FFVII Remake Opening Movie & New Screenshots Released!

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What’s up folks!

Today, Square Enix released the full FFVII Remake opening movie and it is jaw-dropping. A press event has also recently been held for industry insiders where they got the chance to play the game for a decent chunk of time, but they’re not allowed to reveal anything yet. As for the opening movie, there’s something new in there even if you’ve already seen the demo intro!

The press site has also been updated with renders of Red XIII and Hojo:


Into the bargain, the Square Enix press site has been updated with some new screenshots. These screenshots were revealed a few days ago in Japanese, but they’re now available in English. There are around 21 new screens, but we’ll focus on a few that seem to reveal a little bit more in terms of gameplay.

This image shows a few things. First, there’s the obvious quest menu. Within each “quest” thumbnail, there’s a materia-like icon that might indicate that particular quest’s place within its quest chain. The other notable thing about this image is the “Map” feature – we already knew there was a minimap, but it looks like there’s going to be a larger map, and that you’ll be able to track and view quest objectives like you’d expect from some other modern games. It’s interesting that FFVII’s going to have a feature like this!

This image shows the player getting rewards for handing in a quest, and also gives us a look at the UI for active quests in the upper right. I don’t know about you fine folks, but questing in the slums with Cloud and Co. is exciting to me – it’s an excellent opportunity for worldbuilding!

This “Battle Intel” menu appears to be a screen with specific battle condition challenges, potentially leading to rewards or upgrades (such as materia, if this menu is anything to go by).

Below is a look at all of the recently released images. Among them are the chocobo chick and carbuncle (these two are causing a bit of a stir in the community due to their apparent “marmite” designs), and plenty of new battle action screenshots. Take a peek!

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