New Cloud and Sephiroth Play Arts figures unveiled at TGS

 A new line of Kingdom Hearts Play Arts figures were unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show, and among the new figures of Riku, Sora and Mickey were new figures of Cloud and Sephiroth in their exclusive Kingdom Hearts outfits. No

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Tokyo Game Show 2008 News

The 2008 Tokyo Game Show has just begun and news regarding the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII has already been released. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete News Square-Enix announced that the collection of short stories from Final Fantasy VII:

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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Play Arts to be released January 2009

The Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Play Arts figures of Zack, Cloud, and Aerith have now been scheduled for a January 2009 release in Japan. Zack’s Play Arts figure measures 220 mm,  Cloud’s is 205 mm, and Aerith measures in

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