Yuffie and Deepground and Textures, Oh My!

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Well, that was unexpected! At Sony’s State of Play yesterday, seeing FF7Remake at all for a PS5 port wouldn’t have been completely shocking, but then we got a surprise:

Yuffie will be playable in a DLC chapter that runs concurrent to the events of the Remake. Her design looks great, and the gameplay looks exciting. We will meet a new cast of characters including the semi(?)-playable Sonon, an apparently Wutaian member of Avalanche. Also rather shocking is the appearance of Deepground SOLDIERs, and even Weiss, from Dirge of Cerberus. Comments made by Nomura in an interview with Famitsu indicate that Weiss is definitely a boss in the Combat Simulator, but was cagey about whether it would have an active role in the story. Stay tuned for our forthcoming trailer analysis!

Sadly, it would appear this chapter is only available on PS5. If you own the game on PS4, the upgrade to Intergrade itself will be free, though the episode will be an additional purchase. This video highlights what the upgrade gets you:

The lighting and load times look particularly impressive.

But we’re still not done! Immediately after the presentation, the FF7Remake social media accounts announced two mobile games: The First Soldier and Ever Crisis.

The former is, of all things, a Final Fantasy VII-themed battle royale game set 30 years before the events of FF7.

And the latter is, more interestingly, a retro-styled episodic retelling of FF7 and the Compilation of FF7 and additional elements.

Meaning this could see the first ever Western release of Before Crisis content, and a chibi-fied game version of Advent Children. What a time to be alive.

We’ll have analyses of all this news coming up and as new information becomes available, and discussion is already underway on the forums!


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