes an obi [translator’s note: an ‘obi’ in Japanese terms refers to a sash, so it’s describing the shape] of light and shoots towards the enemy group, engulfing them.

In Advent Children

My comrades’ pinch is the Materia’s pinch,
Whoever turns their hands towards them shall only face punishment.

Age: 18

After the Meteor disaster, she entrusted the materia that she had received from her comrades to Cloud and returned home. Although she was investigating the incident of missing children in Wutai, after hearing of Bahamut SHIN’s attack on Edge, she endured her motion sickness to rush over there in the Sierra. The first words out of her mouth were those of concern for the Materia, which probably means that her attachment towards Materia hasn’t disappeared.

「 Alright, who’s been touchin’ my materia?! 」

Although she hastened towards her friends in crisis, is her anger, which stems from the unforgivable act of the materia she had left behind being used selfishly, greater?

Compilation Check

The motion sickness which could not be overcome even after many years.

Yuffie, who always follows her own pace and is unaffected by frightening things, quiets down whenever she rides on things like airships. Because, she’s weak at riding on vehicles, and her condition would deteriorate all at once. Aboard a cargo ship in FFVII, she demands a sedative to stop the motion sickness, and tends to end up completely exhausted in the Highwind’s passage throughout. Similar to the old times, she’s still tormented by her motion sickness even in AC and DC.

[FFVII] Although she was unable to have her way even with conversation whilst in the Airship, she managed to find a kindred spirit in fellow motion sickness buddy, Cloud. [DC] In an aisle aboard the Sierra/Shera. Although she said that it was harder for her to get sick compared to last time, that doesn’t seem to be the case・・・・・

In Before Crisis

Found out about the existence of Materia,
Obtained the hint to restoring her hometown.

Age: 11

In order to lay a surprise for the old AVALANCHE which remained in her hometown, she snuck into their hideout. On that occasion, she learned about the existence of the source of power, “Materia,” from a Turk whom she had unexpectedly encountered and came up with the firm resolve to “accumulate Materia and regain power for her hometown.”

「 Tee hee hee. Materia eh ・・・・・・ I just heard of something good ♪ 」

She requested Materia as a reward for guiding through the secret passage, so it appears that she has had a cunning personality since childhood. She displayed interest in the Materia which the Turks had. This scene can also be called the birth of “Materia Hunter Yuffie.”</td?
Although she could share her feelings with one of the Turks, her demeanor changed completely upon finding out that the person was part of ShinRa. Her rage towards ShinRa erupted.

「 You people are from ShinRa right! You tricked me didn’t you!? 」

In Dirge of Cerberus

Her specialty as a Ninja, is exhibited at long last?
Cooperating with the WRO as an intelligence operative.

Age: 19

She cooperated with the director of the WRO, Reeve, carrying out investigation efforts in various parts of the world. Making use of her unique Ninja attributes, in addition to rescuing the fallen Vincent from ShinRa Manor, she acted as the advance party during the general assault on Midgar and was also involved in various activities related to incidents surrounding DG.

「 The single blossom of Wutai ・・・・・・ Yuffie Kisaragi!! 」

She appeals to fanfare every time she appears. However, she falls down in the process and is readily ignored, failing at her attempt to be cool. Once placing Materia as her top priority, she now appears to be acting voluntarily for the sake of her friends.

「 Me saving Vincent, how’s that? Do I get any thanks? 」

Compilation Check

The approach of Meteor.
Where was Yuffie then?

During the ending of FFVII, both Yuffie and Vincent were absent from sight. Where were they during that time — The key to answering such questions lies in the opening of DC. As Meteor drew within closer proximity of Midgar, the two of them were directing the evacuation of the city (P. 134). Thanks to the activities of Yuffie and the rest, an unexpected character managed to escape death ……
(P. 90). (Editor’s note: They’re referring to Rufus ShinRa…)

[DC] Yuffie, who’s dishing out instructions at the actual scene. Rather than being involved with Materia, she’s focusing her actions on keeping a watchful eye out on the area.

