Nobuo Uematsu may be Involved in FFVII Remake

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Series composer Nobuo Uematsu was previously quoted following the announcement of FFVII Remake in 2015 as “having nothing to do” with the project. A recent interview has emerged which may suggest otherwise:

Printed FFVII Remake Interview

Printed FFVII Remake Interview

Forum member Hian has provided us with a translation:

Kitase : Currently, I am working on the FFVII Remake, and although Uematsu-san has been working on various titles, I haven’t worked directly with him since FFX. When I first went to ask Uematsu-san to work on the music for the remake, he had already distanced himself from SE to work on other projects, so I was thinking (worried) I might be treated coldly….

Everybody present : (laughs)

Kitase : Or so I thought, but the power of the words FFVII man

It has been deduced that this interview is related to BRA ★ BRA Final Fantasy (Final Fantasy VII: Brasso de Bravo), a musical event that has recently aired in Japan. The images present in the magazine have appeared at the event.

Various news outlets have already reported that this confirms Uematsu’s involvement in the remake, and while we’re hopeful, we’re not so sure it’s 100% confirmed yet. We’ll keep you updated with any further developments.

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    Found out about this true master of music on rawg I liked his music for years and didn’t even know his name, such a shame.

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