The Maiden Who Travels the Planet



Aerith was sinking. Lying stretched out with an expression as if she was asleep, she quietly sank into the cold and tranquil lake. The net of light scattered by the ripples of the surface danced upon her motionless body. It was as if it was trying to tie onto her.

Her kind face could no longer have those expressions that were full of energy. The feelings of joy and fun that would spread to everyone around her, the anger she had towards the weak, and the endless tears she had in sorrow… None of them were going to appear again.

Her body was going to be silenced for eternity.

However, that didn’t mean the end of Aerith. She was watching. She wasn’t watching through her beautiful green eyes but through her soul… She watched within a discarnate body filled with the energy of life, as it overlapped her physical body. She watched as the surface of the lake drew further away. She watched as the human shapes gazed at her from the hazy other world (the world where things were alive was another world to her). She watched Cloud’s face which looked as if his heart was going to fall apart from the sadness of loosing her, the anger and hate he had for her being taken from him.

“Don’t blame yourself. There’s nothing to worry about anymore. It’s going to be all right even if Meteor falls. So don’t let yourself be dragged down by those feelings. Just think about how you can be yourself.”

She tried to say it but her lips wouldn’t move. There was no magic that would let her thoughts reach Cloud from her spiritual body as Cloud disappeared fast into the distance. The light that twinkled on the lake’s surface became weak and distant as she sank. She fell smoothly into the depths of the Cetra ruins, The Forgotten City. Aerith, the last remaining survivor of the Cetra had fulfilled her mission to protect the Planet. The final place where she was supposed to reach had no boundaries no matter where she went…

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