Things You May Have Missed in the Latest Trailer

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One thing is certain: when you release a trailer for FFVII Remake, the fandom will scour every frame for details. We have a few video analyses coming up for you all, but in the meantime we thought we’d share some neat little details that have been noticed so far by our members.

Visible “Independent” Materia

You might remember from the original game that Independent (purple) materia is FFVII’s answer to “passives”, such as Counterattack, HP/ MP Plus, Cover, Chocobo Lure etc. In the latest trailer, Cloud wields the Hardedge (different swords at an earlier point confirmed! – we were going to point this one out too but thought it was a little too obvious) and a purple glint can be spotted from one of three materia slots on the sword.

The trailer makes it look like it has 3 slots (two linked). This would differ from the original where the Hardedge had four slots – two linked, two standalone. It’s possible it has 4 slots in the trailer and there’s a solo materia slot on the other side of the sword (side note: how cool is it that we can see the slots!?).

As you can see from the image above, there appears to be one magic materia in a linked slot, and one independent materia in an unlinked slot. It is unclear whether the other visible linked slot is empty, or maybe contains the silvery-blue support materia.

Tifa is visible in the trailer before she’s actually revealed!

We don’t think many people noticed this one, but Tifa can actually be seen fighting in the background before her “reveal” moment in two places:

Seventh Heaven in Seventh Heaven

This find was posted by a member of The Lifestream a few days ago:

That’s the 2D background of the original game, hanging in the new rendition of Seventh Heaven! This actually isn’t the first time Square have done something like this; 2D backgrounds of Seventh Heaven were also visible in Edge’s rendition of Seventh Heaven in both Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus:

Thanks to Shademp for pointing these out for us.

Did you notice something we didn’t? Let us know on the board or hit us up on our discord! Keep an eye out for upcoming in-depth analysis videos on our YouTube.


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