Congratulations to Final Fantasy VII Remake at the VGA!

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Last night was the Video Game Awards, and our own Final Fantasy VII Remake came away with the well-deserved awards for “Score and Music” and “Best RPG.”

Congratulations to Square Enix and the development team!

“I would be very happy if people could play this game once more, while focusing attention on the music.” – Keiji Kawamori, FF7R Music Supervisor

Nothing else of note took pla-

Oh yes, and Sephiroth is joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this month. Sorry Cloud, it would appear that no franchise is safe.

Bad news for everyone else, too

Bad news for everyone else, too

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  1. megas
    #1 megas 10 March, 2023, 16:56

    it was great, it deserved it

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