OtWtaS: Case of ShinRa Translated

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Just in time for the holidays, XComp/LH Yeung has finished translating the final, and, perhaps, most anticipated “On The Way To A Smile” title: Case of ShinRa. This story begins during the events of FFVII, detailing Tseng and Rufus’ survival, as well as the Turk’s actions during the final night of the Meteor crisis in Midgar.

After that, it focuses on various ordeals that Rufus experiences, the construction of Edge, and what initiated the Turks to search for JENOVA at the beginning of Advent Children.

You can read the full story either by clicking the “Read the rest of this entry” link below, or at XComp’s site. Also, remember you can find links to all the other OtWtaS entries at the Advent Children Complete link under “Coverage” on the left hand side of our site (or by clicking the link in this very sentence). Thanks again to XComp for putting all his hard work into this.

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26 thoughts on “OtWtaS: Case of ShinRa Translated

  1. Thanks so much for this! There’s so much great information here, it’s highly interesting. :D

    There are a few things that bother me though, like how Tifa was somehow in Midgar where Rude could see her before Meteor hit. Didn’t Cloud and company stay on the Highwind during the whole Meteor event in the game? O_o Yuffie and Vincent are depicted as being in Midgar at that time in Dirge of Cerberus too, which also seems inconsistent to me. It has been quite awhile since I’ve played the game though, so maybe I’m mistaken. This part of the novel also seems to claim that Holy won over Meteor, which I find odd. I always thought that Holy failed, and that’s why the Lifestream had to come out and save the Planet itself.

    These are all technicalities though, and all of that can be ignored in favor of enjoying this final, awesome addition to the OTWTAS series. Here’s hoping it gets published outside of Japan. :)

    • The opening of DC was moved up to the night that Diamond WEAPON attacked Midgar — where it should have been all along, actually, as Vince and Yuffie couldn’t have left the Highwind to help with evacuations any more easily than could Tifa, seeing as how Holy and Meteor were already trashing the city by the time the Highwind got close.

      As for your second conern, I don’t think this story implies that Holy beat Meteor. It even says “It was the power of the Lifestream bursting out of the Planet that saved it.”

      Now, while it does say “That very moment when the powerful Ultimate White Magic ‘Holy’ won against the the equally powerful Ultimate Black Magic ‘Meteor,’” this doesn’t preclude the Lifestream’s involvement. But the Lifestream’s involvement doesn’t preclude Holy winning over Meteor.

      That’s all that the Lifestream did: help Holy win. Heck, the first explanation of any kind we were given (from the “Maiden Who Travels the Planet” story) even described the event as the Lifestream pushing Meteor far enough away from the planet that its gravity wasn’t interfering with Holy, allowing it to win.

      • Well its talking about people’s perceptions at that point, right? The common person probably does just consider that The Ultimate White Magic trumped the Ultimate Black Magic. How would they know the difference?

      • Ah, I didn’t know that. Well that explains Yuffie and Vincent’s situation at least. If Rude was actually there during the beginning of Meteor though, then that would still make Tifa’s appearance in that part of the novel inconsistent though, yes? There are other unexplained inconsistencies in the compilation though, so I suppose it wouldn’t be anything new. :\

        Yeah, I caught the line about the Lifestream being there too, but it just confused me more because it seemed to contradict itself. Your explanation makes perfect sense though. If Meteor and Holy were two, equally powerful, opposite powers, then it would make sense that Holy would need a little boost to overcome and win.

        Thanks for the info. I love your FAQs too, by the way. Your knowledge and understanding of the FFVII world amazes me. :)

      • @ForceStealer: One gets the impression that the common people think the Lifestream did everything from stop Meteor to cause geostigma. Remember Marlene’s narration at the beginning of Advent Children?

        @punkiemonkie: Thank you very much for your compliments. : )

        Concerning Rude and his appearance, I don’t think there’s a contradiction. He saw Tifa at the same time that Vincent and Yuffie were doing what they were doing in Dirge’s opening. The Turks then go to Kalm with Rufus, and then go back to Midgar again on the night that Meteor comes down (a week later).

        But, yes, you are correct that the Compilation is rife with inconsistencies. A damn shame, really, because not one of them was necessary or unavoidable.

        • No problem. :)

          I don’t know why I was under the impression that was taking place during Meteor. They had just found Rufus after he escaped, so of course it was during the WEAPON attack. I feel silly now, hah.

          I agree. I think a lot of the inconsistencies are a result of SE reaching for ways to connect the plot of newer entries of the compilation to the original game, but they definitely could have worked around those, and ironed out the others.

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  3. Another interesting entry into the OtWtaS novellas. The story writing style and talent of SE’s staff (not sure exactly who it is) once again shines through. Many thanks to Xcomp as well for providing us with this! It fills in some things and just embellishes the Compilation of FFVII story as well. Somehow makes me want a remake of the original game even more so now.

    • Rufus was always a little bit John McClane, I think. I mean, in the original game, he fought Cloud(!!!) of all people, wielding a shotgun with one hand. And survived.

      Rufus was always badass.

  4. I am a Spanish girl and I’m looking to translate Japanese text into Spanish, anyone could tell me where I can find them?

  5. The story was great and the way to tell it was even better.
    I love how this gives enlighting to what Turks did during the meteor fall
    and how Rufus survived, what happened to him during those two years
    between FF7 and AC!
    Thanks for uploading this!

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