The Maiden Who Travels the Planet

Cloud and his companions defeated Sephiroth. Sinking into the Planet’s scar and absorbing the Mako energy, the original Sephiroth was revived with his wounds fully healed. In the battle that unfolded afterwards, the will he inherited from Jenova, his own ambitions and the strong thoughts he had inside him granted him formidable power but, the humans still managed to crush him in the end. Sephiroth’s physical body was destroyed and full of wounds, he retreated.

But only Cloud knew about his retreat. Having been exposed to Jenova’s cells, there were traces of Sephiroth’s conscious in him – Part of his conscious resonated with it. Cloud could feel the existence of his remnant somewhere inside the Lifestream, continuing to obstruct Holy even now.

Letting only his conscious enter the Sea of Mako, Cloud went in pursuit of him. Riding through the currents, his old enemy was waiting for him. Sephiroth’s soul was not yet destroyed and was still a threat to the Planet.

In the world of conscious energy, their swords clashed with each other as they confronted. Sephiroth, the strongest Soldier and the most admired person, tore his long sword across Cloud like a beam of light. But Cloud wasn’t afraid. Believing that he had won, Sephiroth raised his long sword for his next strike and at that instant, Cloud struck out at him unleashing all the strength he had. His large blade slashed into Sephiroth’s body during that brief opening. His attack opened up another opportunity for him as he struck out at Sephiroth again. It was an unstoppable storm of slashes – fifteen unavoidable attacks one after the other, cut through Sephiroth.

The mad apostate angel smiled boldly. But the damage he had taken was far beyond what he could endure and his spiritual body started to fall apart as he laughed. Beams of light blasted out from inside his body as if they were cutting him apart. Sephiroth was destroyed. Cloud’s nightmare that had been continuing since five years ago in Nibelheim finally came to an end.

The Holy that was no longer obstructed immediately came into action.

This time, Cloud had separated from his body and was now in an absentminded state but, in the abyss of the Mako world, he saw a hand there to guide him. It was white and delicate – it reminded him of the hand that gave him a flower in Midgar.

Unconsciously, he stretched out his hand…

His conscious returned to his body. Tifa’s hand grasped his as the ground below him collapsed away.

If the hand hadn’t been there to guide him then he would have been at the bottom of Hades right now. It was good timing. Cloud realized that he had been saved.
But it was all too late.

Midgar was about to become the impact point for the Meteor from the skies and it was already too close to the ground. The gravitational force between the Planet and the giant meteor stirred up whirlwinds that mercilessly revolved on the plate of the upper city. As a result, the Holy energy that stretched in between the Planet and the meteor only increased the destructive power between the two instead of having the effect it was supposed to have.

At this rate, not only will the residents of Midgar taking refuge in the slums get involved but, the Planet would be damaged so badly that it would be beyond recovery. Sephiroth’s plan was crushed now but, everyone knew that the worst was yet to come.

The Planet was meeting its demise.

“Lend me your power, everyone!”

Aerith cried out. Her waves of thoughts expanded through the Sea of Mako. Carried by the Lifestream, it spread throughout the Planet.

“I can’t do this alone. Lets all protect the Planet!”

The cry of the last Cetra shook the countless consciousnesses that she had awakened during her journey. The entire Planet’s conscious was awakened. Of course, among them was also the consciousness of those that were suspended for their atonements. With their strong wills combined together, they managed to control the enormous energy of the Planet.

“I’ve been waiting for this! Lets light the fuse and blow that meteor away with a bang!”

“It’s the Avalanche Lifestream Division’s turn! Now that Barret isn’t here, I’m the leader!”

“Nooo! I wanted to try being a leader too! That’s so unfair, Mr. Wedge!”
“You guys are never serious even though you’re Barret’s companions. Lets take this seriously and do it for Marlene.”

Under their command, countless streams of light appeared on the surface, intertwining together with the Lifestream. Then covering the Planet protecting it like a net, it slipped beneath Meteor and pushed the battering ram from outer space back. The movement of light was like a valkyrie leading her immortal army, riding across the heavens.

“Hey Aerith, did you see Cloud’s finishing?”

Zack guided his energy into the second wave as Meteor was thrown back losing its force. “That was one my sword techniques too. Doesn’t it make you fall in love again?”

With enough space, Holy now started to take effect. Acting as a barrier, the parts of Meteor that came into contact with it was eroded into dust and was released into space. The Meteor was no longer a threat to the Planet and was now just helplessly waiting to be destroyed.

The Planet had avoided its destruction.

Aerith’s thoughts were freed.

Aboard the Highwind, Cloud saw it. So did Tifa, Barret and the others. They saw Aerith’s smile that never left their memories, appear in the Lifestream and gently, it faded away as it returned into the Planet.

As time started moving again, their sadness was healed a little.
And so, the records of life that the Planet created continued.
Continued into the birth of a new era…


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