Translator’s Note:

In regards to confusion cropping up in regards to Yuffie and Vincent’s place during the final fight with Sephiroth, here are translations from the DC and FFVII Plot Synopsis of the Compilation Ultimania. The Compilation Check that explains Yuffie’s presence in Midgar, only applies during the ENDING of FFVII. Not the final battle.

Dirge of Cerberus Plot Synopsis; page 134, scene 1, first sentence

“After having defeated Sephiroth with their companions, while waiting for the Planet’s Judgment, Vincent and Yuffie left the company [i.e. of Cloud and the others] to make an effort to rescue the people of Midgar. ”

Final Fantasy VII Plot Synopsis; page 118, scene 86

“In the depths of the Great Cave, they [i.e. Cloud and the group] walked into the Planet’s Body in a line on foot, therefore pure radiance – Holy’s radiance, could be seen. However, that radiance was stopped by Sephiroth’s sheer force of will.”

In Crisis Core

The little kid who protects the hometown,
Self-proclaims that she’s the “Strongest Warrior.”

Encountered Zack who had turned up at Wutai on a mission. She boldly challenged the SOLDIER from her hated ShinRa, planning to drive him away using the ‘wushu’ which she was good at. Even after that, she was showing off to Zack with her audacious behavior.

Seizing the treasure which Zack had found without delay! The bad habit of snatching people’s money and goods was already imbued in her?

Yuffie Map

— Midgar
During the Meteor disaster, she was engaged in rescue activities for the injured people here. Also, in DC, she infiltrated deep underground in order to halt the enemy’s usage of the Mako Reactors.

— Nibelheim
In DC, Yuffie visited this area as part of her investigations into the abnormalities of various places. She rescued Vincent from the ShinRa Manor after he had been attacked by Rosso.

— Wutai

Yuffie’s hometown. Formerly a strong country, it was converted into a simple sight-seeing area after their loss in the war against ShinRa. Their ruler is Godo, Yuffie’s father.

Yuffie Kisargi – Timeline
[Compilation of FFVII]

[ μ ] – εуλ 1991/11/20

· Is born.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0000

(Age 9)

· CC – Wutai
Encountered SOLDIER Zack, who turned up at Fort Tamblin during a mission.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0003/1/3

(Age 11)

· BC – Wutai
Dragged into the conflict between AVALANCHE and the Turks, she found out about the existence of Materia.

· With the aim of reviving her hometown in sight, she set off on her journey as a Materia Hunter.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0007/12

(Age 16)

With an eye on their Materia, she joined Cloud’s party.

· FFVII – Wutai
Snatching the Materia off Cloud’s party and fleeing, she was caught by Corneo. She reconciled with Cloud’s group after they had saved her.

· FFVII – Wutai

Taking part in the trial at the Pagoda of the Five Mighty Gods, she defeated her father on the topmost floor. After getting him to listen to her true intentions, she set off with renewed determination on her journey with Cloud’s party.

· FFVII – Junon

Masquerading as a reporter was one of her efforts to save Barret and co. She guides them to the Highwind.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0008/1

· FFVII/DC – Midgar

After the final decisive battle at the Northern Crater, both she and Vincent divided the relief efforts for the people who were injured due to the Meteor Disaster.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0009

· Wutai
She launched an independent investigation into the case of the missing children. Called Cloud to request for information.

(Age 18)

· AC – Edge
She rode on the Sierra together with her former comrades, rushing over to provide Cloud with assistance.

[ ν ] – εуλ 0010

(Age 19)

· DC – Nibelheim
In the midst of her investigations across the world for the WRO, she rescued Vincent, who had fallen into crisis at the ShinRa Manor.

· DC – Midgar
Took part in the assault operation to defeat DG. Infiltrated deep into enemy territory together with Vincent.

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