Safe & Sound Official Lyrics

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The official lyrics for the Advent Children Complete theme “Safe & Sound” have been released on Kyosuke Himuro’s Official Website. We’ve taken the lyrics, and posted them for you to check out. Thanks to member Quexinos for the heads up. Click here to view them.


Produced by Greg Wells

Co-Produced by Gerard Way & Kyosuke Himuro

Lyrics/Music: Gerard Way
Vocals: Kyosuke Himuro & Gerard Way
Drum: Josh Freese
Bass: Dan Rothchild
Guitar: Tim Pierce


And all my hopes and dreams
Aren’t for anyone
I keep them safe and sound

And all these victories
Not yours anymore
But can you hear me now?

The dead stop dreaming
Ill set ablaze this life
Your shadow keeps me bright

So try and stop me
Or suffocate this light
Because I can burn all night

Until my heart stops beating
Youll never hear me say
I’m backing down

If I say,
Its lost its meaning
If I cant find my way
Its over now

But I won’t
Walk away

’til the day
(Whoa-oh, whoa-ooh)
Im never backing down
(Whoa-oh, whoa-ooh)
And hear me say
(Whoa-oh, whoa-ooh)
Ill keep it safe and sound
(Whoa-oh, whoa-ooh)
Ill keep it safe and

This hopeless feeling
This fear of falling down
But Im not crashing now

For all this bleeding
It wasnt worth the sound
A million screaming out

And still
The end comes reeling
The curtain calls my name
Im not afraid

And I know
You may not miss me
But I am not ashamed
The choice I made

But I cant
Let this go

(Repeat Chorus)

Like a crashing car
Or dying star
That’s racing to the ground

Like the final words
Of the passengers
When the engines giving out

Will the world
Watch us burn

End Chorus:
’til the day
(Whoa-oh, whoa-ooh)
Im never backing down
(Whoa-oh, whoa-ooh)
Just hear me say
(Whoa-oh, whoa-ooh)
Ill keep it safe and sound
(Whoa-oh, whoa-ooh)
Keep it safe and sound
(Whoa-oh, whoa-ooh)
Keep it safe and sound
(Whoa-oh, whoa-ooh)
Keep it safe and sound
(Whoa-oh, whoa-ooh)
Keep it safe and sound
(Whoa-oh, whoa-ooh)
Keep it safe and sound

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30 thoughts on “Safe & Sound Official Lyrics

    • I can’t believe no one’s responded to this, but if you read the lyrics carefully, things like all those victories aren’t yours anymore, all my hopes and dreams aren’t for anyone, and try an stop me can relate to Sephiroth’s side of the story. The one that’s really cool is the dead stop dreaming. It coincides a bit Sephiroth’s unwillingness to die. :)

  1. Hrm, I actually prefer Calling even thought it is catchy. I thought Calling displayed Cloud’s feelings better and I miss Aerith there. She looked so beautiful among the flowers. D:

    This is ok though..

  2. Man, why oh why the hell is this song not on the US release?! Whatever. Now I will be importing the Japanese version even though I still do not have a Bluray disc player and sold my PS3. This song really speaks to me, though. Honestly.

  3. its not “And all these victories
    Not yours anymore”
    its “and i hope this picture is not yours anymore”

    its “a million screaming loud” not “A million screaming out”

    • Check the official webpage. The lyrics we have posted are correct. If there’s anything to be debated, cite your source. This is exactly what’s posted on Kyosuke Himuro’s official webpage. Follow the link.


    • How dare you doubt the great Quexinos and her awesome abilities to find lyrics of awesomeness!

      You will bow before my greatness like any other mortal! DO IT NOW!


  4. i think i got the band wrong, i think i was thimking of a nother band because i went 2 an official site and the lyrics i posted were the same, sorrys

    • I’m pretty sure that you’re thinking of the same song. It’s likely not transcribed correctly, because if it was that close from another band, it’s likely plagiarism. If you can post a link to the site that you got the lyrics from, we can verify the authenticity of the site / posted lyrics.


  5. it was my friends site, even though i begged him 2 keep it he took the song down 4 some reason sorry by the way is it pro nounced GER-ARD way or GERAD

    • Yeah, most likely your friend’s band was just performing the song. Maybe even singing the lyrics wrong.

      And I do believe his name is pronounced exactly how it is spelled. XD

  6. i read that in the “epilogue” part of acc (the part where cloud was somewhat travelling through different landscapes), that you can see aerith standing in the field of flowers while this ‘safe and sound’ was playing…

    i watched the whole part over and over, but still can’t seem to catch a glimpse of aerith… is she really there??

  7. i stink. i sang this song for a class contest and totally messed up the lyrics! i am such a dork….i still got a 38 out of forty cuz luckily no-one knew the song! my friend got 40 so i lost…. :(

  8. It’s an awesome song ‘cept I keep hearing We’re the world/Watch us fall instead of Will the world/watch us burn……(BAD ears! *shakes finger*)

  9. I knew it! I kept searching for the lyrics online and they kept giving me a bunch of crap. Darn the internet…
    Anyways, this is awesome. Thanks for posting it.

  10. Glad we could help out.

    On a related note, this is available for purchase online, although I still don’t think that there’s ever been an official announcement as to why it’s not been released in the US. :\

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