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New Dissidia Scans & SE Euro Store Opens

The official Square Enix European store has now been opened. The English, French, and Deutsch pages are currently open with Italian and Spanish ones coming soon. The site can be accessed at the link below. http://www.square-enix-shop.com/eu/ New Final Fantasy Dissidia

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New SquareEnix Merchandise & Play Arts Figures

The official Japanese SE Website has been updated with 2 news shirts. The FFVII-Themed Shirt showing a top view of Midgar, and the Advent Children-Themed Shirt showing the city of Edge with the angel statue. In addition to this, images

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New Dissidia Scans show Cosmos, Exdeath, Bartz, etc

http://ff7ac.hotcafe.to/ posted a fresh set of scans from Famitsu magazine for Dissidia, showing (amongst others) Cosmos, Exdeath, Bartz, Ultimecia in her EX-mode, and Squall in his ‘official’ uniform. The scans were removed from ff7ac.hotcafe, but thanks to FFWorld.com we’ve gotten

